INsiders Guide: Gregory Uhlmann, Lesley Mok, April March, Alan Chang, JOSHUA RADIN, Hannah Grace, CHLOE JANE, AUSTIN SNELL, Surfaces, Spencer Elmer…

Gregory Uhlmann is a songwriter, guitarist, and producer from Chicago, IL, now based in Los Angeles. His 3rd record, Again and Again, is out on Northern Spy on April 28th, 2023. In 2020 he released Neighborhood Watch (Topshelf Records), a collection of what Week in Pop called “intimate cabin fever pop […] expanded into the eternal atmospheres of inspired baroque touches”. Uhlmann is prolific outside of his solo work, performing with Perfume Genius and Hand Habits and composing for Fell Runner and Typical Sisters, among collaborations with artists such as Tasha, Miya Folick, Nate Mercereau, Olivia Kaplan, and others.

Brooklyn, NY-based improviser, composer, percussionist, and sound artist Lesley Mok today announced The Living Collection, a new album that documents her ten-piece improvising chamber ensemble, will be out May 5, 2023, with American Dreams.
Alongside the announcement, Lesley shared the lead album preview “floral and full,” which features string trio Joanna Mattrey, Aliya Ultan, and Florian Herzog. “I wanted to create a space on the record to showcase the timbral range and playfulness of these three dynamic improvisers,” says Mok. “Glass beads roll around in a jar, insects buzz, a fire crackles, and wisps of smoke rise into the air as we’re beckoned into the gorgeous and lush sounds of Mattrey’s viola.”
Interested in the ways social conditions shape our beings, Lesley’s work focuses on overacting humanness to explore ideas about alienness and privilege. Her ongoing explorations with composition and improvisation are most notably documented in her ten-piece improvising chamber ensemble, The Living Collection. Lesley’s work has been recognized by the ASCAP FoundationRoulette Intermedium, and the Asian American Arts Alliance, and has been performed by International Contemporary EnsembleMetropolis Ensemble, and JACK Quartet. She has collaborated with Tomeka Reid, Fay Victor, William Parker, Cory Smythe, Jen Shyu, Myra Melford, Sara Serpa, Elias Stemeseder, David Leon, Doyeon Kim, Anna Webber, Adam O’Farrill, and others.

April March is a renowned animator (Ren & Stimpy, Pee Wee’s Playhouse) and singular musician; she truly just has one of the most fascinating careers I’ve ever seen. She was mentored by Allen Ginsberg before going on to perform with Ronnie Spector and record with Brian Wilson. You might have heard her music in Quentin Tarantino or Gus Van Sant movies. She’s been everywhere and done everything; now she’s teaming up with the French duo Staplin – known for their music inspired by 60’s French film scores –  to release some of her most enchanting psych-pop tracks yet. With lyrics both in French and English, April March Meets Staplin celebrates the best of psychedelic pop, with composerly flourishes unique to some of the greatest soundtracks of all time.

Emerging solo artists don’t come with back stories richer than Alan Chang who, for 19 years, served as acclaimed musical director and pianist to Michael Bublé, with whom he hopscotched the globe, performing massive hits like “Home” and “Haven’t Met You Yet” that he co-wrote for the superstar Canuck crooner. But as Chang’s 40th birthday approached in 2019, he longed to explore alternative possibilities. Enter Check Please, Chang’s official solo debut and an album of 10 dazzling and superbly crafted jazz-juiced pop songs fueled by the L.A.-based pianist’s towering musicianship, dead-clever lyrics, and a small army of vets from legendary bassist Pino Palladino to saxophonist Dave Koz. “This is a singer-songwriter album steeped in jazz,” Chang says of the absurdly catchy and decidedly not Bublé-esque Check Please. “I’m trying to write simple songs that are a vehicle for improvisation and can be expanded live with solos,” something discerning music fans with an ear for buoyant melodies can anticipate.

