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INsiders Guide: Family Man, Kyle Dion, Gabi Sklar, Rosie H Sullivan, AlienBlaze, Roslyn Witter, Apryll Aileen, Princess Goes…

Relentless and brutal are the two words that define the group’s evolving sound. With punk roots and power-pop sensibilities, Alternative-Punk band Family Man burst onto the scene in 2019. Their debut EP What’s New was a refined cacophony of experimental synths, deeply personal lyricism and punk enthusiasm, inspired by the turmoil of one of the members’ recent breakups. But when asked about the future, the band has said that they are moving on to address deeper issues such as sexuality, religion, deeply rooted trauma, and death. Iconoclast, the forthcoming album explores the darker sides of the member’s life experiences and condenses it all into a gut-wrenching and poignantly intentional piece of work. Despite the weight of the topics Iconoclast is based on, the group has managed to retain a “tongue-in-cheekiness” about themselves, which speaks to the underlying theme of finding true comfort in the most uncomfortable situations. This is undoubtedly the rawest Family Man has ever been.

Kyle Dion is as transcendent as his artistry. Effortlessly weaving in and out of sounds of R&B, soul, pop, and more, the Florida native stands out as one of the most prolific artists of the younger generation, keeping great music alive and breathing. With collaborations like UMI & DUCKWRTH (“Play Too Much”)Kali Uchis (“Your Teeth in My Neck”), Kehlani (“How We Do Us”), Channel Tres (“Fix Vision”), Kari Faux (“Purr”), and Ja Rule (“Placebo”) under his belt, the sonic sportsman always serves and never misses.

The child prodigy who has been writing and singing songs since the tender age of nine years old, in part thanks to a supportive mother, first caught the eye of the industry as an opening act on Partynextdoor’s Europe tour in 2016 before releasing his critically acclaimed full-length album SUGA in 2019. Taking fans on a funky, eclectic R&B ride, Dion delivered a masterpiece featuring an impeccable falsetto and stories of love, lust, and all of the emotions in between.

His follow-up SASSY in 2021 was an equally if not more impressive effort of a brighter, fun project uplifting listeners living in a changing society and seeking playtime. He talks about the place he was at that time in his life saying, “I was in the space where I was experiencing things as a young adult.” Dion stretched his talent to further heights flirting with pop and hip-hop, and having the time of his life inviting his fans into the mind of musical savant.

Fast-rising pop singer and songwriter Gabi Sklar shares her new single, “Thank God,” out today on all streaming platforms. Following recent hit singles like “Good Kisser” and “Pardon My French,” “Thank God” once again showcases Gabi’s captivating voice, blissful melodies, and soul-baring lyricism. 

“Thank God” is a cathartic release of emotion packaged into a stunning pop ballad. With her effortless vocal command, Gabi sings about leaving a toxic relationship and finding freedom and self-assurance on the other side. 

“‘Thank God’ is that first breath of fresh air after coming out of a toxic relationship,” she says. “It’s not only about coming to terms with that destructive period in your life ending, but it’s also about beginning the process of healing your relationship with yourself.” 

Capturing the hearts of millions with her powerful vocals and dynamic songwriting, 23-year-old Gabi Sklar has quickly emerged as one of pop’s most exciting new acts. With only a handful of singles released so far, the New York-based singer and songwriter already has a committed fanbase – 3.5M TikTok followers & 1.1M Instagram followers – who are eager to hear more.

Scotland’s breakout singer-songwriter Rosie H Sullivan announces new single ‘Chapters’ out August 25th via Nettwerk.

Closely following her debut EP 123° East out earlier this year, Rosie H Sullivan enters a new era with ‘Chapters’ following on from last month’s tender return ‘Fragments’ – both lifted from Sullivan’s subsequent new EP out this autumn.

With alluring nods to Fiest’s timeless ‘1234’, ‘Chapters’ is an ode to fulfilling each day, celebrating the ups and downs in our lives as well the simple things we shouldn’t take for granted. Sullivan urges listeners to open their eyes and lungs, breath in the air of the life you’re given and taking it all in your stride.

“I wrote Chapters when I was 17,” says Sullivan, revealing her uncertainty on unearthing the track now. “It’s been sitting gathering dust, but I put my trust in those who believed in the song and me. A new stage of life, a new chapter, how terrifying, but how lucky and how thrilling to have that. The middle 8 that was born whilst recording it in the studio which Ross Hamilton helped me write. We brought the song alive, and I could have cried when I heard it all as one. Who knew.”

AlienBlaze is a 20 year old mad as hell singer/songwriter and lead guitarist crafting genre-fluid anthems resulting in a fascinating hybrid of everything from dark alternative pop, grunge and emo, to rock and electronic elements. Her dominating presence emits an angsty appeal, encouraging a sense of self-empowerment to her young audience. 

In her school years, AlienBlaze spent most of her time at home through sickness, so spent hours and hours learning the electric guitar on her mum’s old guitar, wanting to play like her guitar inspirations Jerry Cantrell of Alice In Chains and Slash. Blaze’s sense of alienation from her peers is what inspired her to add the ‘alien’ part to her name as an artist. Covering topics such as the everyday experiences of a young adult, to more poetic themes including pathetic fallacy and imagery from nature, AlienBlaze delivers her message in a way that allows listeners from all walks of life to interpret it. 

Her fierce new single, “Enemies With Benefits” is a filmic, genre-fluid, ‘villain era’ breakup song, also inspired by the fascination society has with hedonistic lifestyles and celebrity such as in film and television series like Gossip Girl and The Idol and also through social media. Produced by The Nocturns (Maisie Peters, Dylan, Lozeak), the track is loosely inspired by Elton John’s “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road” and is noted by AlienBlaze as one of her favourite tracks she’s ever recorded. 

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Since only uploading her first song to Spotify in 2019, she has received attention from numerous Spotify editorial playlists, garnering hundreds of thousands of plays. She has also had praise from the likes of Oli Sykes (Bring Me The Horizon), Rou Reynolds (Enter Shikari), Grimes and Ellie Roswell (Wolf Alice), as well as from publications including Wonderland Magazine, NOTION and Kerrang!.

You know you have something special when you can hold your own with Keith Urban.

