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GRAMMY® Award-winning, multi-platinum pop singer-songwriter Daya has shared “Her,” available now via Sandlot/AWAL at all DSPs and streaming services. An official visualizer premieres today on YouTube. 

‘Her’ is pretty explicitly about being consumed by memories of a previous lover after a relationship ends,” Daya says, “even when getting intimate with someone else. It’s in those moments that it’s been hardest for me to move on, and I really wanted the track to convey how paralyzing it can all feel in the moment, which is why the second half descends into what feels like some sort of a disorienting bad dream.



“Her” marks the latest single from Daya’s eagerly awaited new EP, In Between Dreams, arriving everywhere on Friday, September 16. The EP was first heralded earlier this summer by the acclaimed first single, “Love You When You’re Gone,” available now at all DSPs and streaming services. Produced by The Gifted (Tate McRae, Kygo), the heartbreaking track is joined by an official music video/visualizer streaming now at YouTube. 

Kris Angelis takes listeners on a healing journey of self-love and personal discovery on her new release, “Damn Shame Waste,” out September 9th, 2022. 

A prolific songwriter with multitudes of accolades and acclaim, Angelis is known for dynamic storytelling and emotional turns of phrase. Her 2020 EP, “THAT SIREN, HOPE,” debuted at #1 on the iTunes Singer/Songwriter charts, was the highest ranked independent release on Billboard’s Top Current Albums Chart and was on the first-round ballot for the 2021 GRAMMY Awards. Additionally, her 50 States in 6 months tour brought her music to audiences across the country. Her single “Run” was added to rotation on SiriusXM The Loft and her recent release, “Win The Game” is already receiving critical acclaim. “Dame Shame Waste” explores the ups and downs of finding confidence and accepting yourself despite the flaws and wrong turns you’ve taken. It’s an honest reflect of both the songwriter and the uphill battle so many of us face.

The body of work begins with a calm serenity in the form of “Run.” A track about letting go of fear and embracing uncertainty, it comes alive with a cascade of vocal harmonies that flow alongside the rich instrumentation, enhancing the sense of peace. It’s the perfect start to a reflective project about taking the time to pause and let yourself shine.

“I know what it means when they say history repeats / and mine is the story of him…” Angelis gets soulful on “A Different Story,” a track where she begs herself to step outside of the cyclical storyline she’s been living. Acoustic guitar mingles with a burgeoning rhythm, amplified by her sweet vocals, breaking the ties that bind her to a past she no longer wants to swirl around.

Inspired by her father, a flight nurse in the Air Force who was recently diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, “Paper Planes” is a deeply personal and introspective story of living in the moment. A rambling chorus meets a stunning string solo, creating a sense of hope and peace. It’s a sweet moment that celebrates family and the simple times and Angelis vocals capture the depth of love she has for the most important man in her life.

The first single and video release, “Win the Game,” taps into the healing that must be done to be your best self when you’re at your worst. The slow mix of tender piano and heart aching cello, craft a stunning track that pulls at the heartstrings with every changing chord.

On “A Happy Song,” Angelis flips the script on the happy songs so many ask her to write. Instead, she tells the story of a man who breaks her heart because he wants a song about him. (He thinks she only writes sad songs)  “I would have written a song about you without you going and breaking my heart…” Slow and quiet, it centers around her vocals and the story itself. The beauty lies in the quiet moments where she almost whispers atop piano chords before building to a cinematic end.

As the album nears the end, Angelis steps into her power with “Earthquake.” Filled with lush harmonies, rich acoustic guitar, and rushing rhythm, she makes a promise to herself not to fit into the story others write for her. Instead, she demands more, both musically and lyrically, it’s the perfect track for anyone who’s ever demanded to be seen for who they truly are— capable, strong, and talented.

“It’s Tumbling Me” feels equal parts haunting and ethereal with the instrumentation dancing around the steadfast vocal harmonies. A track about feeling your emotions, only to let them wash away so you can be in the moment, it’s a reminder we all need.

Kris Angelis thrives in moments of truth and transparency, and with her newest project, listeners follow the story of her journey into personal power. It’s one that can inspire us all to stop and live in the moment. Check out “Damn Shame Waste,” out everywhere on September 9th, 2022, and available for pre-order now via Bandcamp iTunes, and Amazon for $5

Introducing From Our Point Of View, a series cementing the voices, experiences, stories and journeys of some significant Black Queer Male Identifying artists, activists and community members. In collaboration with BGMN (Black Gay Men’s Network of Ontario) and noteworthy choreographer and artistic director, Hollywood Jade (Resident Choreographer Canada’s Drag Race), the show comes to life in a profound blend of emotional, interesting and at times humorous anecdotes. 

