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INsiders Guide: Madeline the Person, Kasey Anderson, Kyd the Band, FAKY, Dezelle and Oscar Del Amor, Cookie, Nova Rose, Pearls & Bones, Sleepwoka, Sabriel, Rosie Charles, Peter Wise, SAFETY CLUB, Frank Moyo, Hae.zy, Gabrielle Current, VINOK, Rock Me Amadeus, Frank Moyo, Belle Tower, Waiting For Smith…

Imagine a world where pain dissolves into pops of color and trauma transforms into art meant to be passed along like a smile. Alt-Pop wunderkind Madeline the Person unlocks that world on her debut EP, CHAPTER 1: The Longing, out today on Warner Records. Listen to CHAPTER 1: The Longing HERE and watch the video for her new single “I Talk To The Sky” HERE.

 Sonically and visually, “I Talk To The Sky” brings listeners right into the heart of Personville—her rainbow-colored art emporium where all humans and all feelings are welcome to express themselves. In the clip, she bounces on a trampoline against a clear cloud-less blue sky. The video jumps from her in a valley ensconced by mountains to sitting on a bed in the middle of a field, clutching her teddy bear as she sings. The earthy beat underscores an emotionally charged elegy as she confesses, “I write down the things I wish I could say to you. I talk to the sky.

 Of the song, she recalls, “I wrote ‘I Talk To The Sky’ a couple of weeks after my dad passed away when I was 15. It felt really weird to want to talk to him about the fact that he had died, but he was the only person I actually couldn’t talk to. So, at night, I told the sky everything I wanted to tell him, and I imagined the sky as the perfect messenger. The sky became my really good friend. Talking to the sky got me through the hardest point in my life, so I hope this song encourages others to try their own version of it. Talk to anything or anyone about your feelings, and you will be set free.”

 She set the stage for CHAPTER 1: The Longing with “As A Child” which was released last month and is nearing 2 million audio and music videostreams.  Receiving widespread critical acclaim, Billboard described it as “a song where Madeline openly sings of the pain that comes with losing someone you love too soon, especially at an early age. Meanwhile, Melodic Magazine christened her “an angelic voice that can’t be matched,and TheHoneyPop promised, “You’ll fall in love with the melancholic and amazingly melodic folk-pop.

 Elsewhere on the EP, soft acoustic guitar wraps around her warm delivery on “Going Home. The project concludes with the standout “Gladly.As strings uphold delicate piano, she reveals, “So I’ll tell you the secrets to survive, you just laugh and cry harder and scream to survive.Regarding CHAPTER 1: The Longing, she says, “CHAPTER 1: The Longing is about the first half of my life that happened to be full of loss. I chose to tell my story in CHAPTERS, because it helps me to process the real things that have happened to me if I imagine that it’s all in a storybook. It reminds me that there’s so much more to write and experience. From childhood to now, I have become so familiar with the feeling of longing for something I cannot have, because it no longer exists in the physical world. I cannot think of growing without remembering the pain of longing. I hope this collection of songs lands in the laps of the people that need to hear it most—the people who endlessly long for things that are harder to reach.” 

Madeline the Person feels everything at once. Bright and colorful on the outside, the Houston, Texas native uses her music to express the more painful aspects of her world. Having built a substantial following on TikTok (nearly 500k followers) with covers of Frank Ocean, Phoebe Bridgers, Harry Styles, Lizzo, Joni Mitchell, Queen and more, the 19-year-old makes her first foray into original music with the release of her EP, ‘CHAPTER 1: The Longing,’ which includes the somber & evocative “As a Child,” as well as “I Talk to the Sky,” both deep reflections on grief & the loss of her father. With several more heartfelt releases in store for 2021, Madeline the Person is already shining as bright as the future that lies ahead.  

 Now, Madeline The Person speaks for countless fans with CHAPTER 1 and much more to come…

Credit_Amber Clenaghen

When the loss of his father and the COVID-19 pandemic stalled the production of Kasey Anderson’s final album, To the Places We Lived (due this fall), Kasey figured it would be a while before he could resume his position as a self-professed “Gradually Retiring Songwriter.” That trajectory changed with the viral popularity of a political short film by Portland’s own Eleven Films, which brought Kasey’s anthemic song “The Dangerous Ones” (from the 2018 album From a White Hotel, which drew praise from Rolling StoneNo DepressionWide Open Country and others) into the collective consciousness of a divided country, as the 2020 presidential election loomed. The Dangerous Ones, named for Kasey’s song, amassed over 12 million views across platforms, spawning a movement and a new awareness of Kasey’s catalogue, thanks in large part to a piece by Bob Lefsetz praising Kasey as one of the great unheralded songwriters of his generation.

The flood of attention brought Kasey’s name to a new audience, who were unfamiliar with his work beyond “The Dangerous Ones” or perhaps Counting Crows’ cover of “Like Teenage Gravity,” and allowed him the chance to revisit a project nearly a decade in the making: Let the Bloody Moon Rise, the Kurt Bloch-produced album that had been shelved during Kasey’s stints in treatment and prison. While an unfinished, bootleg copy of Let the Bloody Moon Rise mysteriously made its way to streaming services during Kasey’s incarceration, the album — which features Kasey backed by Andrew McKeag (Presidents of the United States of America), Ty Bailie (Katy Perry), Eric Corson (The Long Winters, Perfume Genius) and Mike Musburger (The Fastbacks, the Posies) and joined by Jeff Fielder (Mark Lanegan, Amy Ray), David Immergluck (Counting Crows) Mike McCready (Pearl Jam), and Tim Rogers (You Am I) — had never seen a proper released in its correctly sequenced, mastered form. Until now.

On April 30, accompanied by a new essay from Hanif Abdurraqib and Wednesday Night, ‘Round Nine, a previously unreleased live companion album, Let the Bloody Moon Rise will receive the release it deserves, to an audience ready to remember (or discover) just how a good a songwriter Kasey Anderson is.

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After the release of his latest single “Glory” alt-pop act Kyd the Band (aka Devin Guisande) amplifies the release with a moving video filled with inspiring stories. Featuring three separate stories of a painter, a fighter and a ballerina each person conveys Devin’s message of resilience in a moving tour de force.

The video comes before the release of his anticipation EP Season Four: Finale and is a culmination of all the lessons learned in each prior season. Guisande has steadily been growing a fan base earning over 25.2M streams and over four million video views. The video serves as a thank you letter to fans to help Devin live his dreams. Now he returns the favor, encouraging fans to never give up, keep pushing forward and what matters most is that you keep following your dream.

Tugging at our heart strings comes naturally to Devin. “Glory” is an uplifting ballad, inspiring the listener to follow their dreams whether they win or lose in spite of any obstacles. On the single he explains, “My voice is the one that has to matter the most to me. I write music because there’s truth and meaning in it for me. It feels like there’s honor in it. I do this because I want there to be a point to my story, and whether I “fail” or “succeed”, is defined by me at the end of the day.”

The gospel feel of “Glory” brings Kyd The Band’s artistry full circle for the critically acclaimed songwriter. Once Guisande joined the Pentecostal church he had to give up his initial dream of becoming a professional athlete, but through the church he found gospel and his love of music. However, he was not allowed to write any non-secular music, prompting Devin to exit the church and follow his passion of music. Now after three EPs and finding himself musically, Devin returns to his roots with the gospel elements in “Glory.”

