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INsiders Guide: New Releases For 10/04

Rising artist Chloe Wilder is back with her brand new single “Save Me.” [prod. Grammy-nominated Jayme David Silverstein]. We’ve always been a fan of miss Wilder here at OLC! and I’m sure after listening to this…so will you. Check it out now!

Since relocating to Toronto in 2017 Gabriela Geneva has continued to hone her performance and songwriting chops relentlessly, developing a pure, but decidedly organic, pop/RnB sound – a signature blend of European and Western styles characterized by massive bass and drum grooves and uncompromisingly honest lyrics. “I’m very particular about what’s being said in my songs, and what they mean.”

Her new single, ‘Sweeter’, which is grounded deeply in the singer/songwriter’s personal experience, is no exception. “I’ve moved around a lot – from Bulgaria, to the UK, to Vancouver, and most recently to Toronto – and I’ve had to leave a lot behind. This song is about looking at a relationship through rose-coloured glasses, and preserving it as it was at its best; before seeing the bad sides of someone, so you always remember them as this perfect, untainted thing”, says Geneva.

Co-written in LA with Matt Genovese (PRETTYMUCH, 4TH AVE) and Zach Sorgen (winner of NBC’s Songland with Charlie Puth), ‘Sweeter’ is a dynamic and evocative Pop record, with it’s cool confidence and slick bass line, it perfectly encapsulates Geneva’s musical style.

Gabriela has shared the stage with international artists such as Shawn Hook and Ria Mae, and now, with a newly signed US publishing deal in one hand, and a Juried Sound Recording FACTOR grant in the other, the emerging artist is hard at work on her upcoming debut EP; teaming up with some of North America’s top writers and producers such as Kuya Productions’ Sammy G and Bobby G (Alessia Cara, Meghan Trainor, Christina Aguilera), Jimmy Harry (Kelly Clarkson, Britney Spears), and Matt Beckley (Camila Cabello, Avril Lavigne).

Sad Boys is a lofi exploration of the way that masculinity allows, or doesn’t allow, men to deal with sadness. More than anything, the song is a counterpoint to dads who tell their kids to “man up” and a culture that frequently proclaims that “crying is for girls.” In “Sad Boys,” Myylo builds on themes constructed on previous releases like “Skinny Boys” by challenging and breaking down masculine ideals that are desperately in need of an update.

Myylo sits at the nexus point of folk lyricism, pop production, and boyish relatability. It is this combo of elements that has won him big brand support like the 2018 Starbucks Holiday campaign and write-ups in major publications like The Gay Times and Attitude Mag as well as top billing on Tidal Rising Playlists. Power players like Mike Posner and Baby Face have made a point to include the artist on writing camps. Most recently, the artist released his EP I’m A Nice Boy and partnered with Sofar Sounds for a 20 date tour across the U.S. and U.K.

Offering some insight into his new single, Myylo explains,

“I remember being in literal shambles over getting bullied as a kid. Intuitively, I pushed those feelings down or hid my tears and never told my parents about what I was going through. Looking back, I think that was a gut response to all the ways society teaches boys not to feel. ‘Sad Boys’ is me trying to carve out a little space for boys to be sad or cry if they need to. Tears are tight. Emotions are lit. And, guess what, boys need to make space for themselves to feel them.”

(Photo Credit: Deserae Evenson)

“My debut EP, Little Devil, dropped one year ago and I’m so excited to follow up with my first ever full-length record this coming November 22nd. You can hear my brand new single from this batch of tracks via your

 preferred streaming serviceSoundCloud now.

“The Dark” is a song about sadness. It’s about knowing that true strength and healing comes from feeling.

Mike Sabath co-wrote and produced “The Dark.” He’s a recording artist signed to Warner Records who’s worked on songs by internationally renowned artists like Jonas Brothers, Lizzo, and Liam Payne.