JOSHUA RADIN is back with the intimate new single “Man of the Year”, taken from an upcoming collection “though the world will tell me so, volume 2” (coming 23 June).

The new single arrives as the US troubadour embarks on a tour of the UK and Ireland this week. Remaining  tickets are on sale now here.


Featuring his signature acoustic guitar and gentle vocals, “Man Of The Year” finds Joshua Radin exploring his personal struggles with intimacy and vulnerability. As he explains:

“I build walls around myself, always terrified of being hurt, making myself too vulnerable, which is I’m sure why the music I write is the exact opposite – I try to create a world in which I want to live.”

“I wrote this song for someone who scares me” he adds. “Actually, I write a lot of songs for the very few people in my life who scare me in some way, the ones who I feel could hurt me. I was thinking this might be a song that could find its way on to the radio, calling out to her through speakers, letting her know that I won’t run away from her anymore, that I’m ready to be the best version of myself.”

Taken from ‘though the world will tell me so, volume 2’, the EP is the follow up to ‘…volume 1’ which was released earlier in 2023. Collectively they make for a breathtaking trove of songs inspired by Joshua’s time on the road in 2022. Rather than wait for inspiration to strike, Radin seeks it out wherever possible. To that end, in the Autumn of 2022, he left his material existence in the rearview, grabbed a backpack, packed his guitar, picked up a pen and a pad, and sought new stories to tell. “I felt like I was going to live the life of a kid on a gap year after high school,” he smiles. “However, it has helped my writing and my soul. I feel so much freer.”

Travelling with nothing more than the essentials (and enough tools to be creative), Radin recorded ‘though the world will tell me so, volume 1’ in places such as Stockholm, Paris, and Lisbon. Tracks like the softly anthemic “I’m Just Different,” piano-laden “Broken,” and “Running from the Dawn” instantly reacted with audiences, as the EP generated over 2 million Spotify streams and counting. “Throughout the album, I’d say the common thread is this,” he elaborates. “For my entire life, I’ve felt like the world was telling me something which I didn’t necessarily agree with. I’ve always thought about how to do things a bit differently, whether it’s the way I wrote, recorded, or released this album or the way I’ve been living my life, it’s somewhat of a rebellion against the way the world says these things are supposed to be or happen”. Vol.1 is available to hear in full now, here.

The sensational Welsh talent Hannah Grace continues to tease her forthcoming Devoted EP with “Focus on the Good” – the latest single from the tastemaker-approved vocalist.

Sunny, uplifting and brimming with characteristically sublime vocals, “Focus on the Good” is a ray of light encouraging listeners to remain optimistic during hard times across laid-back, breezy production, blending soft drums with lush string arrangements – taking shape as another stellar slice of Hannah Grace’s exquisite style.

Hannah Grace made the following statement about “Focus on the Good”: “‘Focus on the Good’ is about making a conscious decision to focus on the positives around us, even when life seems hopeless. We are often overrun with reasons to be disappointed or disheartened and the news can be a relentless feed of harsh realities. I wrote this song about choosing to believe that overall, people are inherently good – and goodness can break through now and again if we let it.”

“Focus on the Good” is the third serving of Hannah Grace’s Devoted EP, due out this summer via buzzy indie label Frictionless Music as the official follow-up to Grace’s critically acclaimed debut album Remedy. “Focus on the Good” comes after February’s “At 28”, which received tastemaker support from Noctis Magazine; meanwhile January’s “Silver Lining” earnt four spots across Spotify’s New Music

Friday global lists and the platform’s stylish New Pop UK collection, as well as additional support from MTV UK and BBC Radio Wales.

With over 50M streams to her name, Hannah Grace writes songs to escape into, with a unique blending of soul, jazz, folk and pop sounds. Famously infiltrating mainstream consciousness with her power ballad cover of Fatboy Slim’s “Praise You”, the track was used for multiple global ad campaigns, including Lloyds Bank in the UK and most notably Lancôme (starring Julia Roberts).

