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INsiders Guide: IST IST, DEAD LEAF ECHO, WAUVE, push baby, Skinnyman, Andrea, JAY BIZZY, PLASMAS, BRE, BLUE VIOLET…

IST IST are back with the insurgent new single “Stamp You Out”.

The track arrives in tandem with the announcement of ‘Protagonists’, the band’s third studio album, which is confirmed for release on 31 March 2023 (via Kind Violence Records).


Delivering a resolute punch with an acerbic sting in its tale, new single “Stamp You Out” sees the Manchester band return to the spotlight with commanding form and typically uncompromising style. 

From its blistering post/punk guitar lines to its punishing percussives, “Stamp You Out” creates an impending atmosphere of anxiety throughout. With Adam Houghton’s trademark baritone vocal booming with all the force of an omnipotent autocrat at the lectern of a police state; it makes for a powerful statement of intent that instantly envelops listeners back into the shadow-strewn world of IST IST.

Speaking about “Stamp You Out”, Houghton says:

“[Stamp You Out] tips its hat to the previous IST IST where the modus operandi was to try and make an impact in the most forceful way; pounding drums and bass and repetitive lyrics. I remember watching a news report where a politician, whose name I forget, just kept saying: ‘we need to stamp this out’. I was thinking ‘we need to stamp you out’, so I wrote an aggressive fight song and a call to arms about it.”

Brooklyn’s DEAD LEAF ECHO are pleased to present a brand new single: “Boo”.

With its baggy percussion, skyscraping sonics and soulful vocal callouts, “Boo” wouldn’t have sounded amiss on the dancefloors of the Boardwalk or the Hacienda in their prime.

An intentional indie-dance anthem of the classic kind, the new single was written in part as a tribute to the late Denise Johnson (Primal Scream / New Order), the Mancunion powerhouse vocalist who brought so much warmth and character to some of the Madchester movement’s most memorable moments.

But while Johnson’s spirit can undoubtedly be felt in its infectious choral hooks, on a deeper subconscious level, it’s also a song that finds DLE frontman L.G. Galleon haunted by paranoid thoughts of subterfuge, spooks and unwelcome surprises. As he explains: 

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“Boo was written five years ago when I was pressed by my girlfriend at the time to write a joke “Manchester” song with a hook. It quickly morphed into a partial ode to Denise Johnson who passed away during the pandemic and also into a creepy Halloween song about surveillance, discovery and scaring your “Boo” with the truth about all your hidden secrets.”

Proudly merging his Eritrean roots with his North London base, singer, songwriter, and rapper Wauve returns with his addictive new release ‘DEH DEH’.

Honouring his love for East African women, ‘DEH DEH’ is an open letter to the type of love and life Wauve envisions for his future self. An advocate for self-expression and an individual focused on family, culture, and passion, Wauve is underlining himself as a force to be reckoned with moving to the apex of a 5-year career in the scene.

‘DEH DEH’ emerges with a smooth and melodic texture sitting on a vibrant backing, whilst Wauve unites his personal experiences with syncopated percussion in a track that will continue the attention around an artist further growing into his identity.

With nearly 200k monthly listeners on Spotify and radio support coming strong across BBC 1XTRA, KISS FRESH and CAPITAL XTRA, ‘DEH DEH’ feels like it has the

potential to hit the Afrobeat charts with equal success to his 2021 hit ‘Vogue’ – which reached over 2M streams and featured on an abundance of high-profile Spotify playlists.

After a solid stream of well-received singles, at long last British duo push baby deliver their sophomore album Wow, that’s what I call push baby! – a polished, immaculate collection of ten ‘00s nostalgia gems which take shape as the band’s most cohesive project to date.

Bursting with energy from the get-go in the rowdy techno-rock of “GET UP! GET OUT!” Wow, that’s what I call push baby! comes packed out with epic pop bangers, including the singles “Every time I think about you baby, I hate it, you blow my mind”, “Change My Mind”, “LOSE IT! LOSE IT!”, “WHAT YA GONNA DO?” and “Circles”.

