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In remembrance of acclaimed gold-certified Texas rapper Lil Loaded, the artist’s family chose to present a new single entitled “Cell Tales” today on the one-year anniversary of his untimely passing. The song notably arrives in homage to “Mental Health Awareness Month” on the final day of May. It also marks the first new track to be released since he tragically left our world at the age of 20. Listen to “Cell Tales” HERE. Watch “Cell Tales” video HERE.

Regarding “Cell Tales, his mother said, “As we come to the end of mental health awareness month, I wanted to share a new song from Lil Loaded. I appreciate all his fans for the love that you gave to my baby boy and I know we all miss him very much. As we approach the first anniversary of his passing, I want to shed light and send love to those who are suffering quietly as well as their loved ones. Please know that mental health awareness is so real and so important.”

Snailmate is the Phoenix-based musical duo composed of lyricist, singer and synth-wizard Kalen Lander and drummer and backup vocalist Bentley Monet. Together, the two create music that fuses synthpunk, grindcore pop, and nerd rap for an unpredictable and explosive sound. Formed in 2015, the band is known for their frenetic and impressive live shows. Performing over a thousand shows, Snailmate has cultivated a fervent fanbase that aims to be inclusive with the band priding their shows as a safe space for all genders and people of all sexualities.

Snailmate released their debut album Love in the Microwave in 2017 and since then the two have shared a myriad of EPs and singles centered around themes such as dealing with anxiety, lonliness, isolation and living authentically as a queer and trans person in America. The two often use humor and wit to tackle dark topics, confiding, “The message of our music is that you’re not alone. If you’re feeling anxious or sad or just uncertain, we understand. We are feeling it too. Life is short and weird and sometimes crappy, so let’s have some fun.”  

Their most recent single “It’s Coming Back!” is off of their highly anticipated new album Stress Sandwich. With “It’s Coming Back!”, the duo created a song about the surprise and horror of a nostalgic 90’s era coming back. According to Snailmate, “The ‘good ol days’ weren’t really that great. I don’t understand nostalgia at all; it’s basically ignoring all the terrible crap we all experienced!” The song narrates the current trend of throwback culture under a wildly different lens, deeply resonating with anyone who had a hard time growing up as a kid in the 90s. Featuring a tantalizing mix of provokingly clever rap, post-rock, and bouts of screamo, the song thrills with hyperactive unpredictability and sarcasm for a raw dose of chaotic ecstasy. Snailmate adds, “We wanted to play with dynamics. We want to lull the listener into a false sense of security. Just like nostalgia. The comforts aren’t real.”

Leetham is an independent LGBTQ+ artist based out of Salt Lake City. Leetham’s interest in music sprouted from a young age after watching their dad’s friend play the piano in a mall. Soon after the encounter Leetham began to take piano lessons, participate in their church’s choir, and performed in local musical productions.At the age of 14, Leetham began to write and record their own music. By the time they were 16, Leetham fronted their own pop punk band. After being in and out of many bands, Leetham finally pursued their own solo career at the start of 2021. Ready to take on the world, Leetham brings a stadium sized performance to every show they play.

On Being a Gay Man in the Mormon Community

Growing up Mormon was a blessing and a curse. The Church provided community and friends. It provided me with opportunities in music. It also ensured despair for people like me. Queer people.

I always knew I was different. For the longest time I couldn’t really tell what was so different about me. Being gay wasn’t really a topic brought up within the church. So I didn’t even know what gay meant.

I remember a speaker coming in to chat with the “young men” (boys, we were 14). He said if you have any “sexually devilish” thoughts about other boys we need to turn to God for forgiveness. That really stuck with me. I did everything in my power to change. When I realized I couldn’t change, I thought about killing myself.

After a while I came to the conclusion that if I can’t change, I’ll just accept and embrace this part of me.

After I came out to my family and friends, I decided to step away from the church. For a long time, I was bitter with the church and everyone in it. Overtime I found that Mormons really are not bad people. There are bigots in every church. The Mormon Church hasn’t provided a space for queer people. I don’t think it ever will.

My music is a reflection of my experiences of being gay and ex Mormon.

A shining second look into their long-awaited sophomore album, WYLDERNESS have unveiled new single: “Wet Look”. 


