INsiders Guide: DJ REGARD, The Warhawks, Lesley Pike, Ross T & Nico Pagni, ASHBA, SCRIBZ RILEY, OCULA, Una Rose, PHONY PPL, Lyle Kam, Melissa Marchese, Puma June…

BRIT nominated DJ and producer Regard joins forces with Kosovo DJ and producer Drop G on their new single “No Love For You,” out nowListen at all DSPsHERE.  

No Love For You” is a huge club record, and a return to Regard’s deep house sound with which he found his earliest success. It adds to Regard’s impressive list of collaborators including Years & Years, Tate McRae, Troye Sivan, RAYE and Kwabs. The release precedes Regard’s headline shows at New York’s Webster Hall on November 5th and London’s Ministry of Sound Club on November 11th

The two artists together have a massive, combined reach of over 2.5 million YouTube Subscribers and over half a million followers across socials. Regard has also amassed 5 billion artist streams, sold 15 million singles globally and certified Gold and Platinum in over 30 countries. In addition, he has had 5x consecutive #1 US Dance Radio Airplay Chart positions with every release to date. 

New Jersey rockers The Warhawks have today released their new single “Fade Away”. The track marries the swagger of classic britpop with the kind of blue-collared grit that has kept their home state a musical hotbed for decades. Frontman Matt Orlando explains the song’s sonic imprint as the natural result of a recent Oasis and Stone Roses listening binge paired with the band’s longstanding penchant for heavier rock. Digging deeper, he describes the inner demons at play in the lyrics as, “the internal struggles that are so common among people, yet have the ability to feel so unique to each individual. Overthinking, rumination, insecurities — these all get in the way of the things that make us truly feel alive.” He continues, “They can suck the light out of the brightest moments. Make you feel like you’re not even there. True isolation that no one can relate to. But in reality it is sometimes this darkness that connects people. That human experience. We’re more alike than we realize. If we can just get out of our own way, there lies a life worth living.”

“Fade Away” is accompanied by a monochrome visual that chronicles the band’s tour of England in May of this year.

WILD (vol. 1), the first installment of the new album by acclaimed singer/songwriter, Lesley Pike, will be released on October 28th.

The evolution of singer-songwriter Lesley Pike’s musical journey takes centre stage on October 28th with the release of WILD. The recording artist’s fourth disc, which will be released in two volumes, is an accumulation of confidence and drive as well as an all-important focus: producing and creating music on her terms. The result of her ambitions? Fourteen stunning recordings which represent new heights in Pike’s song craft—ranging from the personal into the universal. Take, for instance, “Bar Américain.”  The song chronicles Pike’s powerful storytelling abilities by way of her lyrics, which share memories of a real-life romantic encounter she had in a bar in London, England. Lines such as, “We run with wild abandon / with whiskey on our breath and in our veins / we talk like we have got forever / but we kiss like we’ve got no time to waste” provide a stool-side point of view into Pike’s elations and emotional epiphanies. 

“I felt confident to produce myself because I could take more risks and open up in ways I never thought possible. In the past, I always thought people knew better than me, so I would give way… This time I’ve realized I don’t have to outsource—I can tap into who I am for the answers.”

Newcomer Ross T shares his extensive and limitless potential in his latest single “Diamond In The Rough” with Nico Pagni. In addition to the rock-inspired track, comes the announcement of his debut album, WONDERBOY out November 18th. The video was premiered exclusively on Variance Magazine.

“Diamond In The Rough” is a refreshing pop-rock track that separates Ross from his previous releases. Always trying something new, Ross is never bound to one sound and this song is a testament to him knowing his artistic identity.

The video features Ross in a grunge-inspired band in a scenic backdrop of abandoned railroad tracks to a hazy college party remnant of your favorite early 00’s music video. 

While seemingly fitting the trope of a classic pop-rock story of a guy saves girl love story, the track means much more outside its initial narrative. Ross T has been working on music and supporting artists for years, but his new solo endeavor is Ross’ first step in exploring his own artistry. A couple of people told me I needed to stick to one genre, so I made a rock song to prove them wrong.” 