Bringing his visionary excellence to life, Executive Producer and Director Robert Ball continues to thrive in his attempt to showcase true authenticity and creative eminence. Showcased and now streaming across “STRATFEST@HOME” (Stratford Festival’s streaming platform), From Our Point of View blesses viewers with discussions of life, sex, health, art, aspirations and pretty much everything in between! Spilling with insightful glimpses into the lives of a wide line-up of guests, Ball shares, “I continue to step into the authenticity of myself as a human being.”
In a host of episodes, host Hollywood Jade takes us into a correlation of conversation, with recent guests Thom Allison, a renowned name in the theatre space, and Marcus Nance, a multi-disciplinary who straddles the worlds of theatre, film and opera. Bringing to life the true artistry and passion they enthral, Jade and company take to the familiar comfort of the “FOPOV” studio. Nance shares, “I fought for who I was all my life. People think that if I’m black, gay, and over 50 theres nothing out there for me.” However, From Our Point Of View consolidates that with the sharing of professional paths, inspirational anecdotes and truly admirable tales, this series is simply and profoundly ‘Our’ conversations – stories we’ve never told, sharing our journey and a narrative “From Our Point Of View”…

Check out the second episodes on Stratford Festival’s streaming site HERE!

Having over 1 billion views on related videos, and attracting more than 30,000 people in the world tour of 12 cities around the world, “IA” the virtual artist goes global as “IA GLOWB” the AI artist on her 10th anniversary. And today, she is releasing two songs, “REZONA” and “Into the night” simultaneously.

“IA” has experienced many overseas performances and event appearances, and the fan community has grown all over the world. In addition to these activities as “IA”, the ever-evolving AI artist “IA GLOWB” was born in order to be more active globally on this memorial 10th anniversary,

The digital single “REZONA” being delivered today has become a regular at ULTRA MUSIC FESTIVAL in each country, and “KSUKE”, one of Asia’s leading DJs, was in charge of composition and sound production. Also “Into the night” released on the same day,, gu^2, who is active globally as a DJ and TrackMaker, and virtual artist “HIPPI”, a bilingual singer-songwriter familiar with IA, wrote the lyrics and composed the song, and also participated as a vocalist.

Moreover, we have released a special music video that connects “REZONA” and “Into the night” on IA GLOWB’s Youtube channel, so please have a look as well.

UNITYTX have released new track ‘Burnout’ produced by Andrew Wade which confronts the very real issues of dissatisfaction at the state of the world.

“Burnout is the expression in dissatisfaction with the state of everything it takes to continue making strides in modern day society.” says vocalist, Jay.  “Feeling drained of waking up to do the same thing daily — where it feels like you lose yourself along the way. Looking in the mirror at yourself, wondering if the dread is brought upon by yourself or those who derive from your abilities.  

Struggles with maintaining a drive & balance to keep you afloat in your most hopeless moments. Taking those thoughts and reflecting on them with realizing why you even do it in the first place. Doesn’t matter what it is, everyone gets burned out on things when the control is out of their reach. 

But it’s up to yourself to keep a strong and wilful outlook to steer clear when hitting a roadblock — you just have to snap out of it to remember how far you’ve come. “

When Toronto based artist Sam Casey was fifteen or sixteen years old, there were a bunch of guys that she didn’t know hesitating at the top of a super high rock face overlooking the lake near her cottage. Already a force of nature, she climbed up there, walked right past them and just jumped. It was probably a fifty feet drop. Nicknamed “The General” by her family, Sam established her girl boss credentials from that point forward. “As a young female artist, I believe that many people expect certain social norms or points of view from me that I consistently disagree with or can’t provide.”

She was into music at a young age and took piano lessons like her older sisters, but never really liked it. So, she made a deal with her parents. They would let her switch to guitar if she would stay with the piano until grade six. This lead her to a music school called Beyond The Beat which had great teachers, encouraged its students to produce original music and, unusually, emphasized artist development. Quintessentially Canadian, Sam played hockey for most of her life until music eventually took over. Her team used to play her songs in the dressing room to get pumped up for the game! She loves dancing because it instantly changes peoples’ moods.