Arriving like a thin ribbon of sunshine cutting through an ash-grey sky, Wylderness’ latest offering “Wet Look” blends doomy shoegaze sensibilities with brighter, more rhythmic moments that echo the pull of the coming summer months. 

Changing tack from the punk-infused earlier single “Centre of Gravity” —  the band’s first in almost four years — the mesmerising new cut nods to the likes of DIIV and Sonic Youth, but adds a woozy and infectious Wylderness spin. 

Fuzzy and lo-fi feeling at times, but polished and pop-tinted at others, the band explain of the new track: 

“We found these old books by Japanese author Yasunari Kawabata at a second hand furniture and nick nack store in Cardiff. Pretentiously, the books ended up inspiring a few of the songs on our new album and this one in particular.

It’s about what it means to get some connection back with nature when we’ve become estranged from it. The title draws inspiration from 90s hair gel, the almost inevitable result of encountering rainfall when climbing a mountain in Wales — and embracing it.” 

Recorded at Giant Wafer Studios on a farm in rural mid-Wales and with vocals and overdubs added at Andy Ramsay (Stereolab)’s Press Play Studio in London, the track seeks to embody this contrast between the buzz of the city and the stillness found in nature.

Recorded and produced by Rory Attwell, the band add:

“Musically it’s inspired by the early Real Estate albums. It’s the first song we wrote for the new album — it talks about solitude and isolation but the lyrics were written before the pandemic!” 

Photo Credit: Nadira Selen Jauregui

PENTAGRAM HOME VIDEO – has released the first single from his forthcoming album due this autumn.


Immortal chanteur Freddy Carrie Cruiser (aka Pentagram Home Video) performs songs for the haunted — with love to Scott WalkerSerge Gainsbourg and the films of David Lynch

When the world stopped turning, Freddy Carrie Cruiser spent a year performing songs at night to an empty room on the side of a hill facing out onto a harbour. 

Mr. Cruiser performed the albums of artists like Scott WalkerRoy Orbison and Chris Isaak from opening track to close. These nighttime performances played out to a backdrop of films on mute — from the works of James Dean and Elvis Presley, to the realms created by Ingmar BergmanPasolini and the interiors and exteriors created by David Lynch

When there were no bars to frequent, Freddy found sanctum in these strange worlds and plucked from the ether this harrowing original single “Nothing Ever Dies”.

Delving into the lyrics of the new track, Freddy says:

“Nothing Ever Dies is about accepting that all things must pass but that life exists in the moment. Finding solace in the shadows can lead to the discovery that life & love is a revelation often discovered in the darkest moments & embraced when you’re ready to step out of the shadows.”

On the heels of a memorable first-ever headline tour, independent pop singer-songwriter VINCINT builds anticipation for the follow up to his acclaimed 2021 debut album, There Will Be Tears, with new material in time for pride month.

Cann, a queer-founded, leading cannabis-infused beverage company, today announced its 2022 Pride campaign in collaboration with Weedmaps (Nasdaq: MAPS), a premier destination for cannabis consumers to discover and learn about cannabis and cannabis products. The campaign celebrates the LGBTQ+ community with the launch of its first-ever original song and music video – “Taste So Good (The Cann Song),” by VINCINT featuring Hayley Kiyoko and MNEK – a rallying cry and anthem for a movement focused on radical inclusivity, available to stream now at all DSPs and on Weedmaps official YouTube Channel HERE.

The song and video feature an all-star diverse cast, including VINCINT, Kiyoko, Gus KenworthySarah Michelle Gellar, and LGBTQ+ ally (and co-founder of cannabis consumption lounge Fanton Flower) Patricia Arquette, as well as top drag performers from season 14 of Rupaul’s Drag RaceKornbread, Kerri Colby, Jorgeous, and crowned winner, Willow Pill. For more information, please visit

Celebrate the beginning of the new Fortnite Season with the next Soundwave Series artist! The Soundwave Series is a series of musical shows featuring artists from around the world, and the spotlight now turns to Japanese pop artist + music producer Gen Hoshino. Hoshino’s show will air back-to-back for 72 hours starting Thursday, June 9, 2022, at 8 AM ET — just a few days after Chapter 3 Season 3 launches on June 5!

