Loote’s Brand New Single “Tomorrow Tonight”

According to New York-based pop duo Loote, the best way to describe their sound is by talking about ice cream. “We’re like a perfect chocolate-vanilla swirl soft serve cone,” says Emma Lov, who co-writes and shares vocals with Jackson Foote. Both these artists are the perfect blend of musical eurphoria, combining Emma’s singer-songwriter background and Jackson’s production technique. The result is a confident sound that’s sexy, energetic, and inspired by many of today’s trailblazing artists.

Since signing with Universal Music Publishing Group through a joint venture with SRP they immediately began working closely with other songwriters and artists in the New York music scene. Emma says, “It accelerated our growth as writers and helped me work on my craft.”

Now signed to iconic label Island Records, the vibrant duo has released their brand new single “Tomorrow Tonight”. Loote are just creating surefire hit after surefire hit, and this latest effort is set to do the same.


Written By: Neill Frazer

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