With their own multi-dimensional approach to the genre, Wow, that’s what I call push baby! pays homage to the chart-topping sounds and pop culture moments from the Y2K golden days which the duo grew up on, but packages them into an updated format for today’s modern pop audience with a signature push baby stamp and tongue-in-cheek humour. Coming through as the official follow-up to 2021’s Wow, big legend, push baby’s second self-released record shows remarkable growth in their songwriting and production skills via the album’s eclectic blend of ironic spins on retro-infused pop and rock sounds – proving the duo’s innate ability to produce outside-the-box pop anthems.

An artist whose intricate pen game and all-round genius is never up for dispute; Midland’s born lyricist TrueMendous has returned with her latest single, ‘Yourself Or The World?’ with assistance from UK Hip-Hop icon Skinnyman, via the renowned and widely reputable label, High Focus Records.  
Amidst the Tik-Tok viral sensations and mainstream gimmicks are artists whose careers are underpinned with the up-most quality and vigilance, TrueMendous being one. Gearing up for the release of her highly anticipated forthcoming album ‘Great. On Purpose’, the London-based wordsmith has drafted no other than Skinnyman to ignite a ferocious storm. Housing a lavish production courtesy of Illinformed, ‘Yourself Or The World?’ delivers a slice of conscious heaven that’s peppered with a slew of boast-worthy punchlines and bars, “On tie dye cushions with 5 hipsters / Bizarre fights and a blurred night followed by 5 solicitors / Reserved flights, pending while birds sigh, trending on world sites / Then get Ray Charles to testify as all of our eye witnesses”, she raps. Exploring various narratives surrounding hardships, this track uncovers the unfortunate realities of life, betrayal, undervalue, toxic family dynamics and general lack of acceptance from the perspective of a misunderstood child being the ‘golden child’ to one parent and a ‘problem child’ to the other. As the track evolves, she passes the baton onto Skinnyman who grabs the beat by the horns and delivers a monumental verse flipping the song 180 degrees ending it on: upliftment, achieving higher self-consciousness and inspiring the younger generation. The duo manoeuvre simultaneously throughout the track whilst the visual highlights the pairs unpredictable antics across the country.  

Andrea unites her passion for pop with a euphonious blend of Latin and R&B, to create a sound which is truly her own. Born in Oslo, Norway with Chilean roots, she moved to Spain when she was only 9 years old, and now resides in London. The 21 year old singer- songwriter and producer was born into a musical family, who encouraged her endless love for ukulele and guitar, as well as writing and producing music. At 18 years old Andrea decided to study music production in London, bringing her vivid energy and inspiring spark to the ears of many. 

Her infectious hooks and authentic vocality can be attributed to her diverse musical influences and rich cultural background. Her love for all things Jazz, Flamenco and R&B, paired with the likes of Rosalia, Billie Eilish and Bruno Mars, ignite her boundaryless approaches and simply enthralling musical persona. 

Offering listeners the perfect power boost, her new single “Mario” is an anthem for those who dare to try. Initiating the writing process on her bus ride home, she confides, “I took this production to my uncle, Andre Lindal. We recorded and finished the production in the home studio in Oslo, which happens to be in the second story of my grandparents’ home.” 

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Blending the harmonies of “En Vogue” with modern production styles to create a tune that soars with confidence and a likening energy, “Mario” came to life.  Injecting the perfect blend of humour and sass into her latest offering, she explains, “Mario is the result of having a confident day and wanting to save that energy for forever in a track.” Pairing the iconic coin sound with a gritting 808 bassline, funky rhythms, and her echoic vocal energy, Andrea’s latest single soars with unparalleled ambition and limitless creativity. Andrea continues, “Mario started as a joke. Using the coin sound made me think it would be funny to be confident like certain rappers who brag about having an abundance of money. It’s ironic because I’m still broke. The whole song is about capturing an attitude.” Pairing her discourses with romantic cliches and the perfect pick-me-up, it’s Andrea’s hope that “Mario” will enable listeners to feel good about themselves and dare to try out what they don’t already know.

Andrea continues to soar in success. Taking to the stage in renowned venues such as the O2 Shepherd’s Bush Empire, she also supported DAGNY on her European tour and has amassed plenty of attention from the likes of BBC Introducing, P3 national Norwegian radio, amongst several other global stations. With hundreds of thousands of streams on Spotify alone, Andrea is continuing to trailblaze her way into a new era of pop, one which will see her impeccable musical ability continue to shine. 

London multi-disciplinary artist Jay Bizzy drops his latest mellow-trap fusion “Superstar” – the second offering taken from his forthcoming EP Hoodsomnia.

