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A true body of work, upcoming album sticks to a theme as wild as his wordplay. About its overarching concept, Travis Thompson shared, “Reckless Endangerment is a misdemeanor. It’s living wrongfully. It’s a charge you get when you’re acting so recklessly you could get the people around you hurt. That’s kind of what my life is and what all of the homies lives are. We’re on this journey trying to find fulfillment, and we’re all lost as Hell trying to figure it out. No matter what, we bright each other with. To us, Reckless Endangerment is knowing better, but still choosing not to do better, yet never alone. It’s finding a substantial risk, and saying, ‘Fuck it’. Whether that’s right or wrong is up to you to decide.”

Hailing from the suburbs of Burien, WA, buzzing rapper Travis Thompson threads together emotionally charged and evocative stories with each and every rhyme. He blasted onto the mainstream radar during 2017 after earning the endorsement of fellow Pacific Northwest titan Macklemore who invited him to open up a sold-out North American tour and duet on a seminal performance during The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Capitalizing on this momentum, he rolled tape on his 13-track independent full-length YOUGOOD? and accompanying feature-length film. Appropriately, it premiered at a sold-out movie theater in his hometown. Along the way, “Need You” eclipsed 5 million Spotify streams with numerous other songs crossing the one-million mark. 2019 sees him positioned for stardom with a new deal for Epic Records, his RUNAWAYS EP and full-length debut Reckless Endangerment coming September 20.

Produced by Tony Doogan (Mogwai, Belle & Sebastien), Free Fall / Fading Out comes on the heels of Wintersleep’s seventh studio album, In the Land Of, released in March 2019. The songs mark themselves as outstanding additions to the band’s canon – proud extensions to the longlisted Polaris Prize album – all thoughtful anthemia and rousing, sky-high melodies. The release of new music from Wintersleep maintains the momentum seen on their last album The Great Detachment (2016), which garnered nominations for the 2017 JUNO Award for Adult Alternative Album of the Year, the Polaris Prize, the Prism Prize, and favourable press from Rolling Stone, The Toronto Star, CBC q, Wallstreet Journal, Exclaim! and more, solidifying them as one of Canada’s finest bands.

“I’ve been finessing my sound and cultivating new ideas for the past little while, planning the release of my new project, Barking Bird, for the end of 2019.

Waste” is something unexpected that’ll catch your ear and take you away – empowering melancholy that’ll raise the hair on your arms. It’s a song that started from nothing in my basement before being brought to the next level by my guys, Pops & Poolboy. You can give it a listen now on SoundCloud or wherever you get your music:

I think that “Waste” speaks for itself. If I have to tell you how to feel, then my job is not done. What I would ask of you is your time. Take the time to listen to “Waste” and you’ll see, it will do the rest.

Thank you so much. I hope that this song reaches you, moves you, whatever you need it to do. I’m looking forward to sharing more with you soon!”—-Omayela

South Korean artist Elli K releases her new single “Dawn”, the first single from her upcoming album, Love Collage. Elli K teamed up with composer/producer Leo Z (Josh Groban, Andrea Bocelli, Nathan Pacheco, Katherine Jenkins) and songwriter  Zarah Mahler on this single. The single was recorded at the prestigious Capitol Studios and EastWest Studios in Hollywood, CA. The full EP, Love Collage, is set to be released this coming winter.

“Dawn” is a complex song about the immortality of love after a couple’s inevitable parting. Reflecting on the initial inspiration for “Dawn”, Elli K says, “Even after the breakup, the memory of love will live in the hearts as another form of love.  I wanted to express this maturity of love, accepting the inevitable parting. ”

Elli K continues to transcend boundaries and begins a new musical journey sharing her music with the US audiences. Her upcoming EP, Love Collage, is comprised of new original tracks that capture the essence of love and its many colors through beauty, lyricism, and melody.

The album’s producer and composer, Leo Z, says, “Love Collage is the experience of love, from the birth to memory of it, through a cycle of five songs. Each song represents one phase of the entire sentimental chronicle.” He continues, “This album focuses on the positive effect of a love story, on the mature perception of its true, unconditional function.”

Currently, Elli K is excited to release “Dawn” and share her musical inspirations with new fans. She will be following the single with a music video, set for release later in September. Be sure to follow Elli K on social media for all music exclusives and updates.