“Sick of Sadness”

• “An experience I had in high school really inspired the song. I went to a party and ended up leaving because I felt so out of place. I beat myself up questioning what was wrong with me and came to the conclusion that I’m not going to let others bring me down – I’m sick of being sad.” – Chloe Jane

• Chloe Jane wrote “Sick of Sadness” in LA with producers SameSame, and friends Jess Schwartz and Graham (Hardcastle).

• The production of the song is a bit nostalgic with hints of disco, funk and sparkle and is showcased throughout the music video as well.

“Pray All The Way Home”

• Austin Snell releases “Pray All The Way Home,” his first track through the River House Artists joint venture with Warner Music Nashville.

• “This song is really about the struggles that people, including myself, have to face every single day. I think so many of us face the same challenges day in and day out and choose to bury the problems instead of fixing them. My hope is that people will see themselves in this song and feel less alone.” – Austin Snell

• Austin is the first country artist to be selected as a part of SiriusXM’s Artist Accelerator Program. He is also supporting Willie Nelson on select tour dates.

Amassing over 17 billion streams to date, RIAA triple-platinum certified Texas-based pop duo Surfaces return with a new single “Thankful.” Get it HERE via 10K Projects.

Backed by the simple strum of a guitar, the breezy arrangement builds while Surfaces’ signature warm vocals glide. “I’m so thankful,” they sing, “that you put me in my place. No one’s ever loved me real enough to say it right to my face.” The song explores the power of honesty in a relationship and the gratitude of having someone speak the truth.

“Thankful” marks the start of a new era for the group, following their 2022 album Hidden YouthFeaturing standout singles What’s Been On Your Mind? and the groovy I Can’t Help But Feel,” the project has since amassed over 520M streams and was hailed by the likes of Rolling Stone, PEOPLE and Forbes who solidified their lasting power saying, “duo has a long runway in front of them.”

Last year, also saw the continued rise of Surfaces’ live show, as they traveled the world delivering captivating performances to their energetic fans. Alongside alt-pop group LANY, they spent the summer ona 34-city Summer Forever Tour, while also performing at festivals throughout the year including Splendour In The Grass, Hangout Fest and Tortuga Music Festival.

 UK-based rapper Spencer Elmer drops his new track “Far From Rude” with JAY1Get it HERE.

Spencer Elmer is starting off strong with a brand-new drill track with British rapper and songwriter JAY1. Freshly signed to Los Angeles based record label, 10K ProjectsSpencer Elmer is feeling confident. Inspired by the possibilities of his future, he’s now taking each step with intention, dedicating all his energy into his new music. Inspired by a multitude of different genres and sounds, Spencer Elmer credits some of his heroes for his sound such as Rejjie SnowSkrapz and NinesLogic, and Phora. Always showing deep appreciation for his success, Spencer Elmer is self-assured and unafraid to show excitement for his upcoming music.

He adds:

“Linking up with JAY1 is a full circle moment in my career since I’ve been such a big fan. The track is about thinking ahead and moving forward with elegance. The song symbolizes a step in the right direction, stepping to a new level in life.”

California’s IRONTOM breaks free from all structure with “Con Artist” – the first single and video of their upcoming album set for release later this year. Skewing the narrative of everyday life and imbuing chaos into normalcy, the band seeks to expand upon the notion of what is considered art with their confrontational experimentation and bold sonic exploration. With lyrics that present themselves as a blurry stream of consciousness, frantic and fleeting trails that all run together, “Con Artist” is a self-aware nihilistic fantasy – Stream.

IRONTOM is here to be critical of the whole world and everything wrong with it, while simultaneously acknowledging that that includes them. They want to watch the world burn while they pee on the fire. Truths are stretched and lies exist to be satirized in their musical realm. Like a car crash, whether amazed or appalled, no one can look away from the psychedelic world IRONTOM leads listeners through in their latest journey “Con Artist.”

Claude VonStroke shares his remix of n808 and Mike Kerrigan’s ‘Penguin Hit Squad’, out now via Dirtybird Records. 

