INsiders Guide: Fox Revett, Tiiva, Leetham, Justine Blanchet, GRAMMS, Ayla D’Lyla, Lowgo, Nykki…

A choir boy gone rogue, Fox Revett is a multi-instrumentalist inspired by classic singer-songwriters and ahead-of-the-curb hyperpop trailblazers.

This November alone, Fox has released the lead single “Breaking Point,” written and produced “Crying at the Radio” (Michaela May, AZTEC RECORDS), and wrapped production for his debut mixtape. For his mixtape, he is working with Canadian music heavy-weights Adrian Morningstar (Birds of Bellwoods), Jack Emblem (Jesse Gold, Daniel Caesar), and Vic Florencia (Olivia Rodrigo). 

In 2016, Fox was headhunted for his work as a writer of musical theater and cabaret songs. Little did he know, the pop world was eagerly awaiting his earnest lyricism, and his bombastic production style. 

His upcoming music explores themes of love, loss, sex, and isolation.

Touching on hedonism and self destruction, In My Sleep comes as a gorgeous insight into the fragility of looking at the end as a beginning. The self produced offering is a catchy and weightless listening experience adding yet another impressive string to the bow of this artist on the rise. 

Sharing more, TIIVA explained:  I wrote this about our ability to self dismantle and self-destruct to hide the scars from trauma, it’s also an unapologetic letter for believing that things can be better, seeing the beauty in small things and that chasing the improbable magic can save you. A letter to friends on the things that can save us.’

Since their launch, artist and producer Tiiva has made a name for themself with their recipe of reflective lyricism, pop euphoria and weightless production. Writing songs with humbling transparency, Tiiva’s fearless approach to music has resonated with many, already scooping support from the likes of Clash, DIVA, Them., The Line of Best Fit, Wonderland and many more.

Leetham is an independent LGBTQ+ artist based out of Salt Lake City. Leetham’s interest in music sprouted from a young age after watching their dad’s friend play the piano in a mall. Soon after the encounter Leetham began to take piano lessons, participate in their church’s choir, and performed in local musical productions.At the age of 14, Leetham began to write and record their own music. By the time they were 16, Leetham fronted their own pop punk band. After being in and out of many bands, Leetham finally pursued their own solo career at the start of 2021. Ready to take on the world, Leetham brings a stadium sized performance to every show they play.

Canadian country artist Justine Blanchet
is celebrating the official music video for her current single, “Hard to Love”, which has garnered
over 140K views on YouTube since its release in September.

“Hard to Love” is the first collaboration between Blanchet and hitmaking Nashville producer
Danick Dupelle (Emerson Drive, Tebey, Tyler Joe Miller, Matt Lang). Written by a trio of firstrate country songwriters – Courtney Cole, Derrick Southerland, and Kelly Archer, “Hard to Love”
offers an inviting country flavour with flourishes of modern pop in its honest examination of love
that feels just out of reach.

In speaking about the video, Blanchet says, “To capture the message of this song, we wanted to
dive into the dynamics of relationships with emotionally unavailable partners. Our central symbol
is a poker game that shows how true intentions and feelings can remain hidden, even from people
we think we know and want to love.”

“Hard to Love” is the latest highlight for the Montreal native, who regularly releases her music in
English and French. With eight previous singles – including 2019’s “Strong” (over 175K streams
on Spotify) and 2021’s “Get Out of the Mud” (#4 on CBC Country/Sirius XM) – and live show
highlights like the Festival Country Lotbinière, the Gatlingburg Songwriter’s Festival, Big Valley
Jamboree, the Bluebird Cafe in Nashville, and a pair of Diamonds in the Rough showcases during
Canadian Country Music Week, Blanchet is poised for the next wave of her rising and uniquely
cultured country music adventure.

As Blanchet divides her time between Canada and Nashville, “Hard to Love” represents the best
of both worlds. Blanchette recorded the vocals in Canada, while the song was produced in Music
City (a first for her), as was the music video. “Hard to Love” also serves as the first release from
her debut EP, set for release in 2023. Between now and then, she wants audiences to not be too
hard on themselves when they encounter someone who is hard to love.

She says, “I want listeners to remember that no matter how much you love someone, you cannot
make them love you back. But that’s okay. You shouldn’t have to. It’s better to know your worth
and find someone who recognizes that. Your patience will be rewarded with love that is honest
and more fulfilling.”