Singer/Songwriter, Jane Q Public ignores her intuition in the name of love on her new single, “Sugar Water.” Born in the South Bay of Los Angeles, Jane Q started dabbling in songwriting and performing at a young age, pulling inspiration from classic R&B, folk, and pop artists. Her windswept urban vibe melds R&B flavor with pop melodies. Add to that her whimsical, lyrical storytelling that pulls from personal life experiences, and it’s clear she’s developed a sound all her own. A Berklee College of Music student, she’s connected with musicians throughout Boston who have become part of her own creative process. A process in which “Sugar Water” was born. 

Jane Q brings her beachy, urban vibes to the forefront on her new single, “Sugar Water.” Featuring Colette Nourie- on background vocals, Johnny Hall- piano and production, Henry Orendorf- drums and production, the track has a layered, almost ambient quality, that feels like the ripples of lake water set to melody. Lyrically, it explores the chaos of falling in love after having your heartbroken. But most importantly, the journey of emotions, from that hint of timidity to a flurry of hopefulness. Soulful and auspicious, her vocals float effortlessly across the slow grooving instrumentation for an emotion-filled musical moment only the most talented of songwriters can create. Check out Jane Q Public’s single, “Sugar Water.” 

The Drew Thomson Foundation’s self-titled debut album follows a period of self-reflection and rectification to reveal surprising new sides of its songwriter. Produced by Alex Newport (At the Drive-In, City and Colour, Frank Turner) in his Los Angeles studio, its recording sessions found the Single Mothers frontman joined by bandmates and longtime collaborators to cultivate a collection of vulnerable lyrics into vivid, hook-laden anthems. Laying feelings bare on Thomson’s newfound sobriety, the death of a loved one, and pushing away people who he wants to keep closest, it welcomes listeners on his journey towards inner peace.

The past 12 months have seen The Drew Thomson Foundation share stages with Bob Mould, The Dirty Nil, and New Swears, but he’s just getting started. While the 2018 solo EP, Stay, first unveiled his contrasting musical directions, this album cites the influence of songwriters carrying on the tradition of folk storytelling regardless of their genre. From the heart-rending alt-country of Okkervil River to The Streets’ grime hip-hop finding pathos within life’s mundane moments, Thomson also points to Third Eye Blind’s sun-kissed melodies serving as a masquerade for the darkness underneath. There’s even a flicker of Rufus Wainwright’s orchestral torch songs on the violin, brass, and piano-draped reworking of Single Mothers’ “People Are Pets.”

The album’s first single “Break” paints a painfully real story of romance turning stale, as Thomson sings, “you need a break to know I’m the one for you.” However, he explains it’s not based on a relationship but instead looking inward, with the effort required to split from his past self to arrive as the person he is today. This theme is echoed on “Stay,” a song dedicated to the grandmother who raised him, whose death he tragically learned about moments before stepping onstage at the UK’s Reading and Leeds Festival. On its yearning chorus, he sings, “I wish you’d stayed around for a little while/Seen the changes that I would make/Yeah, I think that I would have made you proud/Of the person I became.”

Thomson credits this experience with snapping him out of a 10-year alcoholic spiral, battling his depression and the crippling anxiety of a life spent in front of crowds by drinking himself into oblivion. During a recording session, he recalls a moment when he was the only one in studio with a glass of wine and realized it had become a dependency. While his earlier songs included lyrics about getting “Bukowski drunk,” Thomson never intended to glorify drinking, instead aiming to satirize his own struggles. If that sarcastic skewering flew over fans’ heads, they can’t miss the point of this album’s “Pace Yourself,” a slowly swaying lament about becoming a “diet Coke and lime guy” to avoid “losing everything you’ve ever held dear”

“By drinking a decade away, I also pushed away a lot of people close to me,” he admits. “People had been telling me to quit for years and I never listened to them. You really have to want to get sober and believe it’s for the best. I don’t ask anyone else in the band to avoid drinking, but if I have one or two I slip back into that other world, so I just avoid it completely. It’s been a huge benefit. I write more, I work better, I’m less reactive, and easier to be around. I just have to handle self-doubt on my own. I don’t want to base everything I do around sobriety, but it’s been the biggest thing in my life lately, and made everything with the Foundation possible.”

