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Dark goth-pop pixie CASHFORGOLD marks a defining moment in her burgeoning career with the independent release of her debut album manic pixie nightmare.


A thirteen-track musical voyage through relationships, identity and discovery over a bed of witch-house, future garage and electro-chill production, manic pixie nightmare hears the Detroit dark-pop fairy ethereally float above her signature brand of genre-bending conceptions, cohesively bringing her artistry together for a truly unique sonic experience.


Several years in the making, manic pixie nightmare is represented by six well-received singles released independently by the artist over the last two years, which have since clocked up over 2M+ streams and counting. Standout moment “all my tears are fucking black” mixes trap beats with a light UK drill flourish and screamo moments, whereas

opening number “wear me out” and gothic-trap stylings of “i could be your goddess” are defined by brooding trance synths and the singer’s classically airy vocals.


Co-writing every song on her album, the dreamy pixie hyperpop elements on synth-heavy ballad “make you love me”, nostalgic “on my mind” and endearing closer “kiss me before you go” are perfectly contrasted with the album’s darker flashes to further construct the sonic narrative of manic pixie nightmare, like the menacing bass underpinning “i’ll always beg for more”, soaring synths in “angelbaby” and pulsing synthwave melodies behind “simple elegance”, offering a full spectrum of sonic moods to immerse audiences.


Speaking about manic pixie nightmare, CASHFORGOLD shared the following: This album sonically pays homage to my roots in future garage and chill electronic music while also crossing over into a more “pop” space and hinting at what’s coming next in 2022. It starts with an energetic witch house track, meanders into a dubstep track, features a rap song with hints of screamo, and sprinkles in a bit of hyperpop before finishing with a few really emotional, vulnerable ballads. All of these tracks were produced by artists that I met on SoundCloud over the years in the future garage, witch house and wave music scenes. I believe in underground music and blending genres that you may not expect to hear together, and I especially like adding a sultry R&B twist on the witch house genre and putting a more pop spin on the future garage genre. The entire project was made independently; some tracks recorded in Berlin, some while living at my Mom’s house in metro Detroit during the first wave of the COVID19 lockdown and some in my bedroom in Los Angeles where I recently moved.

Marking the third instalment in a string of experimental singles, emerging UK artist / producer Humble the Great drops ‘GONE’, whilst simultaneously announcing the ar-rival of his debut project ‘BLOODSHOT’ – set for release January 2022.

Following on from acclaimed tracks “IRIDESCENT” and “DON’T MAKE ME GO HOME NOW”, this latest offering sees syncopated guitar lines float across shimmering per-cussive elements, a woozy offering decorated by Humble’s soul infused vocals – as he explores the notion of self-sabotage. Combining textured, left field production with his signature honeyed R&B soundscape, “GONE” is set to further solidify Humble as a bona-fide home-grown talent in the UK Neo-Soul scene and beyond.

Forming part of a number of emerging London collectives alongside the likes of KWAYE, Maxi Mills, Kate Stewart, TS Graye and many more, Humble has continued to prove his penchant for experimentation – crafting unique soundscapes that live on

long after the track has ended. Pricking the ears of tastemakers WONDERLAND, NO-TION, THE LINE OF BEST FIT, THE INDEPENDENT as well as receiving organic spins across BBC R1 and BBC Introducing, Humble the Great is marking himself as a significant multi-faceted talent with every release.

Harriette is a 22 year old singer-songwriter born in Texas. Now based in Nashville, she has created a signature DIY indie pop sound with her debut single “at least i’m pretty” which has already amassed over two million streams. With a love for all creative outlets, Harriette attended Parsons School of Design in New York as a multimedia student where she explored various mediums of artistic expression from songwriting, photography, fashion, design and painting. Her music connects all of her creative influences and provides a refreshingly honest look into real life.

Her debut single’s success was largely credited to her viral TikTok video and has paved the way for her sophomore single “Wednesday” — a track reminiscent of Sidney Gish and Haim. Harriette shares, “I was doing a series for my TikTok where I write a song everyday for a week from the weekdays perspective. I had the idea for this series because I was writing another dumb little sad song and I kept referring to myself as a Monday. It made me think about how everyone loves to hate on Mondays and praise fridays.”

The result is the playful and witty “Wednesday.” Jam packed with pop culture references and showcasing innocent, whimsical vocals, it’s clear as to why Harriette’s music has been resonating with listeners across the globe. With her country twang paying homage to her love of The Chicks and Taylor Swift, the fun track allows people to feel seen, heard and understood.

