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INsiders Guide: PINK FOOTAGE, Airrica & Ashee, Jules Brave, RAGS AND RICHES, TYLER HALVERSON, JACK, Super Future & Wreckno, LÉON…

Liverpool four-piece – PINK FOOTAGE – have unveiled “Stuck”, the band’s debut single under their new moniker. 


A crooked and angular offering that sees spiky post-punk rhythms and frenetic guitars jostle against warped spoken-word vocal harmonies, “Stuck” is a nod to the claustrophobia and restlessness that led the foursome to form Pink Footage in the first place. 

Of the story behind the new track, Michael Edward of the band explains:

“It’s about stagnation: personal, romantic, artistic. It’s the suffocating feeling of routine calcifying around you as time gets faster, and feeling that urge to tear everything up.”

With the track’s main riff dating back to the band’s former life, “Stuck” wasn’t officially finished until they began thrashing out ideas in what they remember as a “super collaborative and experimental” recording process.

“The band had learned to do a large part of the recording ourselves” Michael adds, “so we had the time to try new techniques and let the song unfold in the recording process, rather than having to nail it on a short timescale like you have to when the clock’s ticking on your studio budget.” 

Recorded between Yellowbird Studios, RPM Studios and Michael’s own flat, “Stuck” was mixed and mastered by Michael and engineered by Peter Harrison and Connor Dickson.

Diplo’s house and techno label Higher Ground presents a scorching body of work from rising, Ibiza-based female DJ & producer Airrica (originally from the US) and enigmatic UK-based producer Ashee, who fuse their transatlantic influences to form a sound that goes outside the armory of typical tech weaponry. The release exhibits the imprint’s taste for increasingly cutting-edge styles. 

Airrica and Ashee only had one rule when they entered the studio: “If we’re having fun, the music’s probably good.” International Confusion is comprised of three tracks made on three days in three different studios, pulling ideas and inspiration from all over but centering around the chaotic energy of the rave. Not too worried about taking the process too seriously, the duo let their creativity run wild in these sessions, and you can hear the trippy-yet-dialed-in results on this EP. 

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There’s nothing like turning to a friend on the dancefloor during a nasty drop and sharing a moment of dizzying joy. This was the inspiration for creating unique sounds on the EP, and you can hear it on the speedy, head-spinning title track, the hazy, groove-focused “Elsa’s Scream,” and the bassline abusive “Flori.” These tracks may hone in on jaw-dropping elements, but they’re composed with class, not simply relying on shock value to do damage. The innovative arrangements and well-timed buildups will have listeners craving what’s behind the next turn. 

Rising pop singer-songwriter Jules Brave has released their highly anticipated dance-pop single,  “Nothing To Talk About.” With its delightful blend of upbeat melodies, Billie Eillish-esque drums, and empowering lyrics, “Nothing To Talk About” marks the beginning of a compelling musical journey that reflects Brave’s personal growth as an artist overcoming a past relationship. “Nothing To Talk About” is available to stream and download worldwide.

The new single, co-produced with Jacob Seeger and Alina Smith, is a synth-dance record that instantly captivates listeners and is a force to be reckoned with that focuses on the feeling of getting fed up with being led on. “It’s basically Barbie in her standing-up-for-myself / slightly villain era,” Brave admits. This song encourages the listeners to believe in themself and gives them the power to overcome having their time wasted and the feeling of being mistreated. The song’s lyrics, I’d usually really wanna stay up right now / so tell me why I wanna hang up right now, highlights how Brave continues to grow as a person and artist alongside their listeners.

“This song includes samples that I made using voice memos on my phone and my first time beat-boxing in a song,” says Brave, about the production of the song. “I recorded the vocals in my NYC apartment during Covid, and there are 10s of vocal stacks in the bridge from my friends singing in their homes.” Experienced engineers Tony Ghantous mixed this record while William Kast co-produced, helping to create an overall crisp-sounding song. Gabi Grella, a well-known mastering engineer building a name for herself and all women engineers in the music industry, mastered the track.  

Brothers Tanner and Peyton Whitt, performing as the adrenalized American alt-pop band RAGS AND RICHES, aim to bring hope and inspire a generation of dreamers. The Lexington, Kentucky natives released their debut single, “Speed of Sound”, in 2019 and lit the spark for a wildfire breakout reaching over a million streams on platforms. 

Their latest single “Misbehave” was written alongside their close friend DeMarko Murphy. The track takes sonic inspiration from a mixture of 90’s and 2000’s nostalgia, linking with the Shrek and Barbie references that can be heard throughout the track. The duo shares, “We had the name “Misbehave” in mind for the song and the concept was just this couple that has seen their relationship go stale and they are trying to find some ways to find that spark again. With that in mind the song naturally found its humor, sexy, and serious moments on its own.” 

