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Making his official debut on Monstercat, 2x JUNO-nominated progressive house producer ATTLAS today delivered his collaborative single, “Over The Water,” with genre pioneer and Silk veteran, Mango. The track arrives as ATTLAS’ first original release following his third celebrated album this spring. “Over The Water” draws inspiration from the beauty of Lake Huron, a natural escape that ATTLAS frequents for creative stimulation. The organic synergy between both producers is embodied in the soothing melodies on the track, a contrast from each of their recent moodier soundscapes. 

ATTLAS shares,After grinding out a very personal ‘winter album’, it was a welcome bit of friendship and sunshine to collaborate on such an uplifting, warm-day kind of record. An easy and comfortable musical overlap that’s a combination of our respective creative strengths and outlooks.

Mango adds, I simply feel Jeff and I made a perfect team, we managed to showcase the best of our trademark sounds, while keeping a perfect balance between deep and melodic progressive sounds.

ATTLAS originally joined the Monstercat family in 2020 with his remix of CloudNone’s beloved single, “From Here.” Two years later with multiple accolades in tow, he’s undoubtedly made his mark on the dance music scene, finding fans in everyone from Illenium to Lane 8. 

A credit to the Monstercat Silk sound today, Mango was the first artist ever signed to the label, since releasing countless records and eventually launching his own digital imprint, Mango Alley. Earning recognition for his pioneering production over the last decade, he continues to innovate and push boundaries in the progressive house space.

Kevian Kraemer is an indie pop/rock artist based out of Asbury Park, New Jersey. At just 16 years old, Kevian exemplifies an artist on the rise. After studying music theory, writing, and production at Lakehouse Music Academy, Kevian took his talents to social media. Performing covers of popular songs with a pop punk/indie twist and a handful of original music, Kevian gained a substantial following of over 130k fans on Tik Tok and over 12k fans on Instagram. 

Now, Kevian focuses on writing his own music that his fans and the general listener can connect with. As a teenager learning how to navigate a world combined with new love, eventual heartbreak, and adventure, Kevian can be found writing about self-discovery, rejection, and the general struggles of a teen figuring out who he really is. Enveloped in indie guitar riffs and head-bobbing melodies, Kevian’s music features many elements driving today’s popular indie music from the likes of Wallows, Aiden Bissett, and Rex Orange County. 

Kevian’s second single “Broken Toe” was featured as the number one song on Fashionably Early’s editorial playlist and his third single, “Take a Hint,” was on Spotify’s Fresh Finds and Fresh Finds Rock playlists. Kevian’s upcoming single “Sweater,” dropping on July 1, is all about accepting that you’re someone’s second option and learning to move on while knowing in the back of your head that you still have feelings for them. It’s a gut-twisting feeling knowing that the person you’re crushing on still has feelings for their ex, but Kevian’s “Sweater” gives you the anthem for moving on.

Australian born recording artist Katja Glieson first gained recognition for singing and rapping as ‘Elsa’ in the hugely popular viral video ‘Princess Rap Battle’, which has had over 245 million views on YouTube.

Katja’s most successful release is an urban/pop crossover entitled ‘Come Thru’, or as she describes the track: “Aussie girl boss demands attention and respect in throwback urban glam record”, which has had over 5 million streams across services. The single was featured on the Billboard Bubbling Under R&B Chart at #3.

Other releases also include the emotional ‘I Would Kill’, ‘The Ones Like Me’, the Halloween themed ‘PICKY’, ‘Midnight’, ‘Me Then U’, which was featured in a Nordstrom campaign & the iconic ‘Ride the Wave’, which was released exclusively via a partnership with Shazam & reached #40 on the iTunes charts.

Katja’s inspiring song “Shooting Star” became the official anthem for The Doctors Hospital of America. Bringing her all around the United States advocating for women’s rights in domestic violence safe houses, health and wellbeing programs for obesity and eating disorders and headlining for The Doctors Hospital Run for Cancer.

Katja’s personal story of perseverance through adversity, abuse and poverty inspires her dedicated fans; on the surface, Katja is what appears to be an ideal stereotype. Yet one moment in her world, Katja relates so effortlessly through her dark humor, deep sadness, passion, compassion, and resilience that she has achieved only by being willing to be open and vulnerable.

