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INsiders Guide: Chevelle, Kuk seung pyo, Michaela Slinger, Heather Rivas, Nova Rose, The Prairie States, Cloe Wilder, Kalysta, Maya J, Cat and The Queen, Annie Scherer, Emeline, Alora Farenweh, Anna Shoemaker, My Life as Ali Thomas, Flo Gallop…

multi-platinum rock band Chevelle unleash a new song entitled “Peach.” Get it HERE and watch the visualizer HERE. It stands out as the second track to be unveiled from the group’s anxiously awaited ninth full-length album, NIRATIAS [Epic Records], out on March 5, 2021. The album is available for pre-order and pre-save HERE.

A thick and distorted riff powers “Peach” as the song dips in and out of a chugging groove and hypnotic vocals from singer and guitarist Pete Loeffler. After an explosive, yet entrancing scream, this barrage spirals out into spacey soloing. It only hints at the controlled and catchy aggression of NIRATIAS though.

Chevelle set the stage for NIRATIAS with the single Self Destructor” earlier this month. On the heels of the band’s anticipated return, “Self Destructor” dominated Active Rock as the “#1 Most Added Song” and has since vaulted into the Top 20 of the format. Not to mention, it claimed coveted real estate on playlists such as Spotify’s New Music FridayRock Hard, and Just Hard in addition to occupying the #1 prime spot on Apple Music’s Hard Rock Hero and Hard Rock Hot Tracks. At Amazon, the guys graced the covers of the Rock Scene and Fresh Rock playlists. Thus far, it has racked up close to 875k Spotify streams and over 700k YouTube views on the music video.

Kuk seung pyo has dropped his fourth single “Why Do You” featuring Caleb Cruise, one of Kuk seung pyo’s inspirations. Throughout the lyrics on this track, there’s an underlying theme of introspection of personal relationships and reflection during a particularly challenging time.

“As an artist who made a lot of heartbreaking songs, I wrote ‘Why Do You’ wanting to show a little different style of music to my fans. Although the overall process was not easy, I tried to stay positive all the time. I was also concerned because this is my first time collaborating with an American artist. But after listening to the final track, I am really excited and am looking forward to it.” – Kuk seung pyo

Photographer Credit: Karolina Turek

I co-wrote this new song with JUNO award-winning Kevvy (Carly Rae Jepsen, Fake Shark) and two-time Polaris Prize listed Louise Burns (Haley Blais).

 Make You Sad is available everywhere now.

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 A blend of two stories, Louise and I were experiencing different relationship challenges that converged over poor communication, eternal misunderstanding, and overreaction. 

We glorify relationships that appear easy or effortless, when—in reality—relationships with no attempt to try and really understand each other are destined to leave people feeling empty. I’m imagining that the person inside of the song’s relationship dynamic is describing it as “effortless” to outsiders who interpret that as proof of a happy couple, while it’s actually tormenting the person inside.

I hope Make You Sad can accompany you while doing something solitary. Think of an early morning or late night walk, a drive, or sitting somewhere with a nice view in contemplation.  

 –– Michaela Slinger

Los Angeles born and raised Heather Rivas is known for her genre-blending music inspired by the eclectic music scene that thrives in her hometown. The queer artist is passionate about writing from her personal experiences and doesn’t hold back when it comes to the dynamics of  relationships and how often so much can be left unspoken, whether that is tied to poor judgement, mental health, or discomfort with a situation. 

 Her latest single “Think of Me” is about infatuation and realizing you’re just into the idea of someone. Rivas confides, “A lot of us have been in a place where we realize we’re late in communicating or we just avoid it all together because it’s uncomfortable. Most of the time, infatuation is pretty unhealthy and I don’t think most of us ever want to admit out loud that we’ve been infatuated with someone.” 

The relatable “Think of Me” features fun, quirky instrumentation, with a confident bassline and sassy vocals. Building into a gritty chorus, bursting with energy, Rivas has something to say and you’re going to listen up. Inspired by the likes of Beabadoobee and Soccer Mommy, “Think of Me” oozes with both attitude and charisma. 

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 Despite narrating her own life struggles, Rivas wants to allow room for interpretation with her music, hoping that listeners can connect to it no matter what they’re going through. The songwriter shares, “I think so much of what I notice and observe in my own life is how people communicate, and specifically how we communicate through conflict. Whether it’s poor or good communication we just keep learning from each and every experience which is kind of the beauty of it all.”

 “Think of Me” is out now!