Flashback to 2014: new Slaight Music signing Roslyn Witter won a radio station singing contest that earned her a live duet appearance with Urban during one of the country music superstar’s concerts in Witter’s hometown of Hamilton, ON. 

Joining the guitar-slinging Australian onstage to help christen the opening of Tim Horton Stadium for an impromptu rendition of “We Were Us” – his duet with Miranda Lambert – Witter did such an amazing job in front of 20,000 people that Urban kneeled and lowered his hands in a respectful gesture of worship. Later, he sent her a personally autographed guitar to express his gratitude.  

“Getting to sing onstage with Keith Urban was insane,” Witter recalls. ” After that performance – there was no feeling like having the crowd sing and cheer for you.”

Witter not only treasured the memory: it whetted her appetite for more.

Flash forward to today: Roslyn Witter, a charismatic, distinctive and organically-nuanced tenor, is ready to claim her own country music spotlight.

Whether she’s revving up the sunshine on the terminally upbeat summer anthem “Good Vibes,” twirling through life’s rotisserie of love and loyalty through the poignant country waltz “Ferris Wheel Ride,”  or optimistically grabbing the brass ring with a “my foot on the gas” and “nothing but dreams on the dashboard” armed with a sentimental memento on the motoring “Flannel Shirt,” Roslyn Witter is an exceptional siren whose gift of artistry bypasses cliché and stakes her authenticity as both singer and songwriter in the genre known as “three chords and the truth.”

There are lots of people who sing but not everyone has a voice. Apryll Aileen is a classically trained pianist with a touch of science & spirituality; an alt-pop soulful vocalist, guitarist and songwriter from Atlantic Canada.

Sultry vocals and an alluring stage presence make Apryll a fan favourite at music festivals worldwide. She transcends genres, creating her own undefinable sound with influences coming from pop, rock, electronic, folk and R&B. She doesn’t imitate – she creates.

Studying classical piano since she was five years old, Aileen has since incorporated her classical foundation into the melodic pop music that pours out of her soul. It’s been said, she’s a hybrid of two polarities, blending melodic songwriting and vocal tones from artists such as Miley Cyrus and Adele but with the storytelling edge of Stevie Nicks.

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She came into this world during a fierce lightning storm; like a bolt of energy, her personality is charged with charisma and passion. You’ll feel her energy when she enters the room and the vulnerability and authenticity in her vocals will hit you right in the gut. Chock full of captivating lyrics and melodic hooks, her songwriting will leave you saturated in all the feels, wanting to dance but also, contemplate life’s meaning.

Aileen loves to hear that her music inspires others, especially young women. She broke up with her corporate love affair on Valentine’s Day in 2014, and never looked back. Trading in the computer keys for the piano keys, she ventured off, setting up her own tours around the world, from Los Angeles to New York, Toronto, London and France. Enamoured by her songwriting, vocals and stage performance, Toshi Yanagi and Jimmy Earl (players for Jimmy Kimmel Live! band), quickly helped Aileen form a band in California. 

Princess Goes, the trio led by the charismatic showmanship and signature voice of vocalist, lyricist, musician and actor Michael C. Hall (Dexter, Six Feet Under, Lazarus) alongside keyboardist Matt Katz-Bohen (Blondie, Cyndi Lauper) and drummer Peter Yanowitz (The Wallflowers, Morningwood), have released the cinematic official video for their new single “BLUR”. Watch here.

It’s the second track to be taken from their highly anticipated sophomore full-length album,Come Of Age’, which arrives on 6 October via the SO In De Goot label.

With artful visuals directed by the award-winning Tim Richardson (Sir Elton John, Billie Eilish), the official video finds Michael C. Hall stuck in a black hole as he croons these haunting lyrics “At best I’m but a blur, if you remember me at all. Fuzzy memories playing on your basement VCR. Found the final payphone, dropped my change and made the call. Picked up – whispered last room on the left. End of the hall.”

‘BLUR’ opens with a classic Juno-106 synth drone, evoking the early 80’s, flirting with the finality of its own fruition as layers of more synth, bass guitar and drums reveal themselves,” says Matt Katz-Bohen. “Michael’s poignant, aching lyrics and melody go from soft to epic, culminating in an MGMT/Human League chorus of loving synth transcendence: Baby I’m full grown now.” 

Crafting a sound all their own that vividly comes to life on stage during their captivating, hypnotic and impassioned live performances, the band have also announced a UK Headline Tour which kicks off on 26 September in Manchester

Come Of Age is the trio’s most accessible, yet innovative, work to date, replete with songs that traverse a thrilling and often surprising sonic and lyrical landscape. There’s a clear cohesiveness to the 12 songs on the album (full tracklisting can be found below) that manage to be all at once catchy and intoxicating, soundtrack-y musicscapes for the ages, synth-heavy but multi-faceted. The musical growth on ‘Come Of Age’ was organic, and though onstage and on paper they are a keyboards-drums-vocals band, this album is rife with guitar and bass, instruments that play a bigger role than on previous recordings. The band’s evolution is ongoing and often unearthly, spacy and provocative in the vein of Bowie’s ‘Blackstar’ (David Bowie personally cast Hall to play the lead role of Thomas Newton in his final stage project – ‘Lazarus’ on Broadway).

Tyler Gunn is a 23 year old artist and producer from Toronto, Ontario. His music plays on heavy influences from 90s alternative rock, mixing elements of grunge, dream pop, folk, and art rock. Though It’s hard to put him in a box, and even harder to put his music in one. Every song is unique and aims to capture a different feeling. Using music as a tool for self discovery, Tyler shares, “It’s rare that I even know what a song is about until after finishing it. They reveal themselves to me at different times, and sometimes never at all.” With lyrics detailing themes of love, struggle, loss, and god, Gunn says he uses music as a way to better understand and navigate the world around him.

His latest single, “A MILLION MILES,” sees the songwriter questioning the role of suffering in our lives. “Do our feelings have any meaning beyond us?” he asks… “Or are they meant to be just as fleeting as life itself?” Gunn also confides, “This song came at a time when I desperately needed it. Life at that point felt stale and unchanging. Making this felt like the beginning of a new chapter.” 