Seamlessly blending textures of UK hip-hop, contemporary pop, R&B and soul, multi-faceted rapper Jay Bizzy continues to display his enriched melodic musicality in his latest track. Dream-like synths set base for the triple threat’s enriched sonics, with sharp percussive textures cutting through the soundscape leaving room for Jay’s emotive vocal licks to shine front and centre. Staying bright and inspiring sonically while balancing minor key undertones, Jay’s conversational penmanship brim with confidence as the generational talent flourishes in the fruits of his success.

Already on the radars of key tastemakers including GRM DAILY, MIXTAPE MADNESS, WORDPLAY MAGAZINE and 9BILLS, the London talent’s raw and rigorous lyricism emerges as a sharply unconventional breath of fresh air in a densely populated field of UK rap. Gaining well over 300K streams and national radio support with DJ Target across

BBC 1XTRA all points towards an exceptional technical capability, as we approach another stand-out release for the bonafide creative on the rise.

PLASMAS – release their radiant debut EP ‘A Summer’s Day Can Break Your Heart’.

The band’s first extended-play release, the collection arrives with previous singles “What You Do To Me”, “See It Through” and “Notice” – alongside two unheard tracks “Stay Where You Are” and the EP’s ethereal, emotional closing track: “Happiness”. 


Produced by Guy Galactic, ‘A Summer’s Day Can Break Your Heart’ plays out like a scrapbook of postcards or polaroid pictures from a handful of languorous and lucid summer days — the feelings, the friends, the love and the loss all captured with a gleaming sense of realism. 

As frontman Ross McQueen explains: 

“Having only released singles in the past, we wanted to create a full body of work that represents the foundations of our sound and shows people what we’re really about. We never really had a vision for the EP as such. Our vision begins and ends with each track, all little individual snapshots of moments in our lives.” 

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Rising alt-pop artist BRE has released “The Revolution,” an empowering call to action referencing the current events surrounding women’s rights. As a powerful, hard-hitting, and eye-opening activism anthem, “The Revolution” will have listeners prepared to fight for change. The single is available now to stream worldwide on all digital platforms.

BRE opens “The Revolution” by defining her sense of urgency with a spirited and profound beat drop followed by pertinent opening lyrics, “Land of the free, don’t look like it to me.” Mixed by Carlos Gallardo-Candia (Tommy Walker) and mastered by Dale Becker (Doja Cat, Justin Bieber), the self-written and produced track features a resounding, thunderous beat, backed by a sampled choir of Katerina Gimon’s piece “FIRE,” in conjunction with Mike Kindle’s electrifying guitar riffs. Flawlessly complementing BRE’s powerhouse sound and lyricism are Carrie Rappaport’s influential and insistent background vocals. Confirming her definitive goal of standing up for women’s rights, BRE explains, “This song is a protest song, speaking out against the politicians who use their religious convictions as justification to take away the rights of women. This song was written specifically about the Roe v Wade overturning, but it is about women’s rights and the importance of the separation of church and state when it comes to legislation. It is hugely relevant to the current crisis in Iran due to the Hijab/forced modesty rules.”

BLUE VIOLET release a brand-new, four-track EP: ‘Love, Hate, & Forgiveness’.


The EP directly follows their 2022 debut album and features two acoustic reworkings of ‘Late Night Calls’ classics, plus two brand new offerings including the new single “Favourite Jeans” and “Love, Hate and Forgiveness”.

While described by Blue Violet as “a continuation of themes, both sonically and lyrically, that we explored on our debut album”, the songs of the ‘Love, Hate & Forgiveness’ EP were recorded during lockdown and mark a distinctly different writing chapter for the duo. 

“For all of the chaos and hardships that Covid brought to the world it also provided ample time for people to be creative” reflects singer Sarah Gotley of the ‘Love, Hate & Forgiveness’ EP. “So although we only released our debut album in April this year we wanted to bring out some of the music that we’d been working on in that time”.

