INsiders Guide: BADDA TD, ECHO BEACH, Iaye, Young Mommy, FRANSIS, Ludic, Westpark, Leah Kate….

Rising Brooklyn rap star BADDA TD announced today via his Instagram page that he will be officially joining Fivio Foreign and Dream Doll on tour, opening up the first show in Salt Lake City, UT. Check out the full itinerary HERE. Get tickets HERE

Badda TD continues to make waves. Just last year he dropped Prince of Flatbush. In particular, “Feel Like A Boss” [featuring 42 Dugg] amassed over 4 million streams and counting and 1 million YouTube views on the music video. Along the way, he appeared in Rolling Stone, and Elevator Magazine conducted an in-depth interview with him.

ECHO BEACH are back with stunning new single, “Am I Dreaming?”


A huge synth-driven anthem that really marks another step up for the band, the single was produced by renowned producer Gavin Monaghan at Magic Garden Studios. The track follows on from the success of their debut single ‘Sea of Glass’ which saw the band receive acclaim from Jim Salveson, Shell Zenner at XS Manchester and Charlie Ashcroft at Amazing Radio.

Talking about the track, lead singer Matt Hanson said: 

“During lockdown I was having some pretty crazy dreams,that didn’t exactly make a lot of sense but at the time everything seemed really intense, and I wanted to capture that in a song.”

My new song, “I Could Die,” is about feeling tired of all the annoyances in life – men, catty girls – and that’s it’s better to feel all the feelings than to feel nothing at all.

There’s something hopeful in being able to feel anything at all, even if you feel annoyed or frustrated; there’s something to hold onto there.

First things first, put these bitches in a hearse

It’s fun to come out swinging sometimes. I’m usually pretty reserved, but in my music I can spark it up a bit more than in real life.

Listen to “I Could Die”wherever you get your music

Head over to YouTube to watch the visualizer for “I Could Die”

“I Could Die” is a bitter pill with a bit of sugar.

It doesn’t make anything easier, but giving listeners a sad song, lyrically, with something playful to hold onto makes feeling your way through those sad emotions more palatable. I want you to feel that punch of wanting to feel something, along with the knowledge that if you’re in that headspace, you’re not alone.

Thank you for listening,


Young Mommy is more than a dedicated mother, she is an innovator launching a rap revolution. Breaking barriers with her content, Young Mommy’s brand of non-explicit music has put her at the forefront of what she coins, a “clean rap movement.” This gifted hip-hop talent and mom of 4, is shifting the landscape of what parents can consume with their children around. Her releases are not just for mothers with kids though, her work is for all rap music lovers that are looking for a female rap sound without the hypersexual language and messaging.

 Young Mommy believes that editing and masking explicit language in today’s music and calling it “clean” is not exactly accurate. She is rallying for the music industry and others to become aware of the need for updated labeling, and Young Mommy is a passionate leader in that fight for change. Influenced by popular creators such as Cardi B, Saweetie and Megan Thee Stallion, she possesses that same bold attitude. Her hip-hop hit “Worth It” is a vibrant pop-rap track that motivates others to go after what they want. With themes of empowerment, femininity and independence, the artist is transforming the way moms are perceived.

 Raised in Canada, the flourishing artist grew up listening to a lot of American rappers. Immensely inspired by that sound, she even performed as Run DMC in her school’s concert. When she became a mom, her love for jamming out to the genre had to take a back seat. She shares, “I found I couldn’t listen to rap in front of my kids when they were about 2 because of the explicit lyrics and images in mainstream music. They began emulating popular female rappers in their videos.” This was when the light bulb went off and Young Mommy had that “a-ha” moment. She could craft fresh flows without any explicit lines. Now she has become an advocate for parents and children, creating a wholesome listening experience and filling a void in the current offerings of the rap genre.

 Young Mommy just unveiled “Swanky Ma”, appropriately, for Mother’s Day. Like “Worth It”, the tune has a similar energetic, danceable flair and can be enjoyed by a multitude of audiences. The song is an ode to women, especially mothers, and reminds us that we deserve to be valued, celebrated and appreciated. Young Mommy is a prime example of just how powerful and driven moms can be.