Demonstrating his love of colliding sonic worlds, Gunn’s new track blends a combination of familiar and unfamiliar elements, executed in a fresh and exciting way. With a dark and almost eerie tone, the song features wailing guitars, crashing percussion and a menacing bassline. It also recruits percussionist Matt Johnson who formerly accompanied Jeff Buckley during his career. Combined, these elements create a shadowy and ethereal atmosphere that’s both beautiful and haunting.

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Gunn aims to create music that gives his listeners permission to “feel what they’re feeling”. He hopes that his latest track can be as cathartic for others as making it was for him.

Like a time capsule from circa 2004, “Smile While It’s Ending” passes the torch from the classic pop punk and early 2000s emo sound we know and love. Frontman Charlie Bruno portrays the relatable traumas of growing up in a tongue-in-cheek—and sometimes blunt—style of writing alongside the nostalgic upbeat riff and infectious melody. From catholic school traumas to grappling with self worth as an adult, “Smile While It’s Ending” is an honest depiction of accepting the things we can’t change, while conquering what we can.

“Smile While It’s Ending” is just a taste of what’s to come from Floor Space’s most striking project yet, solidifying their place in the fifth wave of pop punk. 

London-based emerging artist and producer Sharifa reveals the accompanying music video for stand-out new single ‘Bedroom Light’

Watch the video HERE

Stream the track HERE

Capturing the essence of the single, the accompanying visual is a cinematic display that delves further into the meaning behind the track. Sharing more Sharifa explained:  I really wanted to paint a picture with Bedroom Light and the track had done that really well, with the raining and slow build up. I think the main thing for the video was to go into depth about the song’s meanings and emotions and put them into a visual piece for people to really grasp what is happening sonically.

‘Bedroom Light’ arrived as an impressive showcase of Sharifa’s one of a kind energy. It turned many heads at press including Clash who described the single as ‘softly alluring’ and Atwood magazine who stated ‘with finesse like this, we can’t wait to see what he comes up with next.

Sharifa has crafted a diverse sound that sits somewhere between alternative and hip-hop. The release of Bedroom Light shares a compelling and honest take on navigating life’s challenges. 

Sharing more behind the track Sharifa explained: I wrote Bedroom Light when it was 2am in the morning. I was going through an unusual time of emotional struggle and uncertainty and was reflecting on that as I wrote the track. There’s a lot of self-reflection, hopelessness, stubbornness and introspection in the lyrics. I came to the conclusion that it’s okay to feel trapped by your surroundings and in your own head. I want people to know they aren’t alone in feeling that way. So many of our struggles are universal human experiences.

Making a name for himself as a courageous lyricist, Sharifa’s talent for songwriting is complemented by his raw, dark vocals, creating a welcoming atmosphere that feels strangely familiar.

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 L.A. based, brother-sister duo BETWEEN FRIENDS drop their new track and video for “Haircut” via 10K Projects Get it HERE. Watch it HERE.

The Alternative Pop duo BETWEEN FRIENDS have just shared their long-awaited debut album I Love My Girl, She’s My Boy, along with a new video for “Self destruct”. Delivering some of their most intimate songwriting to date, BETWEEN FRIENDS‘ debut album was produced by Luka Kloser of Max Martin’s MXM team and boasts features from Teezo Touchdown and EDEN as well as vocals from Bakar. On their latest single, “Self destruct”, Savannah & Brandon deliver a reflective performance as they work through the aftermath of a breakup—“It was a bad night, yeah, I saw you on a first date / Didn’t think I was someone you could replace / My bad, might have loved you just to feel safe”, Savannah sings over the acoustic riff opening the track. Having exploded in popularity during the pandemic, racking up more than 700 Million Streams and garnering critical acclaim from the likes of Rolling StoneThe FADERV Magazine, and others, the sibling duo BETWEEN FRIENDS are excited to usher in a new IRL era with their debut album I Love My Girl, She’s My Boy and upcoming 24 date North American tour this October.

One man army – FUNKE AND THE TWO TONE BABY – has shared “Can’t Stop The Music”, the latest single to be taken from his forthcoming album ‘Reacclimate’ (due 20 October).

A buzzy summertime sing-a-long that fuses lolloping blues rhythms with an infectious poppy chorus hook, “Can’t Stop The Music” feels as though it was plucked right from a far-flung festival corner and channels the wholesome optimism associated with sticky, sunny days and tents filled with music fans.

As Funke and the Two Tone Baby explains:

“”Can’t Stop The Music” is my feel-good summer hit. I gave it its first proper airing at Glastonbury 2023, and hearing a whole field singing this (as then) unknown song back at me full pelt was one of the greatest feelings I’ve had this year.”

Prominently featuring Oxfordshire’s finest guerilla group vocalists, The Funkettes, the uplifting call-and-response of ‘I’m the best version of me that’s existing’ between Funke and his adept backing singers emphasises the cloud-busting character of self-belief and self-positivity that ultimately defines “Can’t Stop The Music”. As Funke adds:

“The track’s final hook resonated heavily with the group, as well as with live audiences over the summer. “Can’t Stop The Music” is my ode to unbridled and wholehearted positivity. In the times when you’re the most sad, deflated and defeated, music is the one thing that will never stop, can never be taken away from you and, if you use it correctly, can change the mood of your entire day.”

RICHARD WALTERS is pleased to present “Lost In Your Light”, an elegant new duet with the vocalist Lydia Oliver.

Lifted from his upcoming album ‘Murmurate’ (out 17 November, via Nettwerk), it finds the Oxford-born songwriter pairing fluttering synths and longing orchestral arrangements, with poetic observations on the complexities of love and attraction.

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Inspired by a metaphor from the natural world that a friend had used to describe his own love life, it would prove to be a lightbulb moment in the creation of this poignant new solo single. As Walters explains: 

“”Lost in Your Light” came from a long talk with a friend – he’d found himself in an endless on/off relationship. He knew it was bad for him, he knew he couldn’t see a future, but he said he was like a moth trapped in her light. I loved the idea, and I think we can all relate – sometimes we can’t help doing the thing that hurts us most.”