One of the label’s most exciting releases of 2022, ‘Penguin Hit Squad’ returns in the form of a 6-minute remix by the Dirtybird boss himself. Tinged with the mischievous, eccentric nature that enticed listeners throughout the original, VonStroke pushes ‘Penguin Hit Squad’ to the next level. Flipping the track with deep, vibrating basslines and boisterous synth melodies, VonStroke celebrates the riotous dark house heater while infusing the underground energy found throughout his extensive catalog and DJ sets.

Regarding the remix, Claude VonStroke said, “I played the shit out of the original so much that I had to make a remix so I could keep playing it! Here’s to Mike Kerrigan and n808, a big part of the next generation Dirtybird”. 

San Francisco-based producers n808 and Mike Kerrigan have quickly become two of the label’s most promising rising talents. Each with a longstanding history with the label, n808 first appeared on the 2018 ‘Campout West Compilation’, while Mike Kerrigan joined Dirtybird for their 2020 ‘Couchout Compilation’ while his Claude VonStroke-assisted track ‘I Caught A Vibe’. Following the release of ‘Penguin Hit Squad’, the duo made their live debut at Dirtybird Campout 2022 with a B2B performance. With a Dirtybird hit in their pockets and now an official remix from the label head, Mike Kerrigan and n808 have cemented their status as two of Dirtybird’s new rising faces and will join Claude VonStroke on this year’s Dirtybird Players Tour.

GRAMMY-nominated, Platinum-certified singer-songwriter, Cassadee Pope, is thrilled to share her brand new single, “People That I Love Leave”. Co-written by CassadeeAli Tamposi (Miley Cyrus, Jonas Brothers, Kelly Clarkson), Roman Campolo (Elton John, BTS)Nick Long (Machine Gun Kelly, Avril Lavigne) and Andrew Luce (Iann Dior, Role Model) and produced by CassadeeDan Swank, Mason SacksHosu Yoon and Luce, the high-energy track is paired with emotionally charged lyrics about being afraid of fully letting love in after having been through so much heartbreak. 

Listen to “People That I Love Leave” now HERE and watch the lyric video now HERE.

This song describes the difficulties of letting someone love you when you’ve been hurt in the past,” says Cassadee about the song. “The idea came from my current relationship and how it sometimes scares me that I have something so beautiful and loving. How I can’t help but wait for the other shoe to drop because of past traumas.”

Always paving her own path in the industry since the beginning of her career, Cassadee begins a new chapter in her musical journey with “People That I Love Leave.” Having started her career as the frontwoman of beloved, pop-punk band, Hey Monday, “People That I Love Leave” marks a return to form for Cassadee. “This next project has an authenticity that I’ve never been able to tap into before now,” she shares. “Pop and rock music is such a staple in my creativity so to fully return back to that genre feels special and like coming back home.”

A hidden gem from the frozen heart of Toronto, Canada, art school dropout and Sony Music Publishing artist La Faute (aka Peggy Messing) is releasing her third single “The Crown” from her upcoming debut Album, “Blue Girl Nice Day”.

La Faute is Messing’s dark, dreamy solo project. A visual artist, multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter originally from Winnipeg, Canada, she explores themes of surface vs. depth, longing, betrayal, mourning and desire. Using tenor electric guitar and obsolete hardware samplers, she created her captivating live show and released her debut EP just before the pandemic. She chose to pause performing live due to her health, and returned to focusing on creation, finding workarounds to the problem of isolation. She connected with fellow artists and producers in France, the UK, Canada and the US to create music during this time, most recently with LA-based Topher Mohr who produced her upcoming album.

She received unanimous praise for the first single from the album, ‘Blue Girl Nice Day’, in February 2023, an unsettling, haunting song inspired by the Milgram experiments of the 1960s. The song was accompanied by an eerie video that showed the artist making a bed in a windswept field with looming power lines in the background. Her second Single, “Watercolours” was equally highly praised, and featured a video of Messing night driving in the rain and getting drenched in a cold downpour. She has become increasingly interested in filmmaking, art-directing and shooting music videos for each song herself, inspired by French new wave and film noir aesthetics. 