Katja’s authenticity and energy at her live shows inspires new & current fans alike to connect with her story and her music. Katja sings live & dances, speaking genuinely to the crowd from her heart. She has toured all over Australia and the USA and speaks out on various topics relevant to the audience, including equal rights, anti-bullying, abuse, self esteem, childhood trauma, wellness & LGBTQ+ rights.

San Diego alt outfit Creature Canyon release ‘Sleepwalking’ single alongside cinematic video. Stream/Watch ‘Sleepwalking’  here. The new cut is the latest single taken from their upcoming debut album, ‘Remarks’, due for release on September 2nd via Gnu Roam/Kartel Music Group and available for pre-order now.Pre-order Creature Canyon’s upcoming album ‘Remarks’ here.
‘Sleepwalking’ “brings to light the different perspectives of someone in a wavering relationship on the brink of collapse. The anxiety of feeling trapped and over analysing the disconnects in the relationship has led to an uncertainty of what’s to come and a longing for resolve”, explains the band.
Musically, ‘Sleepwalking’ features a distorted and saturated lead vocal “that conveys the anguish that the lyrics are expressing and gives the song its aggressive feel,” explains frontman Austin Steele. The sound of a Roland Jupiter synthesizer contributes to the overall glistening sound of the verses, which intertwined with the sound of an organ helps to create the expansive choruses.
Drawing inspiration from Fargo, Breaking Bad, and Collateral, the video for ‘Sleepwalking’  takes the viewer on a cinematic adventure. Shot across the harsh California desert by up and coming director Colin Shephard, features rising actors Arsi Nami and Ganna Bubnova, as two characters struggling with the possession of a stolen item.
The new cut joins previously released singles ‘Faded Fire’, the driving ‘Simulator’, the soulful ‘Mirrors’ and propulsive ‘Pressure’, in previewing the band’s upcoming debut album, which captures the emotional conflicts of love and loss through a journey of self-discovery, portrayal of personal growth and reflection in the modern age, all wrapped around the band’s texturally rich and well-crafted sound. Set to arrive on September 2nd, the album was produced by Private Island frontman Christian Lum, engineered by Mike Schuppan (Foster The People, Young The Giant, Wolf Alice), mixed by Jordon Silva (Vance Joy, The Avett Brothers), and mastered by Brian Lucey (Cage The Elephant, Arctic Monkeys, The Black Keys).
Photographer Credits: Nikkie Marie Photography

West Hollywood based self-taught producer, multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter If U Take Me Home is the musical project of Jon Benward. Having experienced a variety of incarnations over the years, he is now honing down his unique style and melodious sound with a new era of music.   

Constantly finding new ways to reflect himself and the ever-changing world through music, his influences span wide. Finding familial comfort in R&B, his inspirations include the likes of PARTYNEXTDOOR, The Weeknd and Majid Jordan. Mix in earlier pop-punk influences from Sum 41 and Blink 182, and you form the foundations of Benward’s exciting endeavors. 

His latest single “Drag” was written during a particularly transitional period of Benward’s life. He explains, “This song is about a particular relationship that turned nasty for me very quickly. The parallel I draw in this song is the fact that the Christian belief of blind obedience often comes with the promise of some reward after the fact. I think the main reason that most people stay in toxic situations is the idea that they will be rewarded with that situation becoming better over time.” Combining his truly euphoric musical direction with echoing melodies, bulging basslines and relentless rhythms, If U Take Me Home offers introspection like no other in his latest single. In his words, “My music is heavily inspired by the complex and heavy emotions that my songs tend to start from.”

Offering listeners a true insight into authenticity, Benward has performed in every major US city, as well as the prestigious Vans Warped Tour. Lyrical bliss combined with euphonois production, and rich musical heritage is set to see this single soar in success.

Mancunian rapper Lady Ice drops ‘Up North’, produced by JBMADEIT, who’s previous work includes Drake ‘Demons’, Central C ‘Fraud’ and French Montana ‘That’s A Fact’.

