Mila Kunis And Glenn Close Give Powerful Performances In The New Film ‘Four Good Days’

Mila Kunis and Glenn Close clash their fiery acting chops against each other in the intensely moving trailer for their Sundance breakout Four Good Days. Based on a true story written by Eli Saslow, the tense drama follows 31-year-old Molly as she reenters the life of her estranged mother Deb amid her recovery from substance abuse. As expected, things don’t run smoothly, and this is far from a happy reunion. Despite the past trauma surrounding their fraught relationship, Deb devotes herself to Molly’s recovery. Things quickly spiral, though, as the deadly grip of heroin addiction consumes the entirety of Molly’s existence, further complicating the path toward a peaceful, trustful reconciliation with each passing day.

Written By: Neill Frazer

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