FAKY’s new song “HappyEverAfter” is is a song that was inspired by the original reality show Koi to Okami Niwa Damasarenai (Don’t Be Fooled by the Wolf) on ABEMA, which is a Japanese Internet streaming service. A Japanese lyric video for the track was also released today, and there will be a music video for the track that will be released on May 2nd following the last episode of the show. This song was written by Lil’ Fang to reflect Taki’s feelings while being on the show. Koi to Ookami Niwa Damasarenai is a popular romantic reality show on ABEMA that is in its ninth season. Ten young boys and girls are seeking a partner among them but one of them is playing a wolf, a fake member who is not going to love anybody while still trying to make the others fall in love with them. Contestants on this reality show include Kazuto Mokudai, a member of Genin Wa Jibun Ni Aru (Genjibu), Keito Tsuna (actor and model), Naenano (Youtube influencer), and FAKY’s youngest member, Taki. Since the start of the year, FAKY have been making many headlines including being featured on ET Canada, NYLON, an interview with Kevan Kenney (MTV and, and Billboard Japan to name a few. Their previous single, “The Light” hit over a million views only two weeks after its release along. At the same time, their music video for “little more” also crossed over the million view mark while the video for “half-moon” hit over 3 million. FAKY plans to continue to take 2021 by storm with all of their current and upcoming activities.

Dezelle and Oscar Del Amor create a dreamy, effervescent soundscape on their intoxicating collaboration, “Every Time (I Feel),” out on April 30th, 2021. Dezelle, a singer/songwriter based out of Los Angeles, is known for her eclectic, experimental mix of Americana, R&B, and electro-pop. She’s composed and released music for major television networks, including Hallmark, Bravo, Lifetime, and UpTV, as well as her own projects and releases. As a songwriter, she’s fearless in pursuing new sounds and storytelling styles, tackling challenging issues like sobriety, grief, and self-love. On her latest project with 2x Billboard-charted writer Oscar Del Amor, she leads listeners into a dreamlike wonderland where surrendering to the experience and being fully present in a moment is the message of the melody.

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On the dreamy track, “Every Time (I Feel), Dezelle and Oscar Del Amor reflect on what it’s like to trust a feeling and let yourself surrender to the experience itself. Between a fluttering melody and electro-meets-jazz instrumentation, Dezelle’s warm alto floats in liberation alongside the synthy atmospheric movement. Produced and mixed by Del Amor, Dezelle once again places herself in unchartered electronic territory with ease, bringing her songwriting chops to the table to further build out the synthy sonic fantasy-like world. Vibrant and freeing, this is the perfect track for an unforgettable summer day where leisure and opportunity reign supreme.

Born and raised in South London’s Thamesmead, rapper Cookie may be a new name to you, but soon he will be the name on everybody’s lips as he continues to drop a string of hot releases all getting organic, natural numbers on YouTube and support on the radio from tastemakers such as Snoochie Shy (1Xtra) and Robert Bruce (Capital Xtra).

‘Mobile Phone’ is his latest release where he shows off his versatility on this trap wave track that is expressive as much as it is raw and real, showing off Cookie’s fluidity in his bars also giving you an insight into his life. It’s a feel-good track that’s unapologetic, like the artist himself. The influences from his parents are strong in Cookie’s music – his Dad being a DJ and his Mum a poet, he felt the presence for using words and a passion for music where he was also surrounded by the sounds of Garage and Soul and RnB. Growing up also in the Grime era and listening to The Movement, Skepta, Wiley, Lord Of The Mics and more has also played a huge part in his own desire to be a music artist. 

His first single release ‘Dirty Spinner’ in May 2020 racked up 100k views in a month and had DJ’s such as Rob Bruce supporting. He then continued the consistency with ‘Unruly’ ‘Vamping’ a drill track and then ‘Streets’, showcasing his healthy catalogue of music. This is just the beginning for Cookie, who will continue to flourish and bring us more exciting music.

As a woman, and especially as an artist, I have felt an overwhelming amount of pressure to live up to “industry standards” and expectations. I used to feel like I had to walk into sessions in full glam makeup while wearing the most pop-centric outfits.

Somebody Else is a song I wrote at a time when I didn’t feel like I fit into the industry, look wise. I had this skewed idea of what Hollywood was and I think that’s because I surrounded myself with people who made me feel like I had to be something that I wasn’t. 

Now, I carefully choose who to surround myself with. Those I choose to work with are not only extremely talented, but are down to earth and in tune with themselves. 

Somebody Else is streaming everywhere now –

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Watch the official lyric video on YouTube now.

One cannot deny that the idolization and adoration that follows one’s success in portraying a false image brings upon a sense of fulfillment and belonging that temporarily masks the emptiness of living as somebody else.

This song is my celebration of finding the courage to unveil myself genuinely and completely, all the while encouraging others to liberate their own truth.

Thank you for taking the time to listen,

Nova Rose ✨

Pearls & Bones is an alternative hip-hop band based in Toronto and Montreal. Vocalist Jake, producer Harry, and guitarist Keenan write and perform music inspired by discordant influences, from metalcore and PC music to backpack rap and pop-punk. The band has performed in venues across Toronto, including The MOD Club, El Mocambo, Rivoli, and Adelaide Hall. Pearls & Bones has collaborated with a range of musicians, from Toronto rapper and former member of The Sorority Keysha Freshh, to Doomtree artist P.O.S.

Since forming in 2012, the band has released five EPs and two full-length albums. Their third LP, Cool Uncles, will be released in 2021. Cool Uncles culminates a two-year period of technical and aesthetic development, and incorporates sonic inspiration from artists such as Enter Shikari, Gorillaz, Don Broco, and EarthGang.

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Sleepwoka, the London based, Ukrainian producer and songwriter, is fast getting a reputation for his thought-provoking and poignant ponderings set to his electro-pop soundscapes. Each release since his first in 2019 have gone from strength to strength, seeing his fanbase increase and many engaging in the timely narrative of his music.

The latest offering, All I Hoped For, sees Sleepwoka’s familiar questioning of self-existence and his place in the world. With production nods to one of his favourite Russian groups, Splean, the song leans into the common notion of not fitting in to an already overcrowded and loud world.  There is a frustration and disappointment in the lyrics revealing a regret of things both done and not done.

If 2020 showed us anything it was a staunch reminder that life is unpredictable and full of many distractions often deterring us from what really matters. In All I Hoped For, Sleepwoka continues his exploration of purpose and meaning revealing his latest thoughts on the subject.  He explains:

“For me, purpose is something that can’t be discovered, it can only be built – intentionally. So often in life we keep rushing in without having a long-term vision or perspective on life. Having purpose is so important.”

As is always the case with Sleepwoka’s music, the uplifting landscape of the electro-pop beats juxtaposes the gritty message of the song but there is also hope and inspiration in the words. Sometimes the dreams and ideas of our youth don’t turn out quite how we’d hoped or imagined but we can also act with purpose and choose our own destiny to an extent.

Sabriel (pronounced shä brē el), is a Las Vegas based singer, songwriter and producer whose goal is to explore vulnerability through her music. Her seductive neo-soul soaked sounds and unique, whimsical image are like nothing you’ve seen or heard before. 

Her latest single “Fox in the Henhouse” narrates the feeling of betrayal caused by a seemingly trustworthy person. The fox finagles their way into the henhouse and bites before they are bitten. Sabriel confides, “I remember what I was feeling in my physical body when I wrote it. I was experiencing the sensation of butterflies in my stomach and it wouldn’t go away. My mind and heart were unaware, but my body was working to protect me from an emotionally harmful situation. That’s where the lyrics “I felt it in my stomach…” and “But these weren’t butterflies, they were warning signs…” came from.” Songwriting for Sabriel is almost an act of journaling, jotting down snapshots of lessons she has learnt along the way. “Fox in the Henhouse” is a reminder to recognize other people’s behavior and stay true to her own values and boundaries. 