Dappled with light and shade, tenderness and brittleness, “Lost In Your Light” is graced by the Kin Records signed artist Lydia Oliver, whose plaintive vocal adds an affecting yin to Walters’ yang across this intimate duet.

“Lost In Your Light” follows recent teaser tracks “After Midnight”, “Anchor”, and “Move On”, all of which will feature on Walters’ upcoming solo album ‘Murmurate’ this Autumn. 

Written in 2022 as the world recalibrated to the tides of change, ‘Murmurate’ is an album that ruminates on our human need for real-world relationships and the importance of meaningful connections with those closest to us. Combining unassumingly complex arrangements and openly heart-on-sleeve songs, it’s an album that graciously shifts from nocturnal piano ballads (“All Over”), to sprightly folk/pop poetry (“Long Way Down”), darkly lilting lullabies (“Open Everything”) to longing, love-lorn duets (“Locked Up Never Fade”).

With all tracks performed and written by Richard Walters, ‘Murmurate’ was recorded, produced and mixed by Eliot James, before receiving its final mastering by Dyre Gormsen. Amongst the myriad instruments performed by the pair, listeners will also be able to detect Eliot’s 11 year old son Leland James on cello, plus guest vocalist Lydia Oliver. ‘Murmurate’ is released on the Nettwerk album on 17 November 2023. 

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folk-inspired pop singer-songwriter Sophia Alexa returns with her first track of 2023, “Hall Pass”.

Take a listen to “Hall Pass” here and watch the music video here.

On the story behind the creation of “Hall Pass” Sophia shares; “I wrote hall pass because I wanted to capture the feeling of self-sabotage. I’ve always had this fear that when something is going too well I’m just waiting for it to fall apart. It’s almost a form of protection and being okay with someone leaving before you get hurt, which is why I loved the title hall pass, it’s giving someone an out.”

Positioning herself at the heart of the beloved genre of folk-pop, Sophia shines bright, sharing her tender, inner thoughts to the sound of blissfully melodic harmonies. 

“Hall Pass” is an introspective track, which delves into the defense mechanisms Sophia uses to protect herself from getting hurt. Her self awareness is blinding, but these feelings are too ingrained in her to be ignored. This tendency is undoubtedly something that will resonate with many, making it a relatable track to the masses. 

As an artist who has been immersed in music from multiple different cultures throughout her life, due to having German and American parents, being born in California, raised in Amsterdam and now being based in London for the last 10 years, it is clear she has taken influence from all those separate walks of life to create a sound that is unique to Sophia Alexa. 

Get ready to be blown away by the electrifying sound of TYDL. This dynamic Brighton based duo, led by the fierce Rebecca and backed by the rhythmic force of percussionist Jack, is about to take the music scene by storm. Their fusion of genres creates a mindblowing sonic journey that hooks you instantly. 

TYDL’s infectious pop vocals and relentless drum beats will make your heart race and your body move. Imagine the irresistible vibes of Sigrid, Bastille, and Avicii colliding in a spectacular explosion of sound. It’s a musical experience like no other. 

Unveiling their debut four-track EP, Ethereal, TYDL have created a collection of songs that emanate villain energy and hype the listener up, emphasising that it doesn’t matter if what you’re doing is “wrong” as long as you’re true to yourself. Regaining her power, Rebecca shares, “I wanted to create music that reflected the part of me that I had lost.”

Title track “Ethereal” is written from the perspective of someone who was obsessed with an imagined love interest and so overwhelmed with lust that she trapped them in a spell that meant they would be together forever. Rebecca explains, “The song is really about how we all have a part of us that can’t be controlled and we need to accept that and use it to our advantage.”

The EP also includes “God Complex” which is the ultimate F U to bullies. One big sarcastic viewpoint on how people use jealousy as an excuse for bullying, the track is based on personal experiences from when Rebecca was a teenager.

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Ethereal is produced by the award-nominated Brighton producer Lewis Amoroso. Through his adaptable and versatile style, he allowed the artist’s personality and character to shine through, creating a positive atmosphere full of creative and innovative energy. Sonically, the EP pulls influences from electronic, hip-hop, R&B and gospel genres.

These trailblazers have already received multiple plays on BBC Introducing and conquered prestigious venues across the diverse city of Brighton, including the legendary Concorde 2 and Komedia. Their live shows are a sight to behold, radiating pure energy and leaving audiences mesmerised. TYDL thrives on connecting with their fans, making every moment an unforgettable part of the TYDL experience. 

Fast-rising lyricist Ronzo smiles back at his adversities across his latest cut “Trap Business” – releasing via GRM DAILY.

With authority and menace shining through every spoken word, the London-born talent continues to display a rare, lyrical finesse across his latest rap offering. Boasting trademark woozy basslines and sharp percussive textures, “Trap Business” perfectly encapsulates the resilience of an artist at his most comfortable. He reconciles with the battling hardships of street life while showcasing a clear desire for success, an honest, story-telling approach that blossoms at the forefront of his potent artistry.

His flashy demeanour showcased throughout the electric video directed by UK frontrunner BDOT (Popcaan, M24, Clavish), we see Ronzo flaunting his vigorous lifestyle across Dubai – emerging as a shining call back to his unrelenting journey to fruition now set as one of the most exciting rappers across the underground.

Speaking on “Trap Business”, Ronzo mentions: “I want to inspire the next generation of go-getters. I’ve had to get up every day since my teens and put in hard graft. I want to show people that being successful is not given and you have to put it all on the line to reach your dreams. If you aren’t willing to back yourself then who will?”

Australian indie-folk groundbreakers The Paper Kites have returned with new single “June’s Stolen Car”, taken from their sixth studio album ‘At The Roadhouse’, out Friday 1 September.


A freewheeling epic driven by its galvanising electric guitar riffs and instantly captivating vocal harmonies, “June’s Stolen Car” was penned among the red dirt and bushfire moons of Campbells Creek in Victoria, Australia. Channelling the free spirit of the American West, the new track is a love letter to Australia’s great salt plains and pale pink dawns.

The track is the latest offering from The Paper Kites’ upcoming album ‘At The Roadhouse’ (out 1 September via Nettwerk), which they recorded live in the Australian wilderness while hand-converting an old gold-mining supply shop into the music venue of their dreams. 

