INsiders Guide : Cooper Phillip, Tom Walker, Fiona Harte, David Ayscue

Cooper Phillip: Pop artist Cooper Phillip has a brand new single called Speak In Tongues”, which embodies her power vocals along with sensual pop sounds that make for an infectious listen. Her previous single garnered her a massive 10 million+ listens online, in which she gained a massive loyal fan base. The Russian born, Los Angeles based artist has elevated herself to the top of the pop world with “Speak In Tongues”. Born in a small town in Russia to a family of accomplished classical musicians, her early years were shaped being raised by her grandmother and aunt while her mother (a master violin player), toured around the world. The separation led Cooper to seek comfort in music, and she found solitude in the musical styling’s of Ella Fitzgerald.

Her mother saw the talent in her daughter and gave up her budding career to focus solely on her daughters’s. Cooper moved to New York at age 17, with barely a dollar to her name, and she worked and hustled, performing in weddings and clubs and sleeping in the storeroom of a restaurant where she sang. It wasn’t easy but she would not be deterred. After a few years in the city, Cooper jumped at an opportunity to sing at a important gig in LA.

“Speak In Tongues” is co-written with Emmy Award-winning Max Matluck and Alessandro Calemme, and is about living through the feeling of love and passion and capturing this state of mind. Cooper Phillip’s music has always featured themes of empowerment, “I believe we underestimate ourselves often and our fear takes over. My goal is to show people that they are stronger and can do much more then they think they can”, she admits. “Speak In Tongues” is just another song to add to her vast list of cleverly crafted hit singles.

Tom Walker: This breakout UK singer/songwriter has just dropped his emotive new song “Angels.” The single is a follow up to “Leave A Light On” that has become a smash with everyone around the world. That hit has sold more than 1.8 million singles worldwide, reached #1 on iTunes in 16 countries, including his native UK where the song has nearly reached the 600,000 mark, soaring to the Top Ten in 39 countries. The new single “Angels” is set to follow in it’s footsteps and will be featured on Tom Walker’s debut album, “What A Time To Be Alive”, set for release October 19 on Epic Records.

Fiona Harte: This 24-year-old Northern Irish Singer-Songwriter, has just dropped her stunning new song “White Picket Fence”. Currently based in New York City, Fiona Harte has worked with names such as Duke Special, Rachel Sage and Steve Lillywhite, and now she has decided to focus solely on her own material. She’s captivated audiences around the world with her beautiful voice, and she recently premiered the new song at Sofar Sounds in Dublin, which gained over 38K views on YouTube. The mesmerizing songstress is set to gain a whole new legion of fans with the new single “White Picket Fence”. The poetic single was inspired by the highs and lows people experience when in a relationship. “It’s about being in love with someone but having the sense to know it isn’t a promising or compromising relationship. The song focuses on how your desired person can control your emotions by doing so little. Even though the song portrays as sad, the White Picket Fence refers to having hope, perhaps for that love or another” Harte said.

David Ayscue: Los Angeles based singer/songwriter David Ayscue has released his new single entitled “New York”, has features his soothing vocals over an acoustic melody. His skillful guitar techniques has gained comparisons to the works of John Mayer and James Taylor, and his songs paint pictures of life as a young adult. “New York” is a beautifully heartfelt song, and Ayscue spoke of the new single saying “I wrote ‘New York’ last summer. I knew that in early August I was going to visit my brother, who was living in a small apartment in SoHo. My friend from high school was having his 21st birthday party in the city that same week, and a bunch of old friends were making the trip to the city to see everybody. It felt like this mass migration to NYC was happening, and it gave the city this center-of-the-world feeling. There’s a rekindling of a romance in there as well. It’s a Central Park on a Sunday afternoon type of song,”.


Written By: Neill Frazer

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