FRANSIS are a four-piece, London based alt/indie band made up of front woman and singer-songwriter Emma Withers, along with guitarists Alex Scott, Stefan Kotlarz and bassist Craig Rattray. Formerly known as Emma & the Idles, the band have been hailed as ‘Jessie J meets Joan Jett’, making a name for their balls to the wall approach to their sound and sharp songwriting style.

Reminiscent of Wolf Alice and Florence + The Machine, FRANSIS make music that smacks you in the face in a slightly different way, and whilst they float between genres of rock, indie, pop, soul and blues; they show an unrelenting penchant for dramatic, powerful and meaningful music. After busking on the streets of London and making a name for herself as a unique and energetic performer, powerhouse singer Withers decided to form a band to accelerate the sound she so desperately wanted, and boy did she get it. FRANSIS was born.

“Honeymoon” is the first single to be released off of their upcoming EP, which narrates a journey of womanhood. The story starts with “Honeymoon”, taking a fond look back on the sweetness of childhood rebellion and the sense of freedom and indestructibility you feel as a teen. Withers lyrically recounts stories from her formative years as her now adult self, sharing “It’s nice to have an uplifting sense of appreciation for my own personal experiences which have moulded me even if they didn’t seem so poignant or great at the time, how we know not what we have until it’s gone. With that being said there is nothing melancholy about this narrative, I have such a tenderness and affection for my teen self, an enjoyment to revisit her and a continuation of personal growth and one day looking back at myself now with a similar fondness.” Singing, “It was a honeymoon, a cocoon, feeling like someone new”, the music is driving yet ethereal with pop elements that will have you singing the hook all day long. 

Giving us a taste of what to expect from the EP, “Honeymoon” is just a hint of the outpour of emotion that they are forecasting. To celebrate their EP release, FRANSIS will be hosting their very own launch party at The Water Rats in London on 1st July 2022.

Brain Food” is something we love semantically — you feed your brain stuff but instead of food, it’s the craving for experiences, challenges, and subjects that push you forward as a person. It’s also kinda delusional the way we may disregard the experiences put in front of us and look to other experiences that we feel will make us happier. 

Stream “Brain Food” via Apple Music + Spotify now!

Brain Food” follows “Judge Me” and “Instabeat” as the third single that comes from our new eight track EP, Grown?

Grown? focuses on, well, growing up. Asking what it means to grow up. What it means to forge, nurture, and let go of relationships. How to survive the struggles of the education system, imposter syndrome, and understanding one’s self. Ludic is trying to find their place and asking the question: are we ever really Grown? Or, perhaps, this is realizing that we are just always constantly growing.

We want people to take away our experience of growing through these songs and assign their own meaning to it as all great art does. We just want people to enjoy the EP, feel something, dance, cry, and more. Whatever they want from it, we hope they get. 

Ludic – Max | Rhett | Ayla

Alternative rock band, Westpark are thrilled to release their new single “Six Flags (VHS)” that is out now along with the music video that is featured on  “Six Flags ( VHS )” was produced by Killah Cortez aka Greg Cortez at New Monkey Studio, the former studio of Elliott Smith, in Los Angeles.”

Formed when drummer Enad, and frontman Shiva, met in kindergarten at a school called Westpark Elementary. They became a mischievous, archetypal dynamic duo by the first grade. Enad’s pure heart and Shiva’s wits intertwined into an unstoppable force of nature. They fought and loved each other as they learned math, skateboarding, video games, and surfing (but mostly the guitar and the drums).