Watch the band perform “June’s Stolen Car” live, during an unannounced and unadvertised residency at The Roadhouse, here:

At The Roadhouse’ is the continuation of an odds-defying run for The Paper Kites that has seen them achieve accolades like a certified Platinum record in the US, over a billion streams on Spotify, and continuously-growing sold-out audiences across continents. Removing themselves from the typical pageantry that accompanies accolades like that, the group found inspiration for this new album by relocating to the remote village of Campbells Creek – away from the pressures of daily life – where they joyfully filled The Roadhouse with music around the clock for weeks on end. While often creating new songs by day, performing them to a growing fan community at night, and recording right there the next morning – the resulting sixteen songs form a touching ode to what waits for us on the winding roads of love, loss, acceptance and wanderlust.

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Toronto musician Sandra Bouza draws from the southern rock well on her new single ‘Sit By The Fire’ out now on all digital streaming platforms. Listen here

The 4th single from her new album, A Sound In The Dark, set for release on September 29th, ‘Sit By The Fire’ is a soulful song about living faster than you can handle. 

“I think it’s really a song about burnout, in any industry or lifestyle, just trying to fit everything in all at once,” says Sandra. “And you always have this voice in the back of your head, or maybe a friend or influence telling you to slow down.”

Known as a musical shapeshifter, playing R&B, Soul, Rock, and everything in between, Sandra has a lot to offer through her music and life experience. Having spent a large part of her life in Spain, as well as travelling to far corners of the world, Sandra’s worldly vision is evident in her songwriting. Sandra lets her stories breathe in songs that are deeply personal.

After years of travelling, Sandra returned to her hometown of Toronto in 2018 and, within her first year back, she won the Toronto Blues Talent search and came second in the city’s prestigious Soul Slam. The early promise of Three Years, her 2018 EP, and Falling Away From Me, her first full-length album that followed in 2020, put everyone on notice that Sandra Bouza was an artist to watch.

Everything came together for Sandra during an artist’s residence on Halls Island, where she wrote most of the material for her upcoming album, A Sound in the Dark. Everyone who’s heard her sing knows that Sandra’s always been a powerful vocalist and a compelling songwriter, but with the new recording, she has truly found her own voice, and the promise of her earlier work has come to full fruition.

Chicago based alternative indie rock band Neptune’s Core share the dynamic, highly anticipated EP Called Upon out everywhere now via Side Hustle Records. Alongside the full album, the band share track and video “Bunga” out now. To celebrate the EP release, the band will perform live at the official EP release show at Chicago’s Metro tomorrow, August 26 along with Motel Breakfast and OK Cool. Tickets are on sale now via

Called Upon, Neptune’s Core’s triumphant EP out today, is a powerful representation of who the band is today, both as people and as musicians. The project is their first release in almost two years, and the four-piece is proud to present a collection that is true to who they are today–one that captures their growth, pain, joy and everything in between as they continually discover themselves. Jackie Cywinski (guitar/vocals) says, “‘Called Upon’ is a beautifully diverse EP that truly shows how we work together in order to make music that is alive. The parts all four of us play separately naturally intertwine into unique, dynamic songs that we are extremely proud of.” Chicago Reader praises the band’s growth displayed throughout Called Upon, as it allows them to “focus the frenzy of Neptune’s Core’s earlier work without sacrificing its charm” and calls the EP their “most accomplished release yet.”

“Bunga,” also out today, encapsulates the turmoil that comes with growing up and the often debilitating pressure of self-discovery. Written by Jackie Cywinski, with compelling, raw vocals, the track swells to capture the overwhelming nature and perpetual process of knowing one’s self. The song’s potent message can be heard in the lyrics, “I just wanna be myself without wondering if that’s who I really am.” Cywinski explains, “I wrote Bunga during a time when finding who I truly was seemed nearly impossible. There is so much pressure put on people growing up to determine what they should be interested in–it can be suffocating.”


• Rising pop singer-songwriter Chloe Stroll releases her new dance-pop ballad, “Pedestal.” Written with Grammy winner Scott Harris, the vulnerable dance-pop track follows the release of her debut single, “Run,” and takes listeners on an emotional journey through heartbreak.

• “‘Pedestal’ is about someone breaking your heart. And the reality is, no matter if it is a relationship or friendship, it’s devastating when someone that you held in such high regard has broken your heart. Whether it’s a trial of trust or whatever could have happened, that was where the inspiration for the song came from.” – Chloe Stroll

“After Midnight”

• “‘After Midnight’ is about the excitement of a fresh connection and not knowing where it might lead, but just being along for the ride. Sometimes, you just have to put your fate in the hands of the other person that catches your eye and see where it might take you.” – Maisy Kay

• “After Midnight” follows the enchanting pop ballad, “First Time” as the second single from the forthcoming Metamorphosis EP by Maisy Kay who has already made her mark on the music industry by previously joining forces with notable powerhouses like Timbaland, R3HAB, Rodney “Darkchild” Jenkins, and Max Martin protégé Lukas “LULOU” Loules.

• Fans can catch Maisy Kay on the road supporting JVKE on his What Tour Feels Like North American tour through September 2nd.


• Rising hip-hop artist Amon is out with a fresh EP, 4 EVA featuring the new single, “LGFG.” The new track ignites a revolution in musical storytelling and features Kazie, a rapper whose blazing verse adds fuel to the fire. Amon’s past releases have already reached a combined total of over 1 million streams across platforms, with several tracks landing on coveted playlists.

• “’LGFG’ is a testament to the transformative power of music, a harmonious fusion of creativity and passion that leaves an indelible mark on hearts and souls, urging us all to Live, Grow, Flourish, and Grind without boundaries.” – Amon

Fresh from revealing new single ‘ easily’ to a strong response at press and playlists, fast rising Atlanta based artist Hojean is following up with sultry, alt- R&B slow jam ‘ 9-5’. Laying falsetto vocals atop a twinkling arrangement, the track is another gorgeous offering into a back catalog that has seen Hojean rack up over 110m Spotify listeners. Speaking on the release, he states: 

After debuting “9 to 5” at a festival of over 7000 people last year, the continued encouragement and excitement helped me recognize the nostalgia factor the song has. The feelings provoked in the song have a modern twist to my older work; soothing production with lyrics speaking on how love feels for the first time.

