Matt Reeves Reveals More Photos From ‘The Batman’

The Batman‘s director, Matt Reeves, has released footage and photos of the new project to the world himself. Recently, he shared camera test footage of Robert Pattinson in his new Batsuit, and now, we get to see the Dark Knight’s ride for the upcoming 2021 movie.

Reeves tweeted three photos of the new Batmobile on the movie’s set and it looks like something out of the Fast & Furious franchise more than it looks like a traditional Batmobile. While it’s unclear exactly what type of car Batman drives in the new film, it looks like a muscle car.

What these photos also offer is the first official look at Pattinson’s full Batman costume. While set photos were released online recently, they were not taken by the production. In these new images, Pattinson can be seen standing next to the car.

Written By: Neill Frazer

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