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INsiders Guide: Tribe Friday, Avery Raquel, J. Rey Soul, Cassidy Mann, Mimi Webb, Monsta X, BAYLI, Sara Diamond, Joyia, Sad China, Luke November….

Those guitar-slinging emo kids, Tribe Friday, are once again leaving the forests of Sweden and heading back out into the big bad world with new single forward is the way out. This first release from the group’s upcoming debut full-length bubblegum emo takes a wry look at optimistic catchphrases that ring futile in the midst of a mental health low; taking the listener on an emotional rollercoaster ride that launches from the Gen Z doomer opening line “everyone is dead”, through to the troubled implications of the final chorus “hoping I’ll be alright, I leave candles lit when I sleep.”  The track is also a showcase in how the Tribe Friday sound, buffered with the agitated guitar chops of Isak Gunnarsson and locked-in low-end of Robin Hanberger-Pérez, kicks with a gritty power that can turn even the most melancholy of subject matters into a twisted celebration of emotional insecurity.

Thinking isn’t good for the soul, that technique is old.

“Helpless” is a punchy and colourful song with a touch of playfulness, inspired by an old relationship slowly seeing its end. Admitting that fact was the hardest part.

Hear my new single today on SoundCloud • Spotify • Apple

When someone has a hold on you mentally, it’s hard to let them go, even if you know they aren’t meant for you. I explain through the course of “Helpless” that it’s just little things keeping us together, but that can’t be the only glue holding the relationship.

Dreaming could be good for the soul, or so I’ve been told.

Thanks for listening,
Avery Raquel

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After popping off on a series of collaborations with Black Eyed Peas, gold-selling singer and songwriter J. Rey Soul serves up her debut single and music video “Pull Up” with WILL.I.AM [feat. Nile Rodgers] today.

Get it HERE via Epic Records.

Nodding to Studio 54-era disco, seventies funk, and futuristic hip-hop all at once, the track conjures throwback vibes with a twist courtesy of Rock and Roll Hall of Fame® Inductee, three-time GRAMMY® Award winner, and Chic co-founder Nile Rodgers. Over warbling talk box, airy keys, and a thick bass line, J. Rey Soul flaunts her dynamic vocals as she admits, “I’ve just got to be free, before WILL.I.AM promises to “Pull up in that AMG. The visual intercuts animated footage of luxury automobiles racing through the night with shimmering performances by a stunning J. Rey Soul and WILL.I.AM both looking fly and fresh as hell. It only heats up this next chapter for J. Rey Soul.

I started writing “Election Night” just before the U.S. election in 2020. 

For better or worse, elections are a good time for self-reflection. Different political eras affect society as a whole, but in my new single I wanted to dig into how it also affects relationships on a more intimate level.  

You can listen to “Election Night” now:

Stream the visualizer on YouTube.

“It’s a paradox, going back in time” speaks to the idea of wanting to experience something again, or change how it happened, but realizing if you did that then the present version of your world would not exist in the same way. You are better because you’ve learned something and grown. We have to accept things as they happen and just keep trying to take the right next step.  

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Hope you enjoy it,

Cassidy Mann

Continuing her breakthrough year, UK pop singer and songwriter Mimi Webb shares a new single and music video entitled “24/5” today. Get it at DSPs HERE. Watch the music video HERE.

On the track, soft piano rings out in between her intimate delivery of the verses. Handclaps fuel the momentum as her voice soars on the hook, “Haunted by your love, holding on for 24/5. Directed by Samuel Douek, the accompanying cinematic visual tells an equally impactful story as her star power shines just as much as her vocals do.

24/5”, produced by Freedo, sets the stage for the release of her Seven Shades of Heartbreak EP, coming October 22nd. It includes the international hits “Good Without” and “Dumb Love. Together, they’ve already clocked over 200 million streams. Both songs notably held spots in the Top 15 on the UK Singles Chart at the same time marking Mimi Webb as the first UK female artist, since Dua Lipa in 2017, to have two singles in the UK Top 15 before release of her debut album.