Pairing suitably high octane visuals to their killer debut offering, the alternative-rock duo of Sam Jenkins (ex-Glass Tides) and Paul Bowe (ex-Federal Charm) are back with a bang.

Shot in the French motor racing capital of Le Mans at the height of the 2022 summer heatwave, the official video for ‘Shut Up A Second’ finds minds and logic melting in unison with the tarmac. 


Unravelling the story of a sinister masked conspiracy theorist (dubbed ‘Qing Qonspiracy’), the video documents his disappearance down the rabbit hole as he discovers the route of all evil: GRAMMS. With the masks and ‘Tin Foil’ crown all personally designed and made by the band’s Sam Jenkins, he reflects on the new video: 

“It’s a glitchy claustrophobic cautionary tale that pokes a bit of fun at the ‘truther’ mentality … the masks have mouths for eyes and represent the modern societal urge to spout every little thing that comes to mind.”

The official video was directed in collaboration with Paul Peterson, a prolific performance artist and musician from England who now lives and works in France.

Punchy and provocative, the new cut provides the perfect accompaniment to GRAMMS’ devilish debut single. ‘Shut Up A Second’ fuses gnarled classic rock thrills with a modern production sheen; the single packs the kind of brutal punch you’d expect in a face off between Royal Blood and The Black Keys. A track about social inequalities and a society more divided than ever, the message behind ‘Shut Up A Second’ couldn’t be any more apposite right now. 

NYC-based recording artist Ayla D’Lyla has debuted a brand new single, “To Be A Girl.” Listen to the song now here.

An introspective, melancholic track delving into the darker corners of self-worth and delusion, the song is the latest taste of Ayla’s growing catalog of emotive songs that showcase her striking lyrical prowess. Speaking on the track, Ayla describes, “‘To be a girl’ is a letter to all of the girls who have lost themselves in the midst of a relationship. We often measure happiness by the romance existing, or not existing, in our worlds. Many of us tend to lose ourselves living in this state of fantasy and passion.”

On the song’s official videoAyla adds, “The music video, shot by my sister, Malina Weissman, shows her raw filming style and sense of humor. Malina loves to create beautiful images without overproducing what she sees. I love the charming backdrop and the way she captured the melancholic feel of the song.”

Today’s new single follows summer 2022 release “Anywhere But Here,” a lush mid-tempo track which saw love from outlets such as Wonderland Magazine and V Magazine. Watch the video here. Ayla kicked off 2022 with single “MONEY,” a song exploring emotional unfulfillment in a relationship coupled with Ayla’s signature tongue-in-cheek wit. PAPER covered the release, noting, “D’Lyla continues to build momentum in New York’s underground alt-pop community.” In support of “MONEY” and her growing catalog, Ayla D’Lyla also played a debut headline show this spring in NYC @ Mercury Lounge.

I’m David Lotey-Goodman, a 23-year-old electronic music producer and DJ better known as Lowgo.

I made the beat for my new single “Addict” with Joseph Tilley last summer. It was my first time there, so I didn’t know what to expect. I landed, the weather was beautiful; I met Joseph and we began jamming. We were both fans of each other’s music and instantly clicked musically. Joseph then wrote his melody and lyrics to the beat we made, and this is how “Addict” came about.

Stream and share “Addict” feat. Joseph Tilley below.



Apple Music

Watch the official music video on YouTube.

We decided to use a green screen and an old TV effect for the music video to give it a lighthearted, fun aesthetic. This works perfectly with the song, which is also joyous and doesn’t take itself too seriously.

We wanted to put into words how loving someone and having that love reciprocated is addictive. Although addiction is typically negative, as it is out of our control, their strong mutual connection brings to light a positive spin on being an addict.

This release showcases my ability to make pop music, which is something I’ve never fully committed to in the past. While some of my past singles are pop-inspired, this is a deeper dive into the genre.

Thank you for checking it out,


rising future pop artist Nykki shares new single ‘Playing It Cool’, an upbeat slice of pop perfection, alongside its playful 90s and Y2Y rom-com influenced music video. Stream ‘Playing It Cool’ hereWatch ‘Playing It Cool’ Video Here

‘Playing It Cool’ is a smooth and energetic post-summer anthem led by a groovy guitar, a funky bassline over pulse-pounding claps drums. An irresistible setting for Nykki’s lush vocals and her catchy optimistic lyrics, as she voices her desire for the kind of love story worthy of watching over and over again.