The opening lyrics in my new single Need Me hit the hardest. I can’t breathe, been two weeks I can’t get my shit together / I can’t sleep, melatonin nights that I don’t remember. I think we all go through tough days, weeks, months where we feel like the world is against us.

Need Me is available to stream everywhere –

Watch the official lyric video on YouTube now.

Produced by House of Wolf (Carlie Hanson and Cheat Codes), I wasn’t feeling like myself when I wrote this song and searched for anything to help me feel better. Need Me sparked an epiphany, in which I realized it’s okay to not be okay and sometimes loving yourself is enough.

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I started being kinder to myself, understanding the importance of mental health and owning our emotions—the good, bad, and ugly ones. 

Expressing them in a non-destructive way is part of growing into who we are, with the courage to be imperfect. I’m a big dance-in-the-mirror type of girl. Letting loose allows us to keep calm and not let the world take over our minds. Self-gratitude is a practice we could all benefit from these days. 

Thank you for listening,

Nova Rose ✨

Mixing the cadence and rhythms of 60’s soul and 70’s rock with modern country, The Prairie States was born out of a desire to put a fresh touch on a classic design. As recipients of the 2018 ACMA awards for Rising Star and Fan’s Choice, 2019 ACMA winners of Group/Duo and Video of the Year, as well as 1st place in the Project Wild Artist Development Program, it’s proof that this Edmonton based band is moving in the right direction.

Mat Cardinal, Jeff Dick, Mike Nash, Doc deGroot, and Jay Der formed The Prairie States in 2017 and immediately started writing songs for their full length album, Lost In The Right Direction. Independently released in June 2018, it was nominated for the ACMA Album Of The Year and included three radio singles, which all broke the top 100 Mediabase Canadian Country Chart.

Their current single, “Low Life,” is a bumpin’ tongue-in-cheek song about how the high life is no life for them. It’s all about finding joy in the simplest of things. To accompany the release of the song, the band teamed up with a home town business, Sea Change Brewing Co, to create a custom “Low Life” branded beer to accompany the song.

The Prairie States have been out on the road and wowing crowds with their undeniable live show. In their short time as a band, they’ve shared stages with Aaron Goodvin, Clayton Bellamy, and most recently Brothers Osborne and Canadian legend Charlie Major while kicking off the 2019 Big Valley Jamboree.

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With a stack of brand new recordings already completed and even more underway with CCMA and Juno award winning producer Bart McKay, this band shows no signs of slowing down.

Cloe Wilder releases her debut EP, Teenage Lullabies. The seven-track EP elaborates on her teenage life and the important moments and feelings she’s experienced thus far. Written alongside producer Sam Nicolosi, as well as EZI, Jackie Young, and Merōn, Cloe transports listeners into a delicate daydream filled with stories of crushes, loss, friends, and more, that meld together to create a soundtrack for today’s youth and nostalgia for teenage memories. At just 14-years-old, Cloe has a voice way beyond her years, managing to create melancholic, yet incredibly relatable songs.

On the EP’s lead single, “I Wanna Be Alone With You,” Cloe lays her feelings for her crush all out on the table. The official music video for the upbeat, ‘cool girl’ track was filmed at the Pink Motel in California and features Tripp Bowers. As a whole, Cloe believes Teenage Lullabies is her best release to date, saying “It’s the most involved I’ve ever been and the proudest I’ve ever been.”

Speaking on the meaning behind Teenage Lullabies, Cloe says: “I think that this EP makes sense for my first project. I’ve been making music for a couple of years now and this project represents every stage of my life so far: the frustration, the excitement, the relationships. It’s definitely a romanticization of my life, but it’s not too far off. I’ve felt all of it… I just made it a little bit prettier for your listening pleasure. Sonically, the songs share a very ethereal sound with a dash of bedroom indie. This is a pretty accurate description because we wrote the whole project in my bedroom.”