 Rich in faint, throbbing synths, the sleek palette of sounds captures a rotating, slow beat and soothing, understated bass line that adds a glow of groove and soul. The track has a filtration of springing, bouncing pops that add a charismatic bleed over the song. Like a moment in time, the song seizes a thought process and the trailing emotions that follow. “Fox in the Henhouse” is the first single off of Sabriel’s upcoming album, which will showcase a collection of reflections on her journey of self-identity and growth. Hoping to show a more vulnerable side and searching for more meaning and compassion in her new tunes, the album will be honest and raw, as she looks through new perspectives. Sabriel shares, “I want to achieve vulnerability through these songs, so that others can have a better understanding of their own experiences too.”

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Having already played Latitude and Into the Wild Festival, and received support from MTV and BBC, Rosie Charles is releasing her debut single ‘lonely’ on May 14th. The sexy jazz/soul R&B track was written, played and produced by Rosie and has already received airplay from BBC Introducing.  Rosie Charles is a 20-year-old singer/songwriter from London, with influences from the likes of Amy Winehouse, Stevie Wonder, Erykah Badu and H.E.R. Rosie has taught herself to play the guitar, ukulele, piano and drums and has received recent support from Geordie Shore’s Charlotte Crosby, where she was asked to perform live on MTV. Rosie is pursuing her music career whilst simultaneously studying Dentistry at the University of Manchester. She will be debuting on primetime TV in May on a new BBC 1 show.

Peter Wise is a singer, songwriter, guitarist, and producer based out of Brooklyn, New York. His sound marries introspective lyricism with bluesy guitar lines, laid back rhythms, catchy hooks, and soulful vocals. Wise has had the pleasure of collaborating with a wide range of artists, from The Eagles and Lisa Fischer to Liza Anne and Joey Dosik (Vulfpeck). After touring all over the country in 2019, Wise spent 2020 self-producing a six song EP, Too Blind To Hear. The lead singles “Fruits” and “Towering Over Me” immediately garnered traction on Spotify in hundreds of playlists, and close to a hundred thousand streams. 

His latest single “Window Dressing” is about staying true to who you are and not conforming to who others want you to be. Wise shares, “I wrote this song two months ago after getting a stream of feedback and opinions regarding my career and how I should sound in order to be a successful artist. In response to a lot of this feedback, I was motivated to write an anti-pop song: something very long with a lot of chord changes, a low melody and a guitar solo, more or less the antithesis of the modern pop song. Go figure, when I turned the idea in my head into a voice memo, the song sounded pretty anthemic and pop-y! I self-produced and mixed Window Dressing as well, so the entire concept came together as a statement of holding onto my identity regardless of the opinions of others.”

Wise has been working on more pop driven material for 2021, prepping releases for the spring and summer with subsequent tour dates when he’s able to travel. “Window Dressing” is out now!

Genre-blurring rap/production duo SAFETY CLUB have developed their own “secret sauce,” bringing a new flavor to the realm of hip-hop that listeners can’t forget. The self-described “down-to-earth guys” strive to “approach everything with a sense of humor,” and it really is their modus operandi. This carefree attitude is the foundation of their debut single “JUICE”, an ode to “feeling yourself,” set to be released alongside an accompanying music video.

Over a pulsating trap beat, vocalist Ronnie Sinclair oozes charisma with a flow that’s as smooth as it is punchy. Producer Shan creates a perfect canvas, weaving unique textures and sounds to create a futuristic feel that’s layered with eclectic twists and turns.The duo affectionately describe the upbeat track, in SAFETY CLUB terms, as the the perfect soundtrack for driving a Toyota Prius at barely legal speeds to your divorce court hearing”. Casually eschewing the “glass half empty” approach to life, Ronnie spits “why you talkin’ all down to me?” before seamlessly flowing into a verse touting his stance against all things pretentious. “Rap image really got no appeal to me, I just want a new crib with the potpourri”.

Loosely inspired by the opening scene of Guy Ritchie’s cult classic film Snatch, the video, directed by Shan, doubles down on SAFETY CLUB’s penchant for “taking the piss” (Australian slang for taking nothing too seriously). In a convenience store setting, we find Ronnie busting dance moves that can only be described as both absurd and mesmerizing. 

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SAFETY CLUB shares that the video was “shot in approximately one hour and fifteen minutes after a series of catastrophic gear failures, finishing with a minute to spare, no time for playback and no confirmation that they actually got the shots until the next day. Once again, the classic SAFETY CLUB adage has been confirmed: perfect everything in life by practicing in your kitchen for three days in a row and nothing can stop you”.

Frank Moyo is a slow player in a fast world. The Canadian-Italian singer, songwriter and guitarist serenades like a busking bard of the 21st century. His Waves EP and singles “OK Dolce” and “West End” have already cultivated a reputation for Moyo in his hometown. But describing the singer as a suave, smooth and sultry voice with soft hands on the strings is too simple. Discussing feeling with the artist is more candid. “I want people to be able to imagine they are on a beach in Italy when listening to my music,” he says. But while one track might take you to the beach, “another may take you into a car going 180 miles per hour.”

Growing up in Toronto Moyo first learned chords as a child, picking up what he could from family, friends and later the live shows he could get into. It wasn’t long until his bandmates and him we’re sneaking into their own performances. With a taste that meanders from Motown to James Brown and Isaac Hayes to Italian icons like Lucio Dalla and Toto Cutugno, Moyo’s sound is hard to pin down. The folk- informed rhythms that Moyo employs on tracks like “OK Dolce” mingle with pop sensibilities and the laws of ancient attraction that seem as rooted in Greek mythology as they do Johnny Cash’s “Folsom Prison Blues”.

As things speed up in an industry that’s begging to slow down, Frank Moyo is a voice of reason, and it sounds good.

Korean-American artist Hae.zy has released her debut EP, Love letter. This EP includes five original songs, serving up vibes ranging from jazzy pop to bedroom R&B. The album includes Hae.zy’s previously released single, “Just Sayin’”, while the rest of the EP serves as a peek into her inner world, showing us who she is and what she’s about. 

“I believe that we are all a puzzle piece to the unity of this world, and everyone has their own timing to be heard and seen in their own unique way. This time specifically was made for me, to release my first love letter to the world, and I hope it delivers to those well.” – Hae.zy

The tracks were written by Hae.zy with Sunwoo Han (Sunwo0o). Han is also the producer and mix & mastering engineer of the EP. Love letter is exploratory in style and reminiscent of artists like Amy Winehouse and influenced by artists like Erykah Badu, Ari Lennox, and Jhene Aiko. The EP features chilled-out instrumentals with some live instruments accompanied by her smooth vocals and poetic lyrics. 

Hazy lines (interlude) – This short interlude is about all the labels and words that are used to describe a “true artist”, which only pressurizes and inhibits creators. How these words create tension rather than freedom and how they teach artists to live up to false expectations of “perfection”. And by channeling those emotions as an artist, this song was conceived. 

Love will always be found – This song is all about the Higher Source and she calls this source, Love. (Also why this EP album is titled Love letter.)  This song speaks about all the issues our world is experiencing and how the strongest combat to all these issues is Love. 

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The Lesson – This is a two-part piece with a complete vibe switch during the bridge of the song. It’s lyrically and instrumentally heavy which was recorded with live instruments to complete the representation of realness and rawness. It’s a conscious song written for the truths of the world, for history, and for the people. 

Just Sayin’ – This song is dedicated to all the people who have been judged and hurt by others for speaking in truth from their hearts. Especially for the women/ femmes that are often called, “bitchy, aggressive, crazy, moody, psychotic,” for simply speaking from human emotions that are triggered during situation-ships. 

Mong (dreams) – This song is based on a true personal story about a pregnancy dream my mother had while she was pregnant with me. It describes all the emotions and visuals that my mother felt and saw in the dream but also sheds light on some superstitions in Korean culture about pregnancy dreams. The voicemails my mother left me is also featured in some parts of the song to fully show & tell a mother’s love… a mother’s journey. 