Written by Nykki with John Foyle, known for his work with Mae Muller and Lola Young and St£fan – aka Stefan Abingdon – whose major pop cuts include, among others,  a single for Selena Gomez and co-produced by the latter – ‘Playing It Cool’ comes hot on the heels of recent single ‘Right Place Wrong Guy’, which has seen support from Spotify’s ‘New Music Friday’ and Apple Music’s ‘New Music Daily’ and ‘New in Pop’.

Talking about the track Nykki explains: “This is my first 100% positive, very lovey dovey song and I’m here for it!. I wrote this for my boyfriend, just expressing my feelings, making fun of myself, while being very honest and vulnerable”. Diving deeper into the writing and production process Nykki adds; “We wrote this with John Foyle and St£fan over zoom. I felt ready to finally write and release a love song that wasn’t about heartbreak. I wanted this to be the song you hear after the last scene in a romantic movie, the sound is definitely poppier and cuter than anything I’ve released before, but at the same time is still very me and based on my relationship”.

The Riches project is the soundtrack to an imaginary folk horror film about the cult of the Creative Entity. Each song is a scene detailing one aspect of its devotional life.

Our new single, “Shadow of You,” represents the scene of a slow motion, psychedelic maypole ritual celebrating the entity/demon Creation.

It loops, warps, drags and reverses beauty and danger round and round.

It serenades the thrall of the gorgeous, intoxicating and potentially self destructive compulsion of making art.

With “Shadow of You,” we were after a swoony longing with a touch of fear.

It is sung from a particularly fragile part of Catherine‘s vocal range to bring vulnerability to the exalted state of the ever turning/unending ritual and it is pitched to alter, confuse, and soothe – like looking directly into the sun.

Thank you for listening,
Catherine McCandless and Wynn Holmes of Riches

JEEN has entered the 2020s with boot firmly planted in the current musical landscape.

JEEN (2020), Dog Bite (2021) and the forthcoming Tracer (2022) could be a trilogy of sorts. A strong reflective collection and a call on song to navigate these last couple of years. JEEN is a heady intoxicating record.  Each track swirls with a sense of naivety and wild abandon. A “before times” if you will. With Dog Bite there is an enveloping intensity and immediacy which strongly reflects the moment in which it was recorded where all were being strangled and suffocated by the pandemic. Dog Bite might have the monicker of something ferocious and the sneer to back it but with Tracer there is a more vulnerable and fragile quality to JEEN’s vocals. Both warmer and less angular. Perhaps affected by past experience, perhaps intentional. Whichever way one can’t argue how intimate a space she creates on this album, vocally and sonically. Upon first listen one quickly realizes Tracer is an immersive experience. A challenge or even a dare, to sit with and allow oneself to be taken in and even more so taken over.

There will be four singles lifted from this ten tracker. The first three “On and On,” “Mountain” and “Chemical Emotion” lead the album track list. The spangly “Chemical Emotion” starts us off, takes our hand and the carousel begins. “On and On” is a gritty rollercoaster ride which embodies the immediacy and urgency of now framed by a distorted and echoed vocal. “Mountain”‘s hazy shoegaze evokes those summer nighttime drives on the open road with your best mates where song envelopes the entire moment.

Mia Baron starts her track “Miss Emotionless” with a declaration: “I don’t have time to fake it till I make it.” From any other 14 year old, this line would feel a bit ironic but when it comes to Baron, it’s a perfect introduction to the natural talent, swagger, and drive that has helped the Toronto-based pop singer-songwriter rack up close to 300,000 total Spotify streams.

Baron started singing at just 9 years old and turned professional at 11. When the pandemic halted her busy schedule as a live performer, she pivoted to releasing songs every few months with the help of her production and co-writing team Matt Kahane and Quin Kiu. With a sound shaped by artists like Madison Beer, Nessa Barrett, and The Weeknd, Baron’s pop tracks are frequently filled with stuttering beats and moody vibes and her latest feverish single “Hypochondriac” mirrors the pop-punk energy of Olivia Rodrigo. While her lyrics touch on how challenging it is to figure out who you are and what you want, Baron’s songs show that for her, the sky’s the limit.

rising NZ electronic music producer/songwriter duo  Kédu Carlö share the kick ass video for their previously released single ‘Lets Get To It’  – Watch ‘Lets get To It’ video Here.

The cinematic video directed by rising NZ photographer and video director Oscar Keys takes us to the dark underbelly of a strip club capturing hustle life. Perfectly depicting the track’s monologue from vocalist Elizaveta playing an ambiguous character who lures you in with her sensual voice but also leaves you questioning whether you should trust her. 

