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In Case You Missed It: Dawn Richard Musical Masterpiece ‘Redemption’

D∆WN's new album, Redemption, comes out Nov. 1

Redemption is the fourth studio album by American singer Dawn Richard, which was released on November 18, 2016. Redemption serves as the final chapter in a trilogy that includes 2013’s “Goldenheart” and 2015’s “Blackheart”. The album features productions from Noisecastle III as well as Trombone Shorty and PJ Morton. I’ve always been a huge fan of Dawn Richard music since the days of her appearance as part of Diddy’s Dirty Money group. “Redemption” would of had to been 2016’s most adventurous album.

“I wanted to create a vibrant atmosphere. The Red Era is about moving on, redeeming yourself, and finding redemption”.— Dawn Richard
Richard describes the record as a “self-realization” album that is for all people. She says, “The Red Era is for everybody. Every gay, every fluid, every black, every white. Because my fan base has been through a lot of shit.” “Redemption” signifies the end of a project that felt, at one point, as if its completion were uncertain, between shifting collaborators and Richard’s brief 2014 reunion with the girl group Danity Kane. “Redemption’s” sound is a mixture of urban and EDM, making it for a strong diverse album that will cater for a lot of listeners. Although Dawn Richard has never been a household name, she’s definitely had a taste of mainstream success. As a member of R&B girl band Danity Kane, she scored a pair of US Number One albums in 2006 and 2008. She then joined P. Diddy’s project; Dirty Money and sang on the huge 2010 hit ‘Coming Home’. But since going solo a year later, the singer-songwriter has pursued a more experimental and intriguing path. The reason I bring this album back into the spotlight is I feel it never truly got the exposure it deserved. It’s not only a production masterpiece, but lyrically and visually it’s a work of art.

The production on “Redemption is distinct and fluctuates between a fusion of synthetic, electronic and the acoustic. This is an album that will reward repeat listens, it’s far from inaccessible. ‘Love Under Lights’ is an instantly infectious club song about loving on the dance floor, and of course ‘Renegades’ sounds like a cut from a Rihanna hit. “Redemption” doesn’t fit in next to your typical pop beats that are currently running the charts. It creates it’s own vibe and individual sound, Richards has carved out a futuristic place for herself that mainstream music hasn’t quite caught up with.

Rating: ★★★★★


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Written by Neill Frazer

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