Ross couldn’t have achieved this without the help of record producer Nico Pagni. Originally from Louisville, Kentucky, Nico has released one other song “Her Name Is Midnight” making his collaboration with Ross T his sophomore release. His influences draw from energetic rock and catchy pop tunes, resulting in genre-bending records that are sure to be stuck in your head.

While now focusing on solo work, Ross is still supporting artists through his solo endeavor. Ross empowers others to find their own identity, make the songs they want to make and be fearless in every part of themselves.

With “Diamond In The Rough” out and WONDERBOY just around the corner, the album is sure to be filled with new sounds, experimentation, but most importantly a fearlessness of going after what you want.

acclaimed producer, songwriter and multi-platinum EDGEOUT/UMG/UMe recording artist, ASHBA drops his latest single, “Cryptonite” Ft. Sarah de Warren.   


“It was a pleasure collaborating with Sarah on our new single “Cryptonite,” says ASHBA. “We had a crazy idea to write a song around falling in love in the metaverse and losing all concept of reality. More now than ever, people are creating their perfect digital life online while neglecting their real lives. So we thought it would be interesting to put that into a song.” Adds Sarah, “we ended up writing a tragic love story based in the metaverse. When you can be anybody you want, and create a perfect world around you, then you suddenly have everything to lose. At some point you have to wake back up and face reality.”

“Cryptonite” follows this summer’s release “Malosa” (GDM Remake) ft. NATYASH.  

When I first heard ‘Malosa’ by NATYASH I was blown away,” says ASHBA, “I knew I had to do a GDM remake. I teamed up with JP on Da Track, taking her original vocals and created a new track around it. Our goal was to seamlessly combine the sounds of Latin, EDM, and rock, resulting in a unique fusion of all three genres.

Following the release of his critically acclaimed debut EP Wish Me Luck and recent work as a producer with the likes of H.E.R., Headie One and NaoScribz Riley has returned with his new single “Satisfied”out now. Get it at all DSPs HERE.

Playfully upbeat yet with a laid-back tempo, lyrically “Satisfied” touches on being confident in yourself at the end of a relationship and enjoying being happy with where you’re at. Marking a developed musical shift following Scribz Riley’s blend of R&B and Rap on his deep and soulful 10-track EP Wish Me Luck two years ago, “Satisfied”, which heco-produced with Guilty Beatz, launches the beginning of the second part of his story.

Reaching a new stage in life and focusing on a refreshed mentality, Scribz has taken time to reflect over the last couple of years since his debut EP. Allowing himself space to transition naturally from a producer to an artist, thematically his new music is about being present, living and understanding life and not overthinking the small things, because everything will be how it’s meant to be.

He says: “I linked up with Guilty Beatz last Summer and ‘Satisfied’ was the first song we did together. The energy in the studio matches the vibe to the song – it’s one of my favorites and I’m excited to be dropping music again.”

Breakout Producer OCULA Unveils Stunning Melodic House EP ‘On The Run’  Featuring New Single with Julia Church on Monstercat

Stream –

November 4th, 2022 — Quickly becoming an internationally-recognized name in the melodic house circuit, burgeoning producer OCULA returned to Monstercat today with his anticipated EP, ‘On The Run.’ Unearthing a newfound maturity in his artistry, the four-track package sees OCULA transition from his familiar uplifting structures to euphoric vocal-led tracks and moody club cuts. Leading with breathtaking vocals from South African singer-songwriter Julia Church, the title single is a cathartic journey that embodies the evolution of OCULA’s boundary-pushing sounds with a hypnotic instrumental and a melancholic yet ethereal feel. Capturing his tenacious momentum on the label, the EP features his recent atmospheric hit “Renaissance (feat. Luke Coulson)” alongside the fan-favourite “Try Me” and new track “Waiting.”

OCULA shares, “The main thing I’ve taken away from developing and crafting this EP is that it’s good to push myself a little out of my comfort zone, while still trusting my own abilities to make the end result work. The thought of only creating one style of music for years to come is pretty terrifying, so it’s really refreshing to mix in new sounds, explore different moods, and break the habit of resorting back to the same structure.”

