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Neska Rose has released her dark and vulnerable single “Copy & Paste.” This is the first single since her powerful debut EP, The Repel of a Young Girl, released in January of this year. “Copy & Paste is about the relationship you just had enough of. It’s the chance to call them out for all the suffering they put you through. Even though you might’ve gotten something out of them, it starts to get aggravating when everything they say is dehumanizing; their words operate like a copy and paste button.” – Neska Rose

“Copy & Paste” was written and performed by Neska Rose with harmonies by her sister Libi Rose and produced by Ainjel Emme. “Copy & Paste” is a captivating indie-alternative record about being manipulated by a romantic partner. With this track, Neska Rose hopes to validate the feelings of her listeners who have experienced this kind of turbulent relationship and hopes to encourage them to know their worth.

Neska Rose is a precocious and talented teen singer-songwriter and actor based in Los Angeles. She has been interested in pursuing an entertainment career all her life and started by writing and performing at open mic nights at the age of 12. Neska made her official music industry debut in 2020 with her single “Done” and her first-ever EP, The Repel of a Young Girl, which she wrote and produced herself. As a comedic actress, she is most known for the much-beloved character of Gertie on Nickelodeon’s hit mockumentary, Drama Club. Having proven herself as an actress and singer, she was recently signed by Brave Artists Management and AKA Talent Agency. Neska Rose continually showcases her sharp wit and intelligence through her original skits with her sister Libi Rose. Within her original songs, she delivers a feeling and experience in expression rarely found in artists twenty years her senior. With a pen or guitar in hand, Neska is a force to be reckoned with.

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Libi Rose is a gifted young actor and musician based in Los Angeles who was recently signed by Brave Artists Management and AKA Talent Agency. Libi is an all-around creative who can bake one mean strawberry sponge cake. Overall, she is a classically trained pianist, vocalist, and ballet dancer with a love of improv comedy and writing. Libi is often seen playing and performing alongside her fraternal twin sister, Neska Rose, demonstrating her beautiful harmonies, her expertise as a pianist, and comedic acting in their original skits.

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Photo Credit: Sela Shiloni

Hi Neska welcome to OLC! How have you been?

Hey OLC!!! Thank you so much for having me! I’ve been great, exciting things are happening. Things are slowly but surely getting back to normal, but in the meantime I’m still doing lots of things from home.

So you’re not only a gifted actress but also a gifted singer, so tell me where did your passion for the arts come from?

My earliest memories in life had to do with some sort of art form. Whether it was me and Libi dancing to songs, making music videos on our iPad, or being in the theater. Since these kinds of events were a part of my daily life, I kind of always assumed that this is what I was going to do. Not necessarily being a singer/actress, but somewhere along the lines of the entertainment industry. I figured, maybe I’ll be an author or a producer. Our mom let me and Libi start playing piano and take dance classes at 5 years old. I switched to playing guitar at 8 because it was in my heart since I was 3 years old. Life kind of came together when I realized I want to take all of my passions seriously; it just made sense.

How were you discovered?

If you mean discovered as in really known, I wouldn’t say I’m discovered just yet to my fullest 🙂 But in terms of being discovered with my abilities, it was all because of my mom. Ever since I could remember, my mom has always been supportive. For most of my childhood, I begged her to play guitar, but then wanted to quit after 2 months. She didn’t let me quit. At first I didn’t understand why she wouldn’t, but now I realize that she only did it because she discovered my potential and it wasn’t worth letting it go to waste because I felt like stopping at the moment. My mom helps me through it all.

You star in the hit Nickelodeon show ‘Drama Club’, what’s your experience been like on that show and how much has it taught you?

My experience on Drama Club was just inspiring. It was my first ever TV show, so I didn’t know what to expect. It definitely wasn’t the ordinary situation on set, since we had no rehearsals and it was shot at a real high school. Because of this, I really got to play with the drama club and everything felt genuine and lively. I got to learn from all of my castmates and crew, seeing them in action really motivated me and made me even more passionate about acting.