Toronto-based pop-rock quartet Jane’s Party – comprised of Devon Richardson, Tom Ionescu, Jeff Giles, and Zach Sutton – have just released “Casual Island”.

“Casual Island” began as a set of home studio demos inspired by Jane’s Party’s experience supporting Tom Odell’s “No Bad Days” tour across Europe in 2016. After returning home the band immediately called up producer Derek Hoffman (The Trews, Arkells, Elwins, Willa), and set up what would become the “Casual Island” sessions. Bassist/singer Devon Richardson says, “Derek is absolutely brilliant at taking what’s initially unique and captivating about a musical idea and amplifying it a million times over”. “So much of what made the final recordings came right from the original demos [not far removed from Tom Odell’s own recording process]”, says guitarist/singer Tom Ionescu. “This album feels very personal to us, like we’re sharing that initial intimate experience when you’re first coming up with the song and recording it in your bedroom”, says keyboardist/singer Jeff Giles. The album features collaborations with DJ Skratch Bastid, Leland Whitty (badbadnotgood), Kirty and Matt Angus (Fast Romantics). Drummer Zach Sutton says, “for the four of us, writing and recording music has always been a collaborative process. Bringing in Skratch, Leland and Kirty is our way of expanding the family and getting fresh creative juices into the mix. Every collaboration has been a huge source of inspiration that challenges the way we approach music making”.

Jane’s party has shared stages with the likes of Arkells, LIGHTS, Blue Rodeo, Stars, The Trews, Sam Roberts Band, Lowest of The Low, Matt Mays, Tom Odell, Manic Street Preachers, and Lord Huron.

Chicago-based pop powerhouse, Matt LeGrand, and groundbreaking Venezuelan hip hop artist, Mestiza, bring their unique style to the sultry new track. LeGrand’s music is well known in his hometown of Chicago for its dance-infused beats and hooky melodies. In 2017, he released his single “All Good” to a smattering of critical acclaim, while garnering consistent rotation on Music Choice. The song is currently streaming well on Spotify. His Christmas single, “What Christmas Means To Me,” was praised by HuffPost, who put LeGrand on the national stage by exclusively debuting the singles music video.

Mestiza is known for her brash, no-holds-barred rhythmic rap. She started performing at just ten years old, eventually participating in the popular Venezuelan talent show “El Precioico,” where she was criticized by judges but adored by fans. She made waves in Latin American countries including Colombia, Ecuador, and Mexico, and recently came to the states to work with artists including Darkiel, Jamy El Favo, and Melymel. Mestiza maintains a strong fanbase on social media with over 700k followers on Instagram.   

Produced by Dave Hall (Mariah Carey, Mary J. Blige, Madonna) and Co-Produced by Veteran Music Executive Bryant Reid (Usher, Toni Braxton, Jermaine Dupri) the flirtatious “I’ve Been Watching You” brings out the best in these talented artists. The track features a sensual rhythmic slow groove perfect for a bump and grind dance floor rendezvous. The rich production combines bass and synth, building a sonic fluidity that provides the ideal backdrop for LeGrand’s seductive, charismatic vocals. As he croons about eyeing the perfect woman on the dance floor, his vocals soar and hum with precision. Enter Mestiza, who finds the ideal pocket for her thrilling rap, trilling rhymes over the bumping beat. Together, Matt LeGrand and Mestiza craft an unstoppable track that’s sure to make waves. Take a listen to “I’ve Been Watching You,” out now.

“It’s not about money. It’s about finding happiness. Even more, the pursuit of happiness.

It’s all an adventure as you keep looking for the silver lining. 

At face value, the lyrics to “If I Had Lots Of Money” that money can fix your problems. 

When you realize that material things aren’t the answer, your real issues come to the surface. We all have problems, but to be honest? We’re tired of hearing people sing about them, but never about the solutions. 

If you feel like shit, talk to somebody about it.

These types of problems won’t fix themselves.

Help people help you.”–Jade The Moon

Having been scouted by Tinie Tempah and recently landed a publishing deal with Sony/ATV, Tamaraebi is an artist to get onto your radar. He has just released the audio for his mesmerising single ‘Heavens Gate’ – If you’re a fan of The Weeknd, DVSN and Miguel you’ll be a fan of Tamaraebi in no time! 