Stay tuned for more from Mimi Webb soon. Experience Seven Shades of Heartbreak on October 22nd.

Worldwide phenomenon, Monsta X, have released their highly anticipated English single, “One Day”, today. Released through Intertwine (BMG) in collaboration with Starship Entertainment; “One Day” is about having lost or broken up with someone, and the feeling of knowing that it might feel better at some point, but you’re stuck in your current emotion and not able to realize that. Named by as “one of k-pop’s most prolific groups,” this English-language release is a continuation of their first all English-language debut album, ALL ABOUT LUV. Released in February 2019 that album ranked at No.5 on the Billboard 200 Chart, making it only the 3rd K-Pop group to chart within the top 10, and was one of the first-ever full English pop albums from Korea. 

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Singer Kihyun says “it’s been a really long time since we’ve released an English song. To get this song out, we’ve had a lot of support and help from many others. I’d like to give my sincere thanks. Due to the pandemic, we weren’t able to see our international MONBEBEs, nevertheless they’ve always been the light and energy for us. A special thanks to our MONBEBEs, we were able to come all the way here. Please give “One Day” lots of love and look forward to our new songs that will come out in the near future!”

New York-based artist and songwriter BAYLI has released her debut EP, stories from new york, out now via Snafu Records. Listen to the EP in full now here.

True to its title, stories from new york is an urban symphony depicting BAYLI’s coming-of-age in NYC. The collection of songs piece together a mosaic of stories that define BAYLI’s self-discovery through introspection and evolution. The genre-defying project is an invitation into her world, of which BAYLI notes, “The concept really just came naturally. As we started to make songs for the project, I noticed that they all had this storyline that brought me back to NYC. With all the ways the city has influenced my identity with music and art and fashion and even my family’s identity too, it just felt so right.”

Over the years, Sara Diamond has crafted an incredibly unique sound, perfectly in tune with her enticing gift as a powerful vocalist. Blending her vocal strength seamlessly with her clever songwriting, her music has caught many ears and captured millions of hearts all over the world.

With her last few releases, the indie-pop star has gained over 20 million streams worldwide on her own music and another 16 million on collaborations with the likes of Kaskade, Adventure Club, NASAYA, Tyler Shaw, and several others.

The Montreal songstress is the vocal equivalent of an Olympian and has a sound steeped in R&B and soul.
– Ones To Watch

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Canadian songstress Joyia knows a woman’s worth on sultry new record “What She Deserves.” The new single highlights Joyia’s emotional vulnerability through her raw and soothing vocals and features signature acoustic instrumentation. “What She Deserves” is the Toronto singer at her best; she delivers delicious melodies with ease and an even tastier message of tender-hearted female empowerment.   


“As I’ve grown, I’ve become aware of my own self worth and I’ve realized all that I have to offer both as an individual, and as a woman. This song is basically letting someone know that sure, I may want you right now. But I already love myself enough to know that I don’t need you if you can’t level with me. Women deserve more than that. I think people forget none of us would be here if it wasn’t for a woman – this song is just a quick reminder.” – Joyia

Photo Credit: Jenn Xu

Vancouver indie pop artist Sad China (aka Sunny Chen) is excited to announce the release of their new electro-tinged hyperpop single ‘ilyimy’ out today on all digital streaming platforms. Listen here.

‘ilyimy’ is the first single and title track from Sad China’s debut full-length album, which is set for release on October 22nd. A product of the COVID pandemic, ‘ilyimy’ explores the highs and lows of living in quarantine. 

“Isolation’s been hard, but now I realize my quarantine routine forced me to reflect and process my trauma – stuff I’ve held on to that still hurts me, and informs how I relate to others, especially my loved ones,” says Sad China. “When I wasn’t making music, sleeping or eating, I spent all my time with my ex, binging on oxytocin, THC, and CBD. Then we broke up. ‘ilyimy’ is a mixture of wanting to rejoin society, dance, and touch my friends’ faces, but it’s also me stalking my ex on social media right after the breakup.”