Julia Church adds on the title track, “‘On the Run’ is about someone who is an enigma, hard to love and unattached, but who still exists in every fibre of your being. It’s about saving space for them in case they ever want to find their way home and reconnect. I had a very close friend that this is loosely about, who would always run away and start over in a new place to cope with unresolved pain. I think this song tries to make sense of them while still placing them in a beautiful and warm light.”

OCULA has become a celebrated prodigy in the melodic house realm after breakout releases on This Never Happened, mau5trap, and Anjunabeats. His musicianship has gained support from heavyweights like Armin van Buuren, Le Youth, and Lane 8, who he recently opened for in Glasgow and Belfast this summer. OCULA is getting ready to embark on his first-ever North American tour in February 2023 with a headline show in Denver followed by support dates for Jerro and more to be announced soon.

“What good comes / from you still believing?” asks Montreal’s Una Rose in “Resolutions,” the opening song on her ephemeral and exploratory debut Myth Between. The solo project of Una Rose (Rosie) Long Decter from shoegaze duo Bodywash, Myth Between finds her trading walls of sound for delicate synths, crystalline vocals and deft lyricism. Far from an exercise in apathy, the EP probes the ineffable—the way feelings circulate and stick, laughter builds and dies—seeking hope in passing impressions.

Long Decter was named after her two grandmothers, Una Decter, a social activist in Winnipeg, and Rose Long, a music teacher in St. John’s. She grew up harmonizing at Newfoundland kitchen parties, playing open mics in Toronto, and studying the songwriting of Joni Mitchell and Neil Young. A move to Montreal at 17 drew her towards dream pop and experimental music, and she founded Bodywash with Chris Steward in 2014. In 2019, they released their debut full-length Comforter via Luminelle Recordings with a follow-up forthcoming in 2023. Long Decter has also refined her musicianship as a band member for rising local acts like Helena Deland and Magi Merlin.

Brooklyn-based, five-person collective Phony Ppl comprised of band members Elbee Thrie, Aja Grant, Matthew “MaffYuu” Byas, Elijah Rawk, and Bari Bass, unveils their latest single, “dialtone.” along with an eye-catching accompanying animated visual drawn and created by the band’s bass player Bari. The track will appear on critically acclaimed genre-bender’s forthcoming album Euphonyus via 300 Entertainment set to be released on Friday, November 18. 

“dialtone.” garnered anticipation for release earlier this year as the track was previewed on the Issa Rae-created, HBO series Insecure (Season 5, Episode 4). The eclectically-charged  latest single from the beguiling band glistens in feel-good funk as the collective delivers to their quintessential knack for creating music that sails in sonic allure. 

Furthermore, Phony Ppl states “lyrically written in split screen, dialtone. is actually two different sonGs at once! one sonG (the cause) is about a Guy realizinG space is only expandinG between him and his lover. the other sonG (the effect) is about a relationship that only exists in the mind of said Guy. either way, there’s somethinG wronG!- did thrifted. either way, sinG to the cause, whistle to the effect and dance to both at once.”

Fresh out of university, Toronto-based singer/songwriter and producer Lyle Kam channels sonic inspiration from artists like Lauv, Jeremy Zucker, and Charlie Puth. After the success of his debut EP Folly – featuring the Tik Tok viral single “Unlove” – Lyle is returning in 2022 with a fresh batch of music featuring his trademark introspection about love, loss, and belonging.

A true Renaissance man, Lyle has spent the past four years bridging the gap between creativity and engineering – writing, producing, and mixing his music, while also studying engineering at the University of Waterloo. 

Now as he turns his attention full time to creativity, he hopes to shine a light on Asian-Canadian artists and inspire others with his message that nothing is out of reach with enough passion and hard work. He also hopes to never actually have to use his engineering degree.