Photo Credit: Ashley Brown

Detroit powerhouse vocalist, Kalysta, is bringing out her soul roots on this modern R&B single, “Can’t Get Enough.” This is Kalysta’s first single of 2021, and follows her previous, Rock influenced single “Not Me.” “‘Can’t Get Enough’ was made out to be a fun, upbeat song about being absolutely head-over-heels for somebody. Fling really adds the spice to the song as he is a talented lyricist, and came into the studio on a complete whim that day. As a result, magic happened and we created this song! I am so excited to share this feel-good song with everybody and I hope you can feel the magic too. ” – Kalysta

Photo Credit: Ryan West

Maya J has released her latest single, “Trouble.” This track is Maya J’s first single of 2021 and follows her previous two singles of 2020 “Hurricane” and “Unconditional.” Maya J wrote this song about the rush and honeymoon stage of a love that many people will find all too relatable. “I hope that fans feel free to love, free to chase love, and free to embrace love after hearing this new single. The feeling of a new spark that comes with a new crush or a new relationship is fun and sensual, and I hope that the same feeling can be captured after listening, whether you are currently in a relationship or single! Stay in good trouble, and Stay Sparkly!” – Maya J

Photo credit: Kale Vandenbroek

Cat and The Queen has released her first single of 2021, “Lonesome Flame.”
“Lonesome Flame” is the second single to come off her upcoming album, I Caught A Fish, dropping at the end of February 2021. “This song entertains the idea of making friends with loneliness. How do we welcome it? How do we avoid it? Can we give it a seat at our breakfast table? Perhaps a cup of tea? When we openly commune with loneliness, she ceases to be a threat. Instead, she is given the space and permission to morph into quite a sweet companion; and in this case, she morphed into this song.” – Cat and The Queen

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Photo credit: Sherry Kocienski

Up and coming artist Annie Scherer has dropped her new indie-pop single “Take Me Places.” This is Annie’s first single of 2021 and the follow up to her previous single “Andy Warhol.” Both of these two singles will be featured on
her upcoming album Garden Bed, which will be dropping on March 26th, 2021. “‘Take Me Places’ emphasizes the idea of new beginnings and allowing yourself to be vulnerable to new opportunities and relationships. I wanted to capture the uplifting feeling of being free and soaring to new heights. I hope my listeners will feel both a sense of thrill and nostalgia when listening to it.” – Annie Scherer

Emeline is a singer, songwriter, actress, and musician based in Los Angeles.

As a writer, Emeline is known for her biting lyrics, catchy hooks, and minimal yet cutting edge production. She is inspired by a variety of genres and that is reflected in the numerous diverse projects she has taken on as a songwriter. Her voice has been heard in large crowds such as the Boston Women’s March where she debuted her single “Hush” with a message aiming to empower women to speak up and stand for what they believe in. She recently paired up with Rob Garza (of Thievery Corporation) to work on a new project, GARZA. They have released their first EP “Where The Moon Hides” and took the project across the United States on tour in early 2020.  Her latest accomplishment is the release of her single “6 foot deep” which is the start of a new chapter for her solo career. More music is to come in early 2021 along with a series of self-directed music videos and more.

Alora Farenweh is a young Canadian singer / songwriter who creates dreamy folk-pop with the hope of transporting her listeners to another world. As someone who struggles with Depersonalization Disorder / Derealization Disorder (conditions where you feel you are outside of yourself, that you don’t feel real, and where the world around you isn’t real / you are floating through life), this felt-experience carries over into her music. Both lyrics and soundscapes often imitate a dream, and invite the listener into a world of color, glowing crystals, and (often) friendly animals. Usually appearing in a whimsical white paper crown, she weaves layers of spiritual significance into her work.

Anna Shoemaker is sharing a new remix of her single “Feels Like,” done by 1 Trait Danger, the satirical electronic side project of Car Seat Headrest’s Andrew Katz. On the new “Feels Like” remix, 1 Trait Danger infuses Shoemaker’s slow-burning indie-pop track with pulsating electro production, elevating the single into the perfect “crying-in-the-club” banger. 

Following her 2020 sophomore EP, Everything Is EmbarrassingShoemaker released Feels Like” in November to praise from Under The Radar, who called it “a blend of pop theatrics and unguarded honesty.” She rounded out the year with the release of “Silver Cowboy Boots,” which received press support from Refinery29, LADYGUNN and MTV, and is currently streaming on Spotify’s ‘Fresh Finds’ and ‘Fresh Finds Pop.’ 

The 26-year-old New York-based, Philadelphia-born singer/songwriter first made her mark as a Soundcloud sensation with her viral mashup of Kendrick Lamar’s “Bitch Don’t Kill My Vibe” and Chance the Rapper’s “Cocoa Butter Kisses,” which she recorded on her bedroom floor. The song, which now has over 894K streams, caught the attention of fashion mogul Steve Madden, who signed her to his record label, 5Towns Records. Shoemaker’s debut EP, East Side, was produced by GRAMMY-nominated producer JT Daly and released on 5Towns Records in 2018. 