Lady Ice has never been one to shy away from tackling serious subjects in her releases such as ‘No Silence’ and ‘No More Secrets’. Known for her assertive delivery, storytelling and versatility, ‘Up North’ is a playful yet fiery offering full of punchy, no-nonsense wordplay and reflects on her proud Northern roots. It really highlights her ability to encompass various genres and her talent as an artist.

She was one of the first females to ever feature on BBC’s Rap Game, and her career has been going from strength to strength since, with a number of respected singles released.

Speaking on working with acclaimed producer JBMADEIT, Lady Ice says “It was so organic, our energies collided and we made magic. He got the assignment the moment he added the first instrument. He’s a natural hit maker, having worked with the likes of Drake, French Montana and amazing UK legends like Central Cee, Headie One and more. I was in safe hands!”

Talking about ‘Up North’ she says ” It’s the ultimate Northern anthem and what is missing from music conversations. I’m unapologetically showing my native tongue and being the fun me, content wise and sonically. ICE IS BACK! But to take over. You’re about to see a side you never witnessed on rap game”.

Our new song, “Fridays,” captures those moments in an intimate relationship with a close friend while at the same time, carrying feelings of disconnect. The song feels like someone trying to tell you something personal and serious while, at the same time, beating around the bush and never getting to the point of the matter.

The idea behind these feelings are a representation of going out on the weekends and discovering who you are through social connections and disconnections, constantly learning and growing to eventually become who you will be.

It feels nostalgic, even sad at times, but there is an underlying feeling that makes you wonder if something better is always just around the corner.

Listen to “Fridays” out now on streaming platforms!

While recording our EP, Fridays, we all agreed we wanted a more raw sound than our previous projects, relying less on studio magic and more on our own musicianship and personal skill sets. This EP taught us that it is important to let go of preconceived notions of how the music should sound and let it breathe through the recording process.

We want our listeners to feel the nostalgia and melancholy that we put into these songs; a hint of sadness with the lingering feeling of better things on the horizon. These are the same feelings that we have all experienced after a Friday night where you learn something new about who you are and your world that is constantly flexing and taking shape around you.

Our sophomore EP, Fridays, is out now.

Thanks for hearing our music,

Jack Armstrong of Bealby Point

London UK: Louise Havell is a consummatesinger-songwriter, performer and multi-instrumentalist musician and draws melody and arrangement inspiration from singer-songwriter legends such as Tori Amos, Kate Bush and Joni Mitchell, as well as more beat driven eighties artists such as Giorgio Moroder and Wham. Her music is also hugely inspired and fuelled by her rich life experiences and travels to date: all around the globe and back again, living largely in tune with nature and learning from all the cultures she has encountered along the way. She now releases her debut E.P. “Shooting With Lives”– available now across all download and streaming platforms.

After a childhood of learning to play guitar, saxophone and drums, Louise’s formative musical influences were incredibly varied: as well as Tori, Kate, and Joni she also loved the vibrant sounds of Salsa and Samba. She also loved all the greats, from across all time, and all genres: Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holiday, Herbie Hancock, Stan Getz, Carol King, James Taylor, Nick Drake, Stevie Wonder and all the credible pop music of the eighties too. These eclectic sounds inspired an enduring love of production and how to arrange music which has served her very well as an artist in her own right.

A native Londoner, Louise’s desire to experience other countries and cultures saw her adopt the life of a global traveller, and one who finds a true connection and inspiration in Nature, whether it be sleeping under the stars in California, swimming with dolphins, immersing herself in country living – or in the challenges of mountain dwelling (in both the Himalayas and the Lake District!)  She has traversed the Earth, met many people and lived several lives, so it is unsurprising she has distilled these many and wonderful experiences into her music.

Back living on a narrowboat in London and experiencing a brand-new adventure – becoming a mother- Louise set about writing her debut EP “Shooting With Lives” and, true to life, it is infused with the glorious sounds of nature, with geese and boat engines and river life infusing their charms into the recordings. Taking her love of eighties pop production, and the era generally, the E.P. is a mix of different production aspects with a lot of references and nods to the decade in terms of being beat-driven but also with a strong sense of melody and arrangement.