(photo credit: Nicole Lewis)

LA-based Neo-Soul and R&B newcomer Gabrielle Current continues to impress with her new bittersweet single “If I Fall”—the third offering lifted from her forthcoming debut EP, Virgo, due out May 27th.

The Filipino-Korean-Swedish and American act constructs lush jazz-infused songs that transport you into an ethereal daydream. The new single brims with introspection through every line and bouncing chord. Time stands still from start to finish as “If I Fall” kindly envelopes the listener on a cloud while providing permission to process and re-evaluate. “With this song, I wanted to capture how loss gave me a new understanding of myself as well as the habits and patterns we choose,” explains Gabrielle Current, “It was through the letting go that I gained an independence and a freedom that could only come from me.”

“If I Fall” is yet another honest look into Gabrielle Current’s life and lessons learned—exploring coming-of-age perspective, liberation, and self-worth gained through trials and tribulations. Current’s splendid vocals are a standout talent alongside the exquisite entrances of each instrument as well as the smooth formation of each verse. The build up provides a safe and secure warmth—first starting off with a simple drum and bass, an inviting guitar groove, and then intertwining with glistening keys as you come to terms with your innermost thoughts and feelings.

On the track, Gabrielle Current notes, “‘If I Fall’ is about falling in and out of love with someone then losing communication and contact with them. By reminiscing about the end of the relationship, I learned more about myself and the person who left me. I found it interesting how time away from that person brought a new perspective and closeness to the relationship we once had.”

VINOK is not just another indie-rock band, it’s a statement of authenticity and social change to create a new culture of justice in a land of unknown. Giving a voice for the marginalized and bluntly bringing to attention crucial problems of a global society is what the band is all about. Their topics range from disability rights to feminism, politics and religion. Vinok’s sound is an unusual mix of alternative rock and indie art-pop spiced with notes of garage punk, pulp grunge and even hip-hop.

‘HOLY FOOL’ is the first full album by Ukrainian-American band and has been in the works over the last two years. What is in the name? Throughout history some have been called ‘holy fools’. Traditionally, this is a person who reveals truths in a provocative way and is not afraid of doing so, even if this behavior collides with the social norms. Speaking more on this, VINOK’s lead vocalist Nathalie explained, “Our musical endeavors in this album are a pathway to reveal the insanity of the world in a creatively insane manner.”

VINOK’s music has been influenced and inspired by American novelist and one of the band’s favorite ‘holy fools’, Flannery O’Connor. One of their favorite quotes of her’s is, “The truth does not change according to our ability to stomach it.” O’Connor’s southern gothic writing uses ample striking attention-grabbing symbolism with deep meaning. VINOK also uses a lot of symbolism to convey the messages in their music.

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Similar to VINOK’s previous releases, ‘Holy Fool’ is at the core about relationships, not only between individual people but society as a whole. Fundamentally, the band tries to raise issues of injustice. Their messages are to hold people accountable for their actions and also shed light on the difficulties of life with a spark of hope. VINOK’s co-founder and drummer Ilya went on to say, “A holy fool can have two meanings: on one hand, it can be someone who is viewed as holy but is actually a fool (deceitful, evil and destructive), while on the other hand it can be someone who is not afraid to speak the truth despite the outcome with the hope for a better society. And a big part of our lives is filtering through the two and understanding who is who, and that can be challenging. That’s something we are also trying to tackle in our album.”

VINOK’s music was mixed by sound producer and engineer Paul ‘PDub’ Walton who worked with legends such as Bjork, U2, Madonna, Massive Attack, Birdy, and The Cure. The album was mastered by Rudy Martinez, who is a voting member of the Grammys as well as an active member of the Audio Engineering Society.

The cast of the upcoming new rock-meets-classical fusion show, Rock Me Amadeus, have come together virtually to release a new music video, entitled, “Black Hole Soleil.” The song is an original mashup of “Ah! leve toi soleil,” the tenor aria from Romeo et Juliette by Charles Gounod, “Black Hole Sun” by Soundgarden and “Here Comes the Rain Again” by the Eurythmics. The song and video provide a glimpse of the talent and energy that will be on display in the new production, Rock Me Amadeus, slated to open in NYC this fall. 

Produced by Alyson Cambridge and Tony Bruno, “Black Hole Soleil” features internationally acclaimed vocalists from the worlds of Opera, Broadway, Rock and R&B: Victor Ryan Robertson (tenor), Alyson Cambridge (soprano), Tony Vincent, Toby Rand, Chloe Lowery and Kia Warren. Guitarist Tony Bruno is also the musical arranger of this newest mashup, with video editing by Simon Wheeldon.

Filmed in NYC, the LA canyons and Nashville, the video follows the story of a girl who’s searching to find her light again in a moment of darkness – the sun after the rain, hope after despair.  Video director Matthew Stiller describes his vision for the video, saying “I’m looking for the viewer to reflect on when they may have felt this way themselves, and to root on our hero along the way. We’re exploring this adventure through a comic-type look to magnify the absurd vanity that our hero is up against.”

I wrote my new single, “House in LA,” as a song that I could use to get away from reality. It was borne from the idea of a girl being lost and fed up with everything, leaving it all for LA.

I relate to that girl and I think that we all can, especially in the times that we have been living in for over a year now.

This song has a more laid back and chill vibe than my previous singles. It combines the imagery of the beach and palm trees with an eerie desolation in the verses, juxtaposing warm and cold atmospheres.

Hear “House in LA” via SoundCloud ▼ Apple Music ▼ Spotify

Watch the official music video on YouTube

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This track basically wrote itself after a time of finding it difficult to put pen to paper. I had had a trip booked to go to LA and play a few showcases, which was cancelled due to the pandemic, so this song was able to act as a response to that situation as well.


House in LA” is my first of many singles to come this year. I have decided that given the circumstances in the world today, there really is no point in waiting. I am ready to dust off a lot of my private repertoire to share with others in the coming months.

Thank you for lending this song your ears,

Frank Moyo

Belle Tower is the lo-fi indie folk rock project of Isabella Harned, found at the intersection of life experience in Tiohtià:ke/Montreal and Xwilkway/Halfmoon Bay. Isolation, solitude, pain, love and healing are key themes at the heart of Belle Tower’s collection; songs that are heavy in their vulnerability, but that simultaneously carry you weightless through the processing of emotions. With contributions from main collaborators Ben Robertson (Winona Forever, Schwey), Scott Boudreau (Mauno), and strings from Audreanne Fillion (Lovelet, Crusssh), Belle Tower showcases ethereal vocals, dreamy guitar lines, and varied layered instrumentation resounding a sonic lightness in the upcoming EP ‘tend to’, out April 27th, 2021.

Waiting For Smith is singer/songwriter Harry Lloyd. Formerly a ski instructor in the French Alps, Harry broke his back in two places during avalanche training. Wondering whether he’d survive in the helicopter on the way to the hospital, he had an epiphany that if he was ok that he should dedicate his life to music. After spending a year in bed recuperating and learning to play guitar, he formed Waiting For Smith, named after endlessly waiting for their original drummer Smith, who always failed to show up. Based between Amsterdam and London Harry is inspired to write about the everyday ups and downs of life, love and the never-ending investigation of who we are and what we’re all doing here. Blending a feel for these two cities, he creates captivating acoustic-led electronic pop. 

“Hopelessness Of Love” was inspired by a challenging episode of love. The track was written with the desire to express that whatever you do in love and however hard you try, you can’t escape the fact that sometimes there’s going to be difficult moments in your relationship. The song narrates the story of a bickering couple and a “sugar man”, who despite feeling strong and independent, can crumble to the floor at the smallest trigger. Harry explains, “The image of The Sugar Man is this free spirit, a travelling man, a wild man. But in a relationship, he can lose his power, as he gives it away. Therefore he is both solid and strong, as he is dissolvable as sugar. The wrong words, from that one person, can bring him crumbling down. But the right kind of love can bring him strength.” 

