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bugAboo is a multi-national girl group with 6 members: CHOYEON, EUNCHAE, YOONA, RAINIE, CYAN, and ZIN. Their concept is a combination of girlish charm mixed with the mystical. Their very name is meant to express that the members are scary but amazing creatures of your imagination. Viewers may recognize a couple of the members from shows such as Produce 48 and I Can See Your Voice. This debut serves as their introduction to K-Pop fans everywhere and teases only the beginning of what can be expected from their future promotions. Both tracks “bugAboo” and “All Night Play” were produced by Ryan Jhun, Hitmanic, and DeKo. The track “All Night Play” has a memorable melody with mystical overtones that complement the name of the group. It is built around the nighttime atmosphere highlighted by its title, giving the track a slightly creepy and mysterious vibe. The constant appearance of the group’s name tells everyone that bugAboo is a name that everyone needs to know as their time has come.

Gotti Maras, the No.1 Drill rapper from Belgium touched down in London to record his first ever freestyle, taking to the most popular series ‘Plugged In’ with Fumez the Engineer.

Born in Belgium, Gotti Maras is the honourable “Prince” of bringing UK drill to the Bx scene. Before rapping Gotti Maras was found on the pitch as a professional footballer in the Belgian Premier League. However, the fierce player was destined for the studio and has a score to settle.

The rapper from Brussels will be the first individual exporting Belgian Drill to the UK and he won’t stop there. With plans of a global domination, Gotti Maras has been invited to freestyle in France, including Frances No.1 rap radio ‘Skyrock’.

His freestyle series Bx Drill is home to Brussels and has reached over 10 million views with just 4 episodes. The series has been released with record label ‘Lucid Records’, created by Gotti Maras himself and friends.

A fruit of the lockdown society, Fumez created a platform where artists present their talent to the UK Drill scene. ‘Plugged In’ has gathered over 100 million YouTube views – and tallying. Fumez’s superior engineering influence has blessed the scene, with ‘Plugged In’ becoming the home to artists to unleash. Fans have been hitting up the platform about more international artists, so this one’s bound to be greazy – and this week it’s all about Belgium.

Coming in on this one with a vengeance – Gotti Maras kept true to his style taking his Bx flare on this vigorous instrumental. Rapping in Belgium, Gotti Maras talks about his life in raw form. His lyricism proves cold, rapping about his old life on the pitch to his entity now. Gotti Maras is highly revered in Belgium and now we know why.

These heavy-hitting bars have proven themselves and it’s safe to say we have not heard the end of Gotti Maras in the UK!

Coming off the success of his Yellow EP, which accumulated over 1 million Spotify streams and 97,000 YouTube views, NYC-based alternative, multi-media artist Peter Lake releases his emotional music video to his latest single “Pour Your Lies.” The alternative rock single touches on the impact of dishonesty and its effects on all forms of relationships. Inspired by a true story told to the artist and centering on the internal dilemma of managing a web of lies for a greater purpose, “Pour Your Lies” gets honest about a universal struggle. The second visual release from Lake’s new EP, Red, the “Pour Your Lies” music video will be released this Friday, October 21, 2021. The Red EP is currently available on  all digital platforms.

“Drift” feat. Shalina is part of a larger story of substance abuse that my forthcoming debut EP Light will tell, addressing my tendency to self-destruct when life gets difficult or emotionally overwhelming. In the past, I tended to drift away from everyone and numb myself to what I was going through when the weight of the world was too much for me.

The music video is a narrative driven piece about receiving terrible news about a family member, and in turn driving out into the woods to drink away the pain. Every now and again your crutches can be taken too far, and I end up falling into the river and drowning from my carelessness. The second verse flips the script with a classic rewind of everything that had happened, and I ultimately decide against going down that path again.
Near the end of the song, the perspective shifts, and acknowledges that you can always change your habits, take ownership, and reclaim your life. It’s both accepting how I used to be and embracing my attempt to carve a new, healthier way forward in life.