Talking about the video Kédu Carlö says: “Liza, the vocalist and lead actress in the music video, slips a crusty old perv her number. He thinks she’s an escort so he calls to invite her over. She shows up with her sidekicks (aka Kédu Carlö) and they pretend to indulge his desires. All of it was a scam to steal his stash of money. We kill him and take our newly-acquired cash straight to the strip club and spend it on the girls. We had access to shoot in the strip club because a couple of the crew worked there. Such a treat to spend three days to capture the perfect vibe for the story and song”.

Diving deeper into the songwriting and production of the track the duo explains: “This was the title track off of our first EP. Let’s Get To It explores the concept of duality. We play with this through the songwriting with some moments feeling soft, intimate and sensual and others turning to a tone which is more aggressive, driving and grungy. The final drop signifies all this tension coming to a final release which is full of drama, chaos and intensity”.

Salt Lake City-based musician Addison Grace shares new track and video “If Nobody Likes U” today out everywhere now from their forthcoming sophomore EP. The track is a gentle, affirming love letter to Grace’s younger self and their listeners, where they begin to accept themselves and learn how to cope with life’s various hardships. The five track project Things That Are Bad For Me is due out November 11 and available for pre-order now. Hear the new music and more live this November as Addison joins Ricky Montgomery for a West Coast run. Grab tickets via

“If Nobody Likes U,” produced by Cameron Hale (Claud, Neon Trees, Khalid) who also produced Grace’s March 2022 single, “Makes Me Sick,” is a comforting pep talk from Addison Grace’s now 21-year-old self to their younger self that concludes the forthcoming EP. Over a simple guitar strum, the track takes listeners through Grace’s adolescence, including the more difficult moments that often feel like the world is ending as a teenager. Towards the second part of the song, Grace reassures h and ultimately finds hope and strength within, singing, “But I’ll be OK / I’ll be alright / I will be fine / ’cause I’ve always been fine / If nobody likes me / I still do.” It’s an encouraging reminder of self-love, self-acceptance and that hard times don’t last. Grace explains the song is, “a love note to my younger self and also to my audience. It’s a song meant to bring comfort to anyone who truly believes they’re unlovable. It’s a reminder that no matter how broken or messed up you think you are, there is always someone out there who can and does love you–even if it’s just yourself.”

There’s a wise and eloquent spirit bouncing between moments of soulful expression, R&B energy, pop bliss, and alternative boundary-breaking, at the heart of HUNTER’s music. A storyteller packed with soul whose honesty rings out just as powerfully as her vocals do. After generating millions of views with showstopping turns on YouTube live performance series, Scary Pockets, and attracting a growing audience, she properly introduces herself on her 2022 independent debut EP, Hello: My Name is HUNTER

“When I write, I think of how my lyrics could apply to my listeners,” Hunter says. “I know I was given a voice to sing. I feel like I need to share it. When you play my music, I want you to feel a connection. I want these songs to play into your life, help you escape, or celebrate a memory.” 

Born in 1992, singing came early to Hunter, beginning with performances on the baby monitor. By the age of ten, she was performing every chance she got in her small hometown of Montana. Soon after, she was attending college intensives and summer schools across the country for vocal training and starring in high school and community theatre musicals, singing in several choirs and fronting her own band. She left Montana at the age of 18 to pursue a college education in Los Angeles at Musician’s Institute and graduated with a double major in Vocal Performance and Music Production. By 2016, she was paying the bills modeling and acting on television, and held down a year-long residency as house artist at the popular Los Angeles club and celeb hotspot, The Nice Guy. 

On one particular modeling trip, Hunter met none other than GRAMMY® Award-winning recording artist, producer, and songwriter Lukas Nelson at the gate in the Austin, TX airport. Striking up an instant friendship, Lukas would enlist her to accompany him during various high-profile gigs such as sold out shows at The Troubadour and The Fonda, and an appearance on CONAN. His father Willie even recruited her to join him during his performances at the Hollywood Bowl and Austin City Limits. 

“It was incredible to hear her music for the first time,” says Lukas. “I was struck by her soul…she’s just got so much soul.” 

“I owe my ability to perform on the fly to the Nelsons,” Hunter adds. “Lukas taught me I needed just to get out and say, ‘Yes’.” 