Messing is a former Girls Rock Camp Toronto volunteer, and found inspiration through helping girls get into music, offering them something that she wished had existed when she was growing up.

Icons in the underground for over a decade, BONES and Eddy Baker have never stopped trying to surprise their fans. Joining forces for a versatile full-length that effortlessly oscillates from style to style, BONES and Baker share Jones Peak, a new collaborative album. Their first album as a duo since 2019’s fan-favorite SparrowsCreek, the new album makes the most of the hypnotic chemistry between BONES and Baker, as the two vocalists switch between low-talking triplets and melodies, when the occasion calls.

Spanning 14 tracks, the album reflects the two artists’ omnivorous musical appetite. Though fans might expect the Memphis-influenced dark trap of songs like “Cullinan” or “Wicked,” Jones Peak dwells in unexpected sonic realms. Taking inspiration from the Old West vibes evoked by the album’s title, which refers to a popular hiking destination in the Southern California desert, Jones Peak makes use of twangy acoustic guitars, like in lead single “YellowStone,” drawing from the gentler side of emo, or “GiddyUp,” in which both rappers use Southern accents and pay homage to country music.

On the flipside, Jones Peak features some of the pop-friendliest material in either artist’s extensive discographies: “St.ElmosFire” adopts elements of bubblegum pop and chiming guitars that wouldn’t sound out of place on a Katy Perry album, while songs like the roller-rink-ready “80sMontage” and the echoing “InMyArms”–a dispatch from BONES’ 80s-loving alter ego Ricky A Go Go–transport listeners to the Reagan Era. Featuring a guest appearance from BONES & Baker’s compatriot Xavier WulfJones Peak is available everywhere via TeamSESH / EMPIRE.

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  • Episode Title | Description: Episode 359 w/ Tk Kirkland | N.O.R.E. & DJ EFN are the Drink Champs. In this episode the Champs chop it up with the one and only, Tk Kirkland! Tk shares stories of his journey in comedy and the entertainment business. Tk shares stories of going on tour with NWA, his thoughts on social media and more! Comedian, actor, podcast host and much much more! Lots of great stories that you don’t want to miss!! Make some noise!!! 💐💐💐🏆🏆🏆

Vancouver’s Winona Forever have ridden a wave of musical curiosity and chemistry further than imagined when forming in 2014. After spending formative years touring Canada and packing Vancouver’s resilient DIY venues, the band stumbled into an international following with 2017 single “Keep Kool.” Listeners were quick to tune in to previous releases while waiting for 2019’s Feelgood, a sophomore album that sold out a modest vinyl release through Kingfisher Bluez label. In 2022, Winona Forever started to distribute new singles through Acrophase Records, with an aggressive US touring schedule allowing longtime cross-border listeners to finally come see the real thing.

With a catalog offering thoughtful, tangled rhythms and frantic garage-rock head nods, Winona Forever refuses to be boring. Embracing the warm and free spirited leanings of home recording, the band achieves a recorded sound that is equal parts fresh and timeless.

Recent singles “Never Enuff” and “Butterflies” offer a hypnotic foray into piano based songwriting, signaling another chapter in the Winona Forever songbook. Having lived together for many years, Winona Forever’s live show plays as a confident and witty conversation between friends. With milestones such as Pop Montreal, Sled Island, SXSW and an Audiotree live session under their belt, the band continues to push forward towards fresh musical territory and new adventures. 

Toronto-based, Ekelle rhymes about what she knows best: her real-life experience! Money, sex, drama, and identity stir together to create a style she calls Hood Pop – Popular music with a street edge. Hood Pop combines elements of hip hop, pop, and R&B. In creating her own genre Ekelle doesn’t limit herself to rigid categories, allowing for a dynamic experience where some songs are different from each other, but still represent and distinguish her from others. As a self-taught, independent artist she is guided by her instincts and a passion for music, pop culture and fashion.

