INsiders Guide: Celia Palli And Ninet Tayeb

Celia Palli: This Spanish-born Canadian singer-songwriter made a name for herself in Toronto when she became Nelly Furtado’s background singer. She opened for the Grammy winner on her ‘Spirit Indestructible’ European tour in 2013. Palli’s song “I’ll Be Fine” has amassed over 1 million streams on Spotify and her music has been played on Spanish radios, and Canadian stations nationwide. Now she’s acquired the assistance of Grammy nominated producer duo LIKEMINDS in Brooklyn to record her second album “Technicolours”, and the first single has finally arrived for it entitled “Complicity”.

The single was written with Vancouver-based artist Nashlyn, and is a captivating showcase of sounds and Celia Palli’s amazing vocals. She spoke of the single and the process of writing it saying “In Spanish “complicity” is a positive word. If one can sense complicity between two lovers, it is seen as a compliment. I asked Nashlyn to write the lyrics with me and we used the connotations that this word has in English to help us describe the deep connection in the relationship I sing about.”

“Celia Palli is blessed with serious songwriting skills and a unique and limber voice that carries the message. Whether in English or Spanish, Celia delivers poignant, effortless storytelling in her songs. Her zest for life completely rings through the music.  Don’t even get me started on her live show-she’s a multi-instrumentalist who is completely natural on stage and captivating and exciting to watch. If you are looking for a female quadruple- threat, look no further! “Nelly Furtado

Ninet Tayeb: “Ninet Tayeb Evolves From ‘Israeli Idol’ Into L.A. Rock Goddess”–Billboard

Already recognized as one of the most influential musicians in Israel, Ninet Tayeb is ready to break into the charts globally. She has just dropped her brand new single “Self Destructive Mind”, and her sound has drawn comparisons to that of The Kills, PJ Harvey and Yeah Yeah Yeahs. The singer/songwriter has already become a household name in her country, and over a decade ago she found success by winning “Israeli Idol”. Her debut album took less than a day to go platinum and produced five #1 singles.

Ninet Tayeb is no stranger to success, and now she’s made L.A. her home base, she’s ready to steal the spotlights. She spoke on her new single “Self Destructive Mind”; “When I relocated to LA from Israel two years ago, I spent a lot of nights sitting on my balcony, staring at the moon, thinking. One of those late nights I was battling some negative thoughts, wondering about my decision to leave home. That moment inspired me, so I walked inside and wrote this song. Self Destructive Mind is a taste, a glimpse into my world where time can make you feel so isolated and alone” she said.


Written By: Neill Frazer

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