Emphasising the importance of patience in relationships and the notion that everything will be ok, “The Hopelessness of Love” is an uplifting and thought-provoking track, urging you to push through the tough times in order to see bliss. Harry shares, “It’s about the inevitable collision that happens in any relationship, there’s ups and there’s downs -that’s just life. We can’t fight “The Hopelessness of Love” but we can find a way to accept it and use it to become our strength.”

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The song is produced by Jan Schroder and mixed by Ian Grimble (Mumford & Sons, Travis, Manic Street Preachers and Bears Den). Through a bright, animated guitar melody and sunny vocals, Harry emits a comforting tone, encompassing your body like a warm hug.  

Waiting For Smith has garnered over a million streams on Spotify and extensive radio play including the likes of Huw Stephens on Radio 1, Dermot O’Leary and Jo Whiley on Radio 2, Tom Robinson on 6 Music, Maz Tappuni on Radio X and KROQ and KISS FM in the USA. With over 2000 syncs internationally and features in publications such as British GQ, Rolling Stone India, MTV Germany, Clash Magazine, Earmilk and Holland’s JFK Magazine, Waiting For Smith’s mission is to engulf the world with unforgettable melodies spreading a much-needed message of positivity.

Jesse Walton is a composer, singer-songwriter and musician based in London. Having spent his teenage years travelling the globe, Walton made a name for himself busking in the streets across Europe and America. His music is raw and authentic, featuring quivering vocals and catchy hooks that you can sink your teeth into. Masqueraded as folk songs, Walton gives us access to his own personal journal. 

His latest single “Into Light” calls for relatability, a love song that builds into a memorable chorus, with a steady acoustic and a twinkling piano melody that flickers in the pockets of quieter dynamics. Bearing a glimpse of hope and encouragement he sings, “Wear that smile across your face, no one else is gonna do it for you.” The drums pulsate and deliver a heartbeat in the track that brings to life the energy in the chorus and ending of the song.

Inspired by the likes of The War on Drugs, Bob Dylan and Nick Drake, Walton shows his vulnerabilities by transporting us into the depths of his imagination. “Into Light” is the first track to be released off of the upcoming album, Pages – an exploration of emotions and feelings, certain to make you both smile and cry.

Following the one of the biggest breakthrough releases in recent memory with the street smash ‘My Yé Is Different’, Croydon rising superstar OSH returns to the soundsphere with his flirtatious new single “Sex Appeal” – the first offering from his forthcoming EP.

Surfacing with alluring guitar licks balanced by deep bassline hooks and a distinctive melodic pop, OSH ups the ante, showcasing his penchant for curating addictive, genre-fusing jams. With floor shaking 808s fueling playfully sensual jazz elements, “Sex Appeal” drips with all the bounce and flex expected from a rising artist of OSH’s flair.

Speaking on the track, OSH states: “My sound (reinvented myself), I’m back and better than the rest. It’s music with meaning, I now have a purpose (my father’s legacy). My lyrics are my reality (sex appeal).”

Hailing from South London’s musical hub, Croydon, OSH flew onto the scene with his outstanding viral remix of Burna Boy’s ‘Ye’. After taking the internet by storm and signing a deal with Columbia Records, the track racked up an impressive 6.5 million streams on Spotify alone, whilst garnering attention across the landscape from MTV UK to GRM DAILY and TRENCH. Since then, OSH has been on a trajectory towards the upper echelons of the UK R&B scene, collaborating with the likes of Idris Elba and AV Allure alongside a debut live performance for BBC 1Xtra. Now with his most refined sound to date, OSH is back and aiming for everyone -with ‘Sex Appeal’ marking the start of a slew of thrilling singles set for release this year, 2021 is on track to be a milestone one.

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Scottish singer and songwriter Roseanne Reid shares the intimate new EP ‘Horticulture’, via Last Man –Stream ‘Horticulture’ EP hereA limited vinyl version will be released on June 25th – Pre-order ‘Horticulture’ EP Vinyl here.

Talking about the EP, Roseanne says; “’Horticulture’ consists of four songs, all written and recorded at home over the course of lockdown. The songs deal with isolation, loss and realising the vitality of the natural world around us. It is a response to a testing year from a place of hope.”

Lockdown and cancelled tours in 2020, saw Roseanne perform a series of popular live streams from her garden. Inspired by her interest in horticulture, she enrolled in a degree course whilst also learning music production and recording techniques. These two new skills created the basis for ‘Horticulture’. 

Entirely written and home-recorded during lockdown by Roseanne herself with Graham Coe on cello and mixed by The Who and Manic Street Preacher’s producer Dave Eringa. ’Horticulture’ includes the previously released singles, the haunting  ‘You Underestimate Me’ – which premiered on BBC Scotland’s Another Country with Ricky Ross – the serene ‘Tentsmuir Sky’ – inspired by Tentsmuir Forest in Fife, Scotland – the emotive ‘Fly High’ and meditative closing track ‘Passing Through’. 

The limited 10” vinyl format will include The September Tapes’ on the B Side – originally released last year the three tracks were recorded in one day while Rosanne was in Nashville for the Americana Festival in September 2019 – “I had this new song that I wanted to record and also a couple of covers that were resonating for me while I was there,” explains Roseanne.

Bars and Melody are a British rap duo formed in 2014. Rapper Leondre Devries and singer Charlie Lenehan took the world by storm when their debut single “Hopeful” entered the UK charts at number 5. Fast forward 6 years, several world tours and platinum albums later, Bars and Melody are ready to take it to another level.

The duo doesn’t hold back lyrically. Their music drips with emotion and authenticity that is raw and unfiltered. Their latest single “Henny” is a reflection of their daily lives and experiences since they were teens. Keeping the writing process lucid, they found themselves hit by a wave of inspiration resulting in the entirety of “Henny” being recorded in just 20 minutes. The track is a combination of drill, trap and pop, reminiscent of the likes of AJ Tracey, Steel Banglez, Yung Thug and Travis Scott. 

With a tight trap beat, rich fat 808’s and a catchy hook and vocal echos, “Henny” oozes with energy and fire, sure to add heat to any party. Hoping to inspire people to think outside the box and not be labelled by people’s opinions, the duo aren’t trying to be a positive influence… They want to be a real influence. 

Refusing to be fake, “Henny” sees the guys taking complete creative control, making music with the sole intention of showing what they are truly all about. This is a new wave era for Bars and Melody, giving us a deeper insight into who they really are. The duo reveals, “The past few years we have been quiet and really focused on creating the type of music we wanted to make as individuals. This next phase is the most important part of our career as we can be who we really want to be.”

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With a dedicated fanbase in the millions, as well as millions of streams across streaming platforms, Bars and Melody are quite simply a force to be reckoned with.

Snøw emerges as a thrilling new generation artist within the bubbling US lo-fi scene, his massive cult fanbase already christening him “The Lo-fi King”. Now the rising superstar returns with his pure earworm of a single “Spilled My Coffee” featuring Rxseboy & Jack Cullen.

With a platinum record and over 1.5 billion streams between Snøw & Rxseboy, plus previous collaborations with lo-fi royalty Powfu, Kina and Sad Boy Prolific, “Spilled My Coffee” is set to become one of the most notable Lo-fi releases of the year. Floating on a low-ebb acoustic guitar riff, the track balances the signature drums and melodic hook sung by London based newcomer, Jack Cullen to beautiful effect. Snøw and fellow lo-fi rapper Rxseboy up the ante with their own respective verses, showcasing their talent for curating addictive, genre-fusing music that tears up the unwritten rules of hip-hop.