In just 18 months, London based vocalist and visual artist Willow Kayne has enjoyed a prodigious ascent to the pinnacle of pop music’s more daring corners. Her postmodern approach to songwriting was rewarded in 2021 with Willow receiving the Ivor Novello Rising Star award, setting her on a path to achieve greatness early in her career. Her riotously received debut EP “Playground Antics” was the catalyst for an explosion of rave reviews, while with live shows and online previews, she has shared a glimpse of the soundtrack to her ever-expanding sonic world. With recent singles “Final Notice” and ‘White City’, Willow shared more propulsive and surreal facets of her arsenal, while “Rat Race” allowed Willow to delve deep into introspection in her own unique way. After releasing the track and performing it at a sold-out show at London’s XOYO last month, today Willow Kayne unveils the feel-good visuals for “Mr. Universe” ft. General Levy.

Directed by Tyrus, the video finds Willow and her friends finding true audio escapism within a Toddla T and General Levy set. After turning up the volume, they’re transported through the speakers on a pilgrimage to find where the sounds are being beamed from, with Willow adding her own twist to Levy’s rapidfire verse. When Willow and her crew arrive on the rooftop, the party is already in full swing, joining Toddla T and General Levy and losing themselves in the unifying power of music.

Expressing themselves through music, dance and performance art, Creatrx unveils dirt. honey. glitter. water – an EP of six eclectic, exuberant tracks exploring life as a Black non-binary person in modern society. 

Marked by the singles “RUN”, the sex-positive “sunday” and non-binary anthem “experience”, dirt. honey. glitter. water is an otherworldly journey weaving layers of distorted synths, percussive electronic drum beats and powerful lyrics. 

Citing Kelis, Santigold and M.I.A. as their “holy trinity” alongside funk icon Betty Davis and OutKast as well as punk and Black house music, Creatrx’s EP forms itself as a unique melting pot of genres, ideas and messages, born from a diverse wealth of influences and life experience – helmed by Creatrx with EZRA OST and teddy NBD. 

The title dirt. honey. glitter. water derives from the core elements used in African religions and African magic and is explored during the opening number “primordial”, where Creatrx also outlines the backstory of the EP’s universe: “the world wasn’t working for us, so we created our own… for outcasts and queers, for misunderstood Black girls.” 

Brooklyn standout Melvoni unleashes his anxiously awaited new album, THIS IS NOT A DRILL, via Epic Records. Listen to THIS IS NOT A DRILL HERE. Watch the video for the single “WEEKENDS” from the project HERE.

Over the course of 14 tracks, he levels up in terms of both his razor-sharp rhymes and hypnotically hyper catchy melodies. Among numerous anthems, horns pipe up on “COUNTING SHEEP” [feat. 21 Savage]. His emotionally charged verses snake around a skittering beat, and he confesses, “I see demons when I close my eyes. As Melvoni carries the hook with charisma and confidence, GRAMMY® Award-winning multiplatinum superstar 21 Savage pulls up with an irresistible and incisive guest spot of his own. Cinematic piano sets the stage for “TAN BANDANA” as he exclaims, “I turned myself into a boss, I feel like Gotti, but I won’t go out like Gotti. Acoustic guitar underlines the spacey “OZONE,” while the classy old school sample complements his unfiltered storytelling on “THE STORY OF LIL SUV.  THIS IS NOT A DRILL illuminates every side of this dynamic force of nature and bulldozes a path for much more to come.

 boundary-pushing, multimedia artist Groupthink shares “Peach Fuzz” ft. Cybertrash. Get it HERE via 10K Projects. The raucous new single is a blurry indie-rock inspired track that highlights Groupthink’s infectious melodies and hooks with a newfound appreciation for distortion. He’s creating a dynamic pop sound by blending indie sleaze and garage rock motifs with R&B structures. Inspired in part by the William Carlos Williams poem, “This Is Just to Say,” the track is a sweet, sexy song about eating a heart like a peach.

Groupthink adds: “We started this one a couple days after “Guilty Pleasure dropped and you can kind of hear the combination of fresh excitement and stale hangover in the vocal. Cybertrash killed his part; he’s from Georgia, so we got the reference from the peach state and that song ‘Devil Went Down to Georgia.’ It’s a hot fuzzy track with the sweet underlying feeling of young love desperate to never change.”

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five-piece indie outfit The Hails release their first single since 2021’s Alive in Strange Ways, the grooving and bounding “Exonerate.” The track arrives just in time for the band’s performance at Miami’s famed III Points festival this weekend. Taking time to refine both their polished sonics and sleek image, the band is sounding off a new era in the form they always wished to take with “Exonerate” – Stream.

