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Exclusive Interview with South London Producer and Rapper, Professor Paws

Hi Professor Paws and welcome to OLC! Before we get started please tell our followers a little bit about yourself and how you got the name Professor Paws?

I used to be called Paws Productions when I was 14 and producing beats only. Then one of the rappers I was in the studio with nicknamed me Professor Paws because I was always bringing knowledge to everything lol. I always research and study things because I’m ambitious and want to be the best.

How have you been coping with the lockdown currently? And how are you passing your time?

It’s been weird but just been making music, and working on the music business side of things.

So tell me a bit about how your love for music developed?

I’ve always loved music and was very curious about Michael Jackson and Timbaland. When I was in year 7/8 (can’t remember which year), I accidentally walked in to a studio at school because I heard loud music and loads of people flocking to the building. When I walked in, there was a packed room with 2 producers getting mad gassed off their beats with their school fans. I remember thinking, these beats ain’t even good. So I asked them ‘what software’ they were using – it was Reason. Due to their attitude (all round gassed and self-righteous vibe) and their IMO average production, I went home that day deciding that I was going to be better than them so I downloaded a copy of Reason and researched the software on YouTube. Within 2 months, I stole their shine and grew to love it!

You’ve been involved in music for some time, What made you decide you wanted to go from behind the scenes to now taking the spotlight as an artist? And what do you enjoy most about being a producer and also as an artist?

One day I was just bored and wanted to get better at mixing vocals but didn’t have vocals to mix. I decided to sing and rap covers so I had vocals to mix. After mixing my first track, I liked the creative side of being an artist and began making full tracks. It was crazy fun and I had a lot to talk about so I never stopped. Now I have too much vocals to mix! 

The thing I like about being a producer and artist is, I can completely choose my direction and create original music without having to explain my ideas to anyone. When working with producers, alot struggle to create something original without needing a reference track – I hate sounding like people so it never sits right with me starting a session by listening to someone else’s track. Also, I don’t need to move anywhere, I can do all my music from the comfort of my own studio without relying on anyone freeing up their diary for me.

Let’s talk about your new single ‘Rum Pa Pa Pum’, what inspired this song and how did it come about?

When I started the track I was just feeling reminiscent of the hood where I grew up. Sometimes when you move away from your roots, you get withdrawal symptoms lol. So I put that in my track and spoke about my upbringing. After I was done, I knew it needed a feature so I contacted Yung Saber and he liked it. The rest is history!

The video for the single has accumulated around 220,000 views to date, what inspired the idea for the video? And how often do you look at the comments on your videos from your fans and do you ever respond?

The song lyrics inspired the video concept and of course the talented Chas who’s a dope director. 

I look at the comments and respond to people. I’m not afraid of criticism, if Michael Jackson couldn’t please everyone, how can I?

How important do you think Social Media has become in artists careers?

It’s become very important for keeping fans entertained in an age where attention spans are low. In the end though, if your music is dope and you have presence, nothing is needed to earn the attention and respect of fans.

Do you have any future collaborations or music on the way?

Nothing is down in a track but there have been a few conversations with artists and we’ve agreed to make some hard tracks!

Once all this lock down craziness is over, what’s the first thing you want to do?

Take my sports car a few hundred miles for a road trip!

Is there any advice you can give to budding artists or producers out there?

Just to learn their craft, the industry by which they operate in and stay hungry.

Thanks for stopping by but before we go is there any thing you’d like to say to all your fans?

Loads more music on the way.. Stay tuned bro!

What do you think?

Written by Neill Frazer

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