INsiders Guide: Monsta X Release 11th Mini-Album ‘SHAPE OF LOVE’

Worldwide phenomenon, Monsta X, are back with their 11th Mini-Album, SHAPE OF LOVE, out now. Consisting of six tracks, this album is a collection of their deep insights and interpretation of different shapes of love; from self-love, love for their team and music, to their love for their fans ‘MONBEBE.’ The band is also gearing up for their U.S tour, starting May 21st at Radio City Music Hall in New York City. Full dates and information here.


Produced by Joohoney, the focus track “LOVE” portrays the definition of love and its meaning from their perspective. The track begins with Hyungwon throwing a question to the listeners: “How would you define love?” following the intense energy that is signature to Monsta X. This marks Joohoney as the title track producer for 3 consecutive albums. “LOVE” talks about unconditional love and admiration towards one, and how we suddenly become innocent children who can’t hide their emotions when we fall in love. This track is Monsta X’s definition of love and their message to their fans that they were, and will always be nearby. The music video unfolds Monsta X’s chronicle of their love for fans and music. Every trace of Monsta X is expressed with the concept of awards ceremony. 

Track #2, “Burning Up,” features Dutch DJ and producer, R3HAB, with Hyungwon contributing as a lyricist, composer, and arranger. The lyrics talk about how fresh new beginnings, heart pounding excitement and embers advancing the wildfire upon ignition are alike. Co-produced by HyungwonI.M and Joohoney“Wildfire” shines on Monsta X’s teamwork. This track expresses how the simple emotion of love can turn into pain and agony. “사랑한다” (English title can be translated as LOVE FOREVER) produced by Joohoney, illustrates Monsta X’s love for MONBEBE. The members elaborate: “Recalling the days we’ve been together, it contains our message that ‘no matter what, we will continue to sail and fight these fluctuating waves in front of us’.” I.M. speaks on the final track “AND,” that he wrote, composed and arranged; “We are faced with endless hellos and goodbyes. As if there’s no eternal relationship or everlasting farewell, it seems to come back again once-in-a-lifetime. Just like how there’s only a one-letter difference between ‘End’ and ‘And’”

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Written by Neill Frazer

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