Filled with brooding confidence and a relatable swagger, “Exonerate” spins through a story of a deteriorating friendship due to troubles in someone’s love life. The band has become known for their brazen narratives that have an unmatched ability to hold listeners captive.

Frontman Robbie Kingsley said, “When you try to give someone advice in their romantic endeavors, but they bury their head in the sand, it can be really disheartening.” He continues, “’Exonerate’ was inspired specifically by my roommate’s frustrations towards a friend, so truthfully, I’m singing in third person.”

Los Angeles-based music collective, Peach Tree Rascals release a new song, “C’est La Vie” Get it HERE via 10K Projects. The intimate new single takes a different turn towards a more indie-rock approach as the group starts to rediscover their close creative bond by recording at home together. Ultimately, the guys are exploring more existential concepts with the new track as a reaction to the question: “if it was the end of time, are you in a place of love and happiness”

Formed in 2018, Peach Tree Rascals are staying true to the DIY mentality. They received an impressive 1.4B overall streams and multiple viral singles such as, “Mariposa” which rose to #1 on the Alternative Radio Chart. Their latest EP, Does a Fish Know Its Wet received critical acclaim from the likes of Office MagazineBillboardVMAN, and Pigeons and Planes

Peach Tree Rascals are a collective, dedicated to collaboration and community. They are a brotherhood, coming together to be more than the sum of their parts. Comprised of producer/mixer Dominic “Dom” Pizano, rappers-singers Issac Pech, Tarrek Abdel-Khaliq, Joseph Barros, and creative director Jorge Olazaba, the group started as a teenage “do-it-yourself” attempt at music, based out of a shed in San Jose, California. With most of the members being second generation Americans (the sons of Palestinian, Filipino, and Mexican immigrants), they quickly realized a deep, natural connection with one another, and grew into a single, harmonious unit.

Before It Falls Apart

• “‘Before It Falls Apart’ is my self-inflicted heartbreak song. This song is about my experience with letting my head get the best of me and letting my pessimistic ideas about love ruin a good thing, even before it has a chance to start.” – Hunter Daily

• “Before It Falls Apart” is Hunter Daily’s second single and the accompanying music video is out now. Her first single, “Die in LA”, was released in September.

• The “Before It Falls Apart” music video and single were shared via Earmilk.

Toronto-based singer, songwriter and producer sunsetto shares his new single & video, “too fast.” Layering an indelible, haunting chorus over an acoustic hook, sunsetto explores the power of attraction with compelling lyrics like “probably should be cautious / but you make it hard to do.” 

“‘Too Fast’ was inspired by the feeling of entering a new relationship and not wanting to take things slow because the vibe is so good,” 
sunsetto explains. “I wrote the song with no music, I was just hitting my chest on a voice memo and Lenno (producer) built the track around that.”

The exhilarating music video for “too fast” was directed by sunsetto’s frequent visual collaborators Griffin O’Toole and moosecanfly. Watch the “too fast” visualizer here.

Brooklyn-based alt-rocker Moon Walker shares his electrifying sophomore LP The Attack Of Mirrors, out everywhere now, including a limited run on vinyl available now. Along with the full length album comes a new soaring single and video, “Nothing Can Save Me (From Myself).” 

Moon Walker’s highly anticipated, biting sophomore album, The Attack Of Mirrors, finds the musician elevate his nostalgic, alternative garage rock sound over ten eclectic tracks. Springer expands on the poignant, timely lyrics and the thrashing garage rock sound that made his first offering such a success, while also introducing multiple new elements into the fold. With his second LP, Moon Walker reflects on the various effects the pandemic had on his life, and took a hard look in the mirror. Moon Walker explains, “Making this record was really my way of navigating through the pandemic. In addition to the emotional havoc that was wreaked on the vast majority of human beings, I felt like my career was reaching a dead end. My band was breaking up, jobs weren’t easy to come by, my first solo record hadn’t yet seen any success, and my future felt more uncertain than it ever had before. When so little in life is going your way, it’s easy to start hating what you see in the mirror. And when you hate what you see in the mirror, you tend to put a lot of hatred into the world.”

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indie-rock trio Goldpark — the project of Nashville-based musicians Wes Hunter (vocals), Andrew Smith (guitar) and Kyle Neblett (drums) — are sharing their sophomore EP, ‘Goldpark 2!,’ out now on Hazel Street Records. 