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In 2020, with a newly inked deal with BMG, Shoemaker released her sophomore effort, Everything Is Embarrassingas well as a handful of new singles. Despite only being a few years into her career, Shoemaker has already been praised by the likes of Billboard and Refinery29, opened for Julia Michaels and Bishop Briggs, and sold out her own headlining gig at Mercury Lounge.

Building on from a stellar 2020 and an international breakthrough feeling imminent, Thai alt-pop band My Life as Ali Thomas kick off 2021 with their phenomenal new single “Rinn”.
Keeping their growing fanbase satisfied throughout 2020 thanks to their intricate, well-received singles “Baby, I Love You”, “Dear all the universe” and “Real”, the genre-defying group once again showcase their distinctive, experimental style on “Rinn”. A roaring and dynamic number, “Rinn” blends thundering electric guitar riffs and a powerfully driving beat for an angsty, yet extraordinary sonic experience. My Life as Ali Thomas unveil “Rinn” with an exceedingly stylish, fiery music video – oozing
charisma and their cutting-edge panache, “Rinn” is sure to continue cultivating the band an army of loyal listeners around the world.
Talking about “Rinn”, My Life as Ali Thomas explained: “The title ‘Rinn’ has no story, no meaning. It is something we made up inspired by the song. We were asked once: why call it something that has no meaning, that isn’t even a word? This made things clear to us. There are so many restrictions – many of which we create for ourselves – in this world we’ve created, that at times it seems absurd. ‘Rinn’ is a challenge to these restrictions; an anthem encouraging you to set your mind free, so that you can truly meet yourself”.

You already know Flo Gallop. You’ve already heard her voice, it’s a pitch-perfect, beautiful, arm-around-the-shoulders version of the one in your head. Flo is the voice we all need, She’s the beat behind our breakdowns and the word-perfect poetry of our bounce-back pick-ups. South-east London born and bred, Flo was raised around music, her dad made songwriting feel like breathing. Without it she would choke. So, she sat, scribbling words, diarising an everyday life through the musicality and soul of a natural artist that would eventually emerge, fully formed, as a friend in your ears.

Flo doesn’t want to change the world, just get your attention. She lives to perform, yet she feels, writes and lives like an antidote to this world of filtered fakery and ‘pick me!’ poses. Honesty is the only policy here, even when it hurts. 

Unveiling her latest single “21,” Flo tells you a lot about her life… and a bit about your own. With painfully relatable lyrics narrating the familiar day-to-day life of a 21 year old, Flo sings about having fun, partying and living for the moment. “21” shimmers with bold, confident instrumentation and honest, sassy, storytelling lyrics. Her music is reminiscent of the likes of Kate Nash and Lily Allen, oozing an early 2000’s feel, while delivering a fresh pizzazz. Wearing her heart on her sleeve, the song is an account of her youth – she may make mistakes, but she doesn’t regret anything. With her strong identity, “21” features infectious melodies and a fat, head-bopping bassline which dominates the chorus. 

The music video for “21” features Flo working long shifts, saving up money to blow it on a night out at a karaoke bar. Bright colours, flamboyant outfits and vibrant shots of London town emit feel-good vibes, getting you in the mood to party. 

All of Flo’s music is food for the heart and words for the wise. This is a writer of depth, already a collaborator with established giants Tom Fuller and Will Thomson but, rather than stand on their shoulders, she has hands on the wheel. 

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Being a young woman in your 20s isn’t always easy today, but Flo only sees ‘good and great’ in her life and her work, and you will too. So, if you’re looking for Bad then head for Neverland, but if you want songs to fly, cry and die for then don’t just run with the herd- go with the Flo.

Emma Webb is an indie, folk, pop singer/songwriter living in Bristol, UK. Known for her distinctive style of acoustic pop, Webb has been influenced by an array of music and genres, and is particularly passionate about 90s artists such as Alanis Morissette, The Corrs, The Beautiful South and Natalie Imbruglia, whilst also being lyrically influenced by songwriters such as Paul Simon, Carole King and Joni Mitchell.

Her latest single “90s Playlist” captures Webb’s fond memory of a road trip alongside her nearest and dearest, all whilst singing her favourite 90’s music together. The song truly embodies her feelings of gratitude for her close friendships, with Webb sharing, “We blasted out 90s music all the way and harmonised the hell out of The Spice Girls!!”. Throughout the track are waves of stunning, angelic harmonies giving a subtle musical tribute to that day. The minimalist track is rich in feeling and is wonderfully mesmerising to engulf in the imagery presented by the lyrics.