The unique song radiates a feel-good, silly, dancey vibe, certain to brighten up your day. Shimmering with colorful synths, playful percussion and gritty guitars, the infectious lyrics will be stuck in your head, as they chant, “I just wanna see you misbehave.” The two man crew has performed over 200 shows in over 40 states, including tour support for Fitz and The Tantrums, Judah & the Lion, Durry and Leah Marlene, and will be directly supporting Smash Mouth in September. The duo have also charted in top #200 on NACC college radio charts, won two Lexington Music Awards for ‘Pop Artist of the Year’ as well as ‘Song of the Year’ and impressively clocked in over five million streams and over two million video views in just four years. Their debut album Always Gold released in 2022 via Sonablast! Records also hit over 1.4 million streams in its first week alone. With their current explosive success it’s clear these determined brothers are rising to the top.

“As They Did”

• With his new EP due out next month, Tyler Halverson shares the single “As They Did” today via Atlantic Records. The longingly nostalgic track was co-produced by Gary Stanton of Muscadine Bloodline and Ryan Youmans.

• “This one’s about what life was like before interstates and fence lines. And seeing the land the way God intended it to be seen.” – Tyler Halverson

• In support of the single, Halverson continues his busy live schedule that includes headline dates, festival appearances, and arena shows supporting Parker McCollum. See him at The Basement Nashville on September 19th!


• Serving Vampire Weekend meets Matt & Kim vibes all day long, indie artist JACK releases upbeat ballad “BIG BRAIN.” The spirit of the song captures the same hustle and drive JACK applies to all aspects of his career, and it’s no coincidence this scrappy and driven artist’s social numbers have skyrocketed as result of his relentless commitment to engaging his audience across platforms.

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• “BIG BRAIN is youth. The song represents the sporadic, naive, and uncertain nature of being young. I attempt to explain the world around me and understand myself, all while maintaining young love.” – JACK

• “BIG BRAIN” is the final single before JACK’s debut album, SAD SONGS IN C MAJOR, due out on September 15th. It was written and produced with 5x GRAMMY-nominated producer/engineer Rick Carson of Make Believe Studio.

up-and-coming bass star Super Future and queer electronic icon Wreckno release their new single ‘Bassline’, the first off Super Future’s forthcoming Crimson EP, out now on Rezz’s label HypnoVizion.

Opening with a crescendo of whimsical synths, ‘Bassline’ is a dynamic blend of Super Future’s melodic tendencies and Wreckno’s sassy, bass-heavy style. True to its title, the track skyrockets with overzealous, zippering basslines as Wreckno’s hard-hitting vocals rap, “I’ve been busy making them go crazy with the bassline”. An exhilarating listening experience from start to finish, ‘Bassline’ is a saucy addition to HypnoVizion’s growing catalog.  

“This song has gone on a long journey, but the emphasis and power of the drop (and actual bassline) has always been there. The authority of this bassline stretches across the whole track in a very “experimental bass” way, but also has a feeling reminiscent of an actual distorted bass guitar running through those notes. That’s the feeling I wanted to give the main sound – and who better to match that energy with perfect lyricism than our good friend Wreckno?” – Super Future

Entering a beaming new chapter in her career, as a newly independent artist, the wonderful LÉON shares “Pretty Boy”; the first single to be taken from her forthcoming album. 

The creation of “Pretty Boy” has been in the works for the past year, together with the rest of her upcoming fourth studio album. During this period of time, LÉON has been dedicated to honing her craft and establishing her place in the industry as an indie artist again for the first time since 2015. 

Alongside “Pretty Boy” signifying the beginning of a new era, it is also a momentous track for LÉON for a plethora of other reasons. One of which being that it is the first track that she is putting out that’s been produced by herself and her good friend Henrik Michelsen. Essentially, it is a song of new beginnings and welcomed change. 

Rising Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter, DLG. continues his momentum with his new single “KUNG FU” out today. Get it HERE via 10K Projects.

With its funky beat and easy-going vocal flow, the dreamy tune will have listeners floating through the end of summer blasting it on repeat. “’KUNG FU is about a girl – one that I have to literally fight my brain to not think about all day. I was trying to embody that feeling of being so consumed by someone,” says DLG. “The song takes the phrase ‘she’s a knockout’ to a whole new level.”

“KUNG FU” serves as the follow up to a steady release of singles and collaborations this year, including standout CLOSE ONE! which Ones to Watch notably called, “effortlessly dancey…an excellent track to fall in love to.” Meanwhile, DLG. continues to connect with fans over breakout single “Inside My Eyelids” and collaboration with DJ-duo Koastle, “Stay Close,” both of which have amassed millions of streams.

Brooklyn-based fuzz punk duo Punt today return with the double a-side “Gettin Late” b/w “Red Light”. These two tracks serve as the final warning shots before the band’s long awaited sophomore album The Heat (PRE-SAVE) arrives on September 22nd via Trash Casual.

If previous singles “I’m Bad” b/w “Take Me Home” weren’t crushing enough, this latest double-hitter from Punt is gonna pin the listener into a corner and ask them to think about what you’ve done.