The track is taken from his forthcoming project ‘Heavens Gate’ EP and the single showcases his tender, velvety voice, which is instantly alluring and enigmatic. With a strong promise of longevity, Tamaraebi is shaping up to be tomorrow’s torchbearer within the realm of Soul and RnB music. Not only has he performed at Wembley Arena supporting Jonas Blue, he also sold out his debut headline show at The Waiting Room in London earlier this year.

The Nigerian-born artist has a rich tapestry of influence and experience. His parents’ work for the United Nations meant a nomadic upbringing with Nigeria, Nairobi, India and Sudan being places he had the opportunity to call home during different points of his childhood.

Russian born, Los Angeles based pop soul artist Cooper Phillip succeeds in capturing the undivided attention of listeners across the globe. With her intense drive, soaring vocals and passionate songwriting, Phillip is elevating herself to the top of her genre with her highly anticipated upcoming release, ‘Speak In Tongues’.

Born in a small town in Russia to a family of accomplished classical musicians, her early years were shaped being raised by her grandmother and aunt while her mother, a master violin player, toured around the world with various symphonies. This separation led Phillip to take comfort in music where she was enamoured  by the vocal stylings of Ella Fitzgerald. A young Phillip taught herself Fitzgerald’s songs inside and out, noticing every nuance of phrasing and jazz intonations. Phillip eventually enrolled at the prestigious Moscow State Classical Academy where she studied classical piano, music theory, harp, jazz, blues, ballet and voice. The songstress worked diligently to expand her vocal range and control, taking everything that came in her path and feeding off of the challenge.

Recognizing her daughter’s talent and charisma, Phillip’s mother gave up her flourishing career to accompany a young Cooper on tour throughout Russia. Determined to pursue an international career in music, Phillip moved to New York City at the age of 17. With barely a dollar to her name, the singer worked and hustled, performing in weddings and clubs and sleeping in the storeroom of a restaurant where she sang. It wasn’t easy but she would not be deterred. After a few years in the city, Phillip jumped at an opportunity to sing at a important gig in Los Angeles. She never went back.

Phillip’s music features an underlying theme of strength, grace and empowerment. “I believe we underestimate ourselves often and our fear takes over. My goal is to show people that they are stronger and can do much more then they think they can”, she admits. Using true life stories, hardships and experiences, the songwriter emits authenticity and courage throughout her music.

Cooper Phillip has seen success with her previous single garnering over 10 million listens online. She has also developed an impressive and loyal fanbase, particularly on social media and has performed at some of Los Angeles most prestigious venues.

Electro-pop sensation Uffie is unveiling a new single and video, “Weed & Drum Machine.” The “Weed & Drum Machine” music video is the first visual to be released in the new Uffie era. Directed by Blaise, the trippy, colorful video calls back to Uffie’s signature party-ready aesthetic, pairing perfectly with the hypnotic glitch-pop track. An old TV plays footage of Uffie letting loose, radiating an infectious rapid-fire dancefloor energy. “Sometimes you just need to dance, ya know?,” Uffie astutely states.

Uffie first burst onto the scene in 2006 with “Pop The Glock,” her international underground hit released on Parisian record label Ed Banger Records. Alongside her label mates Justice and Mr. Oizo, Uffie became an early pioneer in the bloghouse movement, gaining momentum throughout the aughts, and cumulating in her critically-acclaimed 2010 album, “Sex Dreams and Denim Jeans.” After taking a break from the industry to refocus, start a family, and relocate to LA, Uffie reemerged in 2017 on Charli XCX’s hit song, “Babygirl.”

This past year has seen Uffie coming into her own – once again – as an artist in her own right. The release of Tokyo Love Hotel – her first EP in nearly a decade – instantly won the praise of key tastemakers such as Vice, V Magazine, PAPER, i-D, FLAUNT, and DAZED. In addition to rolling out new music, Uffie also recently co-wrote P!NK’s album title, “Hurts 2B Human (ft. Khalid).”

With a special new project slated for release this year, Uffie is ready to keep evolving as the pop force she is.

Gavin Haley and Ella Vos have teamed up to release a hypnotic pop single titled “The Way I Am,” available on all streaming platforms today. A union of two of music’s most exciting acts, “The Way I Am” is a delightful indie-infused pop song that drips with delicate melodies and romantic lyricism.

