New Releases from James Bay and Julia Michaels plus Adam Lambert

James Bay has teamed up with singer songwriter Julia Michaels to bring love into a new perspective with “Peer Pressure”. The track begins as a acoustic ballad, but Bay eventually builds an arrangement that soon bursts with energy. In a statement, Bay said of “Peer Pressure,” “I think it can be easy to stay very guarded in life, and not let anybody in, past your personal armor. These guards we all put up every day for different reasons. In writing ‘Peer Pressure’ Julia and I wanted to talk about how, when the right person comes along, they can break through any armor and with love, get straight to you. It’s about that person who, no matter how much of a guard you hold up, finds their way through to you.”

“Peer Pressure” marks Bay’s first new song since the release of his second album entitled “Electric Light” last year.

Adam Lambert has opened up about his new music in a deeply personal message to his fans. In a note from the 37-year-old singer, posted to Twitter on Thursday, Lambert talks about coming out of a “dark period” and thanks his followers for their continued support.

“Let me offer a most sincere thank you for your patience and continued faith in me,” the message begins. “You’ve pushed me to keep going even when I felt discouraged. I love making and performing music, but there have been many times where I’ve had to compromise on my artistic vision, with executives making decisions based on money and not art. Don’t get me wrong – I’m VERY proud of my body of word. But I’m coming out of a dark period of second-guessing my own artistry and having my mental health suffer because of it,” Lambert continues. “I started asking myself, ‘is all this hustle really worth it?’ I put all my focus on my work and started to feel detached in my personal life. My self-worth was suffering. I was lonely and becoming depressed.”

“With a bit of professional help and the support of colleagues, friends and family, I pulled myself out of the darkness,” Lambert says. “I decided to begin my next album on my own so I wouldn’t be influenced by anything but my passion for music. I reached out to fellow writers and artists that I’d met over the years and began booking sessions with them. I wanted to make the music I wanted to make, and to get in the headspace I was in when I first dreamed of being a singer-before playing industry game started messing with my love for music. After the first few songs were written, I began to realized that the only way to get this new project released the way I envisioned it was to change up my team,” he explains. “So I hired a new management company and signed with a new record label. A fresh start!”

These songs will chronicle his journey of taking responsibility for my own happiness and strength. He first new slice of joy came out this week with the brand new powerful single “Feel Something”.


Written By: Neill Frazer

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