Snøw’s unique musical versatility has already earned him star status Stateside, becoming one of the key names in a new genre sweeping the country and remains highly tipped to be one of the next generation breakthrough voices in 2021. Rxseboy has similarly built himself a loyal following through his various previous releases and collaborations, his signature chill hip-hop and lo-fi fusion blasting him to the forefront of the scene and positioning him as one of the main pioneers redefining the perceptions of contemporary cloud rap.

Jack Cullen emerges as the gifted new voice in London’s musical landscape, offering a glimpse at the levels of polish and vocal finesse he’s capable of. Snøw and Rxseboy were already collaborators and operated in the same musical community, came across Jack’s music online and immediately knew they wanted to work with him.

With “Spilled My Coffee”, Snøw continues to underline his status as an artist crafting ground-breaking, multi genre hits and bringing the mainstream spotlight onto a bubbling scene. Popping off to a serious extent across the Atlantic, mark all three as serious names to watch this year.

RAGS AND RICHES are an adrenalized, American pop-rock band hailing from Lexington, Kentucky. Formed in 2017, the band features brothers Tanner & Peyton Whitt. Over the last four years, the band has discovered their unique sound, identity and aesthetic. Their latest single “THE BEAST” demonstrates the duo’s versatility in their sound. Centred around mental health, the track represents the manic behaviour of trying to contain your inner demons and aims to raise awareness for a topic close to the duo’s hearts. 

Sonically, the track follows a beating tempo that carries a lot of anxiety and tension. Quieter dynamics and a glassy melody prowls across the track like the beast within, while the growling vocals mirror the pain and struggles of trying to suppress mental health issues. Taking inspiration from the likes of Imagine Dragons, Twenty-One Pilots and X Ambassadors, “THE BEAST” contains the harsher, gritter flares from these artists, whilst also emitting softer moments that reflect the person who we really are, despite the demons that can consume our minds. Tanner shares, “There is a fight within that never stops from action to action, it’s in our hands to choose what we decide to do with every moment.” 

The Joker inspired video for “THE BEAST” takes focus on the main character Kurt Massey who is seen battling a mental illness, as well as being pushed to the edge from continuous bullying. When he goes to a mental hospital he can no longer control his actions. With an engrossing storyline and cinematic aura, you’ll be glued to your screen from start to finish. Through their organic, kaleidoscope of creative abilities the brothers hope to be a light to guide people for owning what it is to be human – to grab life by the horns and live to the fullest, embracing all the twist and turns on the rollercoaster of it all. They share, “Our music for the most part is written to inspire others and spark hope for everyone to leave their legacy with the time they are given. No matter what is weighing on you in the present, or if you feel surrounded by your stress and anxiety, let that be a part of who you are and use that as motivation. This world is yours for the taking.”

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RAGS AND RICHES have impressively clocked close to two million Spotify streams and had their single “Arrival” as the official track for Target’s YouTube advert. With numerous tour dates scheduled for 2021, RAGS AND RICHES are forging ahead.

Tokyo-based creative collective millennium parade continue their ascension with the release of their imaginative music video“Trepanation”. The song, off the group’s recently-released debut album, THE MILLENNIUM PARADE, is an electronic-pop vibe featuring Japanese vocalist Friday Night Plans

In true millennium parade fashion the “Trepanation” video is an animated masterpiece, rich in concept and poetic in delivery. The group’s visually creative members crafted a profound story of a half-built android girl activated on a post-apocalyptic Earth where humanity has completely vanished. The video takes us on her journey through the hierarchy of consciousness. As updates to her programming bring her to a state of enlightenment, she continues reaching for a butterfly which symbolizes the human soul itself. Band leader Daiki Tsuneta shared, “I wanted to create something edgy and modern, and I think ‘Trepanation’ is the most stylish song I’ve created thus far. More than anything, I’m excited to see the latest stage of rebellious animator Ryoji Yamada’s work. I hope you enjoy the trip!”

3x JUNO-Award nominated Nuela Charles is an alternative/soul singer-songwriter known for her soulful vocals and captivating stage presence, solidifying herself as a Canadian music staple. Born in Kenya, raised in Switzerland, Canada and the Bahamas before settling in Canada, Charles’ music is infused with her multicultural upbringing, giving a fresh and diverse flare to her sound. 

Her upcoming EP, Blissful Madness, is a utopia of alt-soul groove and smoke rising from a fiery assortment of delicious vocals and polished production. Charles explains that the EP was written to tell the story of all of the emotions one can feel in 24 hours – from sassy and strong, to loving and endearing, it’s all the feels wrapped up in three songs.

Accompanying her latest single “Space,” is the addition of “Nerve” – a collaboration with Don Mills multi-platinum/diamond record producer Don Mills (Giveon, Snoh Allegra, Juice WRLD), Laura Welsh (Fifty Shades of Grey Soundtrack) and James Edgar, the track is another example of the sass and grit that spouts from Charles’ impassioned stories and sound. The song has Bond-esque strings, courtesy of JUNO nominated producer/mixer Ryan Worsley who helped finish the production, that fill the chorus in tension and a throbbing bassline which provides a backdrop for the layered, harmonious vocals. Charles explains, “As a woman, there are many empowerment songs out there, but this one takes a more sassier approach saying – don’t try me, don’t test me”. The track is highly empowering and rich in confidence.

Charles has brought her distinct voice to various stages over the last several years – having performed notably at Reeperbahn Festival in Germany, making her UK debut in London, and making her US debut at the uber-coveted “It’s A School Night” by personal invitation by tastemaker and KCRW radio host Chris Douridas. Over the last year, Charles shared the stage as direct support for some of Canada’s musical icons – including Sam Roberts Band, Jann Arden and Stars. 

With placements on the hit shows Jane the Virgin and Tiny Pretty Things plus some comfortable real estate on the CBC Music (Radio 2) charts, Charles is ready to release more of her fiery brand of cinematic soul. 

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Dallas native Bayleigh Cheek began her love affair with music at an early age thanks to her immersive upbringing. Both parents were in the music scene, exposing her to a variety of sounds ranging from psychedelic and folk to progressive rock and new wave. Some of her personal music influences include Patti Smith, P.J. Harvey, Radiohead, and Angel Olsen. Those influences led to the creation of her EP, Immortals, that was self-released in early 2020 which brought her DOMA nominations for Best New Artist and Best EP.

In early 2021, she signed with Red Zeppelin Records, which will re-release Immortals as well as her debut album which is set for release in early 2022.

Cheek has frequently performed venues such as The Kessler Theatre, House of Blues, Three Links, opening for acts including Matthew Sweet, and Dallas natives Medicine Man Revival playing consistently for the past five years.

Los Angeles-based artist & producer Olivia Morreale unveils “Another Moon,” the final pre-release single from her upcoming EP, ‘Space Dreams.’ 

A slow-burning, R&B-inflicted number, “Another Moon” is all about escapism in both the physical and emotional sense. “I wanted to portray the joy and fun that comes with imagining how things might look and feel in a completely different dream world,” Olivia writes about her approach to the single. “It’s an ode to escapism and a celebration of imagination.” As with all of the songs off her soon-to-be-released EP, ‘Space Dreams,’ Olivia worked with her friend and co-collaborator Eli Kosoff (producer & songwriter) to help bring her musical vision to life. This time, Eli also lends his vocals to the track, creating a beautiful, layered harmony with Olivia’s effortless, breathy cadence. 

“Another Moon” is the third single to be released from Olivia’s forthcoming EP, ‘Space Dreams,’ following previous singles 
“No Answer” and “Parasomnia.” She recently released the Sammy King-directed music video for “Parasomnia,” which was dubbed a “strange and beautiful fantasy” by PINNACLE Magazine.