Composer, actor and vocalist Boychik, the musical moniker of Ben Levi Ross, shares their latest single today, “Jasmine Vine” along with an illustrative video that puts a new side of the artist on display, out everywhere now. Their poignant debut self-titled LP is due out September 9, and find all things Boychik, including brand new merch, at

Steeped in nostalgia, “Jasmine Vine” takes Boychik back to the streets of their childhood neighborhood. The fragrant plant crowded familiar sidewalks and their pre-school garden, and often alleviated existential anxiety, bringing them back down to Earth. Written in two halves with the second half coming together first, the melody is one that kept coming back to Ben each time they returned to the piano. Sung with heavenly vocals over gentle piano and guitar strings, the lyrics hold some of the darkest moments of their life. Boychik explains, The intoxicating smell was grounding in its nostalgia. I couldn’t and still can’t really believe that something that smelled that beautiful is found untouched in nature. It was, for all intents and purposes, emblematic of Goddess.”

Amid the surrounding tumultuous world, the beautiful, natural and sweet-smelling plant is a piece of serenity even in the most difficult times. Boychik adds, “I wrote the first half of the song a few months later. In its own way, it is recounting the some of the darkest moments of my life. When trying to piece together the rest of the song, I came back to that melody that I had written months prior. I went back to the Jasmine Vine, and found Goddess in the darkest corners of my existence.”

Vancouver musician Ché Aimee Dorval is thrilled to announce the release of her brand new single and video ‘Blood Red Son’ out now on all digital streaming platforms. Listen here

‘Blood Red Son’ is the first single from Ché’s forthcoming album, The Crowned. As Ché gears up for its release, we find her at her most ambitious and gregarious, showing a side seldom seen before, which she gives us a taste of with the lead single and video. 

“The video for ‘Blood Red Son’ is a fever dream of indecision, regret and resolve,” says Ché. “It’s about the moment you realize you have a choice to make, and all the different conflicting emotions that compete for space in your head while doing so. That’s the important bit though. However chaotic and difficult the choice may be, it’s essential for people to have the ability to make it for themselves. When I wrote this song and made this video, the right to that choice, though constantly under attack, still seemed set in stone, at least in my country. Now, as I watch the world stride backwards, I’m realizing more and more that we can’t take these things for granted. Freedom over our bodies is not a given.” 

Casey Moon is a genre-defying multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and half of the production duo Zookids. Having handled production for artists such as Young Thug, Gunna and A Boogie with the Hoodie, writing for independent artists in the indie-pop world, and having played in a slough of rock bands over the years his style has absorbed an eclectic array of influences.

Over the course of 2022, Casey plans to release his trilogy of EPs: Fountains, Mirrors and Ashes. Each project Varies in genre and draws thematic influence from a different film or TV series. Listened to sequentially, the projects tell a story about growing up, love and loss.

Boasting a strong voice with an ear for pop melody, modern production and a dazzling live show, Casey is a truly singular act.

Houston’s Exotic Pop, a Black-owned beverage company known globally for its rare sodas, snacks and beverage collaborations with hip-hop artists, will debut a six-flavor line of exclusive Créme Sodas across the United States and in select cities in Canada on September 1, 2022! 

The premium Créme Sodas are ushering in a new era for Exotic Pop with their first-ever signature beverage line formulated entirely in-house.  Six flavors – Vanilla Créme, French Vanilla Créme, Peach Créme, Pineapple Créme, Banana Créme and Blu Créme – will be available in single-serve 8.4 fl oz slim cans at retailers nationwide, in Toronto and Vancouver, Canada, and online at, with U.S. and international shipping available, starting September 1.  

“We’re really excited to take our signature brand to the next level with this line,” said Exotic Pop CEO and founder Charleston Wilson.  “The Crémes are the first product line we’ve formulated on our own from start to finish and we can’t wait to share the silky, smooth taste of this premium product with consumers across North America.” 

The new Exotic Pop Crémes take the creamy, nostalgic flavor of old-fashioned vanilla cream soda to an entirely new level with rich French Vanilla, tropical fruits, fresh peach, and berry flavors!  The premium sodas are a delicious effervescent treat straight from the can or over ice, and make ideal quick, easy mixers for cocktails.   

