Ken Brady ReReleases “National Anthem” Short Films

National Anthem, a pair of short films revealing the danger and mendacity within the Oval Office, gets a digital rerelease today [trailerfull piece]. National Anthem was created by director and writer, Ken Brady (A House Divided starring Naomi Watts and The Time is Now). His words upon National Anthem’s initial release in the fall of 2020: “The reason I made these movies is simple. I want to use whatever skills I may have to try and safeguard our democracy. Not only should we vote, as is our duty, but if we can, we can use whatever resources we may have, be it time or money or any talents to contribute, especially in times of national emergency.” He has also written and performed his theatrical one-man show, Jersey Red, in alternative venues throughout the country. His work explores socio-political elements within modern America.

National Anthem

 The mendacity within the Oval Office threatens our civilian government. Two short films reveal the danger in which we find ourselves.

 National Anthem Part I

 A dystopian fantasy about a returning Iraqi war veteran who seeks solace by joining a military coup against America.

Ken Brady: “I took some inspiration from the TV shows Homeland and The Americans, and also the novel by Philip Roth, The Plot Against America. Then, I had to look within, and ask some difficult questions about my family. I am the youngest of eight and some of my siblings support Trump, maybe some cousins too. I had to ask, would any of my family maybe… possibly… support a military coup? And from that frightening place, I started the story of a young man who comes back from military service in Iraq, and joins a coup effort at home in America. Straight up dramatic tragedy with dystopia as the tone.”

National Anthem Part II

 An absurdist comic soap opera about the First Family which turns dark when tanks roll down Pennsylvania Avenue.

Ken Brady: “I thought about the timelessness of Trump’s criminality as well as the utter absurdity of his rule. And with Trump’s very real danger, that lead me straight to the idea of a silent film. Silent films are both comical and tragic, and Trump is classically villainous. So the silent film form is appropriate. Combining dramatic dystopia with comedic absurdity seems to best encapsulate the Trump persona, his rule, his rabid support as well as the danger he presents. His damaging style of governance gravely threatens our democracy. Not just now, but potentially for the future.”

Written By: Neill Frazer

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