Will Iggy Azalea Be The Savior With Her New EP “Survive The Summer”?

It’s been about four years since Iggy dropped her last full record, and now after much anticipation the 28 year old Aussie finally releases “Survive The Summer EP”. About a year ago the rapper teased the project on twitter simply tweeting “S.T.S.”. She’s released a few songs already off the EP including “Tokyo Snow Drip” and the latest effort “Kream” featuring Tyga, but sadly my favourite song by her from this year “Savior” won’t make an appearance. Iggy spoke about her new material during an interview with iHeartRadio this year, “You can expect more honesty from me and my records,” she said. “I still have fun ups and downs and stuff, but the whole point of my record, as a whole, is the turbulence you go through in summer, when you’ve just experienced a big breakup. It’s a lot of highs and a lot of burnouts. My record is that juxtaposition… ‘Savior’ sets the scene. This is day one. This is where I was at. Then moving along from there, this is what happened to me and what I went through.”

The beauty of “Survive The Summer” is it fades away Iggy’s latest releases which were channeled mainly towards mainstream charts, and revisits her mixtape era. You can take appreciation in the fact Iggy is getting her name back out there with something positive, and it may not revisit the success of “Fancy,” “Problem,” and “Black Widow” but it does show Iggy has gone back to basics to show her fans she still hasn’t lost her ‘hood’ image.


Written By: Neill Frazer

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