Electronic duo AMPERSOUNDS are thrilled to release the music video of their single “World Is Ours” featuring Elan Atias  that is out now.
AMPERSOUNDS says, “With the track World is Ours we worked with our good friend Elan Atias, American singer-songwriter and reggae singer who spent years performing with The Wailers. We wanted to create a hybrid reggae track with classic house elements. Achieving an organic pure sound by not using any virtual studio technology. We composed the music using an MPC-60, CS-80 synthesizer and a vintage bass guitar and mixed it on a Mackie desk. We’ve created a track that has an undercurrent of simplicity and an undeniable vibe as Elan describes, ‘Nothing like making music with friends, the song exemplifies that and shares that feeling with the world, reminding all that it’s ours and to just love and have fun while we are here.’

Canadian singer/songwriter Jayde puts all her feelings on the table with honest new single “was it worth it, accompanied by an authentic vlog style visualizer. The soft alt-pop record tells of her last relationship in which her partner exploited her creative ideas and raw emotions. The single’s hazy music video lets viewers into a slice of Jayde’s life and her creative mind on her own terms. 

“I was watching my whole relationship fall apart before my eyes when I wrote this. I felt like everything had been a complete lie on a personal level and that I was being exploited entirely for my creativity and desire to help this person try and hone in on their creative identity.” – Jayde

Jayde has “always felt a compulsion to externalize my thoughts and internal conflicts.” Growing up in a small town in Ontario, surrounded by instruments at her grandparents’ house and listening to her dad blast Coldplay songs on his stereo, Jayde gravitated toward music from a young age. Her parents describe how she began writing little melodies and lyrics about how the wind felt or how the sky was blue. When she hit her adolescent years, she threw herself into any opportunity to create music, which involved many singer-songwriter competitions, small performances, and songwriting camps. Jayde excelled in these settings, especially when competing on CTV’s The Launch, receiving praise from artists and industry executives such as Jann ArdenScott Borchetta and Marie Mai.  

Jayde released a set of singles in 2018, which she felt were the first hints at her ‘real’ sound, and displayed the intimate moments that she values addressing through her artistry. In 2021, Jayde released her debut EP titled Sad Songs About Sad Things. For Jayde, the EP functioned as an “artistic scrapbook” from a very transitional time period in her life. As the songs organically culminated, the project became monumental to Jayde’s artistic identity; she felt that it was important enough to share with others – her only hope in mind that others might resonate with her stories and take comfort in the connection. The EP was featured in outlets such as Ones to WatchEarly RisingBefore the, and The Hidden Hits, as well as notable playlists, namely New Music Friday CanadaIt’s a BopFresh FindsFresh Finds PopEQUAL Canada, and Radar Canada

With her dripping vocals, colorful lyrics, and slicing wit, viral alt-pop artist Emei has rapidly built up a fan base over the past year. Leaning on over a decade of stage experience, Emei invites audiences into her world, leading them through her hyper-relatable musings on young adult life.

Even before she started writing, Emei developed incredible stage presence from her experience competing on Chinese Idol at 15. After receiving third place on the show through months of stadium shows, Emei began releasing her own music on Chinese platforms and eventually performing on Dancing with the Stars of China. When Covid hit, Emei started releasing new music on American platforms, gaining media coverage on Earmilk, Ones to Watch, Early Rising, and Lyrical Lemonade. Emei’s single, “Late to the Party”, hit 5.5M streams after videos of her performing the song live hit a collective 9.5M views on Tiktok and Instagram Reels. Emei has been featured on the cover of Salt and Fresh Finds Pop. Her music has been playlisted on New Music Friday, Big on the Internet, Pop Sauce, Young & Free and more. Her debut EP End of an Era is out now and will be performed at LA’s popular showcase School Night on October 31st.




Transporting listeners to a satisfyingly dark yet joyously navigable underbelly of the society they’ve created for their music to exist within, Miami’s Donzii today releases their latest single “Grave” – out now via Grey Market Records. The creeping, industrial track creates a swelling sense of dread, perfect for the Halloween haunt with lyrics like, “Why are they coming for me? Why are they coming for you?” The band has also announced the December 1 release date of their debut album Fishbowl.

“Believe it or not, this song is about going with the flow,” says vocalist Jenna Balfe on today’s single release. “If someone stands to get in your way for their own egoic needs… ‘f*** them in their grave.’”

Today’s single arrives alongside an official video directed by Javier Hernandez. Starring the band and some of their close creative collaborators, Donzii brings their grit and provocative nature into the cold clutches of an abandoned warehouse. The cold, mechanical setting of the video is contrasted by the band’s uninhibited movement and approach to performance art

Floating on airy melodies while grounded by a bounding bass line, Yumi Nu today releases her latest single “25.” A celebration of every misstep and every triumph leading to the present, the Japanese-American alt-R&B artist and model steps into the fully-formed version of herself on this track – Stream.