Growing up in New York, Olivia fell in love with jazz music at an early age. Her childhood was soundtracked by Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole, and Ella Fitzgerald and as soon as she was old enough she became a regular at the city’s vibrant jazz clubs. At eighteen she located to LA to attend USC’s competitive Thornton School of Music. Now, melding her jazz background with her immersion in Los Angeles’s pop utopia, Olivia has created a hybrid sound all of her own. Inspired by synth-pop, chillwave, jazz, and soul, her music is timeless and refreshing all at once. In addition to her own releases, Olivia has toured as a background singer for Engelbert Humperdinck and was featured as a star vocalist on Jason “Spicy G” Goldman’s Hypnotized EP.

Singer-Songwriter Sarah Barrios and Korean-American artist Eric Nam have released their latest collaboration: their joint single, “Have We Met Before?”. It’s a track that feels as if it was specifically made for a meet-cute in a movie. 

“I really wanted to capture the idea of two people being so meant for each other that in every lifetime, in every universe or alternate reality, they seem to always find one another and fall in love. There’s just something really beautiful about a love like that.” – Sarah Barrios

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“Have We Met Before?” was written by both Sarah and TikTok influencer, Vaultboy and was produced by Hampus Lindvall (Zara Larsson, Sandro Cavazza, Nea, Benjamin Ingrosso). Vocally performed by both Eric Nam and Sarah, it’s a song that embodies a romance that transcends all time. “Have We Met Before?” is not the first time Eric and Sarah have written music together as Sarah co-wrote Eric’s single, “I Don’t Miss You” (English name of his Korean track, “Miss You”) which has been streamed over 15 million times on Spotify

The world as we know it today is a smaller place than ever before. Culturally more fluid than known in history and a flamboyant mix of nations as we travel to new places, Blackson takes an introspective look at where he fits in the world with his 13-track album ‘Outsider’ and the lead single ‘Leeds to Verona’, which is out now.


Italian born and raised, Ghanaian by heritage, artistically maturing in London and now residing in the northern city of Leeds, UK, Blackson is a rapper of notable distinction and reflects on his journey with his new visual for ‘Leeds to Verona’. Rich in cultural experience, multilingual and rooted to his own journey, he goes against the grain of the stereotypes of a grime MC, trapstar or afrobeats artist and instead takes influence from all lanes then mixes them with his own authenticity.


The concept of the project is contained in the single ‘Outsider’ where Blackson vulnerably explores the sense of not belonging to his birth country of Italy, or equally his homeland Ghana, but reaffirms and supports his Africanity with great pride. Rapping in Italian, he delves into his experience as a black boy who tries to establish himself in a different world, which sometimes finds it hard to accept diversity. The album cover equally depicts the face of a strong black Italian man with a cultural Ghanian face painting, that houses the Adinkra symbol of Siamese crocodiles, which means “union in diversity”.

17-year-old budding star Melvoni releases video for his new song “Get Money,” a star-studded posse cut featuring Tyla Yaweh and DDG. The video takes place in New York and is directed by Austin Mccracken x Edgar Esteves.

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 WATCH “Get Money” by Melvoni featuring Tyla Yaweh and DDG HERE via YouTube/VEVO

LISTEN to “Get Money” by Melvoni featuring Tyla Yaweh and DDG HERE

“Get Money” is a triumphant anthem anchored by an almost Spartan-like “get money” chant throughout its chorus, typical of Melvoni’s hook work. Since his momentum began to build in 2020 with his #MelvoniApprovedFridays series, which included standout releases like “Stackhouse” and “Chrome,” the teen phenom’s reputation for irresistibly boisterous choruses has preceded him, and “Get Money” is no different. Epic labelmates DDG (“Moonwalking in Calabasas”) and Tyla Yaweh (“Tommy Lee”), budding stars in their own right, join forces with Melvoni to create a hotbed of talent sure to be heard from for quite some time. The high-octane result will surely be an aux cord go-to as the world begins to reopen.

Melvoni’s multifaceted offerings are just a glimpse of the full spectrum of artistry he’d like to unleash on fans and critics alike in 2021 and beyond. As restrictions ease, he’ll be interacting with fans in ways he hasn’t yet been able to. The sky’s the limit, and he knows it.

Swedish artist and songwriter Love Truls has released brand new single “Trembling Hands,” out now via This Is Scandinavia. The song is a duet featuring Siri Gunrup Järvinen on guest vocals. Listen now here + watch the video here, which Love Truls directed himself. 

“Trembling Hands” comes from Love Truls’ forthcoming debut EPKantande Wanai, due out June 4.

A psychedelic track at the intersection of lo-fi bedroom pop and melodic indie rock, Love Truls describes:

  • “‘Trembling Hands’ was one of the first songs that I made and actually finished. I usually like to leave my songs open to interpretation as they can mean something different for everyone, but for me, ‘Trembling Hands’ is about new love and new intimacy.”

Featured on “Trembling Hands” is Siri Gunrup Järvinen, a close childhood friend of Truls’ making her musical debut upon his encouragement; Truls was among the few who knew of her unrecognized vocal talent. Siri is also the daughter of Anna Järvinen and Christoffer Gunrup, Swedish musicians and members of groups Granada and The Amazing, respectively.

Chart topping NYC-based Singer, Dancer, Choreographer, TikTok star, Frankie Zulferino is authentically himself with his first release of 2021, “Hit That,” featuring MeliiThe single has already skyrocketed into the top 10 of the iTunes Pop Charts, top 100 of the UK Pop Charts, and landed placements on the Apple/Shazam Best New Music and Pop&B TIDAL Playlists. Melii took to twitter to state; “I GOT TO WORK WITH ONE OF THE MOST TALENTED HARDWORKING, BEAUTIFUL SOUL @fjzulferino ON HIS RECORD.”

Frankie states proudly; “A lot of my inspiration comes from old school Puff Daddy, Janet Jackson and Missy Elliot music videos, with a ton of dancers. When I went in to record the single my goal was to take what I love about the 70s, 80s, 90s and early 2000s and fuse it together. I want to genuinely sell who I am as an artist and as a person; I don’t think you can sell something massively unless you’re being true to yourself.”

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I think I have a knack, like most people, for breaking my own heart by romanticizing situations. My new single and video, Convenient,” serves as a reminder to take a step back and remember that even in seemingly powerless situations, you still hold the agency to remove yourself. 

Co-produced with Phoenix Arn-Horn (Softcult), stream Convenient now.

SoundCloud ☆彡 Spotify ☆彡 Apple Music

Director Alex Mcfarland and photographer Jordy Clarke helped me to create this hot and cold, alien-like environment. We wanted to capture the feeling of being somewhere mesmerizing and confusing, that ultimately you don’t quite belong in. Kind of like in sci-fi films with multi-verses, where the protagonist grows weaker the longer they’re away. As much as they’d like to stay in this fantastical world, it’s not theirs to stay in.

I found in this particular relationship, I had to constantly ground myself, to see things for what they were at face value. As much as I wanted to be important to this person, I couldn’t force that, but what I can do is ensure that I’m important to myself. 

You deserve to protect your own heart.

Jenny Palacios

The music of Jay Ardz is a direct product of his environment. The victim of human trafficking, an uprooted life that saw him moved internationally, and being thrust into the care system after being taken from his mother as a child, he is an artist that has suffered some of life’s cruelest twists. Finding his solace in music, the one true constant in his life, he has culminated his experiences in 6-track album ‘GAD’ (Grind All Day). 

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Standing out with his striking delivery, his culturally affluent heritage is notable. Hard to pinpoint the accent that marries his Nigerian, Italian, Canadian and British influences, his warming tones have a depth of emotion that hits a sweet spot. Across the 6 tracks of the album, Jay Ardz works in melodic, singing tones that are pieced together with powerful, soulful hooks and snappy rhymes. His topics vary as he travels through introspective pieces such as ‘Target’, heartfelt and honest moments found on ‘Burning’ and party tracks such as the finale ‘Sh!t’. 