 Grateful for your time,

Mylo Quinn 🍃

KiNG MALA is an alternative soul artist based in Los Angeles. AKA Areli Castro, the El Paso born musician pens songs which touch on themes from lust, sexuality and badass femininity. Not afraid to spill her guts, the songwriter set out with the hopes to spark confidence in both herself and her listeners, creating music that will make you walk taller and speak louder. Both her music and visuals experiment with mascualine tropes, sharing “There’s something about taking something traditionally masculine and wearing it as a woman that makes me feel really powerful.” These masculine threads weave throughout everything she does, hence King rather than Queen and “MALA” which roughly translates to “bad bitch” in Spanish. Sharing her feelings from the bottom of her heart KiNG MALA encourages you to dig deep and connect with your inner-self. Life is messy and we shouldn’t feel ashamed to show our emotions and speak our mind.

“Golden Retriever Boy” is about discovering a side to someone that you didn’t see coming. Castro explains, “It’s about the sweet boy turning out to be the villain. It’s about betrayal and watching someone fall from the pedestal you put them on. It’s also about fuck boys… fuck fuck boys.” Featuring a throbbing bassline, animated synths and tongue-in-cheek lyrics, Castro sings “go be a puppy for someone else,” waving goodbye and walking away with a bold and brazen delivery. In true KiNG MALA style, this track packs a punch with it’s subtly menacing feel and candid lyrics. “Golden Retriever Boy” will be released alongside a music video made in partnership with Samsung and SpringHill Company. 

KiNG MALA has a significant and dedicated following across her social media, with over 200k followers on TikTok. Having amassed millions of streams, she has been featured in Showtime’s The L Word and has garnered praise from the likes of Billboard, PAPER Magazine, SPIN, Live Nation’s Ones to Watch, Wonderland Magazine, V Magazine, Refinery 29, Flaunt Magazine, The Line of Best Fit, LADYGUNN and American Songwriter to name a few.

BLOO MOON AND BACK Second album is released on October 28th 2021. With 8 songs in the album, the title song of the album is Girl in New York.

Global K-Pop and pop group MONSTA X, best known for their powerful, iconic, and superb performances, is loved by, and devoted to, their countless fans around the world. As a gift to these fans, known as “MONBEBE,” MONSTA X is set to bring “MONSTA X : THE DREAMING” to movie theaters in more than 70 countries beginning in Korea on December 8 and worldwide December 9 and 11; announced exclusively by Rolling Stone. Challenge, evolve, dream, and celebrate the magnificent achievements and the stunning tomorrow of MONSTA X with “MONSTA X : THE DREAMING.”Composed of six members –Shownu, Minhyuk, Kihyun, Hyungwon, Joohoney, and I.M– this brand-new film gives an intimate look at MONSTA X’s rigorous journey over the past six years including exclusive one-on-one interviews with each individual member, personal stories from their time in America and a special concert clip exclusively for their fans. This unmissable cinema event also includes high-energy musical performances of their chart-topping hits along with an exclusive first look of “The Dreaming”“One Day”, and more from their upcoming album, “MONSTA X : THE DREAMING.” Currently, “One Day is sitting at #32 on US Top 40 Radio, and continuing to climb the charts. This marks the group’s third Top 40 single — and as Forbes reports, makes Monsta X only the second K-pop group in history to appear on the chart more than once.   MONSTA X have been topping charts worldwide since their formation. Since 2018, the group have four Japanese singles certified gold by the Recording Industry Association of Japan. Since 2019, four of their Korean albums have been awarded platinum by the Korea Music Content Association. In February 2020, their first English album “All About Luv” ranked number five on the US Billboard 200, making them the third K-Pop group ever to chart within the Top 10. MONSTA X, recognized as one of the best known, well trusted performers has also won “Stage of the Year” at the 2020 Asia Artist Awards in addition to winning the first grand prize in six years since their debut. They’ve also won the “Best Group” award at the 35th Golden Disc Awards certifying that they are one of the preeminent KPOP idols.


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