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Shawn Mendes Heartbreaking New Single ‘When You’re Gone’

Shawn Mendes finally dropped his new single, “When You’re Gone,” after teasing the track on Instagram earlier this month. Mendes wrote the new single about his break up with Camila Cabello, the pair dated for two years before calling it quits in November 2021.

Mendes co-wrote and produced “When You’re Gone” with Scott Harris and Jonah Shy, only a few months after the couple split. In an interview with the BBC he opened up about the aftermath of the break up saying; “I think after you get over, like, the shock of, ‘Wow, I’m not gonna see that person every day,’ you realize you were relying on that person. For me, Camilla was a lot of my support system, so kind of realizing ‘Okay, I’ve gotta be there and cope by myself and for myself,’ a lot of that came through in this song.”

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Written by Neill Frazer

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