INsiders Guide : Kris Angelis, Kodie Shane, Beck Pete, Party Nails, Danelle Sandoval

Kris Angelis: This LA based singer songwriter returns with a brand new EP that explores loss and love entitled “Pieces That Were Stolen”. The EP is built on honesty as each song is insightful and authentic, laced with folk pop instrumentals that make for a fantastic listen. Angelis music has won awards internationally, including the 13th International Acoustic Music Award for Best Female Artist, LA Music Critics Award for Best Female EP, and she was named a finalist at the 2016 International Songwriting Competition. For this new record Angelis worked with producer Billy Lefler, and co-wrote with a number of famed writers including Rich Jacques (Lisa Loeb), Garrison Starr, and Mallory Trunnel (of duo Crimson Calamity). The single “Stained Glass” has to be a personal favourite for me as it explores the idea of human beings fusing together their broken parts to create something beautiful. A ingeniously crafted song, with a refreshing melody and sets you into a relaxing mood as you hear Angelis airy vocals. Such a perfect EP, and beautiful piece of art.

Kodie Shane: This giddy Atlanta prodigy was born to make music.” –The FADER. Such insightful words and this new Epic Records artist is worthy of them, as she releases her brand new single “Love & Drugz II” featuring Trippie Redd. One of Atlanta’s freshest voices, Kodie Shane is just 19 years old and is quickly becoming a fan favourite in the hip hop world. Poised to be one of 2018’s biggest break-out stars, the First Lady of Lil Yachty’s sailing team offers a fresh vision on hip hop music. Kodie Shane made a name for herself by dropping some of 2016’s hottest EP’s and tracks including “Zero Gravity” which contained her smash “Sad (featuring Lil Yatchy)”, followed by the successful “Drip On My Walk.” She recently featured on Teen Vogue as a coveted 21 under 21 Most Influential Issue. She has a debut EP due out in 2018 and is one of the most anticipated in the hip hop scene.

Beck Pete:  Los Angeles artist Beck Pete bursts onto the music scene with her soulful single “Gently Break It”. The song sheds light on a situation that is all too common romantically, where a person convinces themselves that they are undeserving of love and therefore romanticizes the idea of playing a victim in an unhealthy relationship. Pete spoke of the single and gave her insight into it saying “I have been that girl, and can’t say that I won’t be again. I’m just hoping that this song serves a reminder of that tendency, and spreads awareness to everyone who hears it that, one, they are not alone in this cycle and two, they can break it by believing they are worthy of something positive and healthy”. Such a great song and worth the listen.

Party Nails: Los Angeles artist Party Nails finally releases the highly anticipated single “My 404” co-produced by Coast Modern. Punchy, glittery and vibrant the new single showcases Carroll’s exquisite vocal writing and delivery. Party Nails has collaborated with such acclaimed electronic acts as Getter and MitiS (among others) and has also found success touring the US with PVRIS, Lights, MitiS and PRXZM. They aren’t the only successions for Party Nails, Carroll also teaches music production, most notably with the non-profit Beats By Girlz, which provides free music production education and mentorship for female-identifying youth. Having been heavily involved in LGBTQ activism and feminism, Party Nails hopes to be a figure for youth who are looking for someone to relate to emotionally and physically. The new single is available now and expect the album “Past Lives And Paychecks” set for release later this year.

Danelle Sandoval: Danelle Sandoval releases her laid back second single entitled “Say No”, taken from her debut EP “For Love”. Sandoval wanted someone who could encapsulate her stories with true authenticity so she entered the glamorous world of production in LA. ““Say No” was written in LA with producer French Braids. I wrote it during a time when I couldn’t let go of a relationship I was recklessly reliant on. I knew that I needed to move on from it, but I didn’t know how to and really didn’t want to. I just kept going back to it. This song helped me confront my emotions and made me realize how consumed I was with loving someone. While writing it out, I allowed myself to be the most vulnerable I’ve ever been and in return, I gained a self-awareness toward my feelings that I didn’t have before” Sandoval said. She’s quickly gaining attention after she crafted her biggest hit to date, a cover of ILOVEMAKKONEN’s hit song, “Tuesday”, which got her global recognition. “Say No” is out now.

Written By: Neill Frazer

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