Internationally known as the “Unique Beverage Boutique”, Exotic Pop is one of the only places you can find rare, nostalgic and some of the most sought-after beverages and snacks sourced from around the globe!  The premium Créme Soda flavors join Exotic Pop’s collection of more than 100 creative beverages, including exclusive sodas and juices created in collaboration with recording artists like Soulja Boy, Bun B, Lil’ Keke, DJ Screw, Christian Combs, Big Moe, Fat Pat, Big Hawk, Pimp C, Mac Dre, NBA Young Boy and a host of other celebrities from the rap and hip-hop worlds!    

Launched out of the trunk of a car in 2017, Exotic Pop started as a side hustle for Wilson to track down and bring nostalgic and elusive sodas and snacks to Houston for resale. Since then, the company has blossomed into a multi-million-dollar global niche business and an authentic beverage brand that brings legendary icons, entertainers, and soda connoisseurs together to uplift the culture and the community.  

In 2019, Wilson successfully closed a licensing and bottling deal with PepsiCo to launch Exotic Pop’s own signature line of beverages, with product labels and flavors integrated with fashion, art, and rap and hip-hop music designed to distinctly represent and contribute to its culture. The celebrities in the rap and hip-hop community featured on the labels of their own signature drinks are not only fans of the exclusive flavors but also clients, brand ambassadors and partners who share in the brand’s success and mission to give back to the community. 

In addition to the new signature Crémes line, Wilson has expanded the brand to include cool cups and merchandise and will soon be releasing a new line of signature products, including one for pets, along with opening a huge flagship Exotic Pop Store in Houston’s Historic Third Ward! 

The Hong Kong dream pop group Lucid Express have today shared the single “Lime” and its counterpart remix by Ringo Deathstarr’s Elliott Frazier. “Lime” is taken from the upcoming 12” vinyl release of the group’s Floret EP (out October 21st, 2022 via Kanine Records). Long before Lucid Express released their eponymous debut album (Kanine, 2021), the same five musicians created their first recordings together as Thud and released the 5-track digital EP Floret (2015). This record made an instant splash amongst local music lovers and the band were soon being covered by correspondents for international entertainment publications including Time Out and NME, as well as being invited to support heavy-hitters such as Nothing, The Cribs and Beach Fossils.

However, the years that followed were a tumultuous time, both personally and politically.  In those years the band describe a depression setting in as Hong Kong’s democratic future began to look uncertain, and at times downright hopeless, with pro-democracy protests ruthlessly cracked down on by the state. It was in this environment and its scenes of tear-gassed and beaten protesters serving as a backdrop to the group’s inception and young growth. Add to this an increase in politically-targeted arrests, and death threats openly delivered from government officials and it is understandable how this oppressive weight infiltrated most aspects of everyday life in the region. At some point, this depression spread to the music scene and amongst shows being canceled, and releases stalled, Floret quietly slipped offline. 

international Jamaican-American artist Tosh Alexander releases the tantalizing official music video to her sizzling hit “Cum Yah,” available to watch HERE

The official music video, directed by Rogen “Ruption” Walker (Aidonia, Konshens, Shenseea,) was shot in Portland, Jamaica, and immediately grabs the attention of all with Tosh’s hard-hitting presence as she pays homage to the 90’s golden era of Dancehall with a splendor aesthetic and enriching allure. 

Tosh shares, “It was important for me to highlight the dynamic of the Jamaican culture through our fashion, attitude & art form. From the vibrant colors of the tropical- lux landscape, the fashion which pays homage to Caribbean & Dancehall fashion with subtle nuances of couture, to the grit of our expression throughout the video. I wanted the person watching “Cum Yah” to gain an authentic experience of my culture for those 3 minutes & 7 seconds.”

Fresh out of university, Toronto-based singer/songwriter and producer Lyle Kam channels sonic inspiration from artists like Lauv, Jeremy Zucker, and Charlie Puth. After the success of his debut EP Folly – featuring the Tik Tok viral single “Unlove” – Lyle is returning in 2022 with a fresh batch of music featuring his trademark introspection about love, loss, and belonging.

A true Renaissance man, Lyle has spent the past four years bridging the gap between creativity and engineering – writing, producing, and mixing his music, while also studying engineering at the University of Waterloo. 