Each show in the Soundwave Series takes place in its own unique, interactive experience. That includes Hoshino’s show and the show of the next artist: record-breaking French-Malian singer Aya Nakamura! Nakamura will have her own show to experience in Fortnite in the future. Keep an eye out for details in the coming months on this Soundwave Series event. 🎵

Nigerian-born, New York based singer and Grammy-nominated artist Kah-Lo today releases a brand new remix of her night-out anthem ‘Drag Me Out’ by Billen Ted, out now via Epic Records. 

Following the release of her official ‘Drag Me Out’ music video, Kah-Lo has tapped the rising UK duo to remix the track. Taking the party up a notch, Billen Ted have brought a darker edge to ‘Drag Me Out’. Flooded with ominous basslines and rhythmic four-on-the-floor percussion, the remix is a playful contrast to Kah-Lo’s original. Destined for the dancefloor, Billen Ted’s tech-house rendition amplifies the essence of Kah-Lo’s club-ready mentality. 

Regarding the remix, Kah-Lo says “I love that Billen Ted put their spin on it with the dirtiest bass line. If the original is for the party, their remix is for the after party you find your way to when your night is going a little too good. Hydration required.” 

Kah-Lo first emerged on the scene in 2016 with guest vocals on Riton’s “Rinse & Repeat,” which earned her the Grammy nomination for ‘Best Dance Recording’. Kah-Lo dropped her solo debut single “Fasta” in 2017, sitting at the crown of the BBC Radio 1 Dance charts for five weeks. By 2018, Kah-Lo dropped the infectious “Fake I.D.” which became the lead song for the U.S. arrival of TikTok racking up millions of streams.

New York artist, the quintessential Hood Gospel whisperer, Trav sets a staggering tone for the month with the release of his official music video to “Cain” via Money Bag Boyz Records / Team Eighty Productions. The music video premiered earlier today via YouTube and is available to watch HERE.
“Cain” finds the Jamaica, Queens-born artist in his element, displaying his signature melodic style. The mind-bending music video calls on the city of dreams to act as a background as Trav is backed by a close circle, including a cameo from his fellow East-coast confidant Meek Mill.
Produced by Juvy Catcher and Reon, “Cain” commands attention with his infectious flow and unleashes a chantable anthem for the streets as he sets the stage for his forthcoming new project set for a 2022 release. The single released a few short weeks ago and acts as a follow-up to his rising track “Toxic,” featuring Rowdy Rebel.

Singer-songwriter Stephonne has released his latest single, “X My <3 (Sexy MF).” This is Stephonne’s first single of 2022 and follows his last single, “The King’s Gambit”. “X My <3 (Sexy MF)” will be the first single released off his upcoming EP titled Sis: Side B set to drop at the end of June. 

“I don’t idealize life anymore or who I’m supposed to be. This is me, fully, and I love me. I can’t wait to keep showing who that is and never water it down for anyone. I’m ready to pop my shit, sis!” – Stephonne

X My <3 (Sexy MF)” is about Stephonne’s journey with sex positivity and sets the tone with the lyrics like, Hi, my name’s Daddy. Tell me yours. Stephonne is inspired by musical legends, such as Trent Reznor, Lenny Kravitz, and Prince, and their influence can be heard in Stephonne’s sultry vocals and propelling guitar riffs. This track was written by Stephonne, mixed by Justin Mantooth at Westend Recording Studio, mastered by Mike Nolte of Eureka Mastering, and features Benjamin Hart on guitar, Ahafia Jurkiewicz-Miles on keys and organ, Johnny Hamil on bass, and Adam McKee on drums. Stephonne always aims to add his spin to his songs by mixing racy and honest lyrics with modern rock melodies and rhythms. 

This is Pedal Generic – I’m a multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, and audio engineer who has been making music for over 6 years with a goal to make sounds that make me feel bigger than myself.

My introspective new single, “Longing,” is about the possibility of finding “the one.” Unfortunately, to love is easier said than done and the past proves this to be true. Do you open up at the possibility of love or stay closed off at the risk of hate?

Listen to Longing” on streaming platforms everywhere now.

“I swear you’re the reason,

That’s why I hustle up, something to believe in”

Longing is the second single from Pedal Generic’s nine-track LP,Pedagogy, which he self-produced and recorded in his home studio in Ottawa, Ontario. The theme of this album follows an individual trying to live, love, and grow in a cold world of adversity. 