Thanks for listening. I can’t wait to see what the future holds!”—Jocelyn Alice 

Acclaimed songwriter Jamie Alimorad returns with his much anticipated new album This Is Tomorrow Calling. Produced by Grammy Nominees Gino Vannelli and Ross Vannelli (Richard Marx, Jennifer Holliday, The Hollies, Earth Wind and Fire, Lara Fabian, Celine Dion) the album is comprised of 10 vocal-centric tracks mostly written by Alimorad, but also including his rendition of Gino Vannelli’s single “Rock Me To Heaven” and “How Could I Love Again”, which was also penned by Vannelli. With various influences, including Sting, Bread, Toto, and Kenny Loggins, This Is Tomorrow Calling exhumes Alimorad’s years of growth and experiences in music that lead him to the developed songwriter he is today.

An overall process that took nearly four years to conceptualize, Jamie Alimorad wrote over three dozen songs for the record. Narrowing it down to 10, Alimorad created singular stories that were only enhanced by his vocal depths. Reflecting on the record, Alimorad says, “This Is Tomorrow Calling is more than an album, it’s my story. A boy becoming a man, and adapting to an ever-changing world, with hope for his future.”

In May, Alimorad released the first single “Not Ready to Say Goodbye” alongside a stunning music video. CelebMix championed the release stating, “Unlike the cliche, the video does not trivialize love, instead, it tries to show the efforts it takes to make a relationship loving and lasting.”

Alimorad followed up with the second single of the album, “Brighter Days”, which also introduced his partnership with the American Federation for Suicide Prevention. “I wrote ‘Brighter Days’ for my friend who attempted several times. I had no idea what kind of struggle she was going through, and when she opened up to me, it broke my heart,” Alimorad says. “We have kept our conversation open, but I couldn’t shake the thought of how many other people are going through something similar. I felt the best way I could cast a wide net was through song.”

Now, Jamie Alimorad is celebrating the release of This Is Tomorrow Calling, which is available on all digital streaming platforms. The album marks a momentous time in Alimorad’s career, leading to a nomination with the Hollywood Music in Media Awards. Be sure to follow Jamie Alimorad on social media for more music updates.

South Korean artist Elli K unveils the music video for her latest single “Dawn” featuring Leo Z. The music video was filmed at Blue Bird Theater in South Korea by In Hoon Lee, a notable director who has worked with SM Entertainment artists such as EXO’s Baek Hyun and NCT Dream. Following the single’s themes of departing lovers and the immortality of their love, Elli K and Leo Z sing facing away from each other while veiled under a warm light. “Dawn” is the first single release from Elli K’s new EP, Love Collage, set to be released this winter.

Through the collaboration of composer/producer Leo Z (Josh Groban, Andrea Bocelli, Nathan Pacheco, Katherine Jenkins) and songwriter  Zarah Mahler, Elli K’s vision for “Dawn” was brought to life. The single was recorded at the prestigious Capitol Studios and EastWest Studios in Hollywood, CA.

The single also stands at the beginning of Elli K’s new musical journey – sharing her music with the US audiences. Her upcoming EP, Love Collage, is comprised of new original tracks that capture the essence of love and its many colors through beauty, lyricism, and melody.

The album’s producer and composer, Leo Z, says, “Love Collage is the experience of love, from the birth to memory of it, through a cycle of five songs. Each song represents one phase of the entire sentimental chronicle.” He continues, “This album focuses on the positive effect of a love story, on the mature perception of its true, unconditional function.”

Elli K is excited to present her new music video for “Dawn”. Be sure to follow Elli K on social media for all music releases and updates.

Indie rock band, Close Talker are releasing their new album this year. Close Talker is an indie rock band that has made great strides in a short period of time: two commercial releases and numerous tours throughout North America and Europe, garnering international attention from talent buyers and critically acclaimed publications. Close Talker is a band born and raised in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, made up of childhood friends Will Quiring, Matthew Kopperud, and Christopher Morien. Originating in 2012, and since becoming a trio in the summer of 2015, the band has now honed their craft, creating a vast and iconic sound that is turning heads and drawing crowds around the world. Each year, Close Talker’s artistic integrity and success grows, finding an enthusiastic response from fans and critics alike. In 2017 alone, Close Talker performed over 100 shows across North America and Europe, including showcases at SXSW and Reeperbahn Festival.