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“Gettin Late” harnesses growling low end to deliver a neo-western tale that vocalist/bassist Eli Frank describes as “a bandit type, been on the run, been stealing and killing since he was a kid. He feels like he’s ready to end it all and he wants to go out in a blaze of glory.” While “Red Light” travels into some of the darkest Punt territory yet; exploring the twisted psyche of a night gone terribly wrong. Frank explains,  “its about searching in the dark of the night for that one companion that will make you feel all right. Not every person you meet is gonna be a good dude and this story didn’t end well for one of them…dinner time.”

Brazilian wunderkind Cour T. releases ‘TRiPPPY’, the third single off his forthcoming debut album Brain Deals out this fall via Dirtybird Records

Continuing to set himself apart with his intricate sound designs, ‘TRiPPPY’ follows suit with its vibrant patterns and textured layers. A deep, rolling house cut, ‘TRiPPPY’ is led by grooving basslines and snappy percussion, with amusing vocal samples and playful synth accents percolating throughout its five-minutes. On ‘TRiPPPY’, Cour T.’s sense of wonder and whimsy shines through his hypnotic blend of Brazilian tribal elements, classic Dirtybird sounds, and signature psychedelic stylings. ‘TRiPPPY’ marks the third single off Cour T.’s upcoming album, following ‘2D5’ and ‘TRiiiBAILE’.

“I wanted to bring something more hypnotic, something you can listen to at home or at an afterparty. It’s a track that sticks in your mind.” – Cour T.

Brazilian producer/DJ Cour T. is quickly becoming a vanguard within Brazilian house music and beyond. No stranger to Dirtybird, Cour T. has a longstanding history with the iconic American house and techno label, having released seven EPs on the label including last year’s Florestao. His trademark sound, a mix of percussive rhythms, repetitive basslines, and deep, psychedelic synths, has garnered the support of Claude VonStroke, Claptone, Chris Lake, Dennis Cruz and Jamie Jones. 

​“Era-spanning dream-pop” from Hamilton ON. Once described as a “dreamy version of Linkin Park”, Linebeck aims to find the push-and-pull between happy vivacity & nostalgic melancholy.

Their debut single “Bed” was released on June 24, 2022 – reaching over 10,000 Spotify streams and bringing in over 800 new listeners within 4 weeks of its release. Since then, Linebeck has followed up with a steady stream of singles, including “In My Dreams”, a dreamy ballad, and “Waste My Time”, a gazey guitar-driven song about dating in the digital age.

​Sonically, Linebeck draws inspiration from shoegaze, dream-pop, and post-punk bands; yet melodically and structurally leans heavily on pop-driven motifs. Heavily influenced by songwriting geniuses LennonMcCartney and pop powerhouse Max Martin, Linebeck’s songwriting is full of intention but not lacking in honesty.

Toronto-based, Ekelle rhymes about what she knows best: her real-life experience! Money, sex, drama, and identity stir together to create a style she calls Hood Pop – Popular music with a street edge. Hood Pop combines elements of hip hop, pop, and R&B. In creating her own genre Ekelle doesn’t limit herself to rigid categories, allowing for a dynamic experience where some songs are different from each other, but still represent and distinguish her from others. As a self-taught, independent artist she is guided by her instincts and a passion for music, pop culture and fashion.

Ekelle has performed at large-scale events like Afrofest and the Durham Caribbean Festival. Her earlier music was popular with blogs like the Come Up Show and Toronto Rappers, but it wasn’t until her debut solo EP, Dark Skin and Tattoos (2019) that larger blogs like EARMILK, OK Nigeria, and Flavourmag UK started to take notice. Singles off her Hood Pop EP (2020) started to make rounds on blogs like Exclaim, The Hype Magazine, and FOMO. 

Daya has released a new remix of her latest single “Juliene” with electronic music virtuoso Devault. “Juliene (Devault Remix)” is now available for streaming on all major digital platforms.

Following the sensational success of “Juliene,” Daya’s first single release of the year, which marked the commencement of an exciting new era in her career, “Juliene (Devault Remix)” offers fans a fresh perspective on the latest hit.

Daya’s journey through the music landscape has been nothing short of remarkable. With a string of hits that have resonated with fans globally, the artist has cemented her status as a true pop icon. The collaboration with Devault serves as a testament to Daya’s commitment to pushing creative boundaries and exploring new musical horizons with producers.

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The release of “Juliene (Devault Remix)” comes as a harbinger of more exciting things to come from Daya in the near future. The track not only showcases the artist’s versatility but also hints at a forthcoming wave of incredible music that is set to define this new chapter of her career.

GRAMMY-nominated global artist Matt B has released his highly anticipated Afrobeats album, ALKEBULAN (pronounced al-kee-boulan) via Vitae Records. Well over three years in the making, the project is titled after the ancient name of Africa, also meaning “Mother of Mankind,” serving as a homage to Matt’s heritage. ALKEBULAN offers a culturally rich listening experience that encapsulates his transformative journey as he rediscovers his purpose and love for music elevated by sounds from various African countries such as Uganda, Namibia, and Zimbabwe. Alongside the release of ALKEBULANMatt has dropped the music video for his latest single “GUNJALE” featuring Ugandan dynamic duo Ugaboys, a percussive-led track that urges individuals to focus on living in the moment instead of being enamored by the digital world. The impactful visual — directed by Matt’s wife, manager, and producer Angela Benson — was filmed within the Karamoja District of Uganda and showcases what it means to be part of ‘gunjale,’ a joyous community immersed within African culture. Watch the music video for “GUNJALE” here.

