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Fresh from the release of his positively-receptive album release, multi-dimensional music-maven, eight-time Olympic gold medalist Usain Bolt releases the official video to the certifiable hit “YUH KNOW” with rising artist Nugent “NJ” Walker via A-Team Lifestyle Records/UnitedMasters. Watch it HERE.

The new video shot in the heart of London by HANGMAN finds the two self-proclaimed ‘Country Yutes’ trail-blazing, in a celebratory fashion, on the nightlife scene hot on the heels of the release of Country Yutes. The massive album debut has continued to receive unquestionable acclaim for Usain’s seamless transition as an artist/producer through the sounds and vibrations of Reggae and Dancehall.

Earlier this week, Country Yutes made a destined top ten debut on Billboard’s Reggae Album Charts. Since the September 3 release, the project has also amassed status as #1 on Amazon Music album charts with co-signs from Apple MusicSpotifyTidal, and Audiomack worth noting.

Rising West Coast artist Ease The Don features rapper and fellow LA-native Jerry West on his new single and music video “Stay Safe.” The video, set in sunny SoCal, features the local artists at their own lemonade stand-turned-block party as they dream for the well-being and successes of their crew. The playful record is bright and bouncy, perfect for wrapping up the summer months. 


“It’s a song that was made in response to the uncertain times that we are living in. There’s been somewhat of a dark cloud over most of us due to the virus and the phrase that’s been popular lately is “Stay Safe.” You hear it on commercials, you hear it at the store, you hear it amongst your friends. On top of that, there’s been a lot of violence in the inner city recently. With that being said, I want all my bros to stay safe.”  Ease The Don

Setting their best foot forward with an almighty debut effort – MEXICAN DOGS – are delighted to present: “You & I”.

A stridently confident first single, “You & I” bows down at the altar of rock titans past and present to conjure a record with stadium-sized ambitions and an electrifying energy.

Concocting a bewitching brew of glam-infused blues-rock that deftly transcends age and experience, the band’s immortal sound is one to behold and has even been hailed as “Cream-Rex” by some early supporters. With thundering riffs, skyscraping solos and an inherent swagger most bands would sell their souls for, on their first official single “You & I” Mexican Dogs dabble in the dark arts to create a record to get very excited about. 

Speaking about the band’s big intentions for “You & I”, frontman Gaz Wilcox says:

“We had the idea of this song with a vision of it connecting with a big audience at shows, bringing people together. While a lot of our tracks have a faster/heavier approach, this one holds back on the pace that we think creates a groove that should transcend through all ages and music lovers.”

MasonRoseGray is a singer/songwriter based in Florida. Creating music with the sole intention of shining light into the dark and exposing the truth, her sound blends indie, folk and blues with honest and raw lyrics, unlocking a whole new world; the good, the bad, the ugly. Inspired by the likes of Miranda Lambert, Billie Eilish and David Bowie, Gray evokes a unique and infectious sound that encourages self-love and ultimately provides the key to happiness. 

Having experienced a turbulent upbringing with many ups and downs, the artist has now learnt to put herself first and focus on her own happiness. Setting out with the desire to spread love and joy and create music to lift your soul and spirit, Gray’s sound makes you feel alive. Through a shimmery lens, the musician emphasizes the importance of connecting with humanity and finding love in the little things. 

“Unrecognized” speaks of emotional and physical abuse and the importance of speaking up and bringing awareness to the situation. The songwriter confides, “I believe as a society it’s more and more prevalent. I wanted to bring awareness and take the listener on a deep truthful journey through the anguish and turmoil one goes through when experiencing anger and rage. The feeling as if they don’t know who they are or even recognize themselves,” continuing, “Unrecognized was challenging to write but felt it was necessary to share this story. It’s a very vulnerable subject and this song certainly reflects that.” The single represents all aspects of the human lifespan and the emotional rainbow we experience. Sending a gentle reminder to embrace our shadows and dark sides, rather than hiding them away, Gray explains, “Unrecognized is a metaphor for burnt toast; sometimes you get knocked down in life and it doesn’t always go according to plan. You feel a loss of control which sometimes can be detrimental, but my motto is throw it away and start over another day or just eat it.”

With vintage washed keys, a nostalgic, sedated beat and a delicate ripple of electric guitar, the calm and controlled mood feels steady and mystical, not holding back on emotion. Through her signature husky vocals, the track moves into a fluid, echoing guitar, dripping in an underlying euphoria and contrasting with the overall aura and theme. The waves of dynamics flood the track with ups and downs reflecting the heartfelt lyrical storytelling. 

Optimistic, energetic and charismatic with a fully alive spirit, Gray is a huge advocate for mental health and awareness. She shares, “I feel I have come to terms with my full story and I’m ready to share it with the world. I hope it resonates with audiences everywhere!”

Chloe Florence is a singer-songwriter born and raised in Montreal, Canada. Chloe comes by her love of singing and songwriting honestly. Many of her paternal family sang, played multiple instruments, belonged to bands and worked in Vaudeville. Her natural ability to visualize a song both instrumentally and lyrically is something her great-grandmother excelled at. Add in the vagabond spice of a Gypsy great-aunt and it’s easy to understand Chloe’s ability to story tell through music. Chloe began piano and voice lessons at eight years old and quickly knew that music sated her soul. This saw her through some difficult years when her parents separated and then divorced. Music was and continues to be Chloe’s solace and a way to communicate the highs and lows of her life.

Happy to announce sensual “Rendez-Vous” is now available on all music platforms.


I was super infatuated with this guy. We had an unspoken connection, but didn’t act upon our feelings at the time. My new single expresses all of the thoughts I never had the courage to say.

We were always so busy, and yet we always made time to meet each other.

Your support means the world,

Baëbe Ruth

Imagine: An 11-year-old New England kid singing to Alanis Morrisette in her bedroom is suddenly uprooted and raised in the Dominican Republic through Jr and High School. Puberty and a culture-shock to an already unpopular Kimberly June was the Petri dish where her artistry was cultivated. Poetry turned to songwriting after learning three chords on a fat-necked nylon-string guitar, and her boiling teenage angst finally had an open steam valve. Then she attends both Berklee College of Music in Boston and Belmont University in Nashville. Upon graduation she signs a Publishing Deal on Music Row at the age of 22. A couple years into the journey, her personal life is falling apart with a failing marriage, excessive partying, drug use, anxiety and depression. Hawaii was the haven calling her in for some deep soul-searching, and a vacation turned into a new chapter in KJ’s life. The mixture of influences throughout her life create her unique sound, incorporating Folk, 90’s rock, Latin, Blues, Country and Island feels. Kimberly June captures your attention with rich, percussive guitar playing and catchy, relatable songs, which are mostly written by herself. She independently releases new music and plays all over Hawaii and the mainland USA, opening for artists such as G. Love, Donovan Frankenreiter, Kimie Miner and Kenny Loggins. As a writer, she has had songs featured on TV shows “Nashville” and “Degrassi High” and continues to travel frequently to LA and Nashville for collaborations. Only life-experience can produce the soulful sounds coming out of this tiny girl, a small package that packs a punch. Her Instagram page is more than just musical updates, its a self-evident portrayal of her interesting lifestyle, character and outlook on life. Follow her: @JustKJ.Love and make sure to listen to her newest single “Someone Who Gets Me”.

Written By: Neill Frazer

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