Close Talker released their latest album ‘Lens’, via Nevado Music (worldwide) and DevilDuck Records (EUR) in April of 2017. The album was well received by listeners and fans as well as international publications, such as NPR and Billboard Magazine. Close Talker received high praise and plays on NPR’s World Café, who stated the song ‘Afterthought’ is “as intimate as it is earnest… it’s expansive and as a result, an invitation to lean right in.” Close Talker forthcoming record “How Do We Stay Here?”, showcases a new musical direction for the band, introducing deeper lyrical performances and beauty in the surrounding instrumentation. Close Talker’s music is both captivating and liberating and allows listeners to stop, take a breath, and appreciate the present while fighting to remain in it.

Lucy & La Mer is the LA-based indie project of singer/songwriter Lucy LaForge. Known for her bright melodies and disarming lyrics, Lucy wrote her debut EP Little Spoon while living aboard a sailboat after a bad breakup. The folk pop EP charted on College Radio in 2015, followed by a national tour and 2 semi-finalist spots in the International Songwriter Contest.

After landing in LA, Lucy began performing live with a full band and caught the attention of major press like the LA Times. Lead by Lucy’s welcoming stage presence and unmistakable attire (the band wears colorful bowties and decorates the stage), their live shows have gained attention for their interactive audience participation and focus on community activism.

They’ve hosted fundraising concerts for LA’s LGBT Center (the “Love is Gay” event) and shocked their crowd at Lucy’s Locks of Love benefit when Lucy cut 15-inches of her hair off on stage to be donated to the cause.

Lucy’s upcoming EP I Feel Better Now, which includes highly acclaimed singles ‘Blue Dress’ and ‘Discover’, narrates the importance of empowering yourself through positive thoughts and intentional belief. The infectious feel-good folk pop record covers themes such as discovering one’s bisexuality, simplifying complicated feelings as well as self appreciation, confidence and sense of community.

Lucy has garnered acclaim from the likes of Billboard, Huffington Post, Refinery 29 and Earmilk to name a few. The songstress has shared the stage with everyone from electronic artist Moby, folk sirens Joseph, to emo rockers Bayside. She is endorsed by Kala Brand Ukuleles and stays close to her fans by live-streaming every weekend on the band’s facebook page. Her message is about positive self-belief, self-care, and honest self-expression.

Lucy & La Mer will be releasing I Feel Better Now fall 2019.

Raynes is a transatlantic trio made up of two Americans and a Brit. Now based in Los Angeles, Mat Charley and Joe Berger, both born and raised in North Dakota, met UK native Mark Race through Instagram after an extensive search for the final piece of this project. The geographically unlikely three combine their unique and complementary strengths to form an artistically authentic band, integrating elements of modern pop with classically Americana instrumentation. Their ability to blend pianos and synths, pounding drums and sophisticated vocals, and string arrangements with acoustic guitars and mandolins results in an impactful, one-of-a-kind style.

Raynes’ highly anticipated debut single ‘Lemon Drop’ showcases their distinct amalgamation of influences. Produced by Mighty Mike (Lana Del Rey, The Neighbourhood, Dua Lipa) and mastered by Joe LaPorta (David Bowie, Vampire Weekend, Shawn Mendes), the track features catchy melodies, violin riffs, and stacked vocal harmonies. Raynes share: “It’s been a fun challenge incorporating all of Mike’s pop expertise into our sound. We’ve had a blast figuring out how to make a violin sound like a synth and a snare sound like a hand clap, as well as blending it all together so it walks the line between folk and pop in the most appealing way.” ‘Lemon Drop’ describes chasing fame in Los Angeles and the tension between the sweet and the sour that comes with that. The trio confide, “It’s pretty fatalistic, but very tongue in cheek, as none of us are really planning on getting hooked on drugs or the adoration of fans or any of the other pitfalls that our parents and Hollywood itself warned us about.”