Ekelle has performed at large-scale events like Afrofest and the Durham Caribbean Festival. Her earlier music was popular with blogs like the Come Up Show and Toronto Rappers, but it wasn’t until her debut solo EP, Dark Skin and Tattoos (2019) that larger blogs like EARMILK, OK Nigeria, and Flavourmag UK started to take notice. Singles off her Hood Pop EP (2020) started to make rounds on blogs like Exclaim, The Hype Magazine, and FOMO. 

Christina Martin, singer-songsmith of the East Coast of Canada, returns with latest single Little Princess from her imminent new album. After the robust opening singles Stay With Me and In Control, Little Princess rushes onto the scene as a triumphant third offering. A rousing ode to Martin’s elder brother, it’s a soaring strings-led rocker that boasts a potent blend of headshaking swagger and orchestral class. 

“Growing up I admired my older brother, who was a gifted artist, but also a rebel. He died in 2013 of an opioid overdose at the age of 41.This song touches on our relationship, and a memory of writing my first prose and wanting to impress him with it. We were two embryonic artists, intrinsically bound by blood and similarities, and yet with mental illness in the mix, we kept each other at arm’s length.”  Christina

Martin has a raw troubadour’s talent for making the personal universal, and Little Princess is no exception. A rockier, rowdier beast than the album’s previous singles, it gallops forward at a relentless pace, lending the piece a desperate and determined tone. Martin’s vocals sit elegantly, coolly, over those roaring guitars, dispensing gems such as “The shelter from Toronto’s winters had to come from a total stranger” with all the confidence of a Captain at the helm, pivoting from tense, bubbling verses to sky-high choruses with regal grace. 

girlfriends (Travis Mills & Nick Gross) are thrilled to announce their Over My Dead Body EP will be coming out May 12th via Big Noise. Produced by Andrew Goldstein (Machine Gun Kelly, Papa Roach, blackbear), the EP is a collection of tracks that encompass a passion for life, paired with their signature pop punk charm. 

Speaking on the EP, Travis shares, “These songs came about in a completely new way for us as a band because they were made one by one with some time in between but somehow sound so cohesive and like we wrote them all that way on purpose. We got to do a lot of cool things while making the EP and being able to tour while recording, really informed some of the songs. They’re annoyingly catchy, the hooks are big and better than ever and it’s a statement for us as a new band.”

To celebrate, the duo has shared a brand new single, “Life’s A Brittany,” out now. Produced by Andrew Goldstein, the sweet, acoustic-guitar driven track juxtaposes the deeper meaning of the lyrics stemming from pain, purity and expression leading into a cathartic build at the end. Listen to “Life’s A Brittany” now HERE. 

“‘Brittany’ was one of those songs that started off as a complete joke in my head,” says Travis. “I almost felt guilty writing it because it’s so conversational and ‘easy,’ that I had to question if it was good or not. The beauty about working with a producer like Goldstein is he does a really great job at stripping away the ‘rules’ of songwriting. If it’s good it’s good, and I think it’s a song a lot of people would be scared to make, but it hits the nail on the head of who we are not only as a band but as people.”

KIANA is a Toronto-based R&B artist, known for her moody, soulful and hypnotic soundscapes. Reflecting feelings of heartbreak and melancholy, the songwriter touches on how growth is often painful but beautiful. With a unique Persian and Dutch upbringing, the artist finds inspiration in the cultures that have raised her.

Her latest single “split decisions” is about making the uncomfortable decision to let go of someone who you know is better off without you. The decision comes from an act of selflessness and a desire to put the other person first so that they can find someone who is genuinely capable of loving them. KIANA shares, “The verses are almost like flashbacks that reminisce over memories and who that person was, and is vulnerable in the reality that when you let go of someone – you do continue to think about everything that you had, what could’ve been, and you learn to understand yourself and the other person more when the situation is done with.”