The EP opens with the previous single, the emotional and wistfully sad “Everything’s Gone”, the opening of which is evocative of soul filled Gospel and Blues which exudes loss and regret. The song was inspired by a homeless man Louise witnessed on the streets of Londonand what he may have lost in lifeFocus track “You Take Me Home” is about meeting someone who feels so familiar that they feel like ‘home’. Sonically the track is a homage to the eighties with a lo-fi take on Thompson Twin inspired guitarsLouise says, “This is daydream material for me, influenced by my experiences living in Southern California – surfing beach life, hazy light, perpetual warmth and dream-state.”

German/Swedish teenage siblings HAVET share their new video for latest alt-indie offering ‘Toxic’. Brimming with energy and the new track exudes confidence beyond their young years. The band HAVET comprises of sisters Josy (17) and Mimi (19.)  In addition the duo have also announced their debut EP “Muma’s Lullaby” will be released digitally on August 11th, 2022.

Watch the video for Toxic HERE

Listen to Toxic Now – HERE

“Toxic” is more of a reflective audio potion to bad relationships we face in our lives.  Speaking  about the song, Josy and Mimi explained “Toxic is about getting free from a toxic relationship and finally realizing all the ways the other person treated you wrong

Looking forward to their “Muma’s Lullaby EP” fans will find familiarity in their debut track “Child” featuring on the tracklist along with today’s upload along with three new, unheard tracks. The EP promises to feel both nostalgic yet contemporary, exploring themes of youth, and coping with what the world throws at you whilst also being songs that’ll make you want to dance. The tracklist & EP artwork are listed below.

  1. Child
  2. Toxic
  3. Mumma’s Lullaby
  4. Sea
  5. Old Love

Our new song, “Lovely Lovely Lovely,” captures feelings of joyful gratitude for those we love and who love us back!

Inspired by a drum groove as well as a bass cover we heard of “Never Too Much” by Luther Vandross, this track pays homage to Prince through the guitar’s spanky tone.

Lovely Lovely Lovely” has taught us to not take ourselves so seriously and to enjoy the privilege of playing music with some of our best friends.

We translated the song’s gratitude and feeling of togetherness into the official music video, which features us playing live in a circle all facing each other in a large ballroom, surrounded by our audience.

We hope you enjoy singing along to this catchy track.

It’s a reminder that to be loved and feel love is the best feeling!

Thank you for listening,Carter & the Capitals

Canadian downtempo and chill artist Sol Rising today made his Monstercat debut, teaming up with melodic house producer Banaati for their blissful single, “Arise.” Widely known for his sonic influence across the Yoga and mindfulness communities, this record marks Sol Rising’s first foray into the progressive house space, effortlessly blending his inspiring melodies with Banaati’s atmospheric production. Symbolic of one’s ascent from a dark place, the mystical energy flowing through the track reaches a powerful climax, breaking free of the tension with driving synths and bright keys.

Sol Rising shares, I sent a demo for “Arise” which I created with the intention of working in a club environment, yet still having an inspirational vibe and a connecting thread to my more chill music. Monstercat Silk heard the track and thought that Banaati would be an amazing collaborator with his experience and familiarity in the melodic/progressive house genre. I listened to his music and was super excited to work with him, and I’m happy to report that his production took the song to a whole other level!

Banaati adds, “I’m incredibly excited to share this collaboration with Sol Rising which is his debut within this genre, and I’m very honored to be a part of this new direction of his. It will surely be interesting to observe how people will react to this production, which is undoubtedly an emotionally driven, club-oriented track! We hope that people will feel a connection to this song and help them escape from the everyday struggles for a moment.

Sol Rising originally broke into the music scene through hip hop, becoming one of America’s top scratch DJs earning accolades at prestigious competitions like DMC and Scribble Jam. As meditation played a major role in his upbringing, he eventually pivoted to spiritual music and has since toured his emotive repertoire everywhere from Lightning in a Bottle to Dalai Lama events. Fans can look forward to catching “Arise” live as Sol Rising takes the Main Stage at Monstercat Compound on August 20 in Vancouver. 