Jodie Weston, the glamorous blonde model, producer and DJ from London, who rose to fame on TV show Rich Kids Go Skint, has turned around the reality star life to build a DJ empire. She explains: “As much as I am grateful for appearing on the show when I was younger and as it was the initial thing that grabbed peoples attention of my name, I didn’t want to leave it at that. I knew I wanted to use the spotlight being on reality TV gave me to make a proper name for myself as a DJ because I’ve always loved music and wanted to prove my haters wrong.” Jodie has a huge following of over 130k, has presented a radio show called ‘The Dollhouse Show’ on Flex FM for the last 2 years and last month DJ’d at London super-club Ministry Of Sound where Gareth Emery who has a residency in Las Vegas was the headliner.Jodie begins: “Throughout my DJ career I’ve had the door shut in my face hundreds of times, I was even attacked on my way to one of my first ever gigs in Ilford east London, but I persevered and tried to keep moving forward. Some people think it’s been easier for me because I had a name in the media beforehand, but in a lot of ways I’ve had to prove myself ten times more than other up and coming DJ’s because people think I’m only where I am because I went on a few tv shows for MTV and channel 5.  I have gone through literal blood, sweat and tears to get where I am. But it has all been worth it and I wouldn’t change a thing. The music industry is so cut throat so I literally didn’t take no for an answer and every door that slammed in my face, I would just look for a different path to get to my next goal.”

See Jodie in action:

Photo credit: Eva Pentel

MARLOW are a five-piece band based in Eastbourne, East Sussex. Comprised of Freddie (Vocals), Joe (Guitar), Seb (Bass), Archie (Synth) and Liam (Drums) the band suck listeners into their world through a dynamic surge and zesty, modern approach. Their music is purely about a feeling, told from the depths of their hearts and delivered with a hint of mystique. 

With an amalgamation of influences, their sound breaks down genre norms, creating something that brings to mind the likes of Oasis, Tame Impala and The Strokes, with euphoric, manic energy reminiscent of so many UK bands such as The Vaccines and The Courteeners. 

Their four-track EP, Enthusiast, looks into a relationship breaking down. It’s about riding out the sad, bad, mad times, in order to reach a place of peace. Titled Enthusiast, as it takes a certain type of person to be able get through the tough times and to look for the light.  

“Blame It” represents the arguments and finishing moments of a relationship. Instilling a sense of nostalgia, the jangly inspired guitars lace perfectly around the twinkling synths and gravelly, raw vocals which provide a real and honest look into the lives of the band.

The relatable “Someone, Anyone” looks at the withdrawal and juxtaposition of feelings and emotions, specifically the feeling of “I want to be alone, but need someone to hold”.. 

“Fade In” narrates the moment you step out into the world and the feeling of putting yourself out there, to be then cast to the outside of a conversation or social situation. Echoing vocals and guitars mirror the feeling of longing for a deeper connection. 

“RUIN IT FOR THE NEXT ONE” was provoked when two years after a breakup, I half heartedly attempted a “date” which left me feeling only sadder than being alone ever did. I realized that I was still under the impression that nobody can ever be better than who she was. “RUIN IT FOR THE NEXT ONE” is out now on Spotify and Apple Music, accompanied by a video on YouTube.

This track is the conclusion to a trilogy of EPs written about this singular relationship that, when it ended, felt like the equivalent of the world ending. What We Thought We Were (Act III) will arrive later this year with the intentional promise to one’s self, that no matter how hurt or badly your previous experience and relationship might have been, you won’t allow wounds of the past to compromise a hope for a future.

Thank you for listening,


High off of his recent release “Good Thing” singer and songwriter Harry Cracknell is back with another soulful banger “4am”.

The 22-year-old found his passion in classic R&B and says there’s still a market for it today, fusing it with the love of his generation, is where Harry gets his unique style which he calls ‘RnB POP’.

With a career starting as early as 13, Harry was destined for stardom. Supporting multi-platinum selling boy band Blue in front of a crowd of 20,000 people was just the beginning. Harry has now gone on to supporting both established and emerging artists across Europe including The Game in Amsterdam. The singer has now established himself in the 8 years of his career and can be best recognised for his collaboration with Landis and Breikthru with the song “Find Me”. This hit reached over 750,000 streams on Spotify and was also used on shows Celebs Go Dating and The Only Way Is Essex.

Heartache seems to be the motivation for this song, with Harry telling the breakdown narrative of a heartbreaking end. This break-up anthem is the perfect way to understand the emotions played in a scenario every teen has found themselves in. 

The partnering visuals tell the story presented in the lyrics, featuring Harry alongside a female looking back on past memories of a relationship.

This relatable tune is bound to be a hit and demonstrates the pure talent that is Harry Cracknell.

top newcomer emie nathan releases her powerful, invoking new song “closed doors” ahead of this Friday’s launch of her debut EP “white light” via Platoon. In what is a busy time for the talented singer-songwriter, fans will be able to catch her at her first-ever headline show at Laylow in London on December 9th.

Give Closed Doors a Listen here;

And playlisting here;

Explaining the relatable nature behind “closed doors”, emie said “the song was born out of feeling unseen and unheard which is something that messed with my head quite a bit. It talks about making assumptions and casting a judgment about people with zero insight into what goes on underneath the surface, something I think we’ve all been culpable of or fallen victim to… I wanted the takeaway of this song to be a reminder to stay in your own lane and be kind. you just never know.”

Looking ahead to white light EP release later this week, emie teased “white light is my coming of age story. I talk about my own experiences traversing my early 20s which to date, have been afflicted with real beauty, challenge and darkness. these songs unpick the last 4/5 years of life, tapping into my innermost thoughts to challenge my own feelings and opinions…

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Written by Neill Frazer

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