Test Footage For A Possible Robin Williams Biopic Goes Viral As People Amaze Over Actor Jamie Costa’s Portrayal

It’s been seven years since beloved comedian and actor Robin Williams passed away, but a newly released film clip shows Jamie Costa bringing his spirit back to life for a possible biopic. The video shows a moment between Costa’s Williams and his Mork & Mindy co-star Pam Dawber, played by Sarah Murphree, as she breaks the news that fellow comedian John Belushi has died. Williams passed away in 2014 and Costa went viral for his impressions of Williams’ characters shortly afterward.  At the time of writing, the clip, titled “ROBIN Test Footage Scene”, has over three million views on YouTube. Costa’s impersonation is almost unnervingly precise. Just as Williams himself could impersonate any number of public figures and voices, Costa seems amazingly in control of the portrayal.


Written By: Neill Frazer

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