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Where Are They Now? Star Of “That’s So Raven” and “The Michael J. Fox Show”, Juliette Goglia

It’s time to introduce you to someone you may actually already know. If you were a fan of the hit tv shows “That’s So Raven”, “Veronica Mars”, or “The Michael J. Fox Show” then you already know Juliette Goglia. Though Juliette does love acting, she felt the need to express herself through her music, and not just a character on the screen.

Juliette Goglia is an artist born and raised in Los Angeles, California. She grew up before our very eyes through her roles in Hannah Montana, Scandal, Easy A, Two and a Half Men, Mike and Molly, and countless other TV shows and films. In 2018, she decided to span across platforms and enter the music industry. Writing honest, raw, and sometimes cynical songs, Juliette’s music drips with all the attitude of the early Katy Perry we all love and miss but with a 2019 alt-indie flare. Juliette writes about the experience of a young person in her early 20s trying to get by day to day and wanting the most out of life.

Fresh off the release of her recent single, “Sweet”, indie-pop artist Juliette Goglia has released the accompanying music video. Through vibrant color escapes and raw yet emotive harmonies, Juliette tells a story many young women feel in their lives. After tirelessly putting her all into a recently ended relationship, Juliette met someone new through mutual friends. After rants and raves of friends telling her “this guy is so sweet”, Juliette came to the realization that she just isn’t sweet right now. This was the first time Juliette felt happy being alone and allowed herself time to become fulfilled and comfortable from within. Juliette has taken back her mental frame through empowering herself.

“I wanted to visually represent that people can try to frame me into this sweet, agreeable girl, but that’s not who I am. I like making messes, both literally and figuratively, and I think this music video shows that fire.”

Inspired by 90’s visuals, Juliette plays with color to show that she is a woman that cannot be summed up into one adjective. She is a vision in blue, a rebel in red, empathetic in green — she’s a whole rainbow. Throughout the vibrant video there is only one dim figure, a gray cupcake that encompasses everything Juliette is not. The music video for “Sweet” transcends into a nostalgic frame of mind that drives the moral of the track further home. The audience can see themselves throughout the video in a way that encourages others to embrace their mess, no matter what it may be.

Juliette is set to release her debut EP, I’m Not Sweet, later this year. The raw EP focuses on growing up but not wanting to grow old, dealing with betrayal, battling depression and anxiety, and drowning in empathy and many other felt but under discussed topics. She is set to tour with Postmodern Jukebox later this fall. Juliette’s rendition of “Teenage Dream” through the group garnered 450K streams on Spotify and 530K views on YouTube.

I was lucky enough to to get the chance to talk to this TV icon, and discover more about her life growing up and her passion for music;

Hi Juliette and welcome to OLC! Many people would be familiar with your acting, specifically for your roles in ‘That’s So Raven’, Easy A and more. You started acting at a very young age, how did you find yourself interested in it, and what’s your earliest memory as an actress?

Thank you for having me! Yeah, I started acting when I was 7 years old. I was fortunate enough to grow up near LA, and my family was extremely creative and supportive of the arts. I told my parents I wanted to be on TV, and they luckily supported me and helped the dream become realized. One of my first roles was playing “Little Girl God” on Joan of Arcadia. I remember working with Amber Tamblyn and just being in awe of her emotional availability. She and Jason Ritter both treated me like an adult on set; no one talked down to me. I was really thankful for that.

‘That’s So Raven’ was a hugely popular show on the Disney channel, how surreal was it for you to be a part of such a successful series, and what are some of your fondest memories from it?

I won’t lie, it was unreal being on That’s So Raven because it was one of my favorite shows as a kid. Previously, I’d been on shows geared towards adults, some which my parents didn’t even allow me to watch. So having the opportunity to be on a show all of my friends loved was amazing. I was closest with Kyle Massey, who played Raven’s little brother, Cory, on set. He was so funny and fun to be around.

You also had a starring role on the ‘The Michael J. Fox Show’, what was that experience like for you and how was it working alongside an incredible actor like Michael J Fox?

Working with Michael J. Fox was a dream come true. I grew up being a huge fan of Back To The Future, so having Marty McFly as my dad?! It still shocks me. The entire experience was overwhelmingly positive. Michael is one of the most lovely, down to earth actors I’ve ever had the privilege of working with. Once I got a handle on how starstruck I was and gained the ability to form sentences in front of him, everything went smoothly. Overall, it was a great set– one where you were encouraged to experiment, free of judgment.

Having had accomplished so much already over the course of your acting career, what else do you hope to achieve and where would you like your acting career to go next?

First of all, thank you! I’m going to be appearing on a super popular Sci-Fi show next year, which I’m beyond excited about… I’ve never done a project that takes place in a supernatural world, so that was pretty cool. I love the direction the television and film industry is going– I feel like stories are more honest and relatable than ever. I’d love to play roles that walk the line of dark comedy. I like characters that are funny, yet twisted; flawed and yet the audience still roots for them.