Ontario, Canada – Bearings have released their highly-anticipated third album The Best Part About Being Human via Pure Noise Records. Produced by Sam Guaiana (Silverstein, Between You & Me), the new album features the most tightly honed songwriting of Bearings’ near-decade career – including previously released singled “Gone So Gone”, “Live Forever Never Die,” and “Slip” – leaving listeners instantly nostalgic for sweaty summer festivals and finger-pointed singalongs while serving as a clear indication of where the pop-punk genre is headed.

“The Best Part About Being Human is being alive and the second best part is writing an upbeat and exciting record with your brothers in a small house in North Hollywood,” says the band. “This record was us figuring out what we really wanted to play live, what got us excited, and I think we found that.”

They continue, “It had to be something we could play in its entirety live if we wanted and it would work. It’s got melancholy chorus’s and the wordy verses. It really feels like we were able to experiment while also honing in on what we do well and creating something both us and our fans will be proud of.”

Montana-based Americana up-and-comer Madeline Hawthorne is thrilled to share her new single “Neon Wasteland.” “The songs on my new record are about made-up characters,” says Madeline “I developed each story from my own experiences as well as from the different people I’ve met on the road. Take from this song whatever you want. It doesn’t necessarily have a message, but I expect that we can all relate to the character in Neon Wasteland. She gives up what many of us call a “normal life” so that she can pursue her dream. We meet her in a difficult moment on her journey. To be honest I don’t know how her story ends. “Neon Wasteland” is just a window into her life on a rough day…she’s got bills to pay and no money, she works all the time, her car is broken down, and all she wants to do is go to the river and forget her troubles for a few hours. It can be rough out there sometimes.” 

Madeline will be playing a number of shows this fall, including Fall Fest (Sandpoint, ID), Park City Song Summit (Park City, UT), Yellowstone Harvest Festival (Livingston, MT), AMERICANAFEST (Nashville, TN) as well as a handful of shows supporting John Cragie in Colorado.  

“Neon Wasteland” is the first song to be released from Madeline’s forthcoming full-length due out in 2024. All tour information and up-to-date news can be found at

Indie rock band Hot Freaks are thrilled to release their new single “Together Above” that is out now along with the music video that can be viewed here
Together Above” is the third single they have released that is featured on their new album Hot Freaks Forever to be released on September 15. The first single “Let’s Start a Country” and “Boyfriend” are out now as well.
IN support of the new music the band also announced new tour dates as support to The Happy Fits with Small Crush /Windser. See all tour dates below.
Like remembering how to ride a bike, the Freaks have effortlessly returned to full form, prepping a forthcoming tour with the Happy Fits with  fresh jams uncovered from ancient times circa 2013, and new compositions from the  present day. 
Sophomore smash, HOT FREAKS FOREVER, ironically named for a band that once broke up, or perhaps presciently named for a fated comeback, is a jubilant addition to the Freaks’ discography that feels like a victory lap. Tapping into their long history, these 10 new tracks collect unreleased early works along with freshly minted music perfectly embodying their signature, high gloss dancy disco pop, with radiant notes of MGMT, Of Montreal, the Carpenters, and Mitski.

Continuing a rapid ascent to the forefront of the culture, Real Boston Richey returns with an incendiary and infectious new single and music video entitled “Keep On Getting It” today via Freebandz/Epic Records. Listen HERE and watch HERE.

In the accompanying visual directed by Skeeboe, the whole neighborhood shows out for Real Boston Richey who proves he is a man of the people.

It lands in the wake of the recent controversial fan favorite  “Send A Blitz, which has posted up nearly 1 million total streams. In other big news, XXL notably selected him for its highly coveted Freshman Class and cover. The outlet professed, Much like the iced-out timepiece he references off-rip, not only is Real Boston Richey‘s timing flawless, but the time is certainly right for the “On Site” rapper to be part of the 2023 XXL Freshman Class as well.”

Plus, prior standout “My Image” has generated north of 1.3 million Spotify streams and 3.3 million YouTube views on the music video. Meanwhile, it incited critical applause. HipHopOnDeck raved “Real Boston Richey has been making waves in the rap game,” and noted, “The record is sure to be a hit.”

Real Boston Richey has quietly emerged as one of rap’s most dynamic new voices. He has attracted high-profile plugs from Rolling Stone, Complex, The FADERXXL, and Pitchfork, among others in addition to a coveted co-sign from Future. He has generated tens of millions of streams across releases such as Public Housing and Public Housing, Pt. 2 highlighted by bangers, including the Future collabs “Bullseye 2” and “I Want You” as well as “Keep Dissing 2” with Lil Durk“Navy Seals” with Lil Crix and Kodak Black, and “Certified Dripper 2” with MoneyBagg Yo.