Melissa Marchese was born to sing. Paired with an innate instinct to perform and an insatiable desire to give everyone permission to be their truest selves, her passion is steadfast and relentless. Born a native of Niagara Falls who was eventually adopted and embedded into Hamilton’s music community, she continues to excel there today as she prepares to break out. Music was a necessity as she spent her entire upbringing cultivating her passion for performance and making her name with nearly every circle of musicians imaginable across two cities. Now with her debut album on the cusp of release, she is poised to grow nationwide and share her voice with all of those in need.

It began at the age of four as she was off to an early start, soaking in any theatrical musical she could get her hands on with a special place in her heart for Annie. Combined with an early and vibrant francophone education, she was set to begin her journey on any stage that would have her and even some that wouldn’t. Quickly making alliances with musicians across Niagara Falls, she would sneak her way into bars at the age of sixteen to soak in the influence of her contemporaries, who would introduce her ears to artists like Janis Joplin, Alanis, Celine and any female artist with a hit on the radio. Eventually invited on stage, she began proving that she deserved a place in the spotlight and thirsted for more guidance and to continue finding places to mature. Melissa was quickly taken under the wing of famed vocal coach Elaine Overholt (Chicago, Ellen, Oprah Network) and honed her natural abilities into a voice to be reckoned with as she was quickly outgrowing her surroundings.

Puma June, a moniker for multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Shanti Abbott, is a Canadian artist based in Toronto, Ontario. Evoking a hopeful sadness through her introspective songwriting, June has a dreamy yet rich, experimental chamber-pop style, with a sprinkle of R&B. With influences from Feist to Frank Ocean to Stevie Wonder, there is no way to really place Puma June’s sound – perhaps somewhere between Lana Del Rey and Charlotte Day Wilson, unhinged.

June, a self-taught vocalist, pianist, guitarist, and Suzuki-trained violinist, spent her formative years song writing and getting involved in musical projects in her hometown of Barrie, Ontario. Most notably, June created a folk duo with her twin sister, initially known as Shanti and Vale, and later, Concordia. The two recorded a live album in 2012 and a single, “Love Is Blind,” in 2019, both released on Bandcamp. Though Concordia played Southern Ontario for many years, they never expanded past the small-town scene and after the release of their 2019 single, decided to shift focus onto their solo projects. June was a part of various other orchestras and indie-rock/folk bands through her formative years, including backing vocalist and violinist for Barrie-based indie-rock band House Art, Toronto-based folk-rock group Hungry Lake, and a violinist in the Huronia Symphony Orchestra. Finally, in 2020, Puma June was officially born – a project mixing all the genres of June’s youth and finally giving June the platform to find her own, singular voice.

Thomas Day is getting into the Christmas spirit early this year with the release of his new holiday single, “Santa Claus Is Back in Town,” out today on Arista Records.

Growing up listening to Elvis Presley’s Elvis’ Christmas Album, covering “Santa Claus Is Back in Town” felt like a natural choice for Thomas to cover. “I just had to cover it because it’s almost a part of me in a way,” he says. 

Capturing the hearts of millions with his heartfelt songwriting and powerful vocals, Thomas Day has quickly emerged as one of pop’s most exciting new acts. After taking off on TikTok with his captivating covers he signed to Arista Records in 2021, evolving into a full-fledged pop act with hit singles like “not my job anymore,” “The New Me” and his latest release, “Wildflower.” 

Thomas realized music was his future at the age of just 9 years old when he started participating in musical theater productions. Upon entering high school, the Tennessee native found another outlet in football, becoming his school’s star kicker and earning multiple college scholarship offers upon graduating earlier this year. Even as things took off with football, Thomas never let go of his musical dreams. In 2021, he made the ultimate decision to turn down the football offers and fully commit to a career in music. With over 25M+ streams across his repertoire to date, it’s clear that Thomas Day chose the right path.

BC musician Ben Arsenault premieres his new single and lyric video ‘Turning Back’ out now on all digital streaming platforms. Listen here

Following the release of ‘Hold On To You’, ‘Turning Back’ is the 2nd single from Ben’s debut solo album launching on December 2nd. Known for his work in Vancouver alt-country/jam band Real Ponchos (as vocalist and guitarist), Ben is now pursuing a solo career in more traditional, roots based country music which is evident on his wistful and straightforward new single.