“90s Playlist” emits soft symbols and drums which carry a steady, calm feeling throughout while also adding a wash of subtle power that induces the emotion felt in the meaning. The vulnerable lyrics are an open book of raw, visual storytelling, giving insight into her precious, personal moments and memories. Webb confides, “My music is all about unconditional love, self love, and discovering what’s really important in life. It’s very honest and all my songs are specifically about something or someone in my life.” The folk singer-songwriter has a familiar, gentle, sweet tone, filling the song up with her delightful words, warm vocals and fluttering, delicate guitar. 

Webb has worked as a vocal and music teacher since leaving University in 2013 with a BA Hons in Music, where she trained in Classical music and Musical Theatre. The songwriter has sung live at BBC Radio Two on The Michael Ball Show, performed at BBC Proms in the Park, Hyde Park 2018 and 2019, as well as having performed as part of a choir with Susan Boyle and Michael Ball on Britain’s Got Talent. With “90s Playlist” currently available worldwide, Emma Webb is starting the year off with a bang!

Six-time Juno Award winner Serena Ryder is ecstatic to release her new single “Better Now” along with the music video featured on ______

“Better Now” is the final single from Serena Ryder’s upcoming album,​ The Art of Falling Apart – out March 12, 2021, vinyls and CDs now available for pre-order HERE. The 10-track, 25-minute project chronicles Serena’s years of struggle with mental health and her journey from mental illness to wellness. “Better Now” highlights her venture towards sobriety. Serena describes the inspiration behind the song:

“Life has kicked my ass in so many ways, but I wouldn’t change a thing — because it wouldn’t have changed me. I’m at a time in my life where I can see the beauty that comes from sitting in the uncomfortable moments. I used to smoke and drink through pain, now I know there’s a better way. Being sober is the bravest thing I’ve ever done and Iife is so much sweeter everyday. I know better now.” 

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“Better Now” is just one of the strides Serena has taken on the journey to learning ​The Art of Falling Apart​.

With each single from her upcoming album, The Art of Falling Apart, Serena will release a remix featuring a special guest artist. In 2020, she released her collaboration with Adria Kain on “Candy” along with the remix collaboration on “Waterfall” with the legendary icon Melissa Etheridge. On the last single, “Kid Gloves“, Serena teamed up with Junia-T for a riveting remix. Keep an eye on Serena’s socials for the announcement of the remixer for “Better Now“.

Timid, the Brave is the solo moniker for Canadian songwriter Tim Selles. His 2011 self-titled debut EP, recorded with Scott Orr of Other Songs, was named one of iTunes Canada’s “Best Of” that year. After growing somewhat tired of the grind of solo performances and simple recordings, Selles recruited a handful of other Hamilton musicians to lend their talents to 2017’s LP, Firesale. The forthcoming record, Vuja De, builds on that communal transition, featuring Nate Wall (King Park) on drums and percussion, Ethan Rooney (The Good Hunters) on bass, and Gareth Inkster on pretty much everything else. Set for a Spring 2021 release, the upcoming record chronicles the cyclical nature of life, exploring the possibility of finding new meaning in familiar experiences.

Jimkata are a three-piece anthemic, synth-washed, electro-rock band based out of Ithaca. With a triumph of swirling analog synths, infectious pop hooks and candid lyrics, Jimkata have built a distinct sound which has been resonating with listeners across the country. 

Friends since middle school, Evan Friedell, Aaron Gorsch and Packy Lunn infuse Jimkata, (named after the so-bad-it’s-good 1985 gym-fu caper Gymkata) with both an adventurous musical streak and relatable lyrical themes. Mixed in with the modern synth sensibilities and hard driven indie rock are influences drawn from the likes of Motown, singer-songwriters like James Taylor and even old country songs, where storytelling and a quick turn of phrase share priorities with melody and the beat. Jimkata have concocted an unusually rich and rewarding mix and one that’s evolved naturally. 

After taking a two and a half year hiatus following the release of six studio albums and the successful building of a vibrant, grassroots fanbase, Jimkata are preparing to release their next album, Bonfires. The 10 track album is set for release as a series of singles every month with an accompanying visuals and merch line. Thematically, Bonfires touches on poignant themes of uncertainty, being in limbo, and looking for an anchor of hope in these trying times.

Bonfires is set for release Spring 2021 worldwide.

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