Now as he turns his attention full time to creativity, he hopes to shine a light on Asian-Canadian artists and inspire others with his message that nothing is out of reach with enough passion and hard work. He also hopes to never actually have to use his engineering degree.

New York City-based indie-pop singer-songwriter, Aubrey Haddard shares her highly anticipated second full-length studio album Awake And Talkingout everywhere now via Beverly Martel Records. The album will also be available on vinyl on October 21 via

Awake And Talking, the nine track LP out now, puts Haddard’s self-examination on full display as she navigates the nuances of love and her relationship to art, and wrestles with existential questions through various lenses. While producing the album, some of the great songwriters of the late 90’s and early aughts–everyone from Stereolab and Oasis, to Björk and the Cocteau Twins–were in Haddard’s heavy rotation as their conceptual songwriting and harmonic approaches provided plenty of inspiration. With writing partner and multi-instrumentalist Charley Ruddell and drummer Josh Strmic, the trio came together in places of comfort like their weekly rehearsal space, Haddard’s childhood home upstate, and their home studio to create this collection of songs throughout the year before tracking them over the course a week in the summer of 2021. Now with a more mature, renewed perspective, Haddard’s intimate yet audacious sound is both self-assured and delicately fearless.

Haddard’s second studio album chronicles the singer-songwriter’s coming of age amidst a tumultuous reckoning with global and systemic failures from the pandemic to the climate crisis to gender inequality. Over nine robust, dynamic tracks, Aubrey Haddard aims to make sense of the world around her, attempting to discover where she may fit in. “Awake And Talking is about seeking a sense of purpose,” explains Haddard. “It challenges perception – how many ways can you look at the world before you find your place in it? It is about destiny and the journey to self-acceptance. And, like anything I create, it is about my own personal experience over the past few years. This record makes me feel powerful and confident in the face of uncertainty and it brings me a lot of joy to know that it could offer a sliver of that to anyone listening.”

Canadian producer, DJ, and singer-songwriter WHIPPED CREAM today unveiled her new poignant single, “Angels” on Monstercat. Arriving as the first track to feature her own vocals, the hip-hop influenced drums and trap hi-hats showcase her multi-genre approach, while her ethereal chords bring the tragically beautiful lyrics to life. The accompanying DIY music video sees her enveloped by the elements on her native Vancouver Island, furthering her personal connection to the song. Written about a divine being sent to Earth to love and protect unconditionally, only she felt she could tell the story through song, signaling the beginning of more WHIPPED CREAM vocals to come.

WHIPPED CREAM shares, “This is a song about hurting someone who was sent to unconditionally love, divinely teach, and ultimately bring you to new light of life on Earth. “Angels” is the first song I’ve ever released that I wrote, sang on, and produced. I’ve always been extremely self conscious to sing on my records but I finally made it happen through a good friend of mine who told me to believe in my most personal instrument I’ll ever have, my voice.” 

As WHIPPED CREAM continues to deliver authentic art and experimental beats, she’s in the room with rising artists like Jasiah and boslen, both of whom joined her on stage at Coachella in April. Following eclectic performances at Lollapalooza, Hollywood Palladium, and Monstercat’s own Compound festival, she’s an unstoppable force on the tour circuit set to bring “Angels” to packed crowds at Rifflandia, Nocturnal Wonderland, and Firefly Festival.

PG County, Maryland native, acclaimed artist Kelow LaTesha today has released her long-awaited sophomore EP TURBO in partnership with SoundCloud. The genre-defying latest body of work from one of DMV’s most distinctive voices in Rap is available to experience HERE.
Packed with electrifying anthems created to resonate with one and all, TURBO is an apex of self-expression, self-reflection, and self-care that delivers bursts of escapism and unimaginable bliss blanked in sonic daringness from the wide-ranged artist.
Creating TURBO, I constantly found myself in a perspective where I had to turn up from such a low position, but I literally couldn’t think any other way to go than up … each record recorded has a lot of energy, A LOT OF JOY, and was a good time to create. I want each listener to take these pieces of me as a pick me up & motivation to go TURBO” – Kelow LaTesha 

Istanbul-born, London-based pop force Selin makes a major statement with her latest single “Cool” – which marks her first official English single under Warner Music. 