“‘Turning Back’ was inspired by a walk in the woods that I took on a sunny fall day with a dog my wife and I were looking after for a friend,” says Ben. “The imagery in the song follows that walk. It was so quiet and beautiful in the woods, I didn’t want to turn back until we got to the edge of a canyon where there was a waterfall, and I was worried the dog was going to fall in, so we turned back towards the road from where we had started out. The line that repeats in the chorus was originally ‘I wouldn’t be strong’, but my wife heard me practicing the song one day and heard it as ‘it wouldn’t be long’. I decided that evoked more of the feelings of commitment and responsibility in the song, so I changed it.”

 Indie Rock band, The Brevet are thrilled to release their new single “Will You Wait” that is out now “Will You Wait” was written acclaimed singer-songwriter Kevin Griffin (Better Than Ezra.

The band says, “I battle with depression and sometimes while on the road that can take a toll on me. This song deals with a lot of the things I feel at times being an artist: doubt, imposter syndrome, comparisons… none of which get you far or help you out of the dark places your mind lets you go. The song is also about my awareness of that and trying to get back to my “normal” self for my wife and the life we live together. So glad Kevin Griffin of Better than Ezra was able to co-write this one with me!”

indie-pop singer / songwriter, RYMAN, is thrilled to release his single “Sugarcoat” that is out now.
Ryman saysin  -“Sugarcoat” is a sonic series of polaroids that takes the listener through the story of a couple that has recently  broken up and trying to figure out how to adjust to life separated. When your friends and family asks “what happened between the two of you?”  Do you tell them the truth, or do you try to sugarcoat it?”
For this single, RYMAN enlisted two of his most trusted, long time collaborators, Cleve Wilson to produce this Marla Cannon Goodman co-written heartfelt masterpiece.

Ziggy Alberts is an Australian singer-songwriter and author who has established himself as one of Australia’s leading independent artists. His genuine grassroots story has lifted his artistry into universal acclaim, captivating audiences across the globe – a testament to his song writing ability and powerful live performance.
Today, Alberts releases his sixth studio album, DANCING IN THE DARK, a record he has spent the better part of the last year and a half working on. The latest releases, ‘REWIND’, ‘CAMPFIRE’, ‘I BELIEVE’, ‘TATTOOS’ and ‘THE SUN & THE SEA featuring Donovan Woods’ all find their place on the full-length record that is placed in a genre – self-titled by Ziggy – as ‘Future Folk’.
DANCING IN THE DARK is another chapter of Alberts’ growth as an artist, his music and personal discoveries, both introspectively and in the natural world. The record is honest, genuine, and emotionally vulnerable, yet delivered beautifully with creative melody, humility, and lyrical solace.

Brooklyn indie folk duo (Vito Aiuto and Monique Aiuto) The Welcome Wagon are thrilled to release their new album Esther that is out now via Asthmatic Kitty Records and featured on Wonderland Magazine.
Esther is the fourth full-length album from the Welcome Wagon as they return to Asthmatic Kitty Records, the label on which they began their musical journey. Fittingly, it is a record that explores the idea of home in all its beauty and complexity. It is as much about homecoming as it is about making peace with—and a home in—uncertainty. The project had its beginnings in the summer of 2017, when the family took a two-month sabbatical to California. Shortly after returning to Brooklyn, Vito found himself holding his guitar and allowing his fingers to play a few notes that just felt…right. Then the pandemic hit, and Vito’s strumming, lyrics, and thoughts became the soundtrack of the family’s lockdown lives.

