INsiders Guide: Kelsey Karter, BAYNK and Chloe Lilac

New Zealand riser Kelsey Karter is back with an explosive pop banger called ‘Catch Me If You Can’. The new track tells the story of heartbreak while carving out a forward path, a song about claiming independence whatever the consequence. Karter’s voice is infused with soul, with the melodies giving off rock retro vibes. Karter’s new song is anthemic and bursting with attitude. 

Kelsey Karter has found success in her career working with major names such as Cage The Elephant and Grammy Award winning producer Alex Da Kid, and now she’s packing a punch for the charts with this rock and roll banger. Be sure to find your inner rebel and take a listen to Kelsy Karter’s “Catch Me If You Can”.
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Breakthrough New Zealand producer BAYNK  has released his new single “Off Limits,” a collaboration with Australian pop sensation Glades. I’ve recently become a huge fan of the Australian pop act, and their collaboration with BAYNK is the perfect fit. “Off Limits” is a slick electro-pop gem, showcasing BAYNK’s incredible knack for embracing modern musical innovations, brought to life by the vocals of vocalist/guitarist Karina Wykes. 

Speaking on the track, BAYNK describes, “I had always wanted to work with GLADES after hearing Karina’s voice pop up on the radio one day. It’s so unique and interesting. Once I got to their airbnb I realized how much of a writing powerhouse the whole group is and how in tune they are with each other. The whole process was easy & natural and the song just sort of fell out of my brain.” 

Glades also shun light on the track stating; “We wrote ‘Off Limits’ with Baynk while we were writing the album in our airbnb living room-turned-studio on a hot summer LA day. there was a dodgy looking rope swing in the back that none of us wanted to try, but he was the first one to try it. ‘Off Limits’ is about being scared of admitting your feelings for someone. when you’re afraid to cross the line, in the fear of losing something that’s already so good.”

If you haven’t checked out either of these artists your missing out. Be sure to checkout this surefire hit below.

Brooklyn artist Chloe Lilac has certainly earner her features here on the INsiders Guide, now the rising pop icon releases the ‘Heartbreak City Sessions’ bundle, a 3-track release with the new single “Heartbreak City” as the centerpiece.

Describing the new single, Chloe notes“heartbreak city is a song about the ways hookup culture in new york city has objectified myself and other young women I know. Specifically it’s about one guy who really showed me how gross hookup culture can be.” “Heartbreak City” and b-sides “Cold Water” and “Cigarettes” is out everywhere now.

Written By: Neill Frazer

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