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Oxymorrons continues to revolutionize the music scene with their latest single, “Look Alive (Netic).” Out today, the track is the fourth release from the NYC-based genre-defying and trailblazing band’s upcoming debut album, Melanin Punk, available on October 20th via Mascot Records.

“Look Alive (Netic)” is testament to Oxymorrons’ undeniable talent and unwavering commitment to breaking barriers and defying expectations. The blistering track captures the essence of their hybrid sound and never say die attitude. The band explains, “’Look Alive’ is the perfect sonic representation of our unique blend of Rock and Hip-Hop. It hits hard, exudes energy, and lives authentically in both spaces. With swaggy, unapologetic vibes, it simultaneously uplifts while delivering a powerful message: ‘Hard Times Get Better.’ Stay focused, Stay Active, and Push Forward, always Look Alive.”

Oxymorrons’ new single also pays tribute to a fallen member of their chosen family, sharing, “for those who wonder what (Netic) is – Netic Rebel, a founding member of the band Game Rebellion, was an integral part of the AfroPunk movement, playing a vital role in building the festival’s legendary legacy. More than just a musician, he was a guiding force, a brother, and a mentor to all who knew him, leaving an indelible mark on the universe. Without Netic, there would be no Oxymorrons, as he not only inspired but also empowered POC bands to remain authentic and true to themselves. He embraced imperfections and was a perfect soul in his own unique way. Netic was a gift from the universe, and for this gift, we are forever grateful. His spirit lives on in the music, the memories, and the hearts of those he touched, and his legacy continues to resonate through the power of music and the unity he fostered.”

Melody Federer’s music is at once enigmatic and candidly charming. Texas-born with a nomadic soul, she honed her craft in New York, Paris, Los Angeles, Nashville, Seattle, and back to Nashville where she continues to gain recognition as an up-and-coming talent in the world of Indie and Alt music. Federer examines how easy it is to fall in love, versus how difficult it is to fall out of it with her new single with “Falling Out.” 

“It’s like we get sucked into this beautiful fantasy so fast, chemicals firing off in our brain, cheeks glowing, every love song come to life, aka ‘spring has sprung’—that magical phase that has inspired poets and musicians and painters and writers and dancers and every other human who’s been lucky enough to feel it since the dawn of time—and then…just like that, love can be over,” says Federer.  “Your best friend is a stranger. Your lover is an enemy. You’re ‘falling out’, with no wings or parachute to catch you, through dream you can’t wake yourself up from. And you just have to keep falling until you hit rock bottom. And you live there for a while. And every day feels unending. The longing gnaws at you. But you keep breathing somehow.  And hopefully, eventually, you get yourself up, brush the dirt off, and hope to have the courage to maybe someday try falling into the whole love thing again. It’s a dangerous, beautiful business, love. “Falling Out” started as an acoustic guitar song. Then it turned into a sort of synth-pop animal.” 

A brand new act to watch here as NOCHES step onto the scene with the razor sharp offering, ‘Ugly Boy’. The multi-cultural NOCHES explores uncharted and at times suspenseful territory in their otherworldly cinematic visuals and borderless multi-genre sounds, fusing Latin and modern influences that comes to create an exciting new genre of unknown origin. Watch the startling video for ‘Ugly Boy’ HERE.

Miranda Joan is a Brooklyn-based singer, songwriter, and musician. Born in Montréal, Miranda spent her formative years growing up on the north shore of Vancouver, filling diaries with emotions and experiences; creating a safe place to land for both her heart and her imagination that would go on to form the basis of her song writing. Her influences range from Bill Withers, Stevie Wonder, and Carole King to Anderson Paak., Little Dragon and Robyn, drawing on both the classic and the contemporary. Miranda’s personal experiences and the artistic and spiritual energies of the places she has called home flow through intricate song writing and playful production to form a unique blend of Soul-Pop.

With the fluidity of growing up along the Pacific Ocean in Vancouver and the joy-de-vivre and creativity that Montréal exudes radiating through her music, Miranda has always sustained strong roots in Canada. A shy child, her first experiences of music and performing came from high school drama and musical theatre. Leaning into Soul, R&B and Jazz sounds, she found a natural home for her voice. Miranda began to shape her sound using her lifetime of journals and influence from the singer-songwriters of all genres that had fed into her writing process throughout her life. She moved to New York to study Jazz and opened her inquisitive sound and creative style to a host of artists and producers in her musical surroundings, as well as the grittiness and intensity of the city.

Establishing herself in the Brooklyn Soul/Jazz community, Miranda is the co-host and co-founder of Brooklyn’s Femme Jam (NYC’s first all-female led jam session); a community initiative to create a womxn-led space with an emphasis on female musicians that fosters inclusivity. Arts mentorship has been an important through-line in Joan’s career and for the past eight years she has been a music mentor with the non-profit SAY: The Stuttering Association for the Young where she works with youth 8-18 who stutter. 