LA-based futuristic R&B-funk artist, Shira Elias, shares soulful track “EARTH SUN” out everywhere now ahead of her sophomore EP, SERVICES the EP, due out December 2 and available for pre-order now. With the single comes a vibrant visual teaser of the track out now here. Alongside new music, Elias will perform a solo set as well as join the new Cool Cool Cool funk outfit at North Beach Music Festival this December with tickets and more information available now at

Out today, the smooth, soulful track “EARTH SUN” details a lack of communication between two people that ultimately hinders their ability to connect. Elias explains, “It talks about all of the things you wish you could say but can’t.” It sees Elias attempt to preserve herself, wrestling with the desire to stay in a relationship that may cause her to dilute parts of who she is. Elias continues, “When someone you love is trying to force their beliefs and narratives on you and you want to have a relationship, but you just can’t sacrifice your truth. So this song is about that reckoning.” Sonically, it weaves in and out of a very honest and emotional tone, shifting to a confident and sassy one, and wraps into a dreamlike section. “All of this is evoking the rollercoaster of emotions that happen when two people can’t get on the same page.” The track also features piano by jazz-funk group Ghost-Note‘s Dominique Xavier Taplin.

Charlotte Plank today drops her top sophomore single “Lost Boys,” and the second glimpse of her incredibly unique brand of hard-hitting jungle beats, soft R&B vocals & indie alternative lyrics.  When asked about the song’s meaning, Charlotte said “It speaks about the difficulties of young boys /people in general who are of a certain age who are finding out who they are through some of the best but most turbulent years.”  You can stream the song immediately on all streaming platforms via Black Butter Records (J HUS, BAKAR, Zara  Larsson.)

powerhouse songstress emie nathan releases her stunning new single ‘deep down.’. Fans with tickets can catch the newcomer perform this song at her sold-out Camden Assembly headline tonight, along with previewing other new songs from her forthcoming EP with the same name, out this week on Friday.

Listen to the title track of the EP: deep down single

Speaking about her ‘deep down’ single, emie said “It’s my declaration of disillusion with social media as an artist. No one really tells you at the start that being an artist means wearing a number of potential different hats that have absolutely nothing to do with songwriting or performing: activist, visionary, comedian, model, influencer… the list goes on.”

In April of 2020, separated by 3000 miles, vocalist Rich and producer Dessauer went into self-isolation. Physically, of course — like the rest of us. But also musically. Turning inwards, Rich scoured Dessauer’s instrumental vault for the most menacing, introvertedand brooding soundscapes — and proceeded to write 12 songs in 12 days. 2 years later, Rich and Dessauer come together again as Refs, to offer their debut album “New Religion”.Dealing with themes of suspense, mania, dread, sex and self reflection, the album is a dense and dark dive into the depths of the collective subconscious. Title track New Religion marries early 00’s RnB with shockingly submissive lyrics crooned over stark minimalist retro-future production.

New Religion will be released alongside a 2022 piece generative NFT collection, visually depicting humanity’s most pressing question — where do we go from here?

Selfish Bodies, a female lead alternative pop rock trio based in Edmonton AB, combines their love for writing with genre-blending, cinematic soundscapes and thoughtful lyrics. The group formed in February 2018 and released their single “Waitress” in April 2020.

They believe music is a universal language. What does the band want to say? Whatever their listeners need to hear. Selfish Bodies’ goal is to connect with their listeners through the creation of relatable and heartfelt content.

They released their first EP in 2019 and played their first show to a sold-out crowd in Edmonton, April 18th, 2018. Their latest single, “Bambi Legs,” will be released on October 21st, 2022. The band’s theme is diversity as their songs range from pop to rock to melancholy.

Electronic Producer / Rapper KHIVA‘s one-of-a-kind sound has made her one of electronic music’s most potent and promising stars, generating waves of hype with her original productions and compelling live vocal performances. 

On Wednesday, November 9th, KHIVA is set to release her latest EP, Phantom Forces, which showcases her propensity toward emotionally fueled, bass driven production, vocals and songwriting. 

Low frequency soundscapes, fierce beats and a contrasting ethereal nature provide a blueprint for KHIVA, a multifaceted producer and vocalist who paints a vivid dreamscape through haunting and metaphorical lyrical stylings. 

Originating from Nova Scotia, Canada, the producer was first discovered by TRUTH — who hosted her first EP (In The Quiet) on their imprint, Deep Dark & Dangerous, in 2017. Since then, KHIVA has evolved from a 140 dubstep producer into something much more — unveiling a penchant for infusing her own vocals, often rapping. Since the release of her debut EP, KHIVA’s connected with the masses via festivals such as Electric Forest, Shambhala, Okeechobee, Lightning in a Bottle, and Outlook in Croatia, while headlining her own club dates across North America. 