“When I heard Gavin’s song I immediately connected to it,” Ella Vos writes of the collaboration. “I’ve been someone who’s definitely not been vulnerable enough in relationships and have many times found myself saying ‘sorry for the way I am.’ I love the lyrics and I love how our voices sound together.” Gavin echoed a similar sentiment, explaining that the duo were able to “relate a lot outside of music” which made writing process a seamless experience. “I love when people are pushing to be the best versions of themselves,” he writes, “and Ella is a perfect example.”

Soulful singer/songwriter IYVES explores an infectiously fun new sound on her latest single “My Way,” out everywhere today. “My Way” is an anthemic empowerment anthem about owning your individuality and loving your unique self. With this single, IYVES’ interest in classic soul elements fuses with electro-pop beats, blurring the lines between R&B, pop, and contemporary sounds.

On the meaning about the new single, IYVES confides, “‘My Way‘ was such a fun song for me to write and record. It was really one of those songs that just wrote itself.” This release acts as a reflection of IYVES’ own experiences as she conquers battling the outer and unnecessary noise from those around her. She encourages the listener to “silence the noise and listen to your innermost truth.”

In June of this year, Todd Snyder, luxury menswear brand based out of New York, used “My Way” in their month-long PRIDE campaign. The campaign revolved around how to make it “your way,” showcasing several activists (Lee Dalaria, James Whiteside) of the movement to reflect, rejoice, and look forward together! These leaders spoke their truth accompanied by a soundtrack of “My Way” in the background. Watch the video launch from the campaign here. IYVES was extremely honored that Todd Snyder decided to use “My Way” in such an influential campaign.

After a year-long hiatus, IYVES reintroduced herself to the music world earlier this year with her single “Gold,” which she followed up with an official music video and acoustic release. She released her debut EP Chromatic last year, and has received high praise for her sleek R&B sensibilities from key tastemakers in the blogosphere such as NYLON, Stereogum, and Billboard. She brings a layer of depth to the genre, one that is found in her smokey vocals and picturesque lyricism, yet she manages to stay true to her classic soul musical influences.

In her music video debut, budding pop artist Cuja returns today with the colorful official release to “New Bitch, Who Dis?” An ode to those that have done us wrong, “New Bitch, Who Dis?” shows Cuja reclaiming the energy in her life as she sings, dances, and basks in the light of her own company.

Directed by Emmanuel Fordjour, Cuja knew she wanted to have a music video for “New Bitch, Who Dis?” since the beginning. Cuja confides, “I wanted to create a really beautiful aesthetic that was all confidence and fun! The song is so descriptive as far as the story, so I wanted the video to be a depiction of a woman who is having a great time by herself.” The song itself serves as a pick-me-up, as the song that you play when you’re getting ready for a night out, or, as Cuja explains, “when you need a friend to say ‘Babe, he’s not even worth it.‘”

The video itself is very intimate and one-on-one with Cuja; her confidence radiating from beginning to end. For the inspiration, Cuja tapped her interests in Tarot cards, primarily the Queen of Swords. In Tarot, The Queen of Swords always depicts a woman that is alone, but is strong in intellect and integrity. She turned her moments of loneliness and confusion into independence and strength. During the bridge of “New Bitch, Who Dis?” Cuja sits atop a throne as a homage to the Queen of Swords as sage burns, cleansing the bad omens out of her life.

Inspired by other girl-power artists such as Ariana Grande and Dua Lipa, Cuja has put her own spin on pop, creating a shimmery, electrified sound that serves as her authentic storytelling canvas of heartbreak, love, pleasure, and pain. Cuja has a drive to succeed like no other. Part of her drive stems from her frustration with the lack of Asian-American representation in the music industry. She hopes her story as a Filipina-American artist will inspire others to pursue music and encourage the music industry to invest in opportunities that promote inclusivity for all minority groups. After releasing her debut EP titled Vol. 1 earlier this summer, Cuja is ready to roll out more heavy-hitting singles that touch on the complexity of life.

Kingston-based alt-rock outfit Kasador spent their first 3 years cutting their teeth on the road, garnering attention from their engaging and high-energy live performances. Duelling vocals and dynamic guitars delivered by Will Hunter and Cam Wyatt offer depth and versatility, while Boris Baker and Stephen Adubofuor provide a strong base for the band, rooted in rock and funk.

