INsiders Guide: Kelsy Karter, Daisy Gray, Half The Animal, Raye Zaragoza

Kelsy Karter has finally released the visuals for her single ‘Catch Me If You Can’. The single features a gritty sound with Karter’s soulful vocals, pounding basslines and explosive melodies. The brand new track was included in Spotify’s New Music Friday playlist. Karter has received high praise from media outlets such as i-D, NYLON, EW, Earmilk, Culture Collide and NPR.

Pop singer-songwriter, Daisy Grace is thrilled to unveil the music video for her single “About You.” Her 2 song EP entitled “About You / Rumours” is out now and available at

Daisy says, “Feeling things both good a bad on an extreme level is both a curse and a blessing. But when it comes to processing, it always pours out onto a page in my journal as either a song or poem or sometimes just a journal entry. These two songs I just released are both perfect examples of when I was going through difficult times that I needed to process. Rumours was written during a tumultuous, toxic relationship with someone I thought no matter how many people warned me, i could fix him. In the end i couldn’t and had to let go and put the pieces back together. The second, About You, was kind of a by product of having tried in relationships and lost, thus giving up on love a bit and selfishly leaning on someone I didn’t want a relationship with so I’d feel less lonely. Someone that i felt guilty for spending so much time with when my heart wasn’t with him. My journal is packed with so many personal moments that I think are not too unique to just me. Life is about going through things and coming out the other side, you know and hopefully a little better and with a little more wisdom. Working with Mark on this video was an absolute blessing. His talent and artistic vision blew me away and he completely understood what I was going for and exceeded every expectation.”

Half The Animal have just released the music video to their single “Magic” this week and are are working on their debut album for next year. Their latest single, “Magic,” has proved a surefire hit on the road. “Every night on tour, the audience would be singing the hook louder than us by the last chorus – that’s how we knew it hit on something special,” says drummer, Nick Gross. “We love being independent, believe in ourselves and our fans, and are stoked to see if this works at radio as well as it’s been working live,” says singer Chase Johnson.

Raye Zaragoza has released her new single called ‘Warrior’, the live version of the highly anticipated unreleased single is about finding your inner bravery when you’re afraid to take action. Featuring Zaragoza’s stunning raw vocals and signature acoustic guitar, the song hits you with it’s powerful lyrics. We’ve featured this budding artist on “The Guide” before, and time after time she continues to prove to us just why she’s the one to watch in the music industry.

Written By: Neill Frazer

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