Sonically, the music is inspired by a myriad of different influences. Their sound has been compared to the arena-filling choruses of Coldplay, the Americana instrumentation of Mumford and Sons, and the harmonic complexity of the Beach Boys. Raynes call this inimitable fusion “expensive folk”––folk instrumentation which incorporates very obvious elements of pop production, ultimately creating a slicker and shinier sound than straight-down-the-middle folk. “Even with all of the more exotic or unusual components, it’s really just pop music at its core,” reveals the band.

There are recurring lyrical motifs running through the music of Raynes––heads and hearts, blood and bones, sugar and salt, sun and rain, and wine and water, among many others. There are also a number of musical ideas and elements that repeat in many of their songs, such as atmospheric synth tones, violin and mandolin counterpoints, and world-inspired percussion. But there’s not really one thematic throughline other than “the human condition” and all that comes with it––longing, confusion, cowardice and despair, but also joy, hope, growth, and of course love. Some songs are inspired by Bible stories, Greek myths, or historical events, and some are more personal, direct, and intimate.

With a catalog of songs, ready to unveil one by one, Raynes continues to grace audiences with their robust folky foot-stompers, introspective ballads, and pure pop sugar. ‘Lemon Drop’ is currently available worldwide.

“I used to think love was the only thing that could break your heart, but this song was a necessity in overcoming some of the biggest and most surprising heartbreaks by forces I had no idea could hold that kind of power over me. Symbol Of Love” was born out of a collaboration with Hill Kourkoutis on a rainy day in January. After sharing war stories over sushi, we headed into the studio and this song just poured out of us.

Whenever I look back, there are always one or two things that stand out, like a symbol. Gritty and gut-wrenching from the start, this song came from the ashes of a fire that was already burning.

Thanks for listening! If you enjoy the song, feel free to share it with a friend.”—LOVIET

“A canoe trip in northern Quebec changed my life when I was a teenager. It was so hard and grueling yet beautiful and life affirming. Ever since, I have learned to move through adversity and overcome my fears.  The lyrics for my new song came out of a similar life experience while trying to make it as a musician in Montreal. I applied that same philosophy –  keep “Paddlin’” – and opportunities presented themselves. 

🛶Watch the official “Paddlin’” music video on YouTube now! 🛶

We filmed this video over two days in Vancouver, thanks to the help of Creative BC’s Amplify BC funding. Kinsey Deakin (director/art director) had the vision, and built all of the props. Videographer Dez May pulled it all together with his camera and editing wizardry. We had a lot of fun shooting these visuals, and I hope you enjoy watching.

When life gets tough, “Paddlin’” is an anthem to keep you moving. Stay inspired!” —FRASE

Kill Chicago have a careful knack for weaving heartfelt messages through boisterous rock’n’roll. Natural storytellers with a political core, this New Brunswick-based quartet has made a name for itself through electrifying live shows and an honesty that reflects their blue collar history. Their new album, The Fix (releases November 8th, 2019) amplifies their dissent with relatable working class anthems, breaking the fever dream of societal expectations.

Digging deeper into their storytelling roots, The Fix sees Kill Chicago take aim at contemporary issues – education, economy and the politicization of the modern era – while relating the personal subject of mental shifts that accompany parenthood. Lead songwriter Greg Webber notes “Having my daughter has made me think about the concept of self-improvement. It seems like we’re always trying to fix some part of ourselves, but when we were kids our concerns were less internal. Why do we see ourselves as broken?”. The Fix challenges these concepts head-on, with a full arsenal of guest performers & expanded sonic territory that make it their strongest, most cohesive album yet.

The release of The Fix follows some much deserved accolades, with their previous album, The Grey, being awarded Music NB’s Album of The Year (2016), and performing on the ECMA’s Rising Star stage (2018) as well as a slew of regional festival slots.

Kill Chicago are nothing if not dedicated members of their local community. When not performing, Greg Webber (guitar/vox) teaches music at Fredericton High, developing the next generation of artists; Drummer Zach Atkinson is owner and promoter at the legendary venue The Capital, and both Matt Bowie (bass) and Dillon Anthony (guitar/keyboards) are seasoned veterans of the east coast music scene. Together, they’re politically-charged and community-minded, thick-skinned but with a sentimental core.