The song title “split decisions” nods to the term used in sports, where a split decision is a decision made based on a majority verdict. KIANA explains, ”In this record, the decision to let go was made while compromising with their different sides. While some parts of you want to hold on and stay, your subconscious and conscious self is driving the decision to let go because you know this connection just isn’t meant to be. When you have a gut feeling and a voice taking over in your head, nothing speaks louder than that.”

With her music always radiating raw emotion and vulnerability, “split decisions” follows suit. The mysterious track is soft yet sexy, feminine yet dominant and most prominently, painfully personal. Listening to KIANA’s music is like reading her journal entries, as she completely lays her emotions on the table for everyone to see. Her music has gained recognition from multiple radio stations including Toronto’s Flow 93.5 FM and Vibe 105.5 FM and received immense positive reception from her hometown. Today, KIANA has earned over half a million plays globally and has been featured in publications such as Teen Vogue, Rolling Stone, Lyrical Lemonade, Ones to Watch and Red Bull Music, to name a few. She has touched major stages like The Mod Club Theatre and performed at significant Canadian festivals including NXNE and Canadian Music Week. 2023 is set to be a thrilling year for this artist on the rise.

What better way to kick start 2023 than with a release from A!MS, except this time the English-Cypriot hit-maker has drafted in no other than two of South London’s hottest artists, Blanco and Ramz for their slick rap cruiser named, ‘Champione’. Already amassing over 4.5 million plays on TikTok with the original audio that featured Loskifans have been revealing “champions” that have helped them in life or personal struggles they’ve overcome, by sharing their own visual snippets.  


Unapologetic, authentic, and slick are the three words that come to mind when hitting play on this gripping rap behemoth. Infusing Blanco’s reputable grit and Ramz’s slick patios in with A!MS’ signature glossy style, ‘Champione’ is a rap record packed with emotion and soul, forged between the historical shores of the Mediterranean Sea and the iconic streets of London. Welcomed with a pulsing production courtesy of Punctual (Jason Derulo, Nathan Dawe), A!MS unravels an infectious hook and verse that boasts his melodic flare, “Girl you know I care for you / Can’t say I ain’t there for you / Everyday before I hit the roads, I say a prayer for you”. Expressing his admiration and love for his woman that sticks by him daily and helps raise their daughter Melody, he takes accountability for his previous mistakes whilst handing over reassurance and the foundation for a strong future ahead.

Always pushing boundaries, you can expect the unexpected from alternative-pop artist Maggie Andrew. Meshing together dreamy, synth-laden melodies with edgy lyrics, “Maggie makes music with teeth.” – Pigeons & Planes.

Having grown up in Halifax, NS, Maggie infuses her music with the struggles of personal life and past traumas. “When I write my music, it’s often a reflection of who I am and what I’ve been through. These new songs will introduce a whole different side to me as an artist, it’s next level.”

Having landed herself on the radar of pop superstar, blackbear, their collaboration “Sleep 4Ever” has amassed over 4M streams and recent projects garnered press on Billboard, Rolling Stone India and was featured on Apple Music’s Chart Show with Brooke Reece. 

Canadian singer-songwriter, Liam Barrack, returns with his highly anticipated sophomore single, “Bulletproof”. Recorded at Echoplant Sound in British Columbia by Juno-nominated producer Ryan Worsley (Dear Rouge, Monowhales), the new single is a stunning display of Barrack’s unique sound and songwriting ability. “Bulletproof” highlights the contrast between the author’s own perceived flaws and the perceived perfection of his crush.

Within three months of his debut release, Barrack gained over 30K+ streams worldwide, fueled by organic Spotify discovery/playlists and fan-created YouTube content from his dedicated followers. “Bulletproof” is sure to further cement Barrack’s rising popularity and fan base.

