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INsiders Guide: Kings Elliot, ONUR, PROFF, Rebel Kicks, RUSSELL!, From Boom Bap to Trap: Hip-Hop’s Greatest Producers, ATALHOS, Becoming Young…

Rising London-based artist Kings Elliot unveils a new single Call Me a Dreamer;” listen HERE and watch the official video HERE.

An advocate for mental health, who has long struggled with her own, she explains, “after two months of thinking that I was better and that I didn’t need any support with my mental health. I ended up feeling worse than ever. Writing it helped me process my emotional instability. The rollercoaster I am constantly on that I don’t know how to get off.”

The track is from her forthcoming EP, Chaos in my Court, set for release December 1 via Verve Forecast

“Chaos has been ever present in my life. I’ve never known how to function differently,” Elliot explains. “The songs on this EP make up a world I’ve always dreamed of creating for my own escape, and now anyone who needs it can join me there too.”

London-via-Switzerland singer-songwriter Kings Elliot has accumulated millions of global streams around her first three songs—“I’m Getting Tired Of Me,” “Dancing Alone” and “Bitter Tonic”—all featured on the highly anticipated forthcoming EP. Elliot has been diagnosed with borderline personality and anxiety disorders. She explores this and speaks openly about her battle through her music, even releasing accidentally filmed footage of herself having a panic attack for her music video “I’m Getting Tired Of Me.”

Kings Elliot is an up-and-coming artist to watch, receiving praise from Billboard, Clash, Wonderland, The Line of Best Fit, COLORS and Lyrical Lemonade. Her music has been featured on notable playlists on Spotify and Apple Music.

 Kings ElliotChaos in my Court

1. I’m Getting Tired of Me

2. Dancing Alone

3. Call Me a Dreamer

4. The Outsider

5. Bitter Tonic

The pandemic turned the world upside down. But it offered British Turk artist ONUR an opportunity to temporarily relocate in Turkey, where he got to fully embrace his heritage which led to brand new musical experimentations, harmonising his initial western r&b/pop sound with traditional instruments and unique rhythms hailing from Turkish gypsy and folk music (Türkü). Cue Ölüm Gelene Kadar Yüzüm Kanadı, his brand new single that he has unveiled in 2 phases:– the fully produced, original version showcasing ONUR signature futuristic sound:

  • the acoustic version featuring the prolific musician Erkan Oğur (who plays kopuz on the track and is known for refusing collaborations):

With his English body of work previously supported by The Fader, EARMILK, Konbini, KCRW, BBC Radio London but also Spotify & Deezer, the 25-year-old singer-songwriter-producer made waves all the way to his home country where he’s been asked to come over and produce for major local pop stars (EDIS, Mabel Matiz). During his stay, he rediscovered his roots that he finally took time to truly understand. Ölüm Gelene Kadar Yüzüm Kanadı (“My face bled before death came upon me”) will immediately transport you in a bazaar, guided by zesty and spicy scents to the sound of a kopuz. “This track was written at a time when I had gone through a lot of turbulence in my life. I just thought: before I die, I’ve already been through so much”, ONUR explains.

Following a string of successful releases including the contrasting singles “Dark Magic” and  “Light Magic,” Russian producer PROFF returned to Monstercat today with his dreamy new track, “Whale Song.” The transportive song showcases PROFF’s unique psychedelic take on organic house as the soft piano keys, atmospheric pads, and bright chords take listeners on an otherworldly musical journey. PROFF’s signature “Proffgressive” style is found in the crisp percussion and deep bassline that carry gentle but vibrant energy throughout. The masterful sound design found in “Whale Song” is a testament to PROFF’s extensive musical background, further cementing him as one of Russia’s most lauded producers in the space. 

PROFF shares,This record is everything I personally love about organic house.