Written by Selin with Gil Lewis (Blithe, BEKA, Aleyna Tilki) and Micky Blue (Tiësto, TWICE, TaeYeon), “Cool” is a slow-burning, alt-pop number which faces the conundrum and ensuing emotional chaos of trying to remain on good terms with an ex. Expertly crafted pop hooks and Selin’s honeyed vocals help deliver the personal lyrics with complete emotional capacity, backed up by full-bodied drums and distinctively catchy guitar riffs for a sensational pop-rock experience.

Speaking about “Cool”, Selin said the following: “It’s a song about the realisation of how it is genuinely hard to stay friends with an ex-partner due to current relationships and the fact that you’re no longer with them anymore. Although there are moments in the song where I am being slightly petty, it was primarily a fun way to let go, move forward and highlight that sometimes it’s hard for people to accept change. It’s a weird feeling of detachment that you have to accept. Memories fade. Your worlds are different now. The act of letting go and moving on from the past can be challenging and this song is kind of a bittersweet anthem highlighting those situations.”

Rising triple-threat talent Rob Salute drops the visualiser for his explosive rap cut “my phone” – taken from his forthcoming debut EP good life.

Breaking new grounds across the sound sphere with a crystal-clear creative and lyrical finesse, Wolverhampton-born rapper Rob Salute resumes his vertiginous rise up the ranks with his latest record “my phone”. Springing melodic flows upon delicate guitar licks and bouncing, heavy set 808s, the emcee effortlessly delivers commanding bars with an unapologetic flair and brazen aura. Floating across an additive soundscape as quick beat cuts spotlight his clever one-liners and rigorous patter when being compared to the affiliates around him. Through the electric visualiser, we see “my phone” awaken, as sharp cinematography and gritty visual effects shine through while Rob moves through East London, foreshadowing the growth of his following now spreading into the city and across the UK.

Forged in the fires of a blazing bust-up, EWAN MACFARLANE returns with the incendiary new single: “Won’t Stop Burnin”. 


A cut that’s as intensely fiery as it is darkly funny, the latest from the former Apollo 440 / Grim Northern Social frontman finds him recalling a couple’s row to end them all.

Set on a hot September night as he and his wife Jo made their way to a Snuts gig in Glasgow, “Won’t Stop Burnin” takes the listener inside the pressure-cooker climate of the confined car ride to the venue, as simmering tensions finally hit boiling point… As Ewan remembers:

“One thing led to another, and we ended up having a massive barney. Taking none of my s**t, when the car stopped at the traffic lights outside the subway, she jumped out the car in the middle of the road, told me in no uncertain terms to go f**k myself, and to go to see The Snuts on my own. She then hopped onto the subway to make her way home. This is the story of that night.”

Tyrin is a forever evolving creative mind, who’s never afraid to reflect on what keeps him up at night. Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, the evolutionary artist has a genreless approach to composition. Drawing musical influences from the earlier days of pop-punk and hip-hop, Tyrin started making music in 2010, where he felt obligated to create what people were expecting from him and explore the realm of rap. Maturing as an artist throughout his recent repertoire, his influences have united, working and performing alongside his band to produce a truly unique soundscape.  

Bringing his musical influence full circle, Tyrin recently unveiled “Its All Alright.” Exploring thematic discourses concerning mental health, he explains “My music is my outlet, and gives people the affirmation that they’re not alone.” Offering a meditative process to production, his latest release is complemented charismatically with cinematic visuals in his new music video. 

Blessing fans with blaring basslines and an ecstatic realm of sound, “Its All Alright” is represented fantastically with dreamy hues and euphoric visuals, representing the nostalgia that pours into each second of the track. Hoping that listeners will find a minute for themselves within his latest tune, Tyrin continues, “It started with heavy Hip-Hop roots, and through the few months of working on it with my engineer the song started to evolve and mimic my true musical influences.” Offering a stunning representation, “Its All Alright” uncovers Tyrins truly impressive musical persona, as he explains, “I wrote this song to affirm that even with my flaws, I have value.” Sitting atop echoing vocal energy, relentless melodies and a truly encapsulating rhythm, his latest release and accompanying visuals make for an idyllic pairing. 

Consolidating his sonic direction, Tyrin is rapidly becoming one to watch across the alternative genre, blending his love of hip hop and euphoric rap into something truly extraordinary. Having performed at numerous larger venues like Webster Hall and The Gramercy, to name a few, he is nurturing a blossoming community in the heart of New York City


Socials: @neillfrazer

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