Speaking on today’s release, Yumi Nu said, “’25’ is an ode to my growth up to this moment. I just turned 26, but in my 25th year I had a lot of realizations and proud moments of how far I’ve come.” She continues, “This past year I had a big detachment of who I used to be from who I am now. And this song talks about shedding that old layer of skin that you used to call home but doesn’t feel right anymore.”

Included in the accolades of her 25th year of life, Yumi Nu released her debut EP Hajime in May for AAPI Heritage Month. Meaning “beginning” in Japanese the project introduced her endearingly vulnerable artistry to the world and won praise from the likes of Billboard, W Magazine, office, Teen Vogue and Hypebae. Previous releases have received support from Spotify editorial playlists including New Music Friday, Fresh Finds, Dope AF and Jasmine, and Apple playlists like New Music Daily and New in R&B.

Outside of music, Yumi Nu is an internationally acclaimed, barrier breaking model. Some of her achievements include being the first plus-size Asian-American cover star of the infamous Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue and covers of Vogue USJapan and Hong Kong as well as Teen Vogue. Most recently, Yumi Nu can be seen in her campaigns for Calvin Klein and H&M. Just last week, she launched her own size-inclusive clothing brand Blueki, which carries mindfully made clothing from size XXS to 6X.

Casey Moon is a genre-defying multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and half of the production duo Zookids. Having handled production for artists such as Young Thug, Gunna and A Boogie with the Hoodie, writing for independent artists in the indie-pop world, and having played in a slough of rock bands over the years his style has absorbed an eclectic array of influences.

Over the course of 2022, Casey plans to release his trilogy of EPs: Fountains, Mirrors and Ashes. Each project Varies in genre and draws thematic influence from a different film or TV series. Listened to sequentially, the projects tell a story about growing up, love and loss.

Boasting a strong voice with an ear for pop melody, modern production and a dazzling live show, Casey is a truly singular act.

Tour Dates – Rebounder & Sun Room!

10/30 – Union Stage – DC

10/31 – The Foundry – Philadelphia


11/3 – Music Hall of Williamsburg – Brooklyn

11/8 – Thunderbird Music Hall – Pittsburgh

11/9 – Top Cats – Cincinnati

11/10 – A&R Music Bar – Columbus

Rebounder is the project of New York City native producer and writer Dylan Chenfeld, with his brother Noah Chenfeld. Joined by Cobey Arner and Zack Kantor.

Rebounder has toured with the likes of The Neighbourhood, Dayglow, and Cautious Clay. Rebounder has received praise from NME, DIY, Notion, Culness, and has been played on Ezra Koenig’s Time Crisis. 

Rebounder recently teamed with good friend Jesse Rutherford  (lead singer of The Neighbourhood) for the collaboration song “Change Shapes (feat. Jesse)”. The song received press from The FADEROffice Magazine, & Pigeons and Planes. The band performed the song with Jesse for the first time at a halloween party in New York.

Rebounder recently modeled for a brand collaboration with menswear company Corridor, the song used in the digital ad campaign was “Slow Angel”.The Rebounder song “Night Sports” was synced in an episode of Showtime’s “Shameless”.

Rebounder recently supported Joy Again on a west coast tour, and has supported MUNA, Twin Shadow, How Long Gone / Chris Black, Dayglow, & The Neighbourhood. Rebounder just concluded a full North American tour with Last Dinosaurs.

Rebounder’s debut track “Japanese Posters” just broke 9M on Spotify, with the project now boasting more than 450,000 monthly listeners with very few songs out.  

Their single “Boy Friday” is self-produced and written, and the song boasts a video shot in Los Angeles starring Chris Black as the brothers’ LA spiritual tour guide. The video was directed by Ben Klein (Sundance 2022 winner).

Their latest single “Factoury Girl” is the leading single to the band’s upcoming EP Sundress Songs. The track is a self-produced anthem dedicated to the nonstop dreamers that work tirelessly to keep their ambitions alive. 

“Some bands just seem to have it all together. From the first second of music they release to the accomplished videos, it all just works.” – NME

“Japanese Posters is two-minutes-thirty of delightful cynicism, all packaged in the kind of earworm that could fool even the most hardened of hipsters into allegiance” – DIY


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