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BOYS LIKE GIRLS are excited to announce their first full length album in 11 years, SUNDAY AT FOXWOODS, which will arrive October 20, 2023 via Fearless / Concord Records. The announcement is heralded by today’s release of “CRY,” the fourth preview of the upcoming record, which is available now at all DSPs.




“I’m not really a campfire style singer, but on my third or fourth date with my now wife she asked me to play her a song. I don’t know why, but I picked up the guitar and started playing ‘CRY’ in front of someone for the first time,” lead vocalist Martin Johnson reflects. “A crazy thing happened…I felt the song in the way I had always wanted to. I meant the words I was singing…and I meant them for her. To me, every song is a living, breathing thing. Some are born before their time. Some are just supposed to make you feel good, some have great purpose. Sometimes when you write, you’re telling a real story, but sometimes it’s a made up one. Sometimes the words just sound good and you figure it out later. This one took years to reveal itself.”

“My hope is that ‘CRY’ finds its purpose and meaning to the listener a bit quicker than it took for me,” Martin Johnson continues. “More importantly, my hope is that it finds the ears of those who need it. A couple weeks ago Beef and I were sitting in my truck outside the studio, critically listening to mixes of our first album together in a dozen years. At the end of “CRY,” I looked to the passenger seat and the toughest man I know had tears running down his face and into his beard. We hugged and cried together in the car, two old friends still making music together, still pushing each other to be better musicians and men 20 years after we met in 2003. Even if this one is just for us, I know in my heart that it was worth waiting until the time was right. And after 10 years of waiting, I’m finally ready to sing it, and we’re finally ready to share it with you. The time is right.”

one of Detroit’s most free-spirited and trail-blazing artists, Moodymann, remixes one of its current champions, DJ Minx, for a commemorative release that brings a 20+ year friendship full circle. Commissioned via Insomniac’s house and techno imprint Factory 93, Moodymann takes on DJ Minx’s iconic 2004 single “A Walk In The Park,” transforming it from one of the greatest minimal house tracks of all time into a funky, experimental masterpiece that defies the rules of genres. 

At the turn of the millennium, “A Walk In The Park” was one of the first releases on DJ Minx’s seminal record label, Women On Wax. During this time, Moodymann served as a mentor to Minx, helping her get the label off the ground. Following a relaunch this past June, the label lives on, and so does the friendship between Moodymann and Minx, as they continue to work together as two of Detroit’s most influential and impactful artists. Being able to revisit the track 20 years later, with both artists still at the top of their game, is a rare feat that few can match. 

Moodymann’s untethered production acts as a clever take on the track’s title. While the original “A Walk In The Park” followed a strict and tight rhythm, Moodymann unravels it into a lucid dream that plays with auditory hallucinations, soulful chords, and creative arrangements. While the minimal and sub-y bassline remains intact, this is one “A Walk In The Park” like you’ve never experienced before. 

Moodymann’s remix completes the official remix package that DJ Minx initially released at the end of 2022, which featured Detroit brother-in-arms Seth Troxler as well as Soul Clap, Ardalan, and even a re-edit of the original from Minx herself. 

Canadian indie pop/alternative band New Friends is thrilled to release a new cover of Radiohead’s “High and Dry,” which is out now.
New Friends said, “Radiohead has been an inspiration for artists for decades now, so it was an easy decision to make when it came time to pick a cover. The band has inspired us in so many ways inside and outside the studio.”
New Friends — comprised of players from all over Southern Ontario, lead singer Stefan Boulineau (Windsor), guitarist Cole Wilson (St. Thomas), keyboardist/lead writer Ayden Miller (Orillia), Conrad (Waterloo) and Drummer Nico Elias, (Guatemala)— have experienced success at breakneck speed, landing L.A. management and a top booking agent.
The band went viral with the very first song they ever recorded, “Purple Candy,” in 2019, when they were practically strangers. Now at 8 million streams and counting, they released their new single “Sad Sugar” in July 2023.  

North Carolina based indie-Americana folk quartet Mipso share their earnest, propulsive sixth studio album Book of Foolsout everywhere now, including on vinyl here. Alongside the full project is the fuzzy synth and guitar-driven, lively “Radio Hell,” out now, an ambivalent nod to the music industry. Plus, the band has hit the road on an extensive tour across North America with tickets on sale now via

Book of Fools, the sixth studio album by Mipso out today, sees the band at their most assured, guided mostly by their own intuition and less impacted by time constraints, expectations or outside forces. Over ten cohesive tracks, driving rhythms, earnest, thoughtful lyricism guide the band back to their roots and who they are at their core. As Terrell puts it, “‘Book of Fools’ feels more relaxed, more confident, more us – like we’re wearing our favorite clothes and telling our favorite story and it feels exciting again.” There’s a fresh, solid confidence and profound understanding of one another that radiates through the music. It’s this palpable connection that can only come from this group playing together around the world several hundreds of times and it’s here they rediscover their joy and unmatched connection as musicians and as best friends.

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Longtime leading Bluegrass and roots outlet The Bluegrass Situation named Mipso their Artist of the Month this August, calling them a “prolific foursome,” and wrote of the album, “It’s exciting, encouraging, and energizing, to appreciate an album that isn’t merely a rung on a career ladder, but is meant to be its own constituent journey – both for Mipso and their listeners.” Local publication Axios Raleigh called the new album “adventurous,” and added, “While the band’s patented group vocals remain, they’re joined this time by electric guitars and Moog synthesizers. It all adds up to their most laid-back and groove-driven record yet.”

Darryl Kissick is a songwriter from Regina, SK. Goodbye Patterns is his third full-length album. It deals with topics like aliens, werewolves, time loops, and other dimensions. It was recorded in his basement studio with the help of Avery Kissick (drums and percussion) and Andrea Hedlund (vocals and violin). It was mixed by Jonathan Anderson and mastered by Philip Shaw Bova. Along with releasing music under his own name, Kissick plays in the band Foxwarren.