‘Goldpark 2!’is the much-anticipated follow up to the band’s debut EP, ‘Goldpark One,’ which was released in 2021. Working with producer Jeremy Lutito (Ingrid Michaelson, Colony House, Joy Oladokun), the songs that make up ‘Goldpark 2!’ feel confident, dynamic and inspired. Honing in on their energetic rock sensibilities, visceral storytelling and glistening pop melodies, it’s clear that the trio have found their identity as a band.

In a statement about the EP, Goldpark write: “This EP is special for so many reasonsWe had the right songs, the right producer (Jeremy Lutito), and the right spirit. This body of work is the best representation of who we are and where we are going. We hope this EP makes people smile.” 

Goldpark started teasing the EP earlier this year with a stream of single releases. Over the past few months they’ve landed the cover of Spotify’s’ Fresh Finds Rock’ playlist and praise from tastemakers like EARMILK, Variance Magazine and idobi Radio. In addition to their growing online buzz, Goldpark have also been making their mark as a live act with a mix of solo shows, support gigs and festival slots all across the US. 

Renowned Swiss artist Pablo Nouvelle finally confirms details of his new album ‘Vulnerability,’ following a string of new songs released this year. Vulnerability’ will be the eighth studio album from the Swiss beat maker who’s built an impressive career and enjoyed world-wide acclaim since releasing his debut album back in 2012.   Pablo Nouvelle: “Vulnerability is a dance music album which, by my standards, is hard-hitting, but without losing the sensual and emotional side. No matter how upbeat and danceable the beats are, I want to touch people’s hearts with my music and remain true to the Cry on the Dancefloor genre.” 

Setting out to create an album that is in tune with the spirit of the times but which still has a timeless quality ‘Vulnerability’ is an impressive collection of modern electronica, and another stellar example of Pablo Nouvelle’s versatility in style, song writing and production. “I want to walk the fine line of being as versatile as possible by unreservedly exploring what interests me, further developing my own signature sound that is getting recognised more and more and yet never writing the same song twice. It is tempting to formulate goals that are measurable. But it would be wrong (and not good for your mental health) to define yourself only by monthly listeners and followers.”

Since the start of 2022, Pablo has been releasing new music at an impressive rate – with a new song every six weeks, all of which are included on the album along with a further five unheard tracks. Highlights include opener Goodbye which entices us in with its de-tuned synthesizers and overlaying arpeggio tension before it drops you into the void. Title track Vulnerability is based on a sample from a conversation about mental health, between the singer Anaiis and the actress Deborah Lukumuena. A particular sentence resonated with Pablo – “You can’t be strong if you can’t recognise that sometimes you need to be weak”. “For me, this is the tagline of our generation, of our zeitgeist,” explains Pablo. “A rethinking that has taken place especially among us men. Fortunately, we are slowly but surely learning that being authentic is more important than pretending to be strong or sometimes tough.” The commitment to vulnerability is contrasted by the track’s excellent bass-heavy instrumental which sits somewhere between Jamie XX and Hans Zimmer. 

Earth Room is the self-titled debut of a new band making music in the spirit of electric-era Miles Davis, classic German space rock, and the “fourth world” studio experiments of Jon Hassell. The band is composed of three veterans of adventurous music in NYC: Robbie Lee on woodwinds and electronics, John Thayer on percussion and synthesizers, and Ezra Feinberg on acoustic and electric guitars. 

In early 2019 Ezra was asked to play a two hour set for a night called “Planetarium” at the Bushwick club Nowadays, where, instead of dancing, one Thursday each month people came to lie on beanbags. Lacking two hours worth of solo material, he asked John and Robbie to join him. The show featured wide-ranging improvisation, deep-color drones, and instrumental freak-outs, and left the bean-bagers beatific. A band was born. 

The three musicians got together throughout 2019 and pre-pandemic 2020, recording during off hours at Thump Studios where John is the in-house engineer. After the pandemic hit they got to work combing through these sessions, finding the juicy bits, seeing what worked, cutting the fat, peeling the onion, and tying the room together until there were no more overdubs or edits needed.