With over a decade of musical experience, PROFF has toured all over the world, sharing his meticulously crafted sound with thousands of fans. Repeatedly appearing in the Top 10 Beatport Charts, his unique productions have earned support from leading electronic artists such as Above & Beyond, Armin van Buuren, Paul van Dyk, Eric Prydz, and deadmau5. With more music on the way, PROFF continues to command the organic house space, positioning himself for an exciting conclusion to a massive year.

Rebel Kicks is a New York City based duo who craft anthemic alternative pop infused with confessional rock for the ultimate sonic catharsis. Led by brothers Anthony and Steven Babino, Rebel Kicks is celebrated for their disarmingly personal and relatable music, anchored by the bold and harmonic blend of the brothers’ voices. Their songs feature mesmerizing synths, atomic guitar riffs and catchy hooks for a dynamic and inventive explosion of sound. 

Formed in 2018, Rebel Kicks soon gained notoriety for their energetically electrifying live performances, as evidenced on their recent live EP, Whiskey & Sinatra Live in NYC. Taking turns with lead vocals, the singers and multi-instrumentalists create a memorable and hard-hitting show for their fervent fanbase. The duo have opened for notable acts including Foo Fighters, Blink-182, Mac Miller, Iggy Azalea, Incubus and more. Rebel Kicks’ first album, A Portrait of Man: Part I was released in August 2020 and featured collaborations with acclaimed songwriters and producers, including Abe Dertner (Walk The Moon, MAX), Jeff Blue (Macy Gray, Hoobastank, Korn, Linkin Park), Jason Pennock (2pac, Polyenso, The Pussycat Dolls),  Russ DeSalvo (Lou Reed, Celine Dion, Lionel Richie), and Jimmy Greco (Paramore, Santana). Incorporating themes such as love, loss, self-acceptance, and hope for a better future after a political downfall, A Portrait of Man: Part I is a fourteen track that reaches the core of people’s thoughts and emotions while staying relevant to the times.

The duo’s single “Floating”, released in March 2021, was written and recorded in quarantine during 2020. “It’s an up-beat reflection on the power of turning inward, and quieting the noise through meditation. Instead of dwelling on the negative during these dark times, we wanted to focus our energy on conveying a cathartic, positive message, and we hope this song does just that.” Their highly-anticipated upcoming single, “We Should Go Missing”, was written and recorded with Jackson Hoffman (Young Rising Sons, Micky James) and Ryder Stuart (CANNON) and is “a metaphor for daydreaming of escape.” The track details the ultimate nirvana in “finding that inner tranquility we all seek, freeing your mind from the daily stresses and anxieties that we all deal with.”  Featuring  exuberant vocals, a powerful driving rhythm, and a sweeping synth pop melody culminating into a climatic sing-along chorus, “We Should Go Missing” is the ultimate alternative rock escape. 

Since its inception, Rebel Kicks has seen growing success, with multiple song features on MTV and Showtime attracting fans across the globe. Their music video for the song “Let It Out” combines elements of interpretive dance with ASL, and has been recognized as a finalist in numerous film festivals, including the 2019 Big Apple Film Festival. Rebel Kicks’ upcoming single “We Should Go Missing” is set for release worldwide on November 3, 2021. 

Having developed a passionate fanbase on the back of his hi-def brand of R&B, Canadian Rostrum Records signed newcomer RUSSELL! Looks certain to further develop his fast growing reputation with the reveal of Lindsay’s Freestyle. Showcasing world class vocals atop warm production, the track serves to further heighten buzz around the viral Toronto based artist. Speaking on the track, RUSSELL! States:

Lindsay’s Freestyle is a song dedicated to a friend of mine who I’ve known for years. I think if it as sort of a letter to a distant love, and also a general letter to my fans. It’s a song mainly about my desires of wanting to love and commit to somebody conflicting with my dreams & lifestyle. This is more of a vulnerable cut for my listeners.

