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Julia Michaels is Raw, Honest and Experimental on ‘Inner Monologue Part I’ EP

Singer/Songwriter, Julia Michaels dropped her new EP “Inner Monologue Part 1″, which follows her last EP “Nervous System” which was released in July 2017 with her breakout hit “Issues”. The EP reached number 48 on Billboard’s 200 Chart. Michaels has always been known for being completely vulnerable in her songwriting, baring her soul and her heart, which she does once again in this six song EP.

The 25 year old singer-songwriter has written some of the biggest pop songs of the past five years with the likes of Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, Britney Spears, Shawn Mendes and Christina Aguilera. Along with fellow collaborator Justin Tranter they’ve delivered an honest new take on songwriting that has encouraged a giant movement. Forget what you already know about Michaels, and like myself go into this EP blind because you will walk away even more impressed.

She opens up with her battle with anxiety which a lot of people in this day and age can relate to. She collaborated with Selena Gomez on the appropriately titled track and both of their voices blend wonderfully together. This song gives an insight to those who are unfamiliar with what anxiety entails. These two are no strangers working together as Julia worked on some of Gomez’s hits like “Hands to Myself” and “Good for You”. Michaels also shares her struggles with past relationships on the release “What A Time”, with whom she collaborated with good friend Niall Horan. This track has to be one of my favourite on the record, as it delves into reminiscing about a relationship ending. Niall Horan strong raspy vocals are an incredible addition to this song.

My standout track and the one I most relate to is the song “Happy”. Julia sings to insecurities being like an invisible chain. “Happy” is where she just lets the world have a piece of her mind and confusion in a big way. She confesses, “And sometimes I think I kill relationships for art. I start up all this shit to watch em fall apart” before pleading “Oh, I just wanna be fucking happy”. The song takes a more experiential approach. I love the hard pop instrumentals as it’s the perfect accompaniment to this epic song.

I appreciate artists so much more when they are gifted songwriters. Julia is an absolutely fantastic songwriter and it truly shows on this EP. There is a reason she keeps getting asked to collaborate with some of the biggest artists out there. I believe “Inner Monologue Part 1″ is going to be that record that not only puts her poetry in the spotlight, but will help people cope with similar issues.

Rating: ★★★★★

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Written by Neill Frazer

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