Fresh from being sampled on Pop Smoke’s ‘Faith’ and Kanye West’s ‘DONDA’, East London’s promising talent, Luke November continues to perfect his hybrid sound with highly anticipated track ‘Queen Bee’.


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Taking an alternative route to his counterparts, Luke November is rapidly gaining international support ahead of his homegrown discovery. Following the release of his track ‘Call Me Bad’, Kanye West’s management team were quick to contact Luke November. They loved his music and wanted to sample it on Kanye’s collaboration with Pop Smoke and Pusha T. Entitled ‘Tell The Vision’ the track debuted on the U.S Billboard 200 and features on Kanye West’s critically acclaimed album ‘DONDA’ and Pop Smokes posthumously released album ‘Faith’.


Rising talent Toby Romeo returns with a remix EP for his latest hit single ‘Oh Lord’ featuring Deve. This time around, the young producer recruited Magnificence, RageMode, and Hayve for stunning, new reinterpretations of the anthemic track. The latest to come directly follows Romeo’s recent remix of Kungs’ single ‘Never Going Home’. Out now via Universal, the 3-track ‘Oh Lord’ remix EP is available to listen to across all streaming platforms.

The EP kicks off with Magnificence’s rework, taking the track into a new sonic atmosphere. The oscillating buildup erupts into an irresistible rhythm, primed to take over the dancefloor with a deep, heavy bass sound. Magnificence takes the original and transforms it with heavily melodic instrumentation and rising tension. The remix is characterized by propulsive energy and shimmering elements as Magnificence’s masterful production takes the original track to a newfound, enthralling ambiance.

Rising singer-songwriter vaultboy has released the 2nd remix of his explosively viral debut single, “everything sucks,” featuring BRIT-nominated Popstar, GRACEY. Named by Rolling Stone as the “King of Sad Songs”; this remix follows the original release of vaultboy’s “everything sucks” on May 21st, along with its Eric Nam remix on August 13th. Having only one official release under his belt at the time, “everything sucks” skyrocketed not only to the #1 spot on Spotify’s Global Viral Chart, but also hit #1 on the Western music chart in China for two weeks straight, beating out Billie Eilish’s “Lost Cause.”

“Before I wrote “everything sucks”, I found GRACEY’s music online and was already a fan. After we released “everything sucks” and the idea of doing remixes for the song came along, I immediately thought about GRACEY. We connected on the idea and she quickly put a verse down that’s straight fire and feels so good.  I’m glad we’re able to finally put this out and share it with the world.” – vaultboy

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Denver-based synth-pop artist and multi-instrumentalist Brandon Meyer, musically known as Whoa Sequoia, explores the universal concept of time in his upcoming single “Film Review.” Written at the height of the pandemic, the synth-driven dance pop track focuses on the complexity of time; how it seemingly remains stagnant while simultaneously advancing. The first release from his forthcoming album David Letterman, Whoa Sequoia releases “Film Review” and its accompanying music video this Friday, August 27, 2021. 

Born and raised in Philadelphia, Meyer began his musical journey while attending high school. By the age of 14, he had begun to teach himself to play the guitar, structure songs and develop his musical capabilities. While studying music and film at Ithaca College, the multi-talented artist decided to take music more seriously and form a band. In the early 2000’s, Meyer moved to New York City to branch out and explore the various realms of music, including producing and engineering. After joining a popular indie band, touring globally and receiving rave reviews, the musician began releasing instrumental electronic music under the moniker Keanu Trees


Losing friends is not easy but can lead to something new. New York City-based alternative R&B artist NIA shares her personal experience with questioning friendships in her latest single “Bother You.” Understanding the loss of some friends is inevitable on the road to success, the Afro-Latina songstress gets raw about the realization that not every friendship endures. The first single off of NIA’s debut album Angelz, the upbeat and honest “Bother You” is available now on all musical platforms. Be on the lookout for the upcoming music video set to be released next Monday, September 20th, 2021.


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