Banaati is a lauded leader in the melodic and progressive house niche, spanning multiple releases on Monstercat Silk over the past year. His fan-favourite records “Love Again” and “Chasing Shadows” recently landed in rotation on SiriusXM Chill, and his monthly Spotify listenership has exploded as he’s graced several notable playlists that have placed him in the spotlight. This is just the beginning of a career-defining year for Banaati. 

the rising artist Khazali has released “HIGH HOPES” – a sun-kissed banger that has potential to be a true song of the summer. In contrast to the more chilled out vibes and downtempo percussion of Khazali’s previous EP The Rush, “HIGH HOPES” is a bonafide pop smash, complete with shimmering disco guitar riffs, a sleek electro pop sound, and a massive hook that swings for the fences without sacrificing the subtlety and craft of his earlier work. You can listen to the track below:

NYC-based pop dance artist Scott Gardner springs back onto the music scene with not one but two new singles, Daydreaming and “What You Do To Me” that are out now on all major streaming platforms. Written, recorded and produced by Gardner, both songs give a taste of the independent artist’s new EP, set to drop later this summer. 

Having built a successful career as a professional model over the past decade, Gardner has worked hard behind the scenes to also power up his music career. In 2019, he instantly hit the ground running, releasing three pop singles that fall. That same year, the artist gave his debut live performance at the Live. Life. Love: Concert For Suicide Prevention, presented by Journey’s in Nashville, opening for Lizzo, Louis Tomlinson, Chelsea Cutler and other major artists.

Immediately after that big introduction to the music industry, Gardner performed on stages in DC and Miami for the epic iHeartRadio Jingle Ball, presented by Capital One in December 2019. The budding artist joined the lineup of some of the biggest music stars of today, including BTS, Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, Billie Eilish, Jonas Brothers, Lizzo, Niall Horan, Camila Cabello, Halsey and many others.

Bass authority Crankdat is back with a special treat for fans, dropping his first electro house single in nearly five years, with “Power Stone” on Monstercat. Created to bring some diversity to his live sets, the track’s high-energy distortion sits between the aggressive dubstep and melodic bass styles he’s been praised for. “Power Stone” follows last month’s “Ding Dong,” his cheeky take on the Sidetalk “Bing Bong” videos that earned support from heavyweights like DJ Diesel, Zeds Dead, and Illenium.

Crankdat shares, My new song “Power Stone” is a 130 BPM electro house record that I made to put some energy into my live sets. Hope you guys like it!”

Earlier this month, Crankdat played to a packed crowd at Avalon in Los Angeles, alongside TYNAN, Cyclops, and Careless Castle. This weekend, he’ll make his in-person debut at Tomorrowland on the Monstercat Stage, followed by an Ibiza play in August and a November run in Houston and Dallas with Tisoki and Cyclops. Needless to say he’s returning to the live arena in a big way, with more dates to be announced soon.

“Morning Blue” is Giant Rooks’ first new song since their successful debut album “Rookery,” which caused a sensation in Germany (#3 on the official album charts) as well as internationally with over 200 million streams and strong chart performances in many countries.

The release brings a two-year creative phase full circle for singer Frederik Rabe, guitarist Finn Schwieters, bassist Luca Göttner, keyboarder Jonathan Wischniowski, and drummer Finn Thomas, that has allowed the band to hone their sound. Already the first seconds of “Morning Blue” demonstrate why the German band, founded in 2015, is currently tipped as one of the most promising international indie bands.

Their songwriting between euphoria and melancholy, their sophisticated productions, their oscillating between styles is truly great pop music that, among anthemic choruses, indulges in lots of creative ideas and artful changes of direction – as displayed paradoxically in the rampant yet irresistibly catchy “Morning Blue.”

The track starts with the hook that immediately swirls the choir to a euphoric crescendo holding the tension throughout the verse with a propelling funky bassline, and with an interplay of voices and emotions ultimately leads to a sing-along part, carried by Frederik’s voice and a grungy guitar, that you won’t be able to get out of your head.

“Oh, we’ve come so far but couldn’t reach the stars,” Frederik Rabe sings, leaving a lot of room for interpretation – but the stars are certainly well within reach early this year. With an almost sold-out tour through Germany and Europe, the US, and Mexico, as well as a viral cover of “Tom’s Diner” that had a firm grip on the charts all over the world, the band is riding a wave of success launching a journey to unprecedented heights with “Morning Blue.”

rising pop punk superstar Leah Kate releases her new single “Life Sux” via 10K Projects. Get it HERE.