Thanks for tuning in,Pedal Generic

The music of Amsterdam-born singer and songwriter Pitou is characterized by her mesmerizing, multicolored voice, and her unique compositions. Enchanting tales, moving from delicate and intimate to grand and orchestral. As a child she sang in a professional classical children’s choir. In search of independence she started writing her own music.

Her latest single “Big Tear” is the perfect example of her love to blend pop music with classical instrumentation. Showcasing unexpected harmonies and song-structures, vocal layering and poetic, storytelling lyrics, the song transcends into a beautiful kaleidoscope of hypnotic rhythms. The harp loop mirrors the feeling of an angry, but not bitter energy, similar to a child unable to solve a puzzle due to not having learned the tools. Pitou explains, “This went well with the lyrics, a formative childhood memory translated into a fable.”

With a fearlessness towards weirdness, there are no boundaries to the music of Pitou. She shares, “I tend to write songs that serve a personal purpose. A bit of hopefulness or light that I need, a reminder of something I should give more attention, a guideline for how I’d want to live my life, or just the processing of something that’s happened. The underlying theme is often ‘how to be human’. I suppose the upcoming album could also be seen as a sort of ‘How To Human’ guide, one that I needed at the time.” 

Pitou has garnered acclaim from the likes of The Independent, BBC 1, BBC 6 Music and Radio X, and has performed all over Europe (UK, Turkey, France, Italy, Belgium and more), in venues such as Paradiso (NL) and L’Olympia (FR) and festivals such as The Great Escape (UK) and Best Kept Secret (NL).

The unique musical universe that Pitou has carved out for herself has become even more substantial – a translation of this modern world into intriguing, richly layered musical tales.

Edmonton-based Métis electro-pop musician Robin Cisek is excited to announce the release of her new single and video ‘Zeus’, which is out today on all digital streaming platforms. Watch the video here.  

Produced by JUNO-Award winning producers Brad Simons and Brandon Unis, ’Zeus’ is Robin’s first release since her acclaimed debut album Delicate Minds in June 2021.

“I wanted to create an upbeat song with building vocals and stacked harmonies that took my listeners to another world,” says Robin. “I have always enjoyed reading and watching stories from history and the stories about the Greek gods, particularly the ones about Zeus, have always been very interesting to me. Zeus, a Greek god, who many have heard about through story, is not a consistently moral individual through his relationships and violent choices, but he is still idealized for his strength, power and representation of masculinity and he is worshipped for that. I wanted to playfully point out how his immorality is simultaneous but contradictory to his intrigue and godliness to the public as a powerful figure. I wanted to make a connection between relationships and how these contradictions can often create dangerous, harmful, and addictive relationships.”

Pop singer, Lexxe is thrilled to release her new single “Ria Hayworth” along with the music video that is featured on 

LEXXE says, For years I had been trying to find my “niche,”. I’ve been told to “stay gothic,” style wise in order to be understood in the industry, or to make my music sound a certain way. One one hand I grew up doing classical ballet, but I love metal music and horror movies and on top of that I am a considerably tattooed person. A lot of people took that and put me into whatever box they wanted to make. However the people who REALLY know me, know that in my spare time I’m singing jazz, working night-life burlesque gigs and watching old films.  In the back of my mind, I’ve always been an old soul and for years I’ve had a photo of Rita Hayworth in my phone that I’d go back to and think “I really just want to dye my hair like that,”. I think as artists we struggle with being perceived and at the end of the day we don’t have much control over that, but with this one simple idea to dye my hair, I found so much confidence in presenting myself how I felt happiest. I’ve always had a soft spot for Rita in particular, because I can only imagine what she went through to be the starlet we saw on screen. Her birth name was Margarita Carmen Casino, she had beautiful black hair and a very cool hairline that was altered in order to make the one we see in the movies. Also I honestly feel really kindred with her having a spanish background as well. I’m so grateful to have the freedom to pursue my career and alter myself however I’d like to and I wanted to write something to celebrate that. At the same time, I wanted to touch on how dark it can be behind the glamour, “the beauty in the breakdown,” so a lot of the lyrics play off of that. When I wrote this song with Dominic (Florio) I cried on the way home with it on repeat because I felt I had finally captured a feeling and a moment in my life I had been trying to for so long. The video echoes that feeling until the realization that not all that glitters is gold, the “velvet dagger,”. 


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