Kasador wrote and self-produced their debut 2016 EP ‘KASADOR’, which they toured extensively through Canada and the USA. Since, the band released a follow up 2-track single titled ‘Come Get Yer Money’ in 2017. Both tracks are featured on their upcoming full length, titled ‘Brood & Bloom’ – an album written through tough times and trying to find something more positive from those experiences. Produced in part by Graham Walsh (Sam Roberts, Lights, Wintersleep) and by Rob Baker & Gord Sinclair of The Tragically Hip, ‘Brood & Bloom’ is set to release in the fall of 2019.

(Picture Credit: Bridgette Aikens)

The Weeks new album, Two Moons, is out now and can be heard HERETwo Moons was recorded in Nashville with Eric Masse (Rayland Baxter, Mikky Ekko, Robert Ellis). Visit the band’s store at for exclusive bundles including limited run vinyl, cassettes & CDs.

“Two Moons is about someone trying to find the meaning of it all and altering their mind to make that journey a little easier, ultimately freaking out, and just when they think all is lost, they meet someone going through the same thing as them who ends up guiding that person back to reality and to happiness,” explains Cyle Barnes, The Weeks’ lead singer.

In support of their new album, the band is currently on their Fall North American tour running through November 16th. The tour will feature support from Spendtime Palace, The Vernes, Future Thieves, H.A.R.D, and The Minks on selective dates. See all tour dates below.

Raucous Mississippi rock combo The Weeks got its start in 2006 while all four members where still in high school. Staffed by twin Brothers Cyle (lead vocals) and Cain Barnes (Drums), Samuel Williams (guitar, vocals), and Damien Bone (bass), they released their debut album, Cadillac Comeback in 2008. Their swaggering, sludgy, and slightly southern indie rock was further expanded with the release of five total albums including four studio albums and one live project.

LeRiche is a troubadour, a true nomad compelled to hit the road with his guitar, singing his intimate folk-pop songs to a broader audience than his home in Port aux Basques, a tourist town of 4000 people in Newfoundland and Labrador, on Canada’s east coast.

His latest single, “Hair Elastic,” co-produced by Nathan Ferraro & Ben Nudds for his next EP, due early 2020, is a melancholic song about a little souvenir he keeps with him when he’s on the road. “Buried in my pocket / found your little hair elastic / And I can’t get past it,” he sings in his sweet falsetto.

“Being nomadic isn’t all it’s cracked up to be,” explains LeRiche, a man who actually wrote a song called “Nomadic Heart.” “The hardest part is regularly leaving your friends and family behind. On a recent trip, I found my daughter’s hair elastic hidden deep down in my pocket. It stopped me in my tracks and I instantly wanted to turn around and go home despite just landing. Incredible isn’t it, how much sentimental weight a seemingly unimportant, small, or random object can carry?

This song, for me, is about the sacrifice and the hardships we go through while being away from the ones who mean the most while we do what we have to do. And how the driving force that will get you back home, is knowing you’re going back.”
LeRiche’s second and latest EP, X-Dreamer — released in the UK/Europe on Fierce Panda, Australia and New Zealand on Indica, and Germany on Popup — has enabled him to do just that, tour, in Canada and overseas, including The Great Escape in the U.K., and all over Germany (he’ll return in January for 15 dates).

It led to two nominations at the 2019 East Coast Music Awards, rising star and video of the year for “River Runs,” and four at the MusicNL Awards, including rising star and fan choice. The EP peaked at No. 21 on iTunes Canada’s alternative chart, was added to Sirius’ North Americana station, and various other playlists, and, to date, has accumulated almost 2 million streams worldwide.

Crywolf‘s OBLIVIØN [Reimagined] project has been rolling out over the course of the last few months with re-imaginations of his 16-track album, widow [OBLIVIØN Pt. I]Today, electro-pop songwriter and producer Charity is putting her blissful touch on one of the album’s softer tracks, “FAWN.” Listen to Charity’s cover here.

Drawing on the wistful melancholy of Crywolf’s original track, Charity brings an ethereal aura to the song with her angelic whispers and light-pop production. Breathy and atmospheric, Charity’s “FAWN” re-imagination takes the listener on a celestial voyage.

FAWN has aways struck a specific chord in my heart,” Charity writes. When the Little Rock, AK based songstress first heard the track she “almost thought it was a cover because the lyrics seemed so familiar – like a song I’d always sung.”

What do you think?

Written by Neill Frazer

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