In high school, they formed a band called Wirebox that eventually became Westpark. They won the OC Battle of the Bands twice and performed at the Constellation Room before heading north for college. At UC Berkeley, they recruited an all star artist, pianist, and bassist named William. During this time, Westpark released “That Groove” and “Coffee and Weed,” songs that thousands of people listen to daily. The trio held electric performances at Cornerstone, Berkeley and Great American Music Hall, SF.

rising pop/rock artist Leah Kate announces that she will be joining Chase Atlantic on their COLD NIGHTS North America Summer Tour. Kicking off on July 6 in San Francisco and wrapping up on August 20 in Leah’s hometown of Los Angeles, the 28-city tour will be Leah’s first time ever touring North America. Full routing is listed below. Tickets go on sale this Friday, May 6th at 10am EST HERE.

The announcement arrives on the heels of her signing to Los Angeles-based independent record label 10K Projects/ MDDN. The newcomer is currently enjoying a viral hit with the feisty, endlessly quotable “10 Things I Hate About You,” which has amassed more than 20 million global streams since its release a few weeks ago. Listen to it HERE.

With its acerbic lyrics and deeply relatable subject matter, “10 Things I Hate About You” is a breakup anthem for the ages. “Ten, you’re selfish/nine, you’re jaded,” Leah Kate begins the catchy chorus. “Eight, the dumbest guy I dated.” It turns out the song is completely autobiographical. “I really needed to get over this guy who had been f***ing with my head for the longest time,” she says. “At one point I decided to list everything I hated about him to help me move the f*** on.” “10 Things I Hate About You” took off when the singer/songwriter posted a snippet on TikTok. The full song hit DSPs days later, amassing more than 4 million streams in its first two weeks.

Toronto-based pop singer-songwriter Mia Baron started singing at just 9 years old and turned professional at 11. When the pandemic halted her busy schedule as a live performer, she pivoted to releasing songs every few months with the help of her production and co-writing team Matt Kahane and Quin Kiu.

Her latest feverish single mirrors the pop-punk energy of Olivia Rodrigo. “Hypochondriac” is about the fear that something really bad will happen every time you get hurt or feel a little off – the instinct to overreact and assume the worst. This way of reacting is not abnormal, even if it may look to others like denial of something deeper. 

Indie rock artist Lalande (solo project of vocalist/drummer Lia Braswell), is thrilled to release her new single “Liquid Time” that is out now along with the music video that is featured on
Lalande says, “Combining forces with her brother, producer/guitarist Ark Visser, they’ve shared a captivating experimental pop single entitled Liquid Time. It entails a  mix of analog and electronic elements catered to psychedelic heartfelt vocals, creating a polarity of energies within the arrangement.
This song hits with a serenading vocal melody that is supported by a complex blanket of buzzes and pulsing bass riffs. It’s fast drum beat captures the intensity that supports an intentional atmosphere for the lyric’s content.”

“Long Shot” blends pop-punk and southern funk to tell a of shooting your shot and pursuing your crush.

A little bit about the band:

Billingsley is a Rock and Roll power trio from Hendersonvile, North Carolina. The band is composed of brothers Wilson, Grant, and Bennett (Willy, GrantMan, and Ben Bill$). Their music features elements of Funk, R&B, Jazz, and Rock, and emphasizes a fundamental balance between catchy hooks, seamless vocal harmonies, and seasoned musicianship.

At a Billingsley show, you will run into people of all ages and backgrounds. The trio aims to explore many musical genres and invite their audiences on a musical journey where everyone enjoys the ride.” 

JAD evades definition accidentally, intentionally. A young life spent caught between identities, JAD’s music seems to follow suit – not lost, per se, as it is unwavering in its right to exist in multitudes and in-betweens. Born in Canada to Lebanese immigrants, the implications of identity, both public and private, have been the unraveling and re-synthesis of this artist. Having released an album, Still Life, in 2017, followed by two singles recorded at the late Elliott Smith’s New Monkey Studio, JAD has recently taken a DIY approach with a bedroom setup, allowing him more room to experiment and develop while laying the foundation for a prolific future. In the spirit of his influences, JAD intends to remain undefinable and unconfined in the exploration of his world; elusive in his attempt to understand.

emerging Irish trio Rowan release the downtempo, sincere title track of their long-awaited debut album, Does It Make You Happy?, alongside an accompanying video, ahead of its May 6th release via Beverly Martel. The 11-track LP is available for pre-order now.