KHIVA has continued to bend notions of what electronic music is and can be while proving she herself is unboxable, and her latest music showcases the next chapter of her vision. 

bugAboo debuted in October 2021 as a 6-member K-Pop girl group made up of members: CHOYEON, EUNCHAE, YOONA, RAINIE, CYAN, and ZIN. Each member comes from a diverse background (S.Korea, Japan, and Taiwan) and they come together to make music that can be enjoyed and appreciated globally. bugAboo embodies the idea of “being a surprise to the world” as well as “overcoming a fear of surprises.” With the slogan of “WE CAN MEET ANYTIME, ANYDAY, ANYWHERE,” bugAboo’s goal with their concept is to stimulate their viewers’ imagination and curiosity with their contrast of beauty and creepy elements.

After enduring a turbulent relationship, AJA found catharsis in songwriting with ‘Mental Break Up’. Relatable lyricism and her signature powerhouse vocals flawlessly depict the damage caused by the toxicity of mixed messages and mind games. 

Sharing more, AJA explained: Mental Breakup was inspired by a guy who kept fucking with my emotions and I was so done and broken. I went from being a strong confident person to someone I did not recognise or like. Instead of having a breakdown over it I decided to completely break up with him in my mind even though we weren’t totally together at the time.  The story unfortunately continues and it was just so toxic. It was a tough time, but I learnt so much about myself as a result. No matter how bad it hurts, I wouldn’t have wanted to miss out on love.’

AJA kicked off 2022 with Love At First Song’ back in March. Written as a testament to her love of music, the knock-out single was a certified bop, scooping support from the likes of DORK and Ones To Watch, amassing hundreds of thousands of streams. Since then, AJA has had a big year, releasing four more singles, each building her reputation further as an exciting young artist to watch. Most recent single How Do You Sleep?’ came as a stunning moment bagging support from Spotify playlists including New Music Friday, Young & Free and Obsessed. 

Despite only just turning 18-year-old, the Toronto born and bred artist has already made an impact with both music fans and critics. In the short time since she launched, her songwriting has evolved into a strong and inspiring language that is complimented by her unique and impressive vocal prowess.

Larkin Poe – the GRAMMY® Award-nominated duo of Georgia-bred, Nashville-based multi-instrumentalist sisters Rebecca and Megan Lovell – share “Southern Comfort,” available now at all DSPs and streaming services. “Southern Comfort” marks the latest single from Larkin Poe’s upcoming sixth studio album, Blood Harmony, arriving via their own Tricki-Woo Records this Friday, November 11. Pre-orders are available now, including limited edition magenta-colored vinyl, CD, cassette, and more.

“Growing up in Tennessee and Georgia shaped my sister and myself in so many beautiful ways,” says Rebecca Lovell. “Now, as an adult, I feel grateful to reflect on that childhood and to call Nashville home. I loved writing this song, and getting to share southern hospitality, southern comfort, with all the sweet souls we encounter on our travels around the world, feels empowering.”

Good Fight” illustrates my personal experience with anxiety, specifically since beginning my musical career. The uncertainty and lack of control I have become accustomed to as a musician has forced me to become a more patient being, however it has also taken its toll on my mental health.

Listen to my new single produced by JUNO Award nominee Mike Schlosser HERE.

Watch the official video on YouTube.

Co-writer Laur Elle and I were discussing the abundance of female musicians and the polarizing lack of females we had seen in management positions, as well as the pressure to “look” like an artist rather than just be an artist. In order to be at peace in this career, you have to accept that you will never know what is going to happen next. I know who I am now and I am sure of my message. That is all I can control and the rest I must let the universe handle.