The track is an anthemic pop-punk ear worm begging for you to sing along. Leah Kate is reminding listeners to live life on the edge and indulge in the “no fucks” lifestyle.  She adds, “I started to get trolled on the internet and experienced a lot of bullying online. I wrote ‘Life Sux’ to remind myself that when people try to bring you down, that you should ignore the haters, focus on the good things around you and just enjoy life!”

“Life Sux” arrives on the heels of 10 Things I Hate About You,” which has now surpassed 145 million streams and continues to rise up at Pop Radio sitting at #21. The song has also been used in over 660K videos on TikTok.

Additionally, she’s currently touring alongside Chase Atlantic on their COLD NIGHTS North America Summer Tour. The 28-city tour is Leah’s first time ever touring North America. Buy tickets HERE Earlier this year, she wrapped her support slot on Madison Beer’s Life Support tour through the U.K. before taking the stage at Hangout Music Festival in Gulf Shores, AL.

Brooklyn-based alt-rocker Moon Walker shares angsty new single and video, “Pins & Needles” out everywhere now,, where he fights feeling stuck and the pervasive feelings of comparison. The sophomore album from Moon Walker, The Attack Of Mirrors, is due out October 21 and available for pre-order now, including a limited run on vinyl available for pre-order here

“Pins & Needles” embodies the disillusionment that comes with feeling stuck and surrounded by others who seem to be moving faster and achieving more. Moon Walker explains the track is, all about feeling discontent about where you are in life and feeling isolated and like everyone is passing you by.” There’s a deep sense of imposter syndrome that lingers throughout, and is heard in the lines over ripping electric guitar riffs, There’s a stranger inside of the mirror and he doesn’t look like me / There’s a monster inside of my head and it’s growing less frightening / And I’m tossing and turning, not learning my lesson / As time keeps on moving / The clock keeps unwinding / I’m running in circles / I’m falling and falling all over again.”

In the accompanying visual, directed by frequent collaborator Madison McConnell, Moon Walker is roaming empty subway trains and stations, a place normally packed with people and dons his signature red suit with red-hued visual distortions overlaying throughout, depicting the musician’s intrusive thoughts. By peering into the camera, Moon Walker invites viewers into his raucous mind, and finds the empty subway car to be a perfect metaphor for the track’s message. Moon Walker says of the visual, “I think the empty subway captures this sentiment perfectly, as it shows me alone in a place that would usually be overrun with people. A subway feels like a perfect microcosm of modern life, everybody rushing, keeping to themselves, fixated on their own goals, etc. Even though the video is rather simple, I think that the aesthetic and significance of the subway matches the song perfectly.”

Highly cinematic, like the song that leads the haunting conclusion of a film into its credits, flipturn today releases “Space Cowboy,” the final single before their debut album Shadowglow is released on August 19. The band today announces their signing with Dualtone Records. After growing a formidable grassroots fanbase and amassing over 50 million streams on Spotify alone as an independent band, their upcoming album will continue to push the band further. Listen to “Space Cowboy” HERE.

Following a striking instrumental intro, the lyrics to “Space Cowboy” come through like a muffled call home from far away. Depicting an individual floating away, isolated by unfulfilled longing and crushing pressure, the song narrates a true sense of emotional weight and looking for “something more.” Moving into the apex of the song, the band unleashes absolutely everything they have to give emotionally and musically, inciting a hollow feeling of awestruck bewilderment.

“When we were writing this song in Arizona on our first writing trip for the record, we kept talking about how it felt like it was somebody getting lost in space,” said guitarist Tristan Duncan on today’s single. “It’s very much a tumultuous experience of said space traveler being ripped away from civilization and life as they knew it; being thrust into the cold clutches of space and their own thoughts. We were also loosely inspired by Watanabe’s Cowboy Bebop and the overarching romanticism of loneliness and aching for something more.”

