INsiders Guide ‘Artist Of The Week’: Saint Slumber

Saint Slumber: The band Saint Slumber has a bright future ahead of them, they have a new EP entitled “Youth//2” due for release September 14th, and recently they dropped the new track “Infinite”. The band stated “Our newest single ‘INFINITE’ is one we’ve been excited about for a long time now. Serving as the final track of our new EP, this is the first proper ballad we’ve put out as a band. We wanted to strip away most of the electronic elements of our music and have a song rooted in minimalism: an acoustic riff, a kick drum, and vocals. The end result is something
we’re proud of, and is something we feel compliments the louder, more energetic tracks we’ve released thus far”.

They’ve self produce all their own records and music videos and this group of highly individuals are set to light the music airwaves up with the new EP “Youth//2”. It’s a follow up to their debut release “Youth//1”, which accrued a million streams, garnering the band appearances on the legendary SoFar Sounds sessions and Balcony TV, finishing the year strong by playing Philadelphia Winter Jawn Festival with Dashboard Confessional and The Struts to a record-breaking crowd. We’re excited here to see what the new EP brings, but until then you can hear their hot new song “Infinite” below.



Written By: Neill Frazer

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