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How One U.S. County Is Bringing Life Back To It’s Citizens

As movie theaters have shut across the globe, one multiplex in the heart of Texas has found an inventive way to keep the projector rolling. The EVO Entertainment movie theater in Schertz, Texas, has converted its parking lot into a temporary drive-in theater. The company painted the exterior wall of the movie theater with high-grain white paint that films can be projected on and they use AM/FM radios to broadcast the sound inside each vehicle. Since opening March 27, every screening has been sold out and all showtimes through April 3 remain booked.

“This is a difficult time for everyone, so we’ve made it our goal to find a way to spread positivity within our community while sharing in the responsibility of social distancing during the crisis,” EVO Entertainment Group CEO Mitchell Roberts said in a statement to Forbes.

The drive-in launched by showing evening screenings of the Marvel Cinematic Universe blockbuster “Spider-Man: Homecoming.” All screenings are free and spots at the drive-in can be reserved ahead of time. All scheduling for session times end at 10pm when the town’s curfew goes into effect.

EVO Entertainment is making money by providing food options from its theater kitchen. Forbes reports: “The cinema has taken significant measures to ensure the health of its patrons. Guests will have the opportunity to order menu items from the theater kitchen via a custom mobile ordering interface that was built specifically for this initiative. All payments are made through the app and no cash is accepted. When orders are ready, an EVO employee equipped with nitrile gloves brings the items to the driver side door.”

So is this an option for some of our own cities to take into account, something that might bring some life and sanity to their civilians. It’s probably one of the few ways entertainment can be achieved with social distancing in full effect, and also adhering to the governments requests. If someone has the initiative, this is an idea you can put into practise….just saying.



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Written by Neill Frazer

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