INsiders Guide: Gold Complex Debut Album ‘New Soul’

Full of soul with just a hint of pop, Gold Complex have finally released their highly anticipated debut album “New Soul”. This 8 piece band hail from Toronto and spent 3 years in the studio creating a full length album after the success of their self titled EP in 2015. The band performed on the small screen and also had their music licensed for the Netflix series ‘Open Heart’.

“New Soul” was released on the 22nd of February and is full of infectious catchy melodies and harmonies, complete with a relentless sound defined by pop instrumentals. The album was recorded live off the floor and with the epic polished production, it makes the listeners feels as if they are a part of a Gold Complex live show. This 8 piece powerhouse also dropped the third single off the album called “Homegirl”, which is also the opening track from “New Soul”. Lead singer Will Bowes details it as a song about the exciting early stages of a new relationship.

“New Soul” is sexy and energetic and takes the sound of R&B to a whole new level of brilliance. It brings back the acapella sounds that have been absent from the new age styling’s of urban music. Gold Complex hopes that “New Soul” will not only bring a whole new love for R&B music, but also reach a whole new body of fans across the globe.


Written By: Neill Frazer

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