INsiders Guide : Magnolia Memoirs Debut Album “Steal The Stars”

After much anticipation Magnolia Memoirs have finally released their new album “Steal The Stars”, which comes as the third in a trilogy of concept albums. The band consists of the strong female lead Mela Lee who is supported by her bandmates Dan Antunovich, Alexander Burke, Michael “Fish” Herring, and Neal Daniels. The album kicks off with the lead single “Afterlife” which is the perfect driving start for a pop rock album. The song which is a political anthem, is driven by powerful rock chords with hints of 80’s post punk passion, setting up an incredible journey for the rest of the album.

The second song is the somber “Carousel”, which is lead by the strength of Mela Lee’s seamless vocals backed by a set of orchestral guitar instrumentals. “We Go” is a more fun and upbeat single, and once again the tone is set by Mela Lee’s playful vocals. The most impactful track has to be the albums title song “Steal The Stars”, which is an epic song that could make it’s way onto a blockbuster movie. It tells stories of intrigue, heartbreak, and hope that’s backed by the epic sounds of Magnolia Memoirs.

“Steal The Stars” was produced by mastermind Neil Baldock (Roundhead, Neil Finn) and musical genius Gene Grimaldi (Oasis Mastering), and was released on September 21st. To promote the record the band will be performing several shows around Southern California and media streaming events. Make sure you check out this powerhouse album.

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Written By: Neill Frazer

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