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INsiders Guide ‘Artist Of The Week’: Actor and Singer Mckenna Grace With The Single “Do All My Friends Hate Me?”

For all of you that don’t know the brilliant actress Mckenna Grace, she’s starred in a huge variety of films and television shows. In her own introduction she says;

Hi! I’m Mckenna:) You might know me from film and television shows such as Ghostbuster’s Afterlife, The Haunting of Hill House and The Handmaid’s Tale…if not, it’s nice to meet you! I’ve been acting for as long as I can remember, I started when I was 5. It’s always been something I’ve been very passionate about. I wrote my first song on ukulele when I was 11 years old about my friend Faith who passed away. I like to say that I grew up on Taylor Swift and Korn because my parents have such different musical tastes. During the pandemic, when the world shut down, I was going through a rough time and I found a really therapeutic and creative outlet in music. By releasing these emotions into music, I hope I can help people process what they’re going through. As intensely as you can feel an emotion, over time they change. It’s cool because each of my songs are like a little time capsule for what I was feeling in that moment. 

This is scary and exciting for me. With acting, I can hide behind a script or character, tell their story & become someone else…but with music it’s MY stories and MY experiences.  So.  These are my stories.  My experiences, emotions and heart ache. I hope they can help you get through yours. So again, Hi! I’m Mckenna it’s nice to meet you:)

After releasing her outstanding debut single, “Haunted House” in November, 15-year-old multi-talent Mckenna Grace is back with a highly anticipated second track, “do all my friends hate me?”. The video was co-directed by Grace in collaboration with Gus Black.

Speaking on the single Grace said; “I have really bad anxiety when it comes to my friends, and I’m always worried they secretly hate me or are annoyed with me,” she says. “I wrote that song while I was stuck in a two-week quarantine before a shoot in Canada. None of my friends were calling or texting me back, and it was all I had to focus on. I just felt so insecure, isolated and sad.”

What do you think?

Written by Neill Frazer

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