You have a brand new single out called “Copy & Paste”, can you tell me a bit about the song and what inspired it?

I wrote Copy & Paste 2 years ago, when I was 13. This song is about a relationship I had just enough of. This person in the relationship was operating their words like a copy & paste button. I wasn’t planning on writing about this specific relationship, but as soon as I started playing on the guitar, I just wanted to let everything out, and all of the lyrics were ready to go.

Talk me through the creative process of the single and who helped you work on it?

In terms of writing, I wrote it by myself. I wrote this song two years ago when I was 13 and was practicing performing in open mics so I could work on my confidence. The production’s by my queen Ainjel Emme, who puts everything in her work and makes sure I get everything I wish for. One of the things I was looking for in Copy & Paste (and in my music in general) is having authenticity, and so an example was having live players. Ainjel knows where to find the most incredible players, who are also her friends, like Shawn Davis on the bass guitar, Christopher Masterson on the electric guitar. Ainjel’s husband, Anothony Paul Lopez is a genius on the drums. He played percussion, mixed, and was the recording engineer alongside Ainjel. I also played the acoustic guitar on the record. It was so nice having all these gifted wizards on the record because they truly were not afraid to be wild and to listen to what I have to say in this song, which turned the meaningfulness of the track to the next level!!!

Can we expect a music video for it, and can you tell me the ideas behind it? I would imagine it was quite difficult to film with Covid restrictions?

Yes, you can!!! The music video will come out along with the single on August 6th.

The overall objective behind the meaning of the lyrics and the song itself is to call this person out for all the suffering they put you through, so I wanted the visual of the video to be very isolated, so the only thing that you can focus on is my face, and Libi’s face 😉

The music video is black and white because I didn’t want any vibrancy of colors, no sugarcoating, just the truth in our faces. I decided to have Libi alongside me because the relationship the song was written about was experienced by both of us, and because the vulnerability is twice as strong. The production for this music video was very small. We just had our mom, Shira Rosenfeld, aka a badass producer. Michael Weisler, our director since forever. Ray as our cinematographer. Since it was just us it wasn’t as difficult to shoot during covid, we all took a test beforehand and had so much fun shooting.

Are there plans for a forthcoming album or EP?

No exact plans yet, but I definitely am planning to release hundreds of albums in the future. I already have enough songs to make more than one album. I am extremely passionate about making a collection of songs, because it’s as if you’re looking at a photo album, you get to live through what you were at the time. I’m releasing these singles so the world could get a feel of who I am, and so once I settle in, I’ll be ready to publish bodies of work.

Where do you find the inspiration for your music?

The universe. Anything in life; relationships, conflicts, places, senses, mistakes, objects…

I never try to look at things for my music, it sort of just comes into my brain, and when I physically write something, it’s always unexpected. I end up thinking “I didn’t even know this is what I felt about -blank-”. I never realize I’m inspired by something until I get into writing mode.

Your sister is also a singer, any plans to do some projects together?

You will see that Libi, my twin sister, plays a big role in my upcoming singles. In these singles, Libi is harmonizing with her perfectly graceful voice, which is even more than the cherry on top, it’s the whipped cream and the sprinkles. She is always a major part of my projects and won’t be leaving anytime soon.

Who is your biggest inspiration in the music industry and why?

I like to collect moments and traits of influences from multiple artists, like Fiona Apple’s intimacy in her performances and Dolly Parton’s confidence and advocacy.

The artist I always continue to be amazed by is Bob Dylan. I won’t stop saying how much I admire his humbleness, the way he talks in interviews and performs on stage.

He wasn’t afraid of criticism and kept his privacy. I hope I have a long and memorable career like his. Well, not exactly like his, but in a similar-crazy-tough-peaceful route.

What’s next on the agenda for Neska Rose?

I’m really not sure, anything could happen, but here are the things I know for a fact:

I have another single coming out on October 8th, which will also have a music video!! The only thing I could say about it is that it is the polar opposite of Copy & Paste, the song AND the video. After that, I’ll have more music coming out, so stay tuned :)))

Written By: Neill Frazer

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