Something people may not know about you is that you’ve had a passion for music since a young age, and you actually have a new single out called “Sweet”. What can you tell me about that, and what inspired you to write it?

I grew up writing music so it’s been amazing to finally release this project I’m so proud of. “Sweet” is one of my favorite songs because it feels really honest. It’s kind of a time capsule of where my mind was last summer. I was freshly out of a long-term, intense relationship. I went through that thing everyone goes through — you think you want to jump right back into the dating world, but you’re nowhere NEAR ready. I met a guy through mutual friends and everyone described him as the “sweetest guy ever”. I didn’t know what I wanted, but I realized it wasn’t that… I really thought he wanted me to fit into this “perfect girlfriend box” for him, but I was totally unstable, totally a mess, and needed to go through a selfish phase! I was anything but sweet.

The song is taken from your forthcoming EP “I’m Not Sweet”, what can fans expect from it?

“I’m Not Sweet” is a raw look into who I am by myself. There’s not really a love song on the EP. After leaving college, I spent a lot of time just with myself and my thoughts. I was sick of writing surface level songs. I got really into journaling and kind of psychoanalyzing myself. I realized a lot of people feel similarly to me, especially at this weird age. So the EP is basically a look inside my mind, as a 20 something, and it deals with feeling stuck, feeling lost, feeling hopeful, feeling cynical, feeling…feelings.

You’ve always had a passion for music, but what made you decide that you wanted to focus on music right now in your career?

I studied music at college, which was wild. I knew I had so much to learn in that field and so it’s been so interesting taking it out of the realm of “hobby”. I did burn out a little bit when I was studying a creative field– but after taking some time away from music, I finally found inspiration to write again. And my writing got to a point where I wanted to start showing people, so I started performing live and fell in love with it. Then I would have people come up to me after some shows and ask where they could hear certain songs… so I realized, yep, I gotta record these. It’s been really exciting entering this field and it’s been so creatively fulfilling not waiting for someone to tell me when I can create– I just created when I wanted to.

Who are some people you collaborate with on your new EP, and given the opportunity who you would love to work with in the music industry and why?

My brother, Dante, played drums on all of the songs and my sister, Emily, sang background vocals on all the songs on the EP. And that was the best for me. I also am still very close with my ex, Nick Kennerly, who added violin to the songs. The rest of the team is an array of super talented young musicians from USC. It would be unreal to collaborate with Jack Antonoff, St. Vincent, or the 1975. Everything Jack Antonoff touches turns to gold, St. Vincent is simply genius, and don’t get me started on Matty Healy.

Who are some artists that you are currently listening to?

I’ve been really loving MUNA’s new album, “Saves the World”. I’m anxiously awaiting the new Harry Styles and the 1975 albums. And I know it’s not new, but I’ve been diving deep into Paul Simon’s discography. He may be my favorite artist of all time.

Who in the music industry growing up was your inspiration and what did you love about their artistry?

Joni Mitchell and The Beatles were my two biggest influences growing up. Joni’s honesty was what always enticed me. She was so beautifully reflective of the way her mind worked and also her flaws. She wrote openly about dealing with jealousy, dealing with the trials and tribulations of free love, dealing with being discontent. And if I had to pick my favorite thing about the Beatles, it would probably be the fact that oftentimes they would pair devastatingly sad lyrics with an up-tempo, happy music. I loved the juxtaposition of it.

Do you have any plans for tour or do any promotion for the single or EP and if so where can people catch you?

I’m actually leaving for tour at the end of October, but I won’t be performing my original music. I’m touring with Postmodern Jukebox around the US and I couldn’t be more excited. I’ll be posting the details on my instagram in the upcoming weeks. I’ll be on tour through the end of the year, but I still have more original music coming out the next three months. And I will be beginning 2020 with a full EP release show in January. Details for this will also be posted on my instagram @juliettegoglia

Do you still stay in contact with any of the cast members of any of your previous TV shows?

I was the only young person on the majority of shows I did growing up. A lot of my closest friends are actors, but we haven’t necessarily worked together. However, I have stayed in great contact with Betsy Brandt, who played my mom on The Michael J. Fox Show. She actually just came to my single release show for “Sweet” and stood in the front row. She also worked lights for the show. She’s iconic.

What does the rest of 2019 hold for you?

This will be my first time touring so I am both terrified and beyond excited for this experience. I still have three more songs that will be released from my EP and I’m just stoked to get those out into the world. I’m hoping to continue writing music on tour, as well. But my main goal for the remainder of the year is staying sane for 6 weeks on a tour bus going through cities that don’t have vegan options.

What do you think?

Written by Neill Frazer

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