Introducing the album with the video for release of ‘Target’, Jay Ardz delves in to the most vulnerable parts of his soul as he documents his childhood, which saw him trafficked between the U.S.A and Canada before being separated from his mother after her arrest. The record unfolds the trauma that the experience caused; one he continues to live with today. 

Building a string of noteworthy releases across the likes of Mixtape Madness, GRM Daily and Link Up TV over the last 24 months, Jay Ardz is an artist not to be overlooked.

The East London rapper/writer Chante Paris drops her latest single Michelle Obama following her latest freestyle song and Video Consistency which Premiered on MixtapeMadness on 14/03/21.
Gaining an Organic fan-base from her Freestyles and YouTube covers such as Missy Elliot “ She’s A B**” being co-signed by Play-Dirty Music. J Spades, Professor Green to name a few. As-well as many other well-known artists in the UK urban music scene
Chante was formerly Known as little C ( Little Cheryl) she named herself this as she was always told she was a little version of her Mother Cheryl , under this name Chante Released many covers and worked with artist such as : Big Narstie & Dirty Danger as well as collaborating with LinkupTv to Launch their first ever freestyle platform ‘ Time 2 flow”, She later changed her name to Her Birth Name Chante’ alongside her middle name Paris as these are the two names her Mother wanted for her when she was pregnant with her and Chante felt these sounded Great together. 
Chante has worked with Producers such as: 1st born Music, Rxz, Rhymz, Dwayne Patrick and Enz
Building a catalogue of music showing her creative writing skills and versatililty as Rapper/writer.
Chante’ has the ability to  wow a crowd with her linguistic skills and she has done this on several occasions.
Growing up, Chante was influenced by many UK and US rappers. Such as Nas, Eminem, Kanye West and Monie Love Chantehas been obsessed with lyrics ,wordplay, catchy flows and hooks which is demonstrated in her song writing and Music. 
Chante’s tone and style has been compared to the likes of MC Lyte, Remy Ma and lil KimChante is also working on expanding her sound by introducing more melodies and singing into her new music, because singing is where Chante first found her love for Music. Chantes Family is full of Strong singers 
Michelle Obama is a representation of a strong independent woman who strives for the best in all forms, from music to business as well as being a role model to all women and girls following their dreams.
Chante Paris is one to watch for the future.

Los Angeles-based bubble rockstress Alexa Villa has played on The Warped Tour and has opened for acts including The Darkness, Drake Bell, Ryan Cabrera, and Mark Ballas & BC Jean of Alexander Jean to name a few. The singer/songwriter/classically-trained pianist is also a model, working with several fashion companies and regularly participating in events at L.A. Fashion Week.

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NATL PARK SRVC share their anthem for youthful apathy, “ The Right Thing”. The bubbling indie pop cut offers the last glimpse of what is in store on the band’s debut album before its May 14th release. “ The Right Thing” is also a showcase of some of the up-and-coming-names amongst the band’s Twin Cities music scene, including songwriter Maddy Siiter and indie-punks VIAL.

NATL PARK SRVC is a seven-strong group of young artists and writers who are building grand indie-pop soundscapes amongst the glacial plains, sudden cities and wild climate of Minnesota.

The Dance (out May 14) is their debut full-length record and serves as an expressive outburst of what they describe as “every teenage emotion that felt too big to be real”. With the group’s members currently finding their ways into their early-twenties, those teenage emotions are harnessed, explored and spun back out in sprawling arrangements that explore the conflicting experiences of love, loss, hope, depression, and beyond.

This album is also the group’s first release that is able to most fully embrace the scope of their creative vision. NATL PARK SRVC’s earliest output came via a series of 2019 EPs delivered as a quartet featuring current members Dylan Woytcke (vox/guitar), Jared Leger (guitar/vox), and Nathan Zillmer (bass). In 2020 they sought to expand their sound with the addition of Sam Tudor (violin), Wes Muilenburg (sax), Joe Keyport (trombone), and Sage Livergood (drums) for the EP An Ending Of Sorts, For. Dylan explains, “we wanted to be able to do something huge, and to be able to do it live”. On The Dance they deliver they capture this sound with more punch, grit and drive than ever before.

The group’s specific instrumentation is more happy circumstance, than by grand design. During their performances amongst the continuously burgeoning Twin Cities music scene they’ve been exposed to and inspired by countless innovative musicians. When the band committed to building their sound, there were few questions about who would best help bring the new sounds to life. Ultimately, it’s about community. Musicians whose lives intersected, creativity mutually stoked, and friendships built. 

The Dance also includes the previously-released singles, “The Sharks” and “The Deadline”. The former, a driving tribute to hanging out with friends and making dumb decisions, while the latter offered a bittersweet nod to awkward dates and longing for another.

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Alberta power funk trio ADEQUATE! are gearing up for summer with the release of their cheeky and explosive new track ‘Bike Shorts’, the first single from their self-titled debut album set for release on June 11th, 2021.

ADEQUATE! is known for their energetic live shows, where they pull the audience in with raw musicianship, tantalizing dance moves, mesmerizing lights, and high energy hi-jinx, and that live spirit is definitely present on ‘Bike Shorts’.

“‘Bike Shorts’ is a song for the people, appealing to the most universal of commonalities – the hatred of wearing pants,” says lead vocalist Keenan Pezderic. “We set out to make a song that will make you get up, boogie down and leave you grinning cheek to cheek and that’s exactly what it does!”

Hailing from Lethbridge, Alberta, ADEQUATE! is sure to put a smile on your face and some dance in your pants! The trio has been slowly building their fanbase over the past few years with their fun and dynamic live shows, focused on providing an excellent musical experience through high quality showmanship and musical skill. ADEQUATE! brings in the fundamentals that made their funk idols live shows so great, aiming to be a source of entertainment for anyone listening. 

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ADEQUATE!’s new single ‘Bike Shorts’ is available now on Spotify, Apple Music/iTunes, and other digital retailers and streaming services worldwide. Their self-titled debut album will be released on June 11th. For more information, please visit

Crimson Apple is no longer playing a “war with their mind” in their new breakup anthem, “Dead to Me”. The four sisters from Hawaii are making a comeback with a statement many people can relate to; ever been ghosted, then this song is for you.

“We’re incredibly excited to be releasing our new single, ‘Dead To Me’. This song is an anthem for anyone who’s ever been ghosted. It’s about realizing your worth and knowing you’re strong enough to come out on top.”

Crimson Apple is an alternative indie rock band that fuses their signature, epic, cinematic dark-pop with a wide variety of inspiration from the alternative, indie-rock, K-pop, and J-pop scene. Keep an eye out for more to come from these four very talented sisters in Crimson Apple. “Dead To Me” is available for streaming HERE.

Hip hop artist Amon released his new single “Loes n Hies” this week. This is the latest track of a series of new music coming from Amon on a consistent, bi-weekly basis.

The track is Amon’s homage to the lows and the highs of life. It’s a reminder that perfection doesn’t exist and the acknowledgement of perfection is equivalent to the acknowledgement of, let’s say, mythical creatures.

“A battle with the Loes, a struggle with the Hies. Spelled incorrectly on purpose because do any of us actually know our purpose? The answer is no, but if you do you are amazing. A Unicorn, perhaps. Can we study you? That would be amazing. Shoulda called the song “Unicorn”. Actually that was corny and we have to be able to laugh at life because nothing is ever constant.

Before mastering his musical craft, Amon was on his way to becoming a professional skateboarder. His work ethic had him out every single day practicing and he even placed in competitions. Skateboarding led Amon to his passion for performing; Amon was unable to compete in a competition due to a severe injury, and since he could not compete skating, he started performing instead.

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