She has performed on national tours, played sold-out and headline shows at well-known New York venues, provided backing vocals for the likes of The Killers, Shawn Mendes, Lorde, Kylie Minogue and Andy Grammar, and joined Sly5thAve at Montréal Jazz Festival with the Orchestre National de Jazz de Montréal, in a tribute to Dr. Dre. In 2021 she was selected as one of First Up with RBCxMusic Emerging Artists as she released her debut album ‘Windborne’, the follow up to her 2019 EP “Still”. Both releases received consistent radio airplay in Vancouver and Los Angeles and led to a sync placement on Canadian TV show The Strays. Recent singles “Overstimulated” and “I Love You, Dwayne” have received support from NPR, Consequence, EARMILK, Exclaim! and airplay from CBC and MountainFM in Canada and Tony Minvielle (Jazz FM) in the UK.

Blossoming out of what was originally intended as a one song collaboration, Miranda has spent recent years collaborating with Ben Carr AKA CARRTOONS on her sophomore album ‘Overstimulated’. “It is an album book-ended by songs of affirmation, of rooting, of returning to and loving oneself, intertwined with the messy, chaotic and interconnected web of my hopes, dreams, imagination, love, and heartache”, Miranda muses. Simultaneously leaning into and letting go of the excessive and overstimulating, the LP sees Miranda shift into a space of contemporary Jazz and Soul, where the instrumental and acoustic meets the electronic. Developed song writing and storytelling sits alongside production from CARRTOONS and additional offerings from the likes of Sly5thAve, Jake Sherman, Ben Williams, The Huntertones and Kristine Kruta. 

Soaked in the bright psychedelia of the 1960’s and dipped in the indie rock explosion of the new millennium, The Velveteins are best described as a bridge between the two. Inspired after living out of a camper van on the beaches of Australia for a year, frontman Spencer Morphy returned to Canada and started the band with co-songwriter Addison Hiller in 2014. Later joined by Dean Kheroufi, Daniel Sedmak and Cam O’Neill, the fivesome have since made a name for themselves for their incendiary live performances. Their collection of records through the years captures youthful energy, and experimentations with surf tinged indie guitar pop.

Declarations of the 3am Freeway is the sophomore full-length from the band. Inspired by dusk, while driving in a battered motor vehicle on the cusp of a great adventure, the album is backdropped with moody synths and sizzling warbled guitars. The lyrics are moody, yearning, and more insightful than their past works such as Slow Wave and A Hot Second. That longing sentiment is relayed perfectly on the title track, “It all begins right now / it all begins in the car on the freeway.” Focus track “See the Ground” is a poppy guitar track about friends who have bad habits and the experience of watching them lose perspective and spiral into their own universe. The sentiment is expressed in the lyric, “when you’d go down, you can barely see the ground.”

The album took five years to write, as the band took charge of production and left their Canadian label. The songs were recorded, and then re-recorded multiple times in a plethora of different recording studios, each song chiseled out from its unsophisticated inception to form a more defined pearly essence.

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Garnering millions of streams for their music to date, The Velveteins have built an ever-growing, dedicated fan base across all corners of the globe. Their vigorous touring schedule has led to international festival appearances (SXSW, and The Great Escape) and opening slots for established acts including Wolf Parade, Hockey Dad and Chad Vangaalen.

Rock and blues guitarist and singer Garret T. Willie is thrilled to release his title track off his debut album Same Pain to be released on September 15th.  

The title track has Johnny Cash vibes that draw the listeners in. Previously to “Same Pain” Garret released his first yearning blues-rock single “Love Hangover” and then his deep-meaning ballad “What It Means To Me.”

Garret says, “I wrote that while I was in Vancouver and it’s actually the first song that Parker and I wrote together. I was going through a breakup at the time and I thought I was fine and ‘It is what it is’ and all that, but I remember sitting on the edge of the bed and starting to well up a little bit and reaching back to where she used to be when she was with me and feeling that empty space and thinking about her, so I picked up the guitar and started coming up with this chord progression, writing these lyrics to that progression while thinking ‘Well, I’ve had this pain before. This is the same pain with a different face.’

Asserting himself as the game’s ultimate outlaw, country trap king Jamie Ray unleashes a new single and music video entitled “Problem Solver” [feat. Boosie Badazz] via Against Da Grain/Epic Records today. This marks his first collaboration with legendary Louisiana rapper Boosie, and it pops off as an undeniable banger through and through. Listen HERE and watch the music video HERE.

On the track, bluesy distorted guitar underlines braggadocios verses from Jamie Ray. In between the magnetic hook, Boosie’s instantly recognizable drawl practically melts into the production. The accompanying video finds Jamie Ray and Boosie surrounded by models clad in Daisy Dukes in the front yard of a suburban neighborhood. All kinds of shenanigans with ensue with motorcycles, trucks, and ATV’s, living up to the promise of this wild joint anthem.

It lands in the wake of his new ALTOID COWBOY EP. Listen HERE. The music video for the slick and simmering single “UH HUH” [feat. Tay Money] has already amassed 261K YouTube views and counting.

In support of the EP, Jamie joins “The Country Bumpin” Tour, hitting the road alongside Dusty LeighBezz Believe, and Bubba Sparxxx for what promises ot be the party of the year. Be on the lookout for more!

