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INsiders Guide : Jessie Munro Drops Her Highly Anticipated EP ‘On My Own’

Twenty-three year-old Toronto born, Los Angeles based artist Jessie Munro has been mesmerizing audiences worldwide, with her music style of modern electro pop and R&B influences. She attended the Berklee College of Music, where she harnessed her songwriting abilities to a new level, growing her writing to a new mature level. She now releases her debut EP entitled “On My Own”, which contains 6 tracks that tells the story of various stages of a post break-up.

“On My Own” shows Jessie Munro’s ability to be open and honest, and will appeal to many of her fans with her honest and relatable lyricism. The EP narrates a variety of emotions we feel when we lose someone we love. Influenced by artists such as Carole King, Daniel Caesar and Charlotte Day Wilson, Munro describes “we were trying to harness old school classic sounds and marry them with modern sounds”.

‘Under Fire’ is the lead single from the EP, which showcases Munro’s amazing vocals backed by a strong melodic pop instrumental. The song focuses on the pressures of social expectations and constantly feeling scrutinized by others. Munro reflected on the song saying “the intent of the lyric is brought to life with a melody that evokes that same emotion”, something that is clear throughout it.

‘If Your Eyes Could Talk’ still contains Munro’s amazing soulful and smokey vocals, and features hints of both jazz and pop influences. The single succeeds in portraying the emotions of a relationship and is a truthful depiction of a breakup, which flows well into the rest of her EP. Jessie Munro has come a long way from coming in sixth place in CBC’s search for Dorothy in its 2012 Over the Rainbow series, she has performed to sold out audiences across the globe, and now she’s ready to conquer the musical world on her own. The new EP “On My Own” is available now.

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Written by Neill Frazer

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