Everything We Know About ‘Legally Blonde 3’

When the first Legally Blonde movie was released in 2001, viewers quickly fell in love with Reese Witherspoon as Elle Woods—it made over $141 million in box office sales worldwide, eventually prompting the second film in the series. Because Legally Blonde is often hailed as one of the most iconic comedies of the 2000’s, and now the franchise is slated to return to the big screen with a third movie, almost 20 years after Legally Blonde 2 hit theaters. ‘Legally Blonde 3’ is slated to hit our screens May 20, 2022.

Reese Witherspoon is reprising her iconic role as sorority girl-turned-lawyer Elle Woods for the third installment in the series. The threequel, from MGM, was initially scheduled to open this February, but those plans were quietly derailed even before the coronavirus pandemic caused movie theaters to close earlier this year. Mindy Kaling and Dan Goor (“Brooklyn-Nine Nine,” “Parks and Recreation”) wrote the screenplay for “Legally Blonde 3.” A director has not been set yet, nor have additional cast members.

Witherspoon took to Instagram to make the announcement that, yes, Legally Blonde 3 is officially happening. She posted a short video of herself in Elle’s sequined hot pink bikini, leisurely sunbathing on a pool float. “It’s true… #LegallyBlonde3,” she captioned the post.

In an interview with Elle magazine, Kaling opened up about the “really challenging” task of bringing Elle Woods into the 2020s. “Elle Woods is such an iconic character and so loved,” Kaling explained. “Ordinarily, I think I would actually not find that really fun to do because the expectations are set. But because we haven’t seen the character in 18 years, I was excited. We know what Elle was like when she was 21, 22 years old. But what about when she’s 42? That character, so innocent and girly, what is she like when she’s dealing with adult problems and is an adult woman? She’s not a little girl anymore.” While the plot is being kept under wraps, Kaling teased about her collaboration with Goor, “We’ve loved working on it.”

Witherspoon will also produce “Legally Blonde 3” though her company, Hello Sunshine. Marc Platt, who produced the first two films, is returning for the third.


Written By: Neill Frazer

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