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INsiders Guide: Elohim Releases Brand New EP ‘Braindead’, plus Troi Irons, Islandman and Fake Fake

Elohim has released a brand new EP titled, ‘Braindead’. Elohim first revealed the news of the EP in a recent interview with Variety. The project explores Elohim’s courageous struggle with mental health – a centerpiece of her artistry and songwriting since day 1. The release is timed with the month of May in support of Mental Health Awareness Month and Elohim will donate 100% of the May proceeds from the EP to a selection of charities focusing on providing outreach and support for those suffering from mental health issues.

As a gift to fans, Elohim has also released a series of breathwork videos for each song on the EP as a form of guided meditation. She will also release a docu-series about the EP that will roll out over the coming month on her YouTube channel. Speaking on the EP, Elohim notes, “Braindead is a look into the beautifully broken minds of humans that face the challenges and struggles of mental health issues.  We all see the world differently. Braindead is a musical tapestry that I made for people to listen to and hopefully explore their hearts, mind, and the world they live in with less fear, more clarity, and less self judgement.”

(Photo Credit: Jessica Lehrman)​

Edgy rock musician Troi Irons is thrilled to release her second single “Lost Angels.” Troi says, “Lost Angels” is the title track off my upcoming debut album. It’s a signal flare for every alienated person in the middle of it all, who sees the bullshit and is not at home in this weird world.”

“Lost Angels” is the second single that Troi has released this year. Her first single “Strangers” is out now as well and has received praises from Flood Magazine and Live Nation’s Ones To Watch. Troi Irons is music’s gifted anomaly. She is female in a genre where they are few and far in between; still she manages to stand out from the rest.  What’s different about her makes her special. You can hear and see it in her vulnerability with the gripping lyrics along with having raw and realness in her sound.  All she does is music and she hopes that the simplicity she showcases makes an impact on her fans as much as it does for her. What you see is what you get with Tori Irons and the music she creates.

Believing in; music is the ‘vibration of time’, Islandman is searching for new exotic sound spaces each performance, and design a joyful experience for the audience. Started as Istanbul based producer ‘Tolga Böyük’s solo project, Performing as a trio of multi-instrumentalists, bringing together dancefloor beats with ‘Anatolian psychedelic’ oriented guitar and synth riffs. Their new single “Lamani” brings together dance-floor beats with Anatolian psychedelic oriented guitar and synth riffs.

The sounds and sentiments of “GOODNIGHTMARE” by Fake Fake are equal parts uplifting and introspective, with a push and pull that they found themselves reflected in. On the single the guys say “The two of us take a clear sibling rivalry based approach to songwriting as Fake Fake – constantly challenging one another on what musical elements we feel work best – and wanted our debut release to show that dynamic. The music and visuals for “GOODNIGHTMARE” were produced by ourselves entirely from start to finish, and we hope others will share in that personal connection. Being massive fans of pop music with a purpose, we admire artists that attempt to meet listeners somewhere beyond the slick production and catchy hooks alone. “GOODNIGHTMARE” is us reaching out”.

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Written by Neill Frazer

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