Just in time for Hip-Hop History Month—a treat for all hip-hop fans!Wu-Tang is and was for the children—and so is this book. As a companion piece to Riley Wallace’s upcoming book From Boom Bap to Trap: Hip-Hop’s Greatest Producers, Hamilcar Publications is officially releasing Hip-Hop’s Greatest Producers Coloring Book Vol. 1 (a fun way to learn or teach a little hip-hop history).

Written and illustrated by Riley Wallace, it features 30 of the producers featured in the upcoming book, parred-down bios, essential beats, and a whole lot of fun for hardened heads, cool parents and curious kids alike.The book would make a great addition to any gift guide you may be compiling for the holiday season or even fun stand-alone news hit to help fill your content calendar. We’re open to any coverage you could provide—even a subtle social nod. Below are a few page layouts, as well as some boilerplate info.

Blending the languid qualities of The War On Drugs or Wild Nothing, with the reverb-rinsed touches of 80s’ Springsteen and the gentle grandiosity of Arcade Fire, “A Tentação do Fracasso” is a mesmeirc offering from the rising São Paulo band Atalhos.

“Finally I didn’t think about you / I fell, I flew / The lightness was enough for me / And if I lost my reason / It was the failure that seduced me” sings Gabriel Soares in his native tongue; his wistful words set adrift amidst the track’s gently psychedelic haze.

The track is taken from a new album of the same name, ‘A Tentação do Fracasso’. Translating in English as “The Temptation of Failure”, the record is scheduled for worldwide release on 4th February 2022 on the Costa Futuro label in Barcelona. Creating dreamlike landscapes like portals to other dimensions, Atalhos’ new album is designed to feel like the atmospheric road trip of a lifetime. Combining layers of guitar picks, synths, and drum loops with reflexive and sentimental lyrics, it’s an album both profoundly transportive and wholly immersive as its 8 songs ebb-and-flow with an ephemeral fluidity and a subtle grandeur.

Produced by Ives Sepulveda of The Holydrug Couple with Atalhos’ own Gabriel Soares, the album was recorded between Buenos Aires’ infamous Studio Panda, plus studios in Santiago, and the band’s base in São Paulo. Giving the record its epic finish, “A Tentação do Fracasso” was mastered at Sterling Sound by the celebrated Greg Calbi (Tame Impala, David Bowie, War on Drugs, Bruce Springsteen).

Now available in the UK, the title-track arrives with a brand new remix by Mexico’s Películas Geniales, called “La Tentación del Fracaso”. Casting the track into a new rhythmic universe with a chugging synthesised beat, the new remix features the definitive guitar sound of the Mexican group, plus additional lyrics and enhanced vocals.

“The lyrics of the song become more evident and its history clearer and more decipherable”, explains Atalhos’ Gabriel Soares of the remix.

The title, now in Spanish, makes direct reference to two issues: the new verses contributed by Peliculas Geniales and “a direct tribute to the book by the Peruvian Julio Ramón Ribeyro who was a direct influence on the name of the song and the upcoming album”.

Nashville-based singer-songwriter Brandon Calano writes and performs under the pseudonym Becoming Young. A name he says represents the journey to let go of everything we are not, so we can become who we are meant to be all along. The Colorado native moved to Nashville in 2019 to pursue music and has since been hailed by Forbes as an artist “brimming with intrigue, angst, and heartbreak.” Becoming Young deftly fuses pop, folk, and narrative singer-songwriter genres with authenticity and swagger. His sound spans mint-fresh, Lauv-esque pop to the dark grandeur of Dermot Kennedy. The music is refreshingly restless, and its narratives capture wonderfully blurred snapshots of self-realization and love. The urban flavored, electro-pop artist released his first album, Feeling Single, in September 2020. The eight songs have received algorithmic and editorial support, catapulting Becoming Young well past seven million global streams. While touring through Seattle, Calano met with producer Ryan Hadlock (The Lumineers, Vance Joy), and the pair quickly began working on several cuts for Becoming Young’s 2021 record, The Songs I Wrote You. This haunting collection, which Brandon describes as his most honest offering yet, has captivated audiences across the country.


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