TAELA returns with “beetlejuice (dead to me),” released today by Young Forever/Capitol Records. Known for her unfiltered lyricism and heartfelt melodies, TAELA draws inspiration from the beloved movie “Beetlejuice” to deliver a powerful anthem of liberation and self-empowerment.

In a recent statement, TAELA shared her excitement for the upcoming release, saying, “Beetlejuice is my favorite movie. I obsessively watched it growing up and I still turn it on as a comfort show every now and then. I was watching it recently and saw the scene where Beetlejuice says to Lydia, ‘I’m telling ya honey, she meant nothing to me! nothing at all!’ and was instantly inspired to write a song based on the film. I wrote “beetlejuice (dead to me)” about an ex that keeps trying to crawl out of the grave. The ex who’s willing to do anything and everything to get to you, even if it means dragging your name through the dirt or making you miserable. This song is a final ‘we’re through!’ message and I’m so excited to share it.”

TAELA’s music is known for its ability to connect deeply with listeners, drawing from her own personal experiences. Her latest release, life’s a bitch…still, presents an expanded version of her October 2022 EP, delving into the raw emotions of life’s challenges and triumphs. Blending trap snares, anthemic choruses, and piercing guitars, TAELA’s unique sound is characterized by her wail and a confidence that resonates with those who have faced their own trials.

Soul hip-hop, R&B singer, Dylan Joshua is thrilled to release his new EP Leave You In The Ends”  that is out now.
Dylan says, “Your ends is the place you’re most familiar with. For anybody. It’s the place you grew up, different spots you used to go to, the different jobs you’ve had,  different relationships,  different friendships, different eras. It’s the place that shaped you. And I don’t wanna get it twisted, it’s not about where I’m from specifically (Toronto btw) — it’s about the experiences of being in the place you feel like you outgrew. It’s about being in an environment that gets you caught up in cycles and habits. It’s about the lifestyle that environment brings out.  “Leave You In The Ends” is a soundtrack for riding around through your ends and being in your feels.”

“This is a knock on the window of reality,” sings Stephen Jaymes on his new single TOKYO. The second in his suite of four summer singles, TOKYO is a rousing call to make the journey to a magical place that two people create together, even in the face of certain climate destruction. TOKYO drops just a month after Jaymes made his summer debut with “Chief Inspector,” a song Divine Magazine says is “a testament to Jaymes’ artistic prowess and his ability to craft music that resonates deeply within the listener’s soul.” 

Pivoting from the shadowy noir of the first single, TOKYO declares its intention to make your head bob from the opening guitar riff. “The Tokyo of this song is not the Japanese city. It’s a place that exists between two people, an avenue for transcendence, and in this case transcending the apocalyptic scenes that make up most of what a conscious person witnesses this year. It feels like a future song to me as a listener, like Tokyo the Japanese doesn’t exist by the time the singer is inviting his lover to go there with him. Maybe to him it’s just a mythical a name from the pre-apocalyptic past picked up along the way.”

Singer-songwriter Stephen Jaymes might be best described as Charles Bukowski ditching whiskey for psychedelic mushrooms while feverishly ingesting Rumi poetry and Phil Ochs records. 

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The LA-based artist is a punk poet; a wounded-romantic; a sonic noir auteur and a post-apocalyptic hippie. Today, Stephen welcomes a new era of sharply-focused creativity with a series of four singles seeding a path to a debut full-length album.

“My songs are searching for truth and authenticity, but not always both at the same time,” Stephen says. “I try to refuse all invitations to tell the big lies, and then I see what’s left.”

Stephen is a self-contained artist. He is a gifted multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, singer, and producer. His music exudes the stylish playfulness of Prince with clever turns of phrases and occasional funk flashes, but it also conjures the stateliness and mystique of Leonard Cohen. 

Continuing to dominate the summer season, Chicago hip-hop trailblazer and multiplatinum superstar Lil Durk serves up a brand new anthem and music video entitled “F*ck U Thought” today. Stream HERE and watch the music video HERE.

“F*ck U Thought” sets the stage for the Deluxe Edition of his acclaimed blockbuster album, Almost Healed, coming later this month.

On the track, piano pierces a thick trap beat as guitar wails in the background. Durk holds nothing back on the verses as he leans into the production with a commanding cadence. It all culminates on a climactic and confident chorus with a middle finger raised as he warns, “You can’t blame me I done put in too much work, f*ck you thought!” To accompany the song, he delivers yet another explosive and larger than life visual perfectly tailored to the mood.

Meanwhile, his 2023 hit anthem “All My Life” [feat. J. Cole] peaked at #2 on the Billboard Hot 100, is certified platinum in 3 months since its release, and just reached #12 at Pop radio after claiming #1 on both Rhythm and Urban twice apiece. It has also racked up nearly a half-a-billion streams and counting in addition to 96 million YouTubes on the music video. Nearing half-a-billion streams, Almost Healed, marked his fourth consecutive Top 3 debut on the Billboard 200 and third straight #1 on the Billboard Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums Chart.

