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Exclusive Interview With Pop Musician And ‘American Idol’ Finalist Trevor Douglas

Dallas based musician Trevor Douglas has been performing his soulful acoustic songs from an early age. He was a finalist on the hit TV show American Idol, plus he’s had an opening slots for the Jonas Brothers, and played at huge events such as The Dallas International Film Festival and Texas State Fair. He was even awarded The Most Entertaining Singer in The Texas Top Ten competition, which cemented him as one of the hottest musician’s in his region. Not only is Trevor Douglas a talented singer, but he’s also a gifted songwriter, being influenced by some of the biggest acts of this decade including Ed Sheeran, Lauv and Shawn Mendes.

Now pop icon Trevor Douglas is set to release not only a debut EP entitled “Four In The Morning”, but has dropped the first single from it called “Take This Back”. Reminiscent of sounds from Michael Jackson and George Michael, Trevor’s vocals croon over an acoustic melody. The single is about second chances and the back-and-forth of new romance, and the instrumentals create the perfect atmosphere for the intention of the song. I got a chance to talk to this up and coming super star in the making;

1.) For our followers, tell us about yourself?

Hey Outloud Culture followers! Haha! My name’s Trevor Douglas, I make music and I like to think I’m funny too

2.) What was it like being on American Idol?

It was a journey haha! Having to continuously be on the top of your game, day after day, on a show like that so you don’t get cut definitely helps you grow. I learned a lot about how to differentiate myself and stand out from other artists. That is so so important. Especially with how many people are out there also trying to do the same thing you are.

3.) As a songwriter, where do you derive most of your inspiration from?

Usually from my own life. When I write I try really hard to let myself be open and vulnerable. It’s tough to let yourself be vulnerable like that, but I really think it helps my songs stay honest and appeal to more people than they would otherwise. 

4.) Which artists in the music industry do you idolize and why?

I love artists who write and produce their own music. For example, I really love Charlie Puth. His album Voicenotes was a big inspiration sonically for my EP. I also love Lauv. He is so talented. And from what I understand he produces his own music as well. He’s also the only artist out right now that has my vocal range. So it’s really cool for me to see that.

5.) If you had the opportunity to work with anyone in the industry who would it be?

Oh the two guys I just mentioned for SURE! I would love to get to write and produce with them. Also Max Martin. He has written and produced SO MANY HITS for SO MANY PEOPLE! It is incredible.

6.) What job do you think you would be doing now if you didn’t have your music career?

Oh gosh haha I don’t now? Probably doing what most people my age are doing right now. Just be in college, getting a degree in… I don’t know? This is always a hard question for me cause ever since I was young music has always been what I wanted to do. I didn’t let myself get a plan B, cause I feel like, if I devote any attention to my plan B I’m wasting time that I could be spending on my plan A.

7.) If you were to give someone advice on how to start songwriting, what would you say?

Just start. Just start writing as much as you can. It is GOING to be bad. That is OKAY. Just let it be. The only way you’ll get better is just but doing it more. Find artists who’s lyrics you like. Study those lyrics. Find out why you like them. 

8.) What song or album are you listening to right now?

While I’m writing this I have Lauv’s “I met you when I was 18.” playlist playing. But I’ve also been listening to Nick Jonas’s “Last Year Was Complicated”, The Weeknd’s “My Dear Melancholy.”, Ariana’s “Sweetener”, and then just my playlists filled with bunch of old 80s 90s tunes haha

9.) Tell me about your new single “Take This Back”?

A lot of people think it’s about taking things back to a different time  when things were better in a relationship, but not. That’s what my song “Pressure” is about haha. “Take This Back” is a love song, but it’s about taking a step back so you can look at and appreciate how great the relationship you’re in is. 

10.) What can fans expect from your upcoming EP “Four In The Morning”?

I have a lot of different inspirations and I feel like they show through in this EP. Like my 80s influences, my old R&B influences, my love for 90s boybands haha. Then I have one song that is much more folk. I’m really proud of that one and it’s what I close the record with. It’s much different than the rest.

11.) What’s next in the works for you?

I really want to upgrade my studio and just keep bettering myself. Write more songs, record them. I love the process so much and I want to keep getting better. I’d also love to get back to YouTube. It’s a really fun platform and I’d love to go back to making ridiculous videos in my free time for fun. I’ve also been thinking about releasing a little EP of covers, but Im not sure if that’s something I wanna do yet or not. Eventually I’d love to go on tour.

Twitter: @TrevorDmusic
Insta: @TrevorDmusic
Snap: @TrevorDmusic


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Written by Neill Frazer

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