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Exclusive Interview with Wrestling’s Newest Power Couple – Kristen and Luis Chevere

Luis Chevere has always had a love for adventure and thrill. As a young kid, Luis began watching stateside wrestling, which piqued his interest and love for the sport. At age 19, he became a body piercer and began his tattoo journey. It was also at this age where he started at his first wrestling school in Florida. Although he loved wrestling, he became drawn to the hair cutting world and by age 20, Luis started his education in cosmetology school. After graduating, Luis’ hair career took off and he began teaching cutting techniques and sharing his expertise’s all over the country. In 2016, he chose to venture into the world of independent education – this was a move that took his career to the next level. Over the next four years he was nominated for 6 hair awards and traveled to Russia, Canada, Ireland, and London on the international education circuit. In 2018, he was finally at a place in life where he felt he could go back to his first love, wrestling, and began training at Hybrid School of Wrestling. 

Kristen Chevere had a passion for the arts at a young age and was involved in theatre, singing, dancing, etc. In her teenage years, she discovered and learned about WWF. Kristen was never a sports fanatic until she watched her first Monday Night Raw – she was intrigued by the theatrics, the storytelling, and it was something her and her father could actually enjoy together. As she approached young adulthood, her career took her in different directions, from acting in various types of films, to music management, and eventually hair styling and coloring. In 2006 Kristen attended cosmetology school and in 2010 she was able to achieve her dream in opening her very own hair salon in San Antonio, Texas. With 15 years’ experience in hair, Kristen’s salon named Now Salon continues to thrive and is now in its 11th year in business. 

When Kristen met Luis in 2016, he encouraged her to put her talent in hair coloring on social media, which led Kristen to become a Color Educator and was also nominated for a color award in 2019. From there, they had the extraordinary opportunity to travel the world together educating on the same stage. In 2019, Kristen decided to tap into her shared wrestling interest with Luis, where she became his personal wrestling manager by the show name “Lilith Crowley”. 

In 2020 Luis (Alexander Crowley) alongside his wife, Kristen (Lilith) began booking local and statewide wrestling shows. The two now travel together around the country, creating their own wrestling costumes, and inspiring others along the way in the wrestling world and beyond. They also continue to maintain their shared passion as hair stylists and educators at Now Salon

On Luis’s free time, he enjoys sewing, movies, music, mini golfing, billiards, weightlifting, and kickboxing. Kristen’s interests include acting, fitness, home DIY, outdoor adventures, travel and food!

Kristen and Luis, welcome to OLC! It’s a pleasure to have you both here. So, tell me how you both got involved in wrestling?

L: We have always been fans of wrestling. I began training two years ago and Kristen began about a year and a half ago. It’s something we’ve both wanted to do for years but the time was never right. At some point, we decided it’s never the right time to start something new, so we just jumped into it!

You’re both successful also in the world of hair, tell me where your passion came from, and what do you enjoy about hair styling so much?

L: When I was 17, I was taken to my first hair show. It was pretty much it for me then, that was my goal, to be on stage and present in front of my peers. I’ve been lucky enough to do so all over the states, Canada, Ireland, the UK and Russia. It was some of my favorite experiences ever.

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K: I’d have to say my passion stems from the artistic side of the hair world. I’ve been a color specialist for 13 years (16 years as a hairstylist). It’s 100% my passion to create a masterpiece out of someone’s head. It is a blank canvas for me.

To top off your many skills, you also design wrestling costumes, firstly how did you learn to even begin making your own costumes?

L: Kristens mom taught her to sew as a teenager, and Kristen then taught me when the Covid lockdown began last year. Being stuck at home with nothing to do really messed with my creativity, so I was able to learn a new skill. Once I began, I couldn’t stop, and I became obsessed with it. Now I make my own, Kristen’s and some of our friends gear as well.

Who are some wrestlers you’ve designed costumes for?

L: Our most noted client has been Karrion Kross, he’s currently the WWE NXT champion. Others are WWE NXT superstar Ari Sterling fka Alex Zayne, Sledge and O’Shay Edwards from Ring of Honor and some Texas talent for the most part. We’ve since quit making gear as our wrestling schedule has picked up so substantially this year, it’s left us without much time to create pieces for others.

Talk me through the creative process when you are designing a costume for a wrestler?

L: It all begins with getting a color scheme from the talent and design ideas, we then draw up a simple sketch of the idea and alter as requested. Then we decide on what types of fabric whether it’s spandex, PVC spandex, or matte vinyl spandex. The possibilities are pretty much endless as long as you can find the fabric.

You both have a thriving business called Now Salon, What can people expect when they visit your salon?

K: When guests come to NOW Salon, they can expect an experience like no other. We listen to every like, dislike, and goals of our guests. Once we are on the same page it is our goal to achieve the exact dream of theirs. We are also very honest with our guests and explain that not all dreams happen in one day.

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Do you plan on branching out and starting up multiple salons around your home city or even around America?

K: At the moment our focus is this location. We have been a staple in our community for the last 11 years. This has been a wonderful experience owning a business with this kind of success and we will continue to focus on this location until the end.

Kristen in your teenage years you sang and danced, and we’re involved in the theatrical arts, is that something you would ever like to get back into?

K: Absolutely, the theater was my very first love and will always be my first love. At some point in the future, I’d love to do a play again, even just for a local company.

What does the rest of 2021 hold for the both of you?

L: Honestly, we’re not sure. We have high hopes, we’re currently booked in professional wrestling all the way to November, so that’s keeping us fairly busy. We would love to be partnered with a televised company, as long as we can stay living in Texas, that’s our main thing is staying close to our family and friends. Impact wrestling is one of the main companies we’ve had our eyes on, we have some great friends within the company and would love to work alongside them, but we’re open to discussions with any and all major companies.

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