Liam, who graduated from Bishop’s University in Quebec, did a joint degree in Music and Computer Science. While he thoroughly enjoys the latter, he loves Music above all else, and has dedicated himself to learning multiple instruments including guitar and piano.

Dea Doyle is a singer/songwriter from West London. Born into a household of music, Dea always knew she wanted to be an artist, having written her first song at just nine years old. Inspired by the likes of Carole King, Haim, Fleetwood Mac and Hall & Oates, she offers quick-witted lyrics about life, love and heartbreak, yet always with a memorable chorus.

Her latest single “Over You” narrates leaving a relationship, feeling like you no longer need anyone. The songwriter confides, “I wrote this song at a time in my life where I felt liberated, thinking if I can get over someone I once loved then maybe I’ll never need anyone ever again. At the very end of the song I do flip the idea on its head and question whether I truly am over them, but on a whole it’s about feeling emotionally detached and regaining my independence.”

Beginning with raw snippets of background sounds of children playing, “Over You” features Dea’s impressive, warm honey vocals which glide over a punchy drumline and jangly melodic guitars delivering an overall gritty edge. Channeling 90’s rock/pop artists including Alanis Morrisette and Cheryl Crow, “Over You” emits a similar grungy, angsty sound.

Hoping to encourage listeners to leave toxic relationships that are no longer serving you, Dea wants you to know there’s always better out there. Dea expresses, “On a whole I would like my music to celebrate women in particular and urge them to be unapologetic for who they are and just to have fun really.”

With a couple of releases under her belt, and as an active performer around London, Dea Doyle is set for an exciting 2023.

Haitian DJ/Producer Francis Mercier releases his sunrise-themed remix of Los Angeles native DJ/Producer Hank K’s single ‘WRONG’ via Mad Decent/Pizzalime records. This record accentuates the melodramatic energy felt during a sunrise set. With a melodic and entrancing rhythm and emotive chord progressions, this impressive creative rework of Hank K’s ‘WRONG’ embodies the warming sentiment of an epicall memorable sunrise set.

Sprouting from a musical and cultural melting pot in Haiti, Francis Mercier has developed a keen ear for global music and a desire to bring diverse sounds and cultures together on the dancefloor. Both are evident in his world-renowned DJ & producer career and role as Co-Founder of Deep Root Records, a Forbes-recognized, 100% Black-owned label. Francis has captivated audiences across the globe from EDC Vegas to Pacha Ibiza to Miami, with his recent B2B play with Mad Decent label boss Diplo during Miami Music Week.

Francis reflects on how the track came together saying, “When Hank first sent me the song, I was unsure about its remix potential as the vocals are quite minimal. However, I wanted to challenge my production capacity to reinvent something sounding brand new. I am very pleased with how the remix is sounding, and I can’t wait for it to be released the day before my debut Coachella performance in the Yuma tent (:”

“I thought Francis was the perfect match for this remix,” said Hank K regarding the track. “From the original melodic tech track to what it is now, I think it’s beautiful how he flipped it into the sunrise vibe and really took the track into a whole different place. I can’t wait to see it played by DJs everywhere,” he added.

Nashville based pop-rock/alt-rock band, Arrows in Action, share a brand new single, “Head In The Clouds.” The track is taken off their highly anticipated debut album, Built To Last, set for release on May 26th. “Head In The Clouds” is a reminder to listeners to take a step back and remember to prioritize themselves and their own well-being. Produced by frequent collaborator, Dan Swank, the new track pairs a laid-back groove with carefree lyrics to drive the point home.

Listen to “Head In The Clouds” now HERE

Speaking on the song, the band shares, “Head in the Clouds’ is about taking an internal stand for yourself and saying hey, it’s gonna be okay even if it’s hard to mean it.

The band also shares the accompanying music video for the track today. Shot and edited by Hunter Cohen and filmed on their recent tour supporting Magnolia Park, the clip builds on the carefree nature of the song with a compilation of fun moments from their time out on the road. Watch the video now HERE


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