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INsiders Guide : Night Lights, Parish f/t, Young Rising Sons

Night Lights: Indie pop group night lights have released their highly anticipated new song produced by Brian Philipps (Walk the Moon, COIN), called ‘Talk To Me’. The band have been featured in high profile media outlets such as Billboard, Indie Shuffle, NPR, BBC World News, LA Weekly, and have charted on Spotify’s Viral 50 Global and Viral 50 US. Night Lights have garnered a huge  670K plays on Spotify and counting. The band which have members from Mexico, Japan, and Norway, managed to come together to create an assortment of pop, rock and electronic sounds.

Night Lights released their infectious single “Childish” in 2016, which earned features from EarMilk, Indie Shuffle, Music Times, and more. Shortly after being released, the track made it’s way to the Viral 50 Global and Viral 50 US Spotify charts. Now the band are set to talk to music world by storm with their catchy pop track ‘Talk To Me’.

Parish f/t: Parish f/t Is former Cage the Elephant Guitarist and now producer, under the name Parish f/t. Funny enough Parish f/t was a complete accident, it was a musical experiment that worked. It’s a project that has brought together a roster of featured vocalists, alongside Parish’s great musical production. “Release” featuring Daphne Willis is the second single from the artist, which combines all of his favorite musical elements with Daphne’s incredible vocals.

“I’ve long been a fan of Daphne Willis’s music and when thinking of other people I wanted to feature she was the first person to come to mind… Lyrically I think the song will touch anybody who has ever dealt with anxiety issues, and from a musical standpoint it has all the elements that I love hearing in pop music with an amazing vocal and killer bass line.” “Release” has all of my favorite elements of music combined in one track: A killer vocal from Daphne Willis, a hypnotic bass line, and nostalgic elements from the past that give us something a bit familiar but leaves us trying to put our finger on it” Parish said.

This is just another evolution in an artists repertoire, and Parish is always looking at ways to expand his musical ability to better further his bright career.

Young Rising Sons: New Jersey’s Young Rising Sons have been featured on our INsiders Guide before, and this talented band has seen them tour with the likes of acts such as Halsey, The 1975, & The Neighbourhood. Now the boys are back with a brand new track entitled “Scatterbrain”. The band manage to create a lively but infectious song from a narrative about the chaos and confusion of feeling something and not understanding or knowing how to process it. The band explained the meaning behind the single saying “It’s the byproduct of being an emotional hoarder and carrying baggage that you know you shouldn’t. Scatterbrain is about trying to balance the outside work when you’re living inside your head”.

As band continue to rise, be sure to add these guys to your playlist, because it won’t be long before everyone will be talking about the Young Rising Sons.



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Written by Neill Frazer

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