Talented songwriter CLOVES returns with her subtle yet hard-hitting new track titled “Good Try.” The track comes complete with a visualiser that is the perfect companion for the song’s poignant lyrics;

Watch the videos now;

Choose your streaming platform here

Kaity Dunstan PKA “CLOVES” born in Melbourne, Australia has to date generated over 300million-plus streams, attracted critical acclaim including Pigeons & Planes, i-D, Clash, NME, Vice & Consequence of Sound among many others, performed on U.S network show “Late night with Seth Myers”, toured the U.S opening for Grammy award winning artist Michael Kiwanuka,and her second album saw collaborations with Hudson Mohawke & Jake Portrait from Unknown Mortal Orchestra alongside multiple tastemaker praise including her single “Nightmare becoming BBC Radio 1’s “Hottest Record in the World ”the coveted spotalways seen as a high marker for quality artists. 

For CLOVES, now is the time she feels most creatively free and mentally strong as  she steps out to release her first music  independently, marking the beginning of a new relationship with herself and her music, in the midst of the often discussed & debated major label system for artists these days, CLOVES knows this is the best way forward forher make the music she wants and to do it the way she needs to.

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Montreal disco-pop sensations LE COULEUR will release their highly anticipated new album ‘Comme dans un penthouse’ next month, and today release a fresh teaser track “À la rencontre de Barbara”.


With its gaze fixed firmly on the dancefloor, “À la rencontre de Barbara” is alive with slinky basslines, louche vocal hooks, and starry nocturnal grooves. A guest vocal boost comes courtesy of Standard Emmanuel, perhaps best known as the frontman of the Montreal band Choses Sauvages.

À la rencontre de Barbara”, which translates simply as “Meet Barbara”, the track introduces us to the central protagonist who struts from song-to-song across their conceptual new album. Placing the listener into her fine-heeled shoes, we follow a late night disco diva in pursuit of her next dance, and stepping to a beat of her own defining. As Le Couleur explain:

“In the heart of a glittering metropolis, a pair of shoes triggers an enigmatic quest for an elusive figure. Guided by urban lights, a traveller explores a nocturnal stroll, awakening lost memories and forgotten dreams. As secrets converge, Barbara’s mysterious story unfolds, captivating the viewer between reality and illusion.”

the extraordinary talent that is Lauren Dejey shares her newest single “Solar”, which will soon be part of her forthcoming EP, altogether showcasing her true potential as an alt-pop newcomer. 

Take a listen to “Solar” here

Sonically, the new track is rich in a colorful, electronic ambiance, which is blended seamlessly with Lauren’s silky smooth vocals. There is a distinct drive and urgency in her vocals, through the raw passion for her craft being at the heart of everything she creates.  

Speaking further on the creation of the track, Lauren expresses; “Solar’ is a sonic polaroid of one night in June last year. Sat on a rooftop on a warm Summer’s evening, creeping over the London skyline was a huge red moon. It felt like the universe had put it there just for us, so we wrote this song the next day.”

“Solar” follows Dejey’s previous release “I’m Not Ready” last month, which set her up for an exciting new chapter in her career. With each new release Lauren Dejey proves herself to be an exciting new artist on the rise, bursting with potential, which “Solar” wholeheartedly continues to reflect. 

Lauren will be coming out with a visualiser to accompany the track on the 30th August, so stay tuned for that next week!

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Cayo Coco is the solo project of multi-instrumentalist and producer, Lumen Loraine. Originally from Indiana, the now LA based artist uses his work to share stories of healing and inner exploration. With overall themes of hope and wonder threaded throughout everything he creates, Lumen explains that the process of music for him is a celebration of joy.

Following the release of “Gently, Dreamer,” Cayo Coco drops “Ghosts Talk,” the second track from his upcoming album, which details the inner work he has been doing over the past two years. Described as his favorite song on the album, “Ghosts Talk” details the story of someone who feels unheard/unseen. The angle of the lyrics are as if from a narrator who can see their suffering and provide a gentle yet honest observation. Lumen shares, “No one knows how to talk to someone who is hiding. If we isolate ourselves from others and life, we will only go further and further into the illusion of separateness.” 

Sonically, “Ghosts Talk” is a mellow and tranquil tune, emanating nature sounds and soft, subtle plucking guitars. The songwriter adds, “Part of me felt like this song was also written about spirit guides. My angels are constantly chatting with me, but it took me a long time to understand the nuances of their language. Once I started to tune in, I realized that “ghosts” do in fact talk and the ones assigned to us are here to help us heal and navigate our earthly lessons. I hope this song creates a space for listeners to feel seen, guided, and loved by both the physical & the invisible.

Cayo Coco has garnered millions of streams for his music to date, landing support from Spotify editorial playlists and has also been featured on Pharrell’s Apple Music podcast, OTHERtone. Hoping that his music encourages people to look inside, he explains that going within is a beautiful, worthwhile adventure and urges listeners to join him on this magical journey.
Socials: @neillfrazer

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