Boston-based emo-pop-rock quartet Future Teens announce their third studio album Self Help available for pre-order now, and share a track and video for “BYOB” out everywhere now, via Triple Crown Records. Alongside new music, Future Teens will embark on a fall U.S. tour with support from Camp Trash and Rat Tally beginning on October 13 in Brooklyn, NY, throughout the East Coast and Midwest, concluding in Cleveland, OH on October 23. Tickets will go on sale this Friday, July 29 at 12pm local time via

Self Help, the third studio album from Future Teens, brings their “bummer pop” title to life with ten tracks that blend glittering pop melodies and emo-rock with profoundly vulnerable confessions. The band is distinctively unafraid to confront their struggles with mental health using cathartic anthems that transcend identity, time and space and ultimately allow them, and their fans, to find strength in each other, rather than alone. “We’ve all learned the hard way that the best (and sometimes only) way to help ourselves is to ask for help from others,” says Amy Hoffman (vocalist/guitarist), explaining the origins of the album. “We didn’t set out to write a record about that, Daniel and I just happened to bring each other ideas with overlapping themes about mental health and struggling to get better – sometimes it’s like we have the same brain, even with such different lived experiences.”

LA-based post-punk four-piece Agender share the second version of their “Top Bottom Top” remixes, this time, featuring eclectic, funky Melbourne producer, Harvey Sutherlandout now. The forthcoming four track EP, Top Bottom Top Remixes due out August 5 and available for pre-order nowwill include re-imagined versions of their queer disco-club soundtrack “Top Bottom Top.,” featuring some of today’s best electronic DJs and producers.

After seeing the band live, Australian “neurotic funk” producer and musician Harvey Sutherland declared “Top Bottom Top” a hit and needed to get involved, resulting in his take on the track and the completion of the remix EP itself. Sutherland adds, “I tried to give it a real Liquid Liquid flavored New York disco rerub, amped up the percussion to 11 and took it to the cosmos. It’s all love baby!” In April 2022, Sutherland released the hypermodern, funky and highly acclaimed LP, Boy, which came together between tours with Khruangbin and Hot Chip. Sutherland’s funk and Agender’s punk join together for a fresh, irresistible take on the queer club anthem. 

The second remix follows the previously released JD Samson remix, who leads feminist electro-punk group, Le Tigre. She makes it darker, sexier and longer, fit for the disco-house dance floors of New York, with Samson adding, “Let’s just say this is my personality. Take it or leave it!” Le Tigre will be performing at LA’s This Ain’t No Picnic Festival on Saturday, August 27th. Find tickets and information here.

Today’s release comes about two months after the release of their sophomore LP, No Nostalgia, out everywhere now. The band is made up of Australian lead singer Romy Hoffman, bassist Cristy Michel, drummer Christy Greenwood and synth player Sara Rivas. Together, they make schizo, synthy, paranoid, post-punk with a dash of dysmorphic desire and have been turning heads in the post-punk scene since their debut album in 2014, Fixations. Most recently, they have caught attention for the string of eye-catching music videos accompanying their single releases including the double video for “Trouble & Desire + “Womb 2 Wound” and steamy video for “Top Bottom Top.” Hoffman is thrilled to re-work the track with collaborators and friends adding, “‘Top Bottom Top’ is a hit! We wanted to unleash the beast out to our musical friends and see what they’d do with it. Listen and find out!”

Unusual Demont keeps the heat up with the reveal of stunning new cut, Sugar. The follow up to hotly received recent single Maybe Not, Sugar is a melodic track bordering R&B and hip hop with effortless cool, showcasing Demont’s laid back flow and honeyed croon. Demont states:

“Sugar” is the first ‘love song’ that I’ve ever written. Not to say that most of my songs aren’t *about love*, but all of them until now have been with a catch. I wanted to create something that sounded like the honeymoon phase. “I like you, and you make me feel good.” Simple. The beat, made by Little Terry, emulated that concept perfectly. I wrote and recorded the demo the moment I heard the beat. I think “Sugar” compliments the last single really well even though it differs in concept. To me, “Sugar” feels like you’re joined by the person you wanna be with… eating ice cream, riding bikes, watching movies, at the park… any corny thing you can name that would make you smile *if it was with them*. I hope you enjoy this second peek into my world and that it feels like your perfect summer memories.


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