The String Cheese Incident share their fourth song sampling from their upcoming album Lend Me A Hand due out on Sept 8. 
Ain’t I Been Good To You” is a simple reggae-styled tune,” explains SCI bassist, Keith Mosely. “I came up with the groove and melody and then tried to imagine what Bob Marley might write for lyrics. The song explores a popular theme of love, longing and acceptance, and is a tribute to Bob, one of my all-time musical heroes. I hope you enjoy it!”
The String Cheese Incident will join Willie Nelson’s Outlaw Music Festival for several dates in support of their new record, Lend Me A Hand, which arrives on the cusp of the band’s 30th anniversary. 
About The String Cheese Incident:Over the last three decades, SCI have built a devoted following on the strength of their kaleidoscopic musicality and commitment to leaving audiences awestruck. Known for an immersive live show that continually pushes into unexpected terrain, the Colorado-bred six-piece handles everything from bluegrass to dubstep to psychedelia with equal parts abandon and ingenuity—a feat that’s found them sharing stages with such wide-ranging artists as Lauryn Hill, Skrillex, James Brown, Billy Strings, Perry Farrell, Sheryl Crow, Zac Brown Band, and more. But in a departure for the band—Bill Nershi (guitar, vocals), Michael Kang (guitar, mandolin, violin, vocals), Keith Moseley (bass, vocals), Michael Travis (drums, vocals), Kyle Hollingsworth (keys, vocals), and Jason Hann (percussion, programming)—SCI’s eighth studio album trades all that genre-hopping for a stripped-back form of folk-rock. 

Mojave Grey, the innovative music duo hailed as one of the world’s most talented pop-electro crossover acts, announces the release of their latest single, “House of the Sun,” due on August 18th. Their unique blend of rock, pop, and electronica modernizes the genres for a dance-savvy audience, setting a new standard for the electronic pop landscape.

The track showcases the distinctive vocals of Zander Bleck, whose emotive voice soars over visceral and emotionally charged dance production and instrumentation. Alongside Bleck, Michael Pozzi is gaining recognition as one of the best guitar

players in dance, his expertise shaping Mojave Grey’s unique sound.

Electronic music visionary LYNY, also known as Alec Leinhauser, is set to unveil a groundbreaking EP that defies conventions and charts a path into unexplored sonic dimensions. Familiar, a collection of three chill, introspective tracks, is poised for release on August 25th on the Memory Palace label, founded by Of The Trees. This release heralds a new chapter in LYNY’s musical voyage, as he navigates uncharted territories while leaving an indelible mark on the electronic music landscape.


“Familiar is a complex idea for when you treat something immaterial — like happiness, fear, or evil — as a material thing. This can be a way of making something concrete and easier to understand. In this case, the music itself is a material thing, which serves as the familiar, or reification, of what I’ve learned about growing as a person in the past few years.”

LYNY’s roots trace back to his middle school days, ignited by the groundbreaking sounds of Skrillex. Departing from his signature high-energy tracks, Familiar represents a new musical path driven by introspection and a desire to transcend genre boundaries.

As the countdown begins for the release of their highly anticipated sophomore album, STAY IN YOUR LANE…, groundbreaking electronic duo Smoakland teases fans with a taste of what’s to come. Their lead single, “That’s What I’m Talking About“, is set to make waves when it drops this Friday, August 25th:

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Drawing inspiration from their enlightening experiences during their Liquid Smoak tour, the single offers a promising sneak peek into an album that embodies rebellion, self-belief, and challenging societal norms. “All our lives we’ve been told what we’re supposed to do and make,” Anthony reflects. The sentiment resonates especially with those in the festival community determined to set their own course.

Harry, on diving deep, comments, “Parents tried to structure me; they wanted something else for me. I always fought against the grain.” It’s a feeling familiar to many, embodying the challenges faced in carving one’s unique path. Through “That’s What I’m Talking About”, Smoakland showcases that passion and authenticity can indeed result in unforgettable soundscapes.

Australian producer/DJ EDDIE and Juno-award winning electro-pop vocalist Lights release their new single ‘Pocketknife’ out now on Rezz’s label HypnoVizion.

Returning to the label with another intricately produced midtempo bass original, EDDIE continues to impress with ‘Pocketknife’. Captivating from start to finish, ‘Pocketknife’ is richly dynamic and full of angst as Lights sings, “I trust almost everyone, but still carry a pocketknife”. From its heavy builds and razor-sharp drops to Lights’ tantalizing pop vocals, ‘Pocketknife’ continues to see HypnoVizion encouraging a lyrically-led bass movement. 

“First of all, I cannot explain how excited I am for this song to finally be out. It’s been in the works for roughly 2 years and it’s had many different versions. Clearly, we were so picky with how we wanted this to turn out and the end result was absolutely worth it. I love combining my darker/harsher sound with mesmerizing vocals, this time from none other than the iconic Lights. Working with her and getting to know her throughout this process has been a pleasure and I feel so much joy that this record was completed.” – EDDIE

London-based Izzy S.O bites back with thumping new single ‘Silly Me’. Infectious and buzzy, the new single is an enticing display of bold guitar riffs and cathartic songwriting, putting Izzy S.O firmly on the map as an artist to watch.

Born from the early stages of a break up, Silly Me channels the frustrations of a vicious cycle within a relationship. Sharing more Izzy explained: Silly Me was written when emotions were on overdrive and it was easier to feel angry than to feel sad about losing someone that I not only loved but also shared an amazing friendship with. Silly me reflects on all the moments in that relationship where I wasn’t being honest about how certain things were making me feel.

 Don’t lose yourself trying to please someone you love whether that is a friend, partner or a family member. You’re not helping them if you’re not being real and you’ll only cause more pain further down the line.

Born in the West Midlands, Izzy S.O was raised on a diet of musical expression and creativity. Originally turning to poetry as her creative outlet, she began processing her emotions and experiences into a more digestible art form. This later transcended into songwriting, which during the pandemic, evolved further as she began working with producer Dustin Dooley. It was then Izzy cemented her sound which today toes a line between alt-pop and pop-rock and indie. Pulling inspiration from the female greats such as Alanis Morisette, Mazzy Star and Avril Lavinge, Izzy’s authentic expression and rich emotive songwriting is the perfect soundtrack to heal to.