The filming for this video was the most amazing visually creative experience, with Alex Exists as cinematographer, Agata Waclawska directing, Moon Real Media producing, and Larissa Palaszczuk on hair and makeup. We went with the “ideal beauty standard” of the current people in power in the entertainment industry, which is mainly older men who would have grown up with the classic Hollywood bombshells such as Marilyn Monroe being their idea of beauty.

Swear this is the last time, and, if I do fall, sweep it under the carpet

The days that I feel like folding into myself like a piece of paper, and my personality, confidence, and pride feel like they are being torn into pieces – this song is about those days. “Good Fight” is my little inner anthem. I believe the feeling of defeat is universal. All you can do is give it your best go, put up a good fight, and let the pieces fall where they may.

Thank you for lending me your time,

Sam Casey

Having spent the years rising through the ranks, with his raw unfiltered street talk winning over audiences, Ghostface600 releases a R&Drill drop ‘Dragon Tattoo’

Showing a soft, vulnerable side ‘Dragon Tattoo’ follows on from recent release ‘Blue Mat’ and features a female vocalist DXINX. The self-described ‘rapper with melodies’ and founder of Wave-Drill slows it right down over a refined, dramatic production, with the contrasting female chorus over piano notes giving the single a ballad feel.

The visal is directed by Ghostface600 himself alongside Kirx Diaz. Continuing with a dark theme, not so much content wise this time around but more so with the visuals being shot at night with an elegant twist featuring a piano in the visuals, as well as Ghostface600 putting his mask back on for parts of the video after having recently revealed his face in previous visual “Super Freak”.

Showing off his increasingly diverse sound and revealing a new side to his artistry with every release, Ghostface600 continues to propel his career to new heights.

Krooked Kings come from humble beginnings. In 2019, a group of five college friends from the University of Utah came together to write music and play shows in backyards and basements. Over the course of the last few years, the band has proven time and again their ability to write heartfelt indie rock gems. After signing with Los Angeles based indie label Nobody Gets It Records in 2020, the band released their breakout single, “‘96 Subaru”, which has amassed over three million streams. By September 23, 2021, Krooked Kings released their debut project, The Comedown. After the the release, Krooked Kings hit the road on two support tours with Goth Babe and Rare Americans, as well as three headline dates in Denver, Salt Lake City, and Los Angeles. Keep an eye out for new music from Krooked Kings in the coming months, as they wrap up recording their sophomore album with artist/producer, Day Wave.

LA-based alternative singer-songwriter Jane., the musical moniker of Paraj Jain, announces his ethereal EP, Celeste, due out March 31, 2023 and available for pre-order now via Good News Only. Alongside the announcement, Jane. shares the first taste of the project, “Sun In My Eyes,” out everywhere now with its accompanying lyric video. Next month, Jane. will headline a special, intimate performance at Resident in Los Angeles on December 8. Tickets are on sale now. Jane. will then hit the road with singer-songwriter Suki Waterhouse for a string of dates throughout the Western U.S. with tickets available now via

Paraj Jain, the writer, producer and singer behind Jane., was raised between India and the U.S. to an Indian father and half-Black mother. The multiracial artist grew up bouncing between homes, unable to see himself reflected in media, and unsure where he fit in. Now, through the latest iteration of his musical project Jane., a play on his last name, the musician is ready to reintroduce himself as he fully embraces his own identity, unpacking his lived experiences and further establishes his musical vision. leading with honesty and spirituality, meeting himself exactly where he is.

The title of the forthcoming five track EP, Celeste, is taken from the Latin word meaning “heavenly,” and holds tracks that led the singer down a path towards further discovering himself, his pain, and his route to healing and subsequently, his spirituality. Jane. explains, It’s a representation of my journey mentally traveling to the heavens to deal with this pain. To ask questions. To make confessions. To heal. To try and define how my spirituality plays into this pain.” By sharing his own experiences of pain, Jane. hopes to help others better understand their struggles. Jane. continues, “There’s beautiful moments and songs on the project, but overall, it’s something of a cry. It may even be a call for help. I have this recurring message of truth and honesty, and as I keep growing as a person, and growing as an artist, I keep feeling the need to share. To share what I find out as I grow. At this point I feel a responsibility to it.”


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