The album’s title track, featuring Canadian multi-instrumentalist Ariel Posen, came to the band quickly and naturally as it vulnerably explores abusive behaviors within relationships and wanting more for oneself. Dylan Howe (vocalist) explains, “It was like a surge of energy just shot through me and it was finished. It’s the song I resonate with heaviest on this album, it deals with abusive behaviors in a relationship and, in retrospect, how I should’ve demanded better for myself.”

Glassio is the Indie-Dance/Dream-Pop project of Irish-Iranian singer, songwriter and producer Sam R. His music blends elements from Electronica, New Wave and Dance-Pop with Beach Boys-esque harmonies and production textures reminiscent of groups like Air and Massive Attack. 

Glassio’s debut single “Try Much Harder” broke the Spotify Global Viral Charts in early 2016 (peaking at No. 9). A series of successful singles followed in 2017 and 2018, garnering over 5 million streams cumulatively on Spotify. The release of the singles “Morning House,” “Daydream” and “Back for More” brought Glassio to the top tier of up and coming electronic artists in NYC. They were soon opening for acts like Fujiya and Miyagi, Electric Youth and Miami Horror. “Daydream” became a dance-hit in Latin America, making it to No. 1 on the Dominican Republic iTunes Charts and finding itself on New Music Friday South America. 2018 saw the group perform at SXSW festival, where they were named one of the best electronic acts by Ladygunn Magazine. 

After the project became a solo effort in 2018, Sam R. released the Age of Experience EP, heralded by Mother Jones as “proof that electronic music and great storytelling are a perfect match.” The EP has over 5 million streams across all platforms and features the song “Back for More,” featured on HBO’s Here & Now show. 

A debut album, For The Very Last Time, was released in July of 2020. It was subsequently named one of the best electronic releases from July 2020 by Bandcamp, and received praise from blogs like Consequence of Sound and Fader. The lead singles “Nobody Stayed for the DJ” and “A Million Doubts” both made it to No. 1 on Hype Machine. The first of the two scored popularity amongst some of Spain’s biggest DJs (Amable, Hal9000, Nacho Ruiz) and the second achieved over 1 million streams between Apple and Spotify within it’s first 6 months of release. Renowned music blog “This Song Is Sick” named it “an immaculate piece of art.” It features backing vocals from Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter Daneshevskaya. 

2022 will see the release of his sophomore record See You Shine, an album that documents the exodus of a young adult out of a small town that shuns them for their beliefs and into the depths of the deserts of Arizona, looking for a new life in a distant city. The record also addresses themes of resilience in the face of grief/loss – brought on by the pandemic – and is dedicated to his late father. The album’s sound marries Glassio’s passion for French and British electronic music with singer-songwriter tropes akin to Jackson Browne, or Wilco. 

Outside of Glassio, Sam R. has co-written and produced songs with French Horn Rebellion, Clubhouse, warner case, NAKAYA and Madelyn Darling.

Ethereal Australian singer-songwriter Erin shares a glimpse into the softer side of her songwriting
with her single Still, revealed in a stripped, B side version on April 11, 2022.
The unguarded lullaby highlights the poetry of her lyrics which drive an effortless yet intricate
melodic structure, carried by her unique airy voice over chords that are subtly reminiscent of her
background in jazz. Introduced by the nostalgic click of a tape player, the song produced by Ken
Allars immediately thrusts the listener into Erin’s dreamscape sound, for a contemplation of stillness
that organically grew into a heartbreaking love story. “I wrote ‘Still’ on the 15th of October 2019, a
few days after I had returned home from Vietnam. I know the date because I still have the iPhone
voice memo. My guitarist played this pretty little French sounding guitar line. He was just improvising
a little to himself but I immediately heard the rest of the guitar melody in my head. I sang it back to
him to copy me and he put some beautiful chords to it. I sang Still over the stop, the words and
melody coming all at once and it’s the only song that’s ever written itself that way for me, so
seamlessly”, she remembers.

Socials: @neillfrazer

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