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OLC! Holiday Favs: Sprayground, Iconic Streetwear Brand, Creates A New Bridge between Fashion And Music As It Drops New 1-minute Music Video To Launch Ultimate Winter Collection.

Sprayground – the world’s most innovative streetwear brand known for its elaborate backpacks and edgy apparel collections, is creating a new concept in the future of fashion and music, as it merges both industries in a sleek and thoughtful way to create a never seen before launch. By partnering with rappers Cali G and Flash, Sprayground has created a 1-minute music video, produced by Modern Day Auteur’s William Macaulay, to drop the ultimate winter collection.

These days, it can be difficult to promote a song on Instagram with the 1-minute constraint and thus resulting in multiple posts to promote that one song. But what if you can create a bop in just 1-minute! That’s where Sprayground comes in with their new concept of the 1-minute music video. This is a game changer in the world of merging music and fashion, because it hits hard and tells the story in a fun, quick and exciting way that makes you want to watch it over
and over again and diminishes the worry about promoting a normal standard 2-3 minute song.

The video see’s Cali G and Flash getting fitted in the winter collection before getting on set to create a music video, showcasing the four unique designs that make up the collection throughout the video, whilst rapping lyrics about the popular and outlandish backpack brand.

Sprayground is no stranger to signature patterns and crazy combinations, which is why each backpack is so unique, and in true Sprayground style, everything is produced in a limited run, so once it’s gone, it’s gone! This game-changing collection of backpacks will be no different and
showcases some unique Sprayground in-house designed collector pieces.

Each future season Sprayground plans to collaborate with popular and new found artists as well as working with known producers like Wycelf to mix these songs. The winter collection will be available to purchase at and exclusive boutiques nationwide.

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