San Francisco-based singer-songwriter Rykarda Parasol is excited to announce her fifth album Tuesday Morning, which will see a wide release on October 24, 2023. The first preview of the album is “Get Down With Your Bad Self,” a heady mélange of dark lounge rock and 60’s elegance. The track is accompanied by an animated official music video, which provides an apt backdrop for the track’s brooding sophistication. The video debuted at BUST, who praised the track’s “hypnotic, rhythmic beat, guitar riff and Rykarda’s penetrating vocals.”

A rest note is still a note,” Rykarda says cryptically about the track. “Often it’s the silent pauses that suggest the power to come.”

Canadian indie-pop act, New Friends, went viral with the very first song they ever recorded, “Purple Candy,” when they were practically strangers — now at 5.5 million streams and counting — scattered to their respective homes during Covid, recorded and released more songs, then won Slaight Music’s life-changing It’s Your Shot contest. The resulting EP, Camaro, was recorded with the $100,000 studio and promotion prize.

“Our superpower is that all four of us are different and our influences so different that going into a recording session, everyone’s coming into it with a completely different musical background. Our thing is to bring that nostalgia for bands we loved growing up into our sound,” says bassist Conrad Galecki, citing such varied sources as Coldplay, Snow Patrol, The Fray, Arctic Monkeys, and COIN.

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The EP includes the first single, “Doomed,” New Friends’ “take on the varied MuchMusic Dance Mix compilations from the 2000s,” says Conrad; la-la-loaded “Ricochet,” which he calls “our alternative rock-pop love child,” and the simple “no interpretation” pop song, “Waste My Time.” All three singles are part of the band’s self-discovery of a distinct sound after such instant, unexpected success.

Originally from London, UK, LTtheMonk had an eclectic musical upbringing that set him off on a journey to becoming a musician himself. Dance is also an intrinsic part of LT’s toolkit, with bantamweight Gene Kelly-meets-James Brown footwork and immaculate sport socks both indelible signatures of his persona as an entertainer. Melding all of his influences, LT aims to fuse dance music with hip-hop and pop to create his own unique sound, captured in songs such as “Class Of ’23” and “The Lo.”

An endless need for self expression has helped songwriter and multi instrumentalist Daniel Walton focus on his creative vision as an independent artist to write and produce his debut EP titled Island, a beautiful, heartfelt collection of songs about love, loss and change.

The 28 year old from Hamilton ON has been involved in a handful of collaborative original bands spanning many genres (Wooly Mantis, Downstream) but Island is the first of many projects that are from the mind of Daniel as a solo act. Being able to have full creative freedom has allowed Walton to find his voice in the songwriter space.

The genre defying EP features beautiful soundscapes, familiar grooves and instrumentation reminiscent of the Laurel Canyon folk rock scene of the 60’s, with complex modern arrangements, ambient synth work, skilful musicianship and adept story telling.

rising UK rapper Spencer Elmer drops new track “Hold It Down” via 10K Projects. Get it HERE Watch it HERE.

After a flurry of acclaimed releases, Spencer Elmer returns with “Hold It Down”, an ode to the delicate balancing act between relationships and career. As Spencer soars as an artist, his hunger for success overrides his desire for romance forcing it to take a backseat as he confidently climbs to the upper echelons of the music industry. His careful and considered lyricism overlays a pulled-back instrumental set with soothing guitar strings and a feathery melody, resulting in a downbeat track that is almost melancholic – a sound that we’re yet to hear from Spencer.

The new single follows Spencer’s recent releases “Far From Rude” featuring one of the UK’s most respected rappers and songwriters JAY1, and bouncy, tongue-in-cheek cut “Calm Like Kim”, as well as following his recent signing to LA-based record label 10K Projects earlier this year.

This new track “Hold It Down” shows fans a new side to Spencer, showcasing just how versatile he can be and solidifying his position as a formidable new artist on the scene.

Nashville based artist, Taylor Acorn, shares the music video for “Coma” featuring Cassadee Pope. Directed by Doltyn Snedden and shot in Nashville, TN, the moody, grungy clip plays off the vibes of the song and features both powerhouse vocalists delivering an energetic and emotive performance.

Watch the video HERE.

Taylor recently announced her forthcoming EP, Certified Depressant, out September 22nd via ONErpm. The last few years have been a whirlwind of touring across the globe for Taylor, sharing the stage with some of the biggest names in the scene. Now she’s ready to hand over the key to the diary of songs that have documented the past few years of her life and the lessons she’s come to learn. Pre-save Certified Depressant HERE.

Coming up, Taylor will be heading out on her FIRST Fall East Coast headlining tour. Beginning Wednesday, November 8th in Toronto, ON at The Garrison, the tour will make stops across the East Coast in Pittsburgh, Chicago, New York, Columbus and Atlanta before wrapping up in Nashville on Friday, November 17th at The East Room. These shows are selling out quickly so get your tickets while you can! See below for a full list of dates and get your tickets HERE

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Growing up in the early 90’s & 2000’s pop punk/ pop rock scene, for Taylor Acorn it was never a phase. Hailing from the small North Central Pennsylvania town of Wellsboro, Taylor had always dreamed of a career in music and in 2014, dropped out of Kutztown University to pursue just that, setting her sights for Nashville in 2017.

With her infectiously relatable releases of “Do That Again”, “In My Head” and “Shapeshifting”, Taylor is now leaving her own footprint in the pop punk community giving her fans a place to feel safe and to feel heard, by tackling tough subjects such as mental health by sharing her own personal struggles. She wants to give her listeners a space where they can feel free and vulnerable, a place where healing is accepted no matter who you are or where you’ve come from.


11/8 – Toronto, ON – The Garrison – SOLD OUT

11/9 – Pittsburgh, PA – Crafthouse

11/11 – Chicago, IL – Cobra Lounge – SOLD OUT

11/12 – Columbus, OH – Ace of Cups – SOLD OUT

11/14 – New York, NY – Mercury Lounge – SOLD OUT

11/16 – Atlanta, GA – The Masquerade (Purgatory)

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11/17 – Nashville, TN – The East Room – SOLD OUT
Socials: @neillfrazer

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