The process occasionally included yoking one jam from one particular day on top of another from a different day, as on the elegiac opener “Bridges of Waves,” in which primitive synthesizers are fused with Robbie and John’s ecstatic drums and flute. The second track, “Within the Field,” is a study in percussive textures, and, with Robbie’s catchy melody and Ezra’s Can-like bass line, comes closest to a pop tune on the record. “Sound on Sound (Bass Clarinet)” is just that: Robbie improvising as John worked the sound-on-sound tape machine, fragmenting and recombining the melodies in real time. The name Earth Room comes from “The New York Earth Room,” the famous 1977 experiment by the NYC artist Walter De Maria, in which soil was laid down in a loft gallery at 141 Wooster St in Soho. It has been maintained there ever since. 

Robbie Lee has collaborated with Mary Halverson, Josef Van Wissum, Che Chen, Brian Chase and, most recently, on “Wind Bells Falls,” an acclaimed album of celeste and tape manipulation with the renowned composer Lea Bertucci. He has received numerous accolades, including in The Wire, Pitchfork, the New York Times, and Downbeat.

John Thayer produced the Earth Room album as well as countless others, and has collaborated with Daniel Carter, Zeena Perkins, Sunwatchers, Yai, and the last two releases by Arp, both for Mexican Summer, as well as his ambient compositions and field recordings under his own name. Thayer is also the in-house engineer for Thump Studios in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

Bluphoria are thrilled to share their new song “Walk Through Fire” – the second offering off their forthcoming album due in 2023. “I wanted to make a road trip song with gospel influences,” says Reign LaFreniere. When I wrote this song, it was mid-COVID and I wanted nothing more than to leave the small town I was holed up in. “The gospel-infused- roll your windows down song follows “Set Me Up” which was released late summer, 2022 to critical acclaim. 

janïsa’s musical work is a perfect expression of the sanctities, and sometimes the sorrows, that attach themselves to life and finding herself. She is a beguiling artist with a troubadour’s commitment to lyric and story. She merges the intimacy and introspection of a singer-songwriter with the rich aesthetic of roots, soul and RnB.

Toronto is home to this singer/songwriter who has also added acting to her repertoire. She attended this year’s TIFF red carpet to celebrate a world premiere of a film she had a principal role in. This appearance at TIFF was a day after her home of 13 years was taken from her by a devastating fire. Since the loss of her home, she has appeared in Shania Twain’s latest music video as a part of the country star’s band and continues to diversify her talents as she completes the film score of a afro futuristic short film. She releases her latest single Dive In written by herself and Adria Kain.

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Florence Arman returns with her dreamy new single “Friends,” which feels both dancefloor-ready and the perfect companion for your next road trip.  The song’s lyrics follow an unexpected turn of events in Florence’s own world and has blissfully been turned into the song you can hear now. The song is available digitally everywhere via AWAL Recordings. Florence will also be playing live in London on November 17th @ The Social for Communion

Give the fun “Friends” visualizer a listen/watch now;

Playlisting – here

Speaking about Friends meaning, Florence said “After dating a series of guys with varying disastrous outcomes, I fell in love with a woman. It really caught me off guard because that had never happened before and writing this song was a part of admitting and confronting this new feeling.”

In the build-up to Florence’s next EP out in Spring 2023 which will include today’s release of Friends her recently shared single “Stupid Heart” that Florence said “was the first song I wrote about family stuff.  Being the youngest in my family I think I’ve inherited a bit of baggage, which is normal I think and totally fine, but then again I still want to be able to write very dramatic songs about it.” 

After headlining Drake’s OVO homecoming kick-off last month, Canadian icon Shawn Desman marks an unprecedented return to the limelight for one of Canada’s biggest musical success stories. This top charting, multi-platinum selling, award-winning artist has created some of the most recognized songs of the past two decades. With fans across the country, undeniable talent, and music that just sticks – Shawn Desman is ready to take things to the next level.

Desman comes from an groundbreaking era of Canadian music, that paved the way for the next generation of artists we see today. With a deep history of success, he exploded onto the scene, making waves across the country with his signature sound and style. Making his mark on an entire generation of Canadians, Desman achieved incredible accolades including 5 Platinum selling singles, a Platinum selling album, multiple chart-topping radio hits, and a plethora of awards including a JUNO Award for R&B Sound Recording of the Year, 3 MMVA’s, and multiple SOCAN Awards for his songwriting.


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