Kill Chicago is a group that’s gained the grit of experience. They’ve been on both sides of the fence but know that grass is only greener when you put the time in to make it that way. Writing songs for the working class and building up the bereft. The Fix is meant to be one thing… good medicine for good people.

HOAX is an indie pop-rock band from Queens, New York. It is the musical brainchild of Michael Raj and Frantz Cesar, who create the sonics and concepts behind their self-described style of “empathy pop” music. Their modern vintage musical sound draws from a wide range of influences like 60’s pop, 70’s Motown, and alternative R&B, and their sound is often described as “the beautiful sound of sadness” – a description coined by a close friend. Their music thematically focuses on the human condition, explorations of social constructs, and the decisions people make based from them, all tucked underneath pop melodies.

Their latest single entitled “You Get So Alone Sometimes” details the human struggle with loneliness and ultimately trying to embrace it. Mike Raj confides “I started thinking of it as the empathy of loneliness. It’s like a feeling of understanding what it means to be lonely and being okay with it, not okay in the sense of hopefulness – like “Oh don’t worry! It will be better in the future”, but more like reconciling with loneliness as a true mark of feeling and being human. We feel alone because we know what it feels like to feel together with others. One can not exist without the other.”

“You Get so Alone Sometimes” is out now and off of their upcoming full length album based on a story/screenplay the band wrote exploring the human condition.

After releasing his monumental widow [OBLIVIØN Pt. I] album earlier this year, Crywolf is revealing the accompanying remix album, OBLIVIØN [Reimagined]available on all streaming platforms today. OBLIVIØN [Reimagined] features 10 previously released remixes as well as 5 brand new tracks from Shizuo, One True God, Synchronice, HVDES, and Skrybe, the latter of which won the “ULTRAVIOLENT” remix contest hosted by SKIO Music.

“I wanted this compilation to be more than just simple remixes of my songs,” says Crywolf. “I wanted the widow album to be seen with a completely new set of eyes. I urged everyone to process the material through their own creative lenses. The result is a mixture of remixes and covers that I believe take the original material into really exciting new sonic territory. I feel incredibly lucky to be surrounded by such brilliantly creative people, and I’m so grateful to everyone involved in the release.”

Crywolf is the project of producer, vocalist, and multi-instrumentalist Justin Taylor Phillips. Constantly challenging the expectation that an artist must fit into a singular genre, Crywolf ruthlessly colors outside of the lines, leading to a unique and often indefinable sound. A full apocalyptic orchestra one moment, a lullaby whispered in the listener’s ear the next, Crywolf’s haunting vocals, abstract lyricism, atmospheric beats, and cinematic instrumentals could be the soundtrack to a lucid dream. After releasing his 16-track album widow [OBLIVIØN Pt. I] earlier this year, Crywolf relocated to Bali to focus on creating part 2 of the widow album, slated for release in 2020.

Citris, the passion project of Brooklynite Angelina Torreano, has released her new single “Eternally, Eventually”. The modernized and unintentional 90’s grunge sound of Citris is brought to the next level through the surf sound of her new single. Serving as the lead guitarist and vocalist, Angelina is a powerhouse of melody and lyrics. Citris’ latest release, “Hell is a Place on Earth”, took a stance on our current political climate and landed her an in-studio performance at iHeart Radio’s New York City HQ.

“‘Eternally, Eventually’ is the feeling of never fully mastering love or knowing what it even means but knowing that loving yourself is probably enough and in loving yourself, you have all you need. And there’s safety in that.”

Citris’ new single, “Eternally, Eventually” catches the listener at the very start. Angelina’s mesmerizing electric riffs laid beneath her enchantingly mysterious vocals set up the raw track. The interlocking guitar harmonies throughout the single foreshadows the innovative measures Citris is bringing to her future releases.

Love as we know it is a tricky topic as it is something that may never be fully understood. “Eternally, Eventually” not only touches on the difficulty of finding and retaining love with another, but solidifies the importance and fulfilling journey of self-love. The frustration of this journey is best told through the lyrics of “I will not die” being told almost through an anthem like discourse. Even though you may be at the end of the line, almost hopeless in thought, there’s still that voice inside of you preaching that this is not the end.

Citris was started by Angelina in 2012 in Purchase college amongst fellow musician/artist friends. Creating a signature grunge rock foundation with a progressive twist, Citris created an underground following throughout the community and grew with the times and her growing fanbase. Citris has recently morphed into a live duo consisting of Angelina, vocalist and guitarist, and Aaron Silberstein, drummer. The most recent album Panic in Hampton Bays was the last iteration of Citris to involve a band mentality. The project allowed Citris her first cross country tour and captured the attention of notable publications like Paste Magazine, NPR and UPROXX. Experimenting with sound, Citris is opening to a futuristic, grunge sound. Be sure to keep your eyes open for future, electronic inspired grunge, releases from Citris.

Rising indie-pop act Gavin Haley is announcing the pre-order for his debut EP Long Gameset for release on October 18th via Red Bull Records. The EP will include past singles “The Way I Am (feat Ella Vos)” and “Show Me,” as well as the final pre-release single and title track, “Long Game,” available on streaming platforms today.

Marked by minimalist production, soaring pop vocals, and deeply intimate lyricism, the title track is a sincere, soul-baring love song packed with an enduring sense of hope. “This one is special to me,” Haley explains, “‘Long Game‘ helped me through a lot. I’ve listened to this song crying & I’ve head-bopped to it on another day. It’s going to be a positive force and I really believe that.”

Informed by his clear-eyed musings on human interaction, 22-year-old Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter Gavin Haley brings a genre-bending approach to pop. The former pro-cyclist-turned-artist pairs a plethora of contemporary influences with introspective lyrics, crafting sonic narratives that feel accessible at all levels. “My music will make you feel good,” he explains simply. 

Dejhare is pleased to officially released her first full-length album Unbreakable. Now she is following it up with a stunning new music video for the title track.

Elements of dark and light symbolize the diverse nature of Dejhare’s songwriting. The music video also present a vulnerable side to Dejhare, who often expresses her music through faceless visuals. 

Currently, Dejhare is excited for her fans to see her new music video and for the official release her new album, Unbreakable. Be sure to follow Dejhare on social media for new music updates on the horizon.

Rapper, singer, writer, producer, and engineer, San Diego-native Amon new album Crescendo is out now along with the music video to the track “Oprah Friends” that is feature on Lyrical Lemonade 

Amon says, “Crescendo is a musical masterpiece bound together by the depths of Amon’s medulla oblongata. A beauty and the beast but song for the soul and heart. How could it be? Such poise, such wisdom, such fun. A perfect balance of righteous and rachet.”

Independently creating beats and telling his stories on to, Amon lives by the motto no excuses. As a teenager who dreamed of becoming a pro skater, Amon hit the pavement on the daily. One day, he took a hard fall that left him temporarily immobile. While he was recovering, he began to experiment with music as a cure for boredom. Amon was fascinated by the world of recording. His time immersed in the culture at Morehouse College in Atlanta further fueled his love of creating, and in 2015, he returned to San Diego with a marketing degree in hand and intentions to make music as a living.

In 2016, Amon dropped one song per week for an entire year. This always on strategy gained the attention of press and new fans alike. A track from the collection called “Lately” started to bubble up, becoming Canada’s #1 viral song on Spotify and #9 in the US. On this track and others, fans and music critics have commented on Amon’s ability to speak into his experiences and connect with listeners on a deeply personal level.

Following “Lately”, Amon hit the road, performing from the East to West coasts, opening for artists like DJ Khalid, Amine, and A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie. He began partnerships with creatives like Sonny Digital and brands like New Balance. He continued to release more music for his fanbase, and that led to continued fan discovery.

Amon continues to build his house, and he knows that this is just the beginning of